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Real Name: "Idaho" Smith (first name unrevealed)

Identity/Class: Normal human (Old West Era)

Occupation: Sheriff

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Dr. Bailey, Yucca Bates (deputy sheriff), Benny the Barber, blacksmith (name unrevealed), Buffalo Ben, Bill Gordon, Mrs. Gordon, Randy Kincaid, Agnes Oakley (Shot-Gun Sadie), Annie Oakley, Ben Oakley, Miss Prissy, Shep, Spades Sherman (loose), Col. Avery Throckenberry, Willie Willikins

Enemies: Bart and his gang, Black Bart and his gang, the Boss, Prof. Karl Brukenwald, Frank Butler (loose), "Dollar" Dillon, "Dude" Dodson, Ford, Lobo Larson and his bandits, Roger Peabody, Lulu LaBella (Scarlet Shadow), "Quick-Draw" Quatros, Rex, Marty Sharp, Trader Thorn, Concho Zimmer, various lawbreakers

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Buena Vista, New Mexico Territory

First Appearance: Annie Oakley II#5/1 (June, 1955)

Powers/Abilities: Idaho Smith was athletic with very good hand-to-hand fighting and equestrian skills. He was armed with two handguns, which he could fire with great accuracy, although he chose to be non-lethal. He had an excellent knowledge of the law but would sometimes compromise to achieve a favorable and ethical outcome. While friendly to all, he held conservative, sexist views (common for that era).

Height: 5'10" (by approximation)
Weight: 170 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown


(Annie Oakley II#5/1) - Idaho Smith was welcomed by ranch owner Ben Oakley as the new sheriff of Buena Vista, along with his deputy, the happy-go-lucky Yucca. Seeing his daughter Annie bring in newly captured bank robbers, he introduced Annie to Idaho and the two fell instantly but quietly in love, although Idaho's conservative views wanted a housewife while Annie wanted a roving cowboy who respected her as an equal. The next day at the rodeo, Annie narrowly defeated the shocked Idaho in the tournaments. Robbers took Idaho hostage but Annie rescued him and caught the crooks. Initially proud of her achievements, Annie was heartbroken when Idaho turned cold to her when he realized she wasn't the demure potential housewife he'd hoped for.

(Annie Oakley II#5/2) - Town mayor candidate Roger Peabody had been rustling cattle and gained political influencer Col. Avery Throckenberry's endorsement. Peabody framed Idaho and sought his arrest, but Ben Oakley found evidence to save Idaho. Annie, temporarily made sheriff, was tearful thinking she had to arrest Idaho until she learned the truth. Throckenberry then endorsed Idaho for sheriff.

(Annie Oakley II#5/5) - Real estate owner Marty Sharp had Idaho evict would-be squatters Mrs. Gordon and her son Billy from a country cabin until it was revealed Sharp had badly injured the woman. Idaho had the town doctor brought out, plus provisions, for the Gordons. Later, Idaho arrested Sharp when he confessed to murdering Mrs. Gordon's gold-prospecting husband three years earlier.

(Annie Oakley II#6/1) - Miss Prissy and her orphanage children plus Idaho thrilled at Annie's rodeo show. Soon after Idaho and Annie found Ben Oakley being harassed by "Dollar" Dillon, who demanded payment for Ben's mortgage on the ranch. Dillon tried to thwart Ben's plan to sell his cattle to make payment, even kidnapping Annie, but Dillon's plans were foiled. Idaho took Ben's final payment from Dillon as payment to avoid prosecution for kidnapping Annie. Idaho passed the money to the orphanage.

(Annie Oakley II#6/5) - Idaho and Ben were angry that Annie risked her life to stop Marty Sharp's escape from jail. Idaho asserted that women belonged in the kitchen. Later, hearing from her father of her mother's tragic past, Annie made dinner and Ben invited Idaho over, both men happy until thieves tied them up. Annie bashed the robbers with skillet and pot to surrender, then took them to town to be charged while Idaho and Ben cleaned the kitchen.

