Type: Divergent Earth

Environment: Earth-like

Usual means of access: Presumably vibrational attunement

Dominant Life Form: Humans, mutants

Significant Inhabitants: Damian Tryp (Daffyd ap Andras), X-Factor Unit 27; formerly X-Factor, X-Men

First Appearance: X-Factor III#12 (December, 2006)

History: (X-Factor III#12 (fb) - BTS) - Using magic in conjunction with his own mutant powers, Earth-616's Damian Tryp became effectively immortal but over time, his mutant powers evolved, tying him to the planet itself and causing multiple aspects of himself to exist at all points of his lifeline, past, present and potential future. In the past and present, Tryp's body appeared normal due to time having caught up to those events but the counterparts to Tryp that existed in his potential futures appeared unstable due to time's ever-changing nature. On one such potential future (which later diverged into Earth-6124), X-Factor Investigations learned the truth of the mutant decimation known as M-Day and was instrumental in restoring the powers to Earth's mutants. Since X-Factor succeeded where the X-Men had not, X-Factor became celebrated amongst Earth's mutants. Unbeknownst to X-Factor at the time, the restoration of mutants ended up causing humanity to be wiped out, nearly to extinction. Over time, the Damian Tryp counterpart that existed in this reality was kept in the potential future of Earth-6124 by machinery tended to by a small band of his supporters.

(X-Factor III#12 (fb)) - With mutants now the majority species on Earth, many mutants became drunk with power and insane. Glorying in their powers, they began killing the few remaining normal humans left on the planet despite being warned against such actions by the elderly mutant Damian Tryp. Eventually, X-Factor Unit 27 opted to kill Tryp and broke into his sanctuary. Breathing fire on many of Tryp's supporters, the mutants in X-Factor Unit 27 soon found that Tryp did not even have a solid physical form and destroyed his temporal machinery, causing Tryp to disappear from Earth-6124. Announcing that he had already seen the future of mankind, Tryp explained that it was not desirable or pleasant. Tryp then explained that he would also no longer be a part of Earth-6124's future before revealing that he was trapped between states of existence due to the sheer amount of mutants on Earth-6124. As he disappeared from Earth-6124, Tryp proclaimed that X-Factor was to blame for their being so many mutants before his sanctuary caught on fire. With Tryp gone, X-Factor Unit 27 reported back that Tryp had been located and was believed terminated.

(X-Factor III#12 (fb) - BTS) - No longer temporally connected to Earth-6124, the aged Damian Tryp appeared on Earth-616, where he set himself up as Damian Tryp, Sr. and began attempts at manipulating events on Earth-616 to prevent the events from his own reality from occurring.

(X-Factor III#12) - Decades later, having advised his own younger Earth-616 counterparts within Singularity Investigations, "Damian Tryp, Sr." met with Jamie Madrox and his X-Factor Investigations group, hoping to warn them against restoring the powers of the mutants who had lost their abilities during M-Day. When X-Factor Investigations remained skeptical of his words, Damian unleashed a mental blast intended to hit M and give her a glimpse of the future of Earth-6124. When the blast passed through M and hit Madrox, Jamie Madrox's mind was briefly transported to Earth-6124's future, where Jamie witnessed a world overrun by mutants, who had conquered humanity and begun fighting amongst themselves for control of the planet. As Madrox viewed Earth-6124, Damian Tryp's 616 counterpart informed Madrox of how the world had come to that point and explained that his allies were developing a virus on Earth-616 that would kill the depowered mutants to prevent them from regaining their abilities and inadvertently causing Earth-6124's events to occur on Earth-616. Tryp also warned that he was also prepared to kill X-Factor Investigations, if necessary to prevent Earth-6124's future from coming to pass.

Comments: Created by Peter David, Renato Arlem and Roy Allen Martinez.

The divergent point of Earth-6124 occurred at the moment that X-Factor Investigations repowered the depowered mutants.

The timeline for Earth-6124's Damian Tryp (and well, Damian Tryp-616 as well) is a bit muddy to say the least, as one might expect from a guy who exists at all points of his own timeline, including potential futures. As such, I chose to list Tryp's earliest known activity on Earth-616 (which Jamie Madrox later recalled from a dupe was Tryp's killing of his parents in X-Factor III#12) as the BTS flashback moment when he arrived on Earth-616 from Earth-6124. Rather than limit Damian Tryp-6124 to subprofile, I believe he is better suited for his own profile. With that in mind, I focused this profile on the alternate Earth-6124 itself and not on Damian Tryp's actions.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Earth-6124 has no known connection to

X-Factor Unit 27

 X-Factor Unit 27 was a squad of mutants active on Earth-6124. Ultimately deciding to kill the Damian Tryp of their reality, X-Factor Unit 27 located Tryp and destroyed the temporal machinery that maintained Tryp's counterpart of Earth-6124. Thinking they had killed Tryp, X-Factor Unit 27 reported Tryp's supposed termination.

The mutants that made Unit 27 were not identified but the female of the group was capable of breathing fire.

X-Factor III#12 (fb)

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X-Factor III#12, p12, splash page (Earth-6124, main image)
X-Factor III#12, p1, pan1 (Earth-6124, homeless humans)
X-Factor III#12, p4, pan4 (X-Factor Unit 27)

X-Factor III#12 (December, 2006) - Peter David (writer), Renato Arlem, Roy Allen Martinez (art), Andy Schmidt (editor)

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