Membership: Bruce Banner, Samuel J. LaRoquette, Armand Martel, Carolyn Parmenter, Craig Saunders Jr., Hideko Takata

Purpose: To capture and neutralize the Hulk

Aliases: Project: Hulkbuster

Affiliations: The Avengers (Black Knight/Dane Whitman, Captain America/Steve Rogers, Captain Marvel/Monica Rambeau, Hawkeye/Clint Barton, Hercules/Heracles, Iron Man/Tony Stark, Mockingbird/Barbara Barton, Namor/Namor McKenzie, She-Hulk/Jennifer Walters, Tigra/Greer Nelson, the Wasp/Janet Van Dyne, Wonder Man/Simon Williams), Betty Ross Banner, Rick Jones, Nevermind, Clay Quartermain, General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross, Doc Samson/Leonard Samson, X-Factor (Beast/Hank McCoy, Cyclops/Scott Summers, Iceman/Bobby Drake, Marvel Girl/Jean Grey)

Enemies: The Hulk (separated from Bruce Banner)

Base of Operations: Gamma Base, New Mexico, USA

First Appearance: Incredible Hulk II#317 (March 1986)

History: (Incredible Hulk II#315-316) - Doc Samson and his associates at Gamma Base succeeded in separating Bruce Banner from the Hulk, splitting them into two separate entities. However, in the aftermath of the separation, the Hulk was left a mindless, rampaging monster.

(Incredible Hulk II#317) - Bruce Banner decided to assemble a task force of specialists with skills to capture and neutralize the Hulk. He called together demolitions expert Craig Saunders Jr.; marine researcher Carolyn Parmenter; explorer and survivalist Samuel J. LaRoquette; xenobiologist Armand Martel and geophysicist Hideko Takata. Once assembled at Gamma Base, Bruce Banner asked them to to act as his primary assault team, the Hulkbusters. The group was very reluctant but Banner reminded them that, due to setbacks they had all suffered in their respective careers, there was little market for their talents, and they had few options other than working on his project. The group took some time to think it over and ultimately decided to accept Banner's offer, embracing the opportunity to pursue their respective disciplines in Gamma Base's state of the art facilities.

(Incredible Hulk II#318) - Over the next two weeks, the Hulkbusters became acquainted with the new technology and weapons at their disposal. Included in the Hulkbusters' armament was a large armored vehicle, armed with advanced weaponry including hypersonics and lasers and capable of splitting into separate modules each piloted by a different group member. LaRoquette, Saunders, Parmenter and Martel took the vehicle on a training exercise to locate and battle a Hulk robot. However, the group found that Doc Samson had mistaken the robot for the real Hulk and already destroyed it. Reasoning that Samson was nearly as strong as the Hulk, the group attacked Samson for training instead, much to his consternation. During the battle, the group split their vehicle into its separate modules and continued their attack. During the melee, Saunders let out a laser blast that inadvertently struck Parmenter's module, which went down in flames. Parmenter was killed in the ensuing fiery explosion and LaRoquette was enraged, blaming the incident on Samson and swearing revenge.

While these events were unfolding, Takata went to exercise at Gamma Base's gym and found Betty Ross already there. Betty confided in Takata that Bruce Banner had recently asked her to marry him but she wasn't sure how to respond. Takata advised Betty to trust her heart.

(Incredible Hulk II#319) - Saunders donned a mechanized suit of armor while LaRoquette piloted a ship and the two of them went hunting for the Hulk again. Before long, the pair located the Hulk and attacked. Doc Samson arrived on the scene soon afterward to aid the pair in capturing the Hulk. LaRoquette, however, still resented Samson for the role he played in Parmenter's death and turned his ship's weapons against Samson instead of the Hulk.

The Hulk, meanwhile, took advantage of LaRoquette's divided attention. First, he damaged Saunders' mechanized suit and then leaped onto LaRoquette's ship, tearing it apart in midair. Samson watched LaRoquette's predicament with satisfaction but after pleading from Saunders, reluctantly went to LaRoquette's aid, permitting LaRoquette to land safely. The Hulk then swatted Samson aside and escaped. Samson, frustrated, knocked LaRoquette to the ground and told the pair not to get in his way again.

Meanwhile, Takata attended the wedding of Bruce Banner and Betty Ross.

(Incredible Hulk II#320) -  The Hulkbusters searched the desert for the Hulk in an armored buggy. After a while of fruitless searching, the group was willing to call it quits but LaRoquette remained more driven than ever after Parmenter's death and insisted they make another sweep of the area. Shortly afterward, the Hulkbusters spotted a trail of fire and destruction and followed it to the town of Jericho, New Mexico, where they found Hulk and Samson fighting with a media crew capturing the battle on film. The Hulkbusters came to Samson's aid and launched an attack on the Hulk. The Hulk, however, ripped the Hulkbusters' buggy to shreds and then knocked Samson unconscious for good measure. LaRoquette donned a weaponized suit of armor and renewed the attack on the Hulk but the Hulk tore the suit apart in mere moments and escaped yet again.