(Annie Oakley II#7/1) - Although Idaho was too busy for Annie, he was quickly charmed by traveling dance hall girl Lulu LaBella. Idaho was nevertheless jealous of newcomer Spade Sherman, who pretended to court Annie. LaBella was secretly the Scarlet Shadow, a robber who would send stolen loot sewn inside her showgirl wigs, and had the seemingly smitten (but secretly suspicious) Idaho running her errands. Annie identified LaBella as the thief and passed her to Sherman, actually a US Marshal. Idaho went back to his sheriff duties.

(Annie Oakley II#7/2) - Annie called for help from a disbelieving Idaho against two men masquerading as conquistadors in a nearby canyon, whose leader Rex was digging for buried treasure. The violent bandits were stopped and the treasure turned out to be shiny junk. But Rex's hole yielded an oil well, giving the town income, and all were happy, including Idaho and Annie.

(Annie Oakley II#7/5) - Rodeo cowgirl Miss "Dude" Dodson, in cahoots with rodeo judge Ford and a corrupt bookmaker, defeated Annie in every test of a rigged rodeo tournament to the crowd's amazement. Upset and vulnerable in a stable, Annie almost kissed Idaho until they discovered the nefarious trio's plot. Idaho had the tournament repeated fairly and Annie won. Idaho had the bookmaker pay back lost bets or face jail time.

(Annie Oakley II#8/1) - At a rodeo, Annie impressed visitor Mr. Kelly, who invited her to perform in New York's Madison Square Garden. Kelly also invited her to bring friends, but Idaho declined due to his sheriff duties. Idaho and other townsfolk waved her goodbye and looked forward to her return.

(Annie Oakley II#8/2) - Idaho and Yucca helped Annie uncover Trader Thorn's scheme of stealing horses from Tall Feather's Tesuque tribe and selling them to a nearby US frontier fort, thereby averting a war.

(Annie Oakley II#8/5) - Concerned that troubled youth Randy Kincaid rode with violent bandits, Idaho offered to make the boy a junior deputy and guard a payroll delivery as a ruse to see if he would inform Bart the outlaw gang leader. Randy escaped the gang when he heard Bart had killed his father two years earlier, and instead helped Idaho and Annie apprehend Bart and his gang.

(Annie Oakley II#9/1) - Black Bart (NB: not Bart from the previous story) and his gang stirred murderous trouble for Annie with a large bounty because she thwarted one of his bank heists. Concerned, Idaho escorted her safely to her father's ranch. They hatched a plan and, aided by old-timer Shep, captured Black Bart.

(Annie Oakley II#9/4) - Wicked prospector Concho Zimmer had Idaho and Yucca sent on a false chase so that they would be elsewhere when fire, set by Concho, ravaged the town orphanage. Evidence in the rubble, followed by confession, quickly led to his arrest by Idaho.

(Annie Oakley II#9/6) - Buffalo hide bandits were plaguing hide skinners near Buena Vista. Hide trader Buffalo Ben led the discontent against Idaho, demanding that the thieves be caught quickly. Annie devised a plan that revealed the two bandits and Idaho arrested them.

(Annie Oakley II#10/4 (fb) - BTS) - Annie informed Idaho of deer rustlers that she had confronted with Warden Waco, but that the criminals had been killed by the freed bucks.

(Annie Oakley II#10/6) - Shot-Gun Sadie robbed several town banks and she outdrew Annie. Eventually distracted by Idaho, Sadie was lassoed by Annie and knocked out. When she awoke, Idaho arrested her, but she explained that a bullet had creased her skull many years ago and she lost her memory; Sadie was an identity she had been brainwashed into adopting by a bandit gang. Her full memory now restored from the fall, she "proved" it by taking Idaho and a posse to the gang's hideout. Shoot outs, arrests and recovered money led to dropped charges and a reunited Oakley family.

(Annie Oakley II#11/1) - Lobo Larson and his bandits robbed a bank but were thwarted in making a getaway by Annie and resident Willie Willikins with his crazed donkey. Idaho arrested the frightened thieves and he gave Willikins the reward for helping in their capture.

