Real Name: Alexander "Alex" Woolcot

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Student

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Steven Estevez, Hulk, S.H.I.E.L.D. (especially Nick Fury and Dylan Pattinson), Spider-Man

Enemies: S.H.I.E.L.D. (especially Frederick Miluv), Fritz Woolcot

Known Relatives: Evelyn (mother), Fritz (father, deceased);
Dylan Pattinson ("adoptive father")

Aliases: None

Place of Birth: New York City, New York

Base of Operations: Boulder, Colorado; formerly New York City

Extent of Education: Junior high school student

First Appearance:
(Woolcot) Spectacular Spider-Man II#112 (March, 1986);
(Ashcan) Incredible Hulk II#339 (January, 1989)

Powers/Abilities: Alex can project energy blasts able to disintegrate most forms of matter. Even the Hulk ran screaming after taking a blast in the face.

Height: 5' 2"
Weight: 105 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Reddish-blond

History: Alex was a youth growing up in New York City with an abusive father. His dad was a research scientist, and the distractions caused by his wife and son caused him to become violent.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#112) - Steven Estevez, a teacher at Alex's school, noticed a regular pattern of bruises on Alex, and initiated legal proceedings against his father. Fritz Woolcot threatened to start a rumor about the time Estevez was spending with his son if he didn't drop it.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#113) - While Fritz met with his lawyer to discuss switching to another school district to disrupt the investigation, Alex was drawn to his father's experiment, like a moth to a flame. Entranced by the bright light--and not knowing it was an incineration device--Alex stuck his hand into it and received the shock of his life. Fritz's experiment was destroyed, and he would have taken his anger out on Alex if the lawyer had not been present.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#115) - Fritz Woolcot punched out Steven Estevez when he brought reporter Joy Mercado to their apartment. Peter Parker had been on his way to meet Joy when his Spider-Sense detected Alex's imminent power flare-up. Spider-Man swung into the room, but the situation defused itself, and Spidey was just left confused.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#116) - Alex nearly got another beating from his father, and his hand began to glow with power, nearly surging out of control. Later, when his father came in, drunk and ready to deliver that beating, Alex put his hand up to defend himself. His dad disintegrated when his fist touched Alex's hand. Alex just knew his mom was going to kill him for turning dad into ash.


(Spectacular Spider-Man II#117) - Fearing punishment from any number of sources, Alex ran away from home. Rod and Bert, a pair of pedophiles tried to pick him up, and when he struggled to get away from them, his powers flared again, blowing up their car, and even shorted out a Con-Edison generator.

Meanwhile, his mom, trying to pretend her life wasn't falling apart around her with the disappearance of both her husband and her son, set out to do some cleaning. She cleaned up the pile of ashes in Alex's room with her vacuum cleaner.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#118) - Steven Estevez reported Alex's disappearance to Peter Parker, hoping that the reporter who took the photos of Spidey could get in touch with the web-slinger. At the same time, Alex's paranoia began to get the best of him. A pair of police officers suspected him to be a truant, and when they approached him, he blew up their car as well. The cops called in a potential mutant attack, which alerted SHIELD operatives who had been on the lookout for Alex.

Spider-Man found Alex, but found himself under fire from the scared youth, who then fled--right into a squadron of SHIELD Mandroids, who tried to bring him in. Alex, with the help and protection of Spider-Man, continued to fight off a number of SHIELD Operatives. Just when they thought they were in the clear, agent Frederick Miluv fired from above in a Flying Car and shot Alex--apparently dead...

(Incredible Hulk II#339 (fb) - BTS) - Actually, the above maneuver was carefully calculated, and while a few bullet were used--and targeted into non-vital areas, most of them were actually non-lethal tranquilizers. With the young Alex apparently dead, SHIELD had no problem removing him. Nick Fury took Alex under his wing, but the young boy was left a veritable basket case from the amount of stress he had suffered. SHIELD relocated Alex to Boulder, Colorado, where they placed him with semi-retired agent Dylan Pattinson. Alex's memories were partially submerged, and he came to believe that the SHIELD agent was really his dad.


