Real Name: Isaac Ikeda

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation: Protector of Pan

Group Membership: Pan Guard

Affiliations: Agents of Atlas (Aero/Lei Ling, Brawn/Amadeus Cho, Crescent/Dan Bi, Giant-Man/Raz Malhotra, Io, Shang-Chi, Silk/Cindy Moon, Luna Snow, Sword Master/Lin Lie, Wave/Pearl Pangan, White Fox/Ami Han), Atlas Foundation (Gorilla-Man/Ken Hale, Human Robot/M-11, Namora, 3-D Man/Delroy Garrett Jr, Uranian/Robert Grayson, Venus, James Woo), Mike Nguyen

Enemies: Kala Teer, Knull dragons, Namor, Sirenas

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Protector of Pan

Base of Operations: Pan

First Appearance: Agents of Atlas III#1 (October, 2019)

Powers/Abilities: A trained swordsman and natural athlete who wears stylized body armor, Protector uses a large sword and an energy shield in combat, as well as teleportation technology. Protector has trained the Protectors of Pan, a group of guards who use energy guns in combat.

Height: 5'8" (by approximation)
Weight: 140 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

(Agents of Atlas III#1 (fb) - BTS) - A trained swordsman who wore body armor and carried a shield, Isaac Ikeda called himself the Protector, keeping his origins and motivations private.

(Agents of Atlas III#5 (fb) - BTS/Atlantis Attacks#3 (fb) ) - When an Atlantean dragon razed the Mauretanian coast, killing many, Ikeda stopped it and captured it. In time, he made a deal with billionaire Mike Nguyen, who sought to use the dragon's scales as power sources for teleportation technology that would power the city Pan, a massive venture that involved using slices of Asian cities from around the globe that would join together as one city, only accessible by those who had been granted a dragon scale. The captive dragon was kept in the city's center secretly to power the city up. At some point, they learned the dragon came from Atlantis, and that it was named Kala Teer.

(Agents of Atlas III#1 (fb) - BTS) - Calling himself the Protector of Pan, Ikeda trained a group of men to be his Pan Guard, and they prepared for the launch of the city.

(Agents of Atlas III#1) - The Protector aided the new Agents of Atlas in defeating a Muspelheim dragon, then teleported away. When Mike Nguyen launched Pan, thousands of individuals from Asian cities joined in the celebration, but then dragons attacked the city, and Protector was thrown to the ground before he teamed up with the Agents of Atlas.

(Agents of Atlas III#2) - When wyverns attacked Pan, Protector worked with the assembled heroes, including the Agents of Atlas, and took a leadership role in repelling the creatures. When the heroes asked Protector about himself, he directed them back to Nguyen. In a public parade, during an interview, Ikeda stated that Luna Snow and her friends did all the work against the wyverns. When one civilian asked him if his name was really Isaac Ikeda, the Protector told her that answer was a secret. A group of refugees arrived in the city narrowly escaping a water dragon that attacked them, and the Pan Guard rushed to intercept them. Later, Ikeda saw a kiss between Luna Snow and Brawn broadcast to the city, setting the trend that Pan was a place for romance and adventure both.

(Agents of Atlas III#3 (fb) - BTS) - Protector began flirting with Giant-Man.

(Agents of Atlas III#3) - Protector and Giant-Man fought off attacking dragon serpents and iguanas in the woods of Pan, then the Pan Guard responded, hitting the serpents with temporal blasters that froze them in time briefly while they were removed. Ikeda joined the Agents of Atlas for a meal, and he admitted that Nguyen was being evasive to him about the frequent attacks on the city, and he told them he made about 2000 dollars per day, tax-free, in his position. Later, Ikeda and Giant-Man held hands whlle walking through the city.

(Agents of Atlas III#4) - Protector learned the Pan Guard had threatened force against a group of poor refugees and he apologized to the Agents of Atlas before taking his guards away and reprimanding them. When one of the Pan attack tanks malfunctioned, Giant-Man helped Ikeda destroy it, then he wondered aloud about how much they could trust each other in difficult circumstances, inspiring Ikdea to call Giant-Man cute. Ikeda found himself opening up to Giant-Man, even if it meant betraying Nguyen, and the two kissed, but their kiss was captured on camera and publicized all over Pan.

(Agents of Atlas III#5) - When some of the Agents discovered the captive dragon and sought to free it, Ikeda told them they couldn't or many would die, and Nguyen helped them realize that Pan would fall completely if they did so. Shortly after, Namor led an attack from Atlantis.

(Atlantis Attacks#1) - Giant-Man and Protector walked happily through the streets of Pan until Namor attacked, Protector explained to Sword Master and White Fox about the dragon being held captive to power Pan, and they wondered about the ethics of it all. Protector soon joined the Agents of Atlas in standing against Namor, and Namor agreed to give them one day to make things right. Then Jimmy Woo showed up with his original Agents of Atlas.

(Atlantis Attacks#2) - Giant-Man and Protector helped fortify Pan for another attack.

(Atlantis Attacks#3) - After hearing how the Atlantean dragon had been released, but it had been weaponized to attack Atlantis, Protector heard both teams of the Agents of Atlas make plans to go to Atlantis, where the Sirenas wanted to attack but the Agents wanted to avert war. Protector chose to attack the heroes with a temporal blast that froze them while he and Wave made plans to attack Atlantis while it was vulnerable. As Protector bid farewell to Giant-Man, Namor freed himself.

(Atlantis Attacks#4) - Giant-Man attacked Namor as Protector and his guards opened fire on Namor, but Namor knocked them all back with a water attack. The conflict escalated and Nguyen was revealed as behind the escalations in Atlantis. When Nguyen was found, Protector refused to protect him, then Nguyen used technology to take over Brawn.

(Atlantis Attacks I#5) - Giant-Man and the others fought Brawn until he was released. As tensions between Atlantis and the Sirenas settled, the Agents of Atlas defended Pan against a tidal wave, and Nguyen was killed. A month later, Protector joined Jimmy Woo, the Human Robot, Namora, and Namor in fighting off the symbiote dragons of Knull.

(Death of Doctor Strange: White Fox#1) - Giant-Man and Protector were included on an Agents of Atlas conference call.

Comments: Created by Greg Pak and Nico Leon.

This profile was completed 12/26/2020, but its publication was delayed as it was intended for the Appendix 20th anniversary's celebratory event.

Profile by Chadman.

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Agents of Atlas III#1, p12, pan4 (face)
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