(Incredible Hulk II#321) - The Hulkbusters regrouped following the destruction of their buggy and found themselves injured and disarmed as the Hulk continued to rampage through Jericho, New Mexico. LaRoquette in particular had suffered several broken bones. The Hulkbusters watched as the Hulk continued to thrash Doc Samson. LaRoquette was eager to help but was too injured to stand. Martel seized a weapon from the wreckage of their vehicle but Takata dissuaded him from using it, as the Hulk had them overmatched. Takata then bravely marched out to meet the Hulk alone. The Hulk charged at Takata but she used an akido technique to use his momentum against him, tripping him and sending him to the ground. The Hulk, enraged, prepared to charge again. However, the Hulkbusters were saved, as the Avengers arrived on the scene in the nick of time, intent on saving the town and capturing the Hulk. Takata then turned to an injured Samson, tending to his wounds.

(Incredible Hulk II#322) - As both the Avengers and the west coast Avengers battled the Hulk across the town of Jericho, Takata continued to tend to Samson's injuries. The Hulk became progressively weakened by his separation from Bruce Banner and began to lose his strength. The Hulkbusters watched as the Avengers gained the upper hand, cheering for them to finish the Hulk off for good.

(Incredible Hulk II#325) - The Hulkbusters attended Carolyn Parmenter's funeral. After the preacher's sermon, LaRoquette lashed out at Bruce Banner and Doc Samson, telling them they were to blame for Parmenter's death. LaRoquette became enraged when Samson cast the blame back in his direction and the other Hulkbusters had to hold him back as they calmed him down.

(Incredible Hulk II#327) - Although the Hulkbusters had planned on disbanding following Parmenter's funeral, SHIELD Agent Clay Quartermain asked LaRoquette to stay on board under SHIELD's management. LaRoquette agreed but resolved that after the Hulk was dealt with, Doc Samson would pay for his role in Parmenter's death.

(Incredible Hulk II#329) - Bruce Banner, for a short time, appeared to be cured of being the Hulk. However, Rick Jones had become gamma-irradiated and transformed into a new version of the Hulk, although the Hulkbusters were not aware of this new Hulk's true identity. Clay Quartermain asked the Hulkbusters to stay together to help SHIELD catch this new Hulk.

(Incredible Hulk II#330) - LaRoquette approached Saunders, Takata and Martel, informing them of Quartermain's offer for the Hulkbusters to remain together under SHIELD management. Saunders gladly accepted, embracing the challenge of defeating and killing the Hulk. Martel agreed to remain on board as well but in the interest of capturing the Hulk alive for research and study.

A short time later, the Hulkbusters observed as Nevermind took control of Doc Samson. LaRoquette and Saunders were among those who attacked Samson in an effort to dislodge and neutralize Nevermind but Nevermind used Samson's strength to cast them off with ease. At the battle's conclusion, the Hulkbusters witnessed General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross apparently give his life in defeating the Nevermind and mourned his loss.

(Incredible Hulk II#331) - In the aftermath of the destruction caused by Nevermind, LaRoquette was eager to set off after the Rick Jones Hulk. Martel questioned the wisdom of doing so, remarking on whether the destruction they'd just witnessed might serve as a lesson but joined the group in their pursuit nonetheless.

The Hulkbusters piloted ships out into the desert, searching for the Rick Jones Hulk. During their search, Takata worried over LaRoquette's growing obsession while Martel contemplated the importance of capturing the Hulk alive for study. The Rick Jones Hulk attacked the Hulkbusters' ships, latching onto Takata's plane until she succeeded in shaking him loose. Jones then leaped towards LaRoquette's plane, puncturing its hull and injuring LaRoquette's leg. The Hulk disabled Saunders' ship as well and Saunders was injured when he ejected from his plane at a low altitude. With both LaRoquette and Saunders injured, and Takata's ship damaged, the Hulkbusters broke off pursuit. However, during the scuffle, LaRoquette had heard Bruce Banner refer to the new Hulk as Rick Jones and thus learned the new Hulk's true identity. LaRoquette resolved to hunt down Rick Jones in his human form.

(Incredible Hulk II#332) - Martel and Takata tried in vain to dissuade LaRoquette, who was still in a leg cast from their last battle, from his quest to hunt down and execute Rick Jones. LaRoquette would have none of it, insisting it was the only way to wipe the Hulk from the face of the earth. LaRoquette manned an armored tank and set out into the desert in search of Jones. Martel and Takata informed Samson of LaRoquette's plan, not wanting to be party to the death of an innocent. LaRoquette located Jones (in his human form) before long and attacked. LaRoquette, clearly growing more and more unhinged with his obsession, spoke to the deceased Carolyn Parmenter as he used the tank's weapons to assault Jones. Doc Samson soon intervened, tearing the tank open and pulling LaRoquette out, allowing Jones to escape.

(Incredible Hulk II#334) - After Bruce Banner re-absorbed Jones' gamma radiation and apparently cured Rick Jones of being the Hulk, Jones returned to Gamma Base for testing. Takata and Martel examined Jones using the facility's machines and concluded that Jones registered no abnormal radiation, and was indeed cured.