(Incredible Hulk II#339) - In search of a batch of missing Gamma Bombs, renegade SHIELD agent Clay Quartermain tried to hack into SHIELD Central's database through the relatively unguarded home of Dylan Pattinson. It happened, of course, to be the same house in which Alex was living. Clay, Rick Jones, and the gray Hulk easily overpowered the SHIELD agent, but when the Hulk scared the beejeezus-bells out of Alex, he got a face-full of disintegration blast. After screaming in pain for a few seconds, the Hulk took off after Alex to punish him. However, upon learning of Alex's abusive father, the Hulk, who had a similar childhood, felt sympathy for him. The two were soon fast friends.

After the Hulk and company had left, Alex, who had now completely regained his memory, told his "dad" that they needed to renegotiate his allowance...




Comments: Ashcan was created by Peter David and Mark Beachum



Here's more info about Ashcan provided by Loki:

             From Peter David's A&Q (fans post answers, as in Jeopardy, PAD 
                       posts his answers) on the Com-X Fan boards, a small note which 
             might be relevant to the entry on Ashcan:

            Originally posted by VonDiabolica
            A: That was why I brought back Alexander as Ashcan in Hulk.

            PAD: Q: I heard you were ****** off that editor Jim Owsley 
            dropped the last page of your Spec Spidey story that clearly 
            showed Alex was still alive, thus giving the impression he was 

The SHIELD agent who led the attack on Ashcan in Spectacular Spider-Man II#118 returned in Spectacular II#128 under Silver Sable's employment.
--Per Degaton

The rogue SHIELD agent Frederick Miluv and the semi-retired SHIELD agent Dylan Pattinson were both named in OHotMU 2006 A-Z#1

Profile by Snood

Profile updated/edited by Kyle Sims using info from Loki

Alex has no known connection to:

Evelyn Woolcot

She tried to keep the peace in the family and, maintaining her practice of living in denial, she vacuumed up Fritz's ashes while trying to keep a tidy house.

--Spectacular Spider-Man II#113 (116, 117

Fritz Woolcot

He was a brilliant scientist, but had a bad temper, that tendered to flare to violent levels when he was having problems with work, such as being distracted, or when he was drinking. He, too, was beaten by his father, and thought that what he was doing was healthy, and that everyone else was over-reacting. After Alex was mutated by his incineration device, he was disintegrated when he took a swing at his son.

--Spectacular Spider-Man II#112 (113, 115, 116



Steven Estevez


He worked with abused children for years, but as he developed a hard shell to deal with what he was seeing, he started not liking himself. He became a teacher so he could like himself again, and soon after encountered Alex. Recognizing the signs of abuse, Estevez filed a report, which Fritz Woolcot avoided by moving to another school district. Fritz punched Estevez out when he brought reporter Joy Mercado to his door. After Alex vanished, Estevez contacted Peter Parker, hoping he could contact Spider-Man.

--Spectacular Spider-Man II#112 (115, 118



Dylan Pattinson


He was a semi-retired SHIELD agent and served as Alex's father during his emotional recovery from the traumatic events in New York. He seemed to provide a happy, healthy, and relaxing environment. He failed to stop Clay Quartermain from using his computer to hack into SHIELD Central, and he got a broken hand from the Hulk as a reward when he pulled his gun.

After Alex regained his memory (and powers), he apparently remained in the role of his father figure, though the balance of power had shifted somewhat.

--Incredible Hulk II#339



images: (without ads)
Spectacular Spider-Man II#18, p5, pan4 (Ashcan main image)
Spectacular Spider-Man II#113, p8, pan2 (his father's experiment)
Incredible Hulk II#339, p14, pan4 (Ashcan VS Hulk)
