Real Name: Alix Buchanan

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Unrevealed, if any

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Prof. Henry Buchanan, X-Factor Investigations (Jamie Madrox, Layla Miller, Strong Guy/Guido Carosella, Wolfsbane/Rahne Sinclair)

Enemies: Singularity Investigations (Damian Tryp, Jr., "Damian Tryp, Sr." (Earth-6124), others)

Known Relatives: Prof. Henry Buchanan (husband, deceased); unidentified sister

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Bloomfield, New Jersey, USA

First Appearance: X-Factor III#10 (October, 2006)

Powers/Abilities: Alix Buchanan had no superhuman powers but was an extremely caring and forgiving person.

Height: 5'6" (by approximation)
Weight: 130 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

History: (X-Factor III#14 (fb) - BTS) - Prof. Henry Buchanan and his wife Alix were regular churchgoers and believed that everything happened for a reason.

(X-Factor III#10) - When her husband, Prof. Henry Buchanan, called out from his job at Singularity Investigations, Alix, unaware that Henry was troubled due to Singularity having him secretly working on a virus to kill mutants, tried to get Henry to talk about what was bothering him. When she remarked that Henry could quit his job if work was troubling him, Alix was told that there was no quitting Singularity and Henry informed her that if he told her the truth of what was really bothering him, he would be endangering Alix's life. After Alix suggested going to the police or a similar independent organization, Henry told Alix to get out of town and visit her sister, suggesting she pay cash for everything. Alix immediately asked about Henry but he told her not to worry about him.

(X-Factor III#11) - After Henry Buchanan was killed by a hypnotized Strong Guy, X-Factor Investigations phoned Alix Buchanan as she was packing up her belongings. Informing X-Factor that Henry had never done work at home and that he preferred to keep it separate from his home life, Alix suggested that X-Factor ask Henry in person and then asked to speak with Henry. Unwilling to tell Alix of her husband's death, Jamie Madrox told her that Henry was incommunicado in a safe location but that he was worried about her. Explaining that Henry had earlier told her to pack her bags, Alix revealed that she was about to leave when X-Factor called. Alix then gave X-Factor her cell phone number before X-Factor suggested she go ahead and leave. After hanging up the phone, Alix wrote a letter to the mailman informing him to stop mail delivery and made her way to the door, where she was met by the youngest Damian Tryp counterpart, who offered to help her with her bags.

(X-Factor III#12 (fb) - BTS) - Tryp, Jr. kidnapped Alix Buchanan.

(X-Factor III#12) - Damian Tryp, Jr. met with his older counterpart and informed him that Alix Buchanan was in a van being transported to a secure location. The older counterpart commended Tryp, Jr. and remarked that Alix Buchanan would be good leverage against what he presumed to be an attack from X-Factor. A short time later, the oldest Damian Tryp counterpart, from Earth-6124, warned X-Factor against restoring Earth's mutants and when Madrox insisted that he would not let the mutants die, Tryp-6124 remarked that people would die whether X-Factor let them or not, starting with Alix Buchanan. Tryp-6124 then revealed Alix's kidnapping to X-Factor and threatened that if X-Factor did not vacate the Singularity Investigations building immediately, Alix's life would be forfeit. Unfortunately for Tryp, four pizza trucks (whom Layla Miller had summoned to X-Factor's offices) collided, blocking traffic and preventing Singularity's men from getting Alix to the proposed secure location. As the men remarked on their situation, Layla Miller secretly freed Alix using bolt cutters and the rest of X-Factor battled the younger Tryp counterparts within Singularity Investigations' offices. During the fight, Madrox ordered X-Factor to stand down, as Singularity had a hostage in Alix Buchanan. When X-Factor departed the building, the youngest Tryp asked the slightly older counterpart how X-Factor could have known about Alix's kidnapping and the older replied that perhaps the oldest, Tryp-6124, had told them. Later, back at the X-Factor offices, Layla Miller informed Alix Buchanan that she had received an email from a Singularity Investigations account that gave her all of Prof. Henry Buchanan's evidence on a virus that targeted mutants which he had been working on. Bewildered, Alix asked how Layla knew where to find Alix during her earlier rescue. Layla merely replied that Alix was in shock and suggested she have a glass of milk. Layla was briefly interrupted when Tryp-6124 appeared in the kitchen and warned her that when two chaotic forces battle, she should expect the unexpected. Tryp-6124 then disappeared.