A bit later on, Samson stopped by Gamma Base's infirmary to check in on Saunders and LaRoquette. Samson shared that the other Hulkbusters were worried about LaRoquette's behavior as of late. LaRoquette bemoaned that the Hulkbusters had been a failure at every turn and stated that once they were recovered, they would both be quitting the team and leaving Gamma Base.

(Incredible Hulk II#337) - LaRoquette and Saunders, now acting as civilian advisers to SHIELD, accompanied Clay Quartermain and several SHIELD airships as they moved toward the town of Sparta, Illinois, where the Hulk had been captured by X-Factor after Iceman encased him in ice. LaRoquette anxiously awaited the group's arrival, impatient to end the Hulk once and for all. LaRoquette and Saunders, along with X-Factor and agents of SHIELD, transported the Hulk back to Gamma Base. LaRoquette later met with SHIELD Agent Trump to ask him when the Hulk would be executed.

While being held captive, the Hulk informed Takata and Martel, as well as Doc Samson, Rick Jones and X-Factor, that the government had been testing gamma bombs and had only captured him to kill him, not to help or cure him. The group demanded to speak with a SHIELD agent in charge to learn the truth of the Hulk's claims. Agent Trump led LaRoquette, Saunders and several armed SHIELD agents, and confronted Takata, Martel, Samson and X-Factor, threatening them to stand down. Realizing SHIELD was not on their side, X-Factor freed the Hulk from his captivity and a battle soon broke out between the two sides. During the melee, the Hulk threw a shard of ice at Saunders, injuring him in the shoulder. 

Meanwhile, SHIELD Agent Clay Quartermain decided he could not be party to the government's actions and planted explosives throughout Gamma Base. Quartermain then aided Martel and Takata, as well as the Hulk, X-Factor and Rick Jones, in making their escape. LaRoquette, Saunders and their SHIELD allies evacuated Gamma Base, moments before Quartermain triggered the explosives he had planted, leveling Gamma Base to the ground.

After escaping to safety, Takata and Martel informed Bruce Banner that they would be leaving the group, having had their fill of danger and destruction. They wished Bruce Banner luck and parted as friends.

Comments: Created by John Byrne and Keith Williams.

Samuel J. LaRoquette and Craig Saunders Jr. went on to become the Leader's henchmen, Rock and Redeemer. Individual profiles coming soon to an Appendix near you!

There wasn't a clear line in the sand to mark the point when LaRoquette and Saunders really split off from Martel and Takata. Many of the Hulkbusters' affiliations became LaRoquette and Saunders' enemies as the group splintered apart.

Profile by Stunner.

The Hulkbusters are a successor and/or predecessor group to, but should not be confused with:

Armand Martel

Armand Martel was a xenobiologist from France who joined the Hulkbusters as an opportunity to advance his research by capturing and studying the Hulk. Martel was generally among the group's more gentle and pacifist members, and was disturbed by all the destruction the Hulkbusters caused and witnessed. Martel became concerned as LaRoquette became increasingly obsessed with killing the Hulk, insisting that the Hulk must be taken alive to be researched and studied.

After learning that the government was manufacturing gamma bombs and intended to execute the Hulk, Martel and his colleague Hideko Takata allied with Doc Samson, Rick Jones, Bruce Banner and X-Factor, escaping from Gamma Base shortly before it was destroyed by Clay Quartermain. Martel and Takata left the group, having experienced enough violence.

--Incredible Hulk II#317 (318, 320-322, 325, 330-332, 334, 337,

Carolyn Parmenter

Carolyn Parmenter was an oceanographer. In college, she was a student of Samuel J. LaRoquette. She eventually began a romantic relationship with him, which ultimately cost him his tenure. The relationship did not last and the two parted ways.

Years later, Parmenter was among those Bruce Banner asked to join his team of Hulkbusters. She agreed and joined the team and became reacquainted with LaRoquette, who had also joined. Parmenter was killed during one of the team's first training simulations when Saunders accidentally shot down her plane with a blast intended for Doc Samson.

--Incredible Hulk II#317 (318,

Hideko Takata

Hideko Takata was a geophysicist from Japan. Skilled in the art of akido, she briefly held off a mindless, rampaging Hulk by using his bodyweight against him. Takata, along with Armand Martel, was not inclined to violence and grew concerned as Samuel J. LaRoquette grew increasingly obsessed and more violent in his pursuit of the Hulk. After learning that the government was manufacturing gamma bombs and intended to execute the Hulk, she allied with Doc Samson, Rick Jones, Bruce Banner and X-Factor, escaping Gamma base shortly before it was destroyed by Clay Quartermain. Takata and Martel then left the group, having experienced enough violence.

--Incredible Hulk II#317 (318-322, 325, 330-332, 334, 337,

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Incredible Hulk II#320, page 17, panel 1 (in armored buggy)
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Incredible Hulk II#317, page 21, panel 2 (Martel, headshot)
Incredible Hulk II#317, page 11, panel 5 (Carolyn Parmenter)
Incredible Hulk II# (Hideko Takata)

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