(Annie Oakley II#11/3) - Idaho, Yucca and the Oakley family discovered the town water source had become poisonous and the town was evacuated after testing by an expert, Prof. Karl Brukenwald. However, the law enforcers found it was a plot by bandit "Quick-Draw" Quatros and Brukenwald to create a sanctuary for outlaws. Quatros and his gang surrendered when the rallied town citizens rode in to reclaim their town.

(Annie Oakley II#11/4) - Idaho was the subject of a romantic crush of a 16-year old girl her family called the Boss because they wouldn't refuse her demands. After he punched out two town troublemakers, Annie told Idaho of the Boss and how the girl wanted to eliminate Annie. To stop the girl crush, Idaho shaved his head and pretended to be infirm and aged. The idea worked and scared the girl away.

(Annie Oakley II#10/3) - Frank Butler arrived in town to invite Annie to join Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show with an open competition showcasing their sharpshooting skills. Idaho grew concerned that Annie was attracted to Butler, despite wanting to stay, but Butler's offer of performance money to help her father's ranch persuaded her to go, leaving a heartbroken Idaho behind. She hoped Idaho would wait for her.

(Annie Oakley II#11/6) - Annie Oakley failed her tricks in her first show as she was too distracted by feelings that pulled her from Buena Vista and Idaho, or to the big show and Frank Butler. She resolved to return home and determine who she truly loved before she responded to Frank Butler's marriage proposal.

(History) - Annie Oakley left her old life behind and married Frank Butler. She continued with Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show.

Comments: Created by Hank Chapman, Ross Andru, Mike Esposito.

I'm guessing Mr. Kelly in #8/1, who took Annie to New York, was a talent scout for Frank Butler.

Frank Butler is the real-life character who eventually married Phoebe Ann Mosey (stage name Annie Oakley). As far as I can determine, Idaho Smith is exclusively Marvel (it would be great if he had started off as "Idaho Kid" but I haven't come across any such gunslinger... yet).

Annie Oakley visits New York City in #8/1 and Ulysses Grant's tomb is shown. This was dedicated in 1897, giving a time point for Annie's & Idaho's adventures. However, this is out of whack with Annie Oakley historically, so maybe it's another tomb labeled "Grant" that uncannily looks the same.

Annie Oakley vol. II ran from 1955-1956 from issue #5-11 and continued numbering from vol. I (1948, issues #1-4).

This profile was completed 2/17/2021, but its publication was delayed as it was intended for the Appendix 20th anniversary 's celebratory event.

Profile by Grendel Prime.

Idaho Smith has no known connections to:

Black Bart

Black Bart was a notorious outlaw with a bandit gang who had been thwarted by Annie Oakley several times, but a recent foiled bank robbery led to him placing a large bounty on Annie. Old timer Shep sought to collect but Annie stopped him and Shep was locked up by Idaho. While he escorted Annie back to her father's ranch, they hatched a plan whereby Shep would "escape" with Idaho's gun and take Annie to Black Bart's hideout. But Black Bart never intended to pay and was about to shoot Shep until Annie used a hidden gun to disarm him. Black Bart and his bandits were taken to Idaho to be locked up.









--Annie Oakley II#9/1

Prof. Karl Brukenwald

Prof. Karl Brukenwald was a water-testing expert based in Santa Fe. Annie Oakley sent for him when the water was found to be poisoned in Buena Vista. However, he had been corrupted by promises of wealth from the bandit "Quick-Draw" Quatros to lie about the (temporarily) poisoned water so that the residents would be forced to evacuate. Quatros intended to make the empty town a sanctuary for outlaws but Idaho, Yucca and the Oakley family discovered the plot by Quatros and Brukenwald, and rallied the townsfolk to reclaim Buena Vista. Faced with overwhelming odds, the criminals surrendered.







--Annie Oakley II#11/3

Buffalo Ben

Buffalo Ben was one of many local buffalo hide traders. When two bandits kept raiding the traders, Buffalo Ben led the discontent in Buena Vista calling for action with the view that Sheriff Idaho Smith be replaced if naught was achieved. A clever plan by Annie Oakley, helped along by Idaho and Yucca, revealed the two bandits, who had been posing as hide traders. Idaho arrested the criminals and took them away.