(X-Factor III#14 (fb) - BTS) - Alix Buchanan returned to her home in Bloomfield, New Jersey.

(X-Factor III#14) - When Strong Guy, who had murdered Alix's husband Henry while under hypnotic suggestion from Singularity Investigations, and Wolfsbane visited Alix Buchanan, Alix admitted she had not been expecting to see either of them. When Alix asked if there had been a break in the case, an extremely nervous Strong Guy blurted out that Henry Buchanan was dead and that he knew because he had crushed Henry's throat himself. Alix immediately slammed the door in the two X-Factor members' faces as Wolfsbane commended Strong Guy on his tact. A short time later, after Wolfsbane had explained the entire situation to Alix, Alix asked if Strong Guy had been freed of Singularity's hypnotism. Wolfsbane revealed that hypnotists had reversed Strong Guy's programming and that Strong Guy had recalled where Henry's body had been dumped, allowing the police to recover it. Alix then stood up, looked up at Strong Guy and asked if he believed in God. When Strong Guy admitted he was a lapsed Catholic, Alix explained that both Henry and herself were regular churchgoers and that they believed everything happened for a reason. Admitting that she didn't know why Strong Guy was put on the Earth anymore than she knew the same about herself, Alix announced that she knew he could not have been put on the Earth to become another victim of Singularity Investigations. She then promised that Henry's murder by the brainwashed Strong Guy would remain unresolved, as she would not inform the police of his involvement and refused to give Singularity yet another victim. She then hugged Strong Guy, forgiving him as they both teared up.

Comments: Created by Peter David, Renato Arlem and Roy Allen Martinez.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Alix or Henry Buchanan have no KNOWN connections to:

Prof. Henry Buchanan

Churchgoing microbiologist Prof. Henry Buchanan was an employee of Singularity Investigations who never missed a day of work over a period of several years. After Singularity moved him from forensics to work on developing a virus, Henry grew troubled about his new work and a year later, Henry called in sick and told her wife Alix to leave town. After seeing a newspaper article about X-Factor Investigations' opposition to the Superhuman Registration Act, Henry made his way to their offices, only to be attacked along the way. Running into Strong Guy outside X-Factor's offices, Henry ranted that people were trying to kill him and Strong Guy protected Henry, unsure of why Henry was being attacked. After rescuing Henry from a rocket launcher attack, Strong Guy brought him into X-Factor's offices, where he informed X-Factor that Singularity had him working on a virus to kill mutants. Briefly attacking Henry himself upon hearing that he was developing a mutant virus, Jamie Madrox regained his composure, apologized and asked Prof. Buchanan if he had evidence of his claims. Learning that Buchanan had gathered evidence over the span of a year and placed it in a safe deposit box within the Manhattan Bank, Jamie Madrox had Strong Guy escort Prof. Buchanan to the Bank to withdraw the evidence. Along the way, Prof. Buchanan and Strong Guy spoke about the virus and how one of Madrox's duplicates had died from the similar Legacy Virus until Strong Guy received a phone call from Singularity's Damian Tryp, Jr., who ordered Strong Guy to kill Prof. Buchanan. Unaware he had been hypnotically programmed to serve Singularity, Strong Guy did as he was instructed and killed Prof. Buchanan, confirming the kill to Tryp via phone and agreeing to bring the corpse to a rendezvous point. After instructing Strong Guy, Damian Tryp informed his secretary Mrs. D that Henry Buchanan would not be returning to work, as he had "moved on."

--X-Factor III#10d (X-Factor III#14 (fb) - BTS, #10d,

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X-Factor III#14, p5, pan4 (Alix Buchanan, main image)
X-Factor III#10, p7, pan2 (Alix Buchanan, headshot)
X-Factor III#10, p7, pan5 (Prof. Henry Buchanan)

X-Factor III#10 (October, 2006) - Peter David (writer), Renato Arlem, Roy Allen Martinez (art), Andy Schmidt (editor)
X-Factor III#11 (November, 2006) - Peter David (writer), Renato Arlem, Roy Allen Martinez (art), Andy Schmidt (editor)
X-Factor III#12 (December, 2006) - Peter David (writer), Renato Arlem, Roy Allen Martinez (art), Andy Schmidt (editor)
X-Factor III#14 (February, 2007) - Peter David (writer), Pablo Raimondi (art), Andy Schmidt (editor)

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