--Annie Oakley II#9/6

Randy Kincaid

Randy Kincaid's father, a marshal, was killed by outlaw Bart, leaving just him and his mother. Angry, with his stepfather run out of the state as an outlaw, teen-aged Randy fell in with Bart and his gang (not realizing Bart was the murderer), and helped rob a stagecoach, although Annie Oakley recognized him from a ring she had gifted him. Annie took Randy to see Idaho, who offered to make him junior deputy to stop him from riding with Bart and, as a ruse to test the lad's loyalty, suggested Randy help guard a payroll stagecoach run. Randy declined and instead told Bart, but Randy discovered that Bart was his father's murderer and escaped the gang. He warned Idaho and Annie that Bart and his gang were riding to kill them and a trap was set that instead disarmed the outlaws and they readily surrendered. Randy took on the junior deputyship and his mother was proud at his now responsible behavior.









--Annie Oakley II#8/5

Roger Peabody

Ambitious Roger Peabody was the mayoral candidate for Buena Vista and had secured the endorsement of political potentate, Col. Avery Throckenberry. Although Idaho had been sheriff for only a week with no arrests, Peabody wanted him removed. Peabody had secretly stolen prize bulls from nearby ranches since Idaho had started, and considered this proof Idaho should be arrested. Annie Oakley reluctantly accepted a temporary sheriff assignment; meanwhile Ben Oakley discovered evidence identifying Peabody, but the rustler intended to kill Idaho. Quick thinking saved Idaho and Peabody was locked up. Once Throckenberry had the full story, he endorsed Idaho for sheriff.








--Annie Oakley II#5/2

Miss Prissy

Miss Prissy ran the orphanage in Buena Vista. She was happy to see the children enjoy Annie Oakley's rodeo and sharpshooting skills. Both Idaho and Annie wished that a new orphanage could be built, but soon unscrupulous businessman "Dollar" Dillon's criminal ploy to take Ben Oakley's ranch was foiled and resulted in Dillon surrendering the money to evade prison; the money was passed to Prissy to build a new orphanage. Some time later, Prissy called for help to evacuate the orphanage after Concho Zimmer secretly set fire to it, seeking the gold vein in its soil, and he robbed the money raised to rebuild it. She almost accepted Zimmer's offer to buy the land where the rubble stood until Zimmer's nefarious plot was revealed. The stolen money was then returned to rebuild the orphanage.











--Annie Oakley II#6/1 (Annie Oakley II#9/4

"Quick-Draw" Quatros

"Quick-Draw" Quatros and his gang (temporarily) poisoned the water supply to  Buena Vista to force its evacuation and he promised riches to water tester Prof. Karl Brukenwald to lie about the test results. Quatros' plan was to make the town a sanctuary for outlaws (for which outlaws would have to pay to stay). However, Idaho, Yucca and the Oakley family discovered the dastardly plot by Quatros and Brukenwald, and rallied the townsfolk to reclaim Buena Vista. Faced with overwhelming odds, the criminals surrendered.






--Annie Oakley II#11/3

Concho Zimmer

Concho Zimmer had discovered a gold vein running under the foundations of the Buena Vista orphanage. Keen to exploit it, he had Idaho and Yucca sent off on a false mission while he set fire to the orphanage at night. All children were successfully evacuated and Annie Oakley held a charity rodeo to raise funds for a new orphanage, but Zimmer's bandits stole the money. Soon after, Zimmer stepped forward and appeared benevolent by offering to buy for the land where the orphanage rubble stood. However, a tagged concho found in the rubble, matching the missing one on Zimmer's belt, plus a gun-draw and confession, ended his plot.









--Annie Oakley II#9/4

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Annie Oakley II#9/6, p3, pan2 (Buffalo Ben)
Annie Oakley II#8/5, p3, pan5 (Kincaid)
Annie Oakley II#5/2, p3, pan4 (Peabody)
Annie Oakley II#9/4, p1, pan1 (Prissy)
Annie Oakley II#11/3, p5, pan5 (Quatros)
Annie Oakley II#9/4, p5, pan6 (Zimmer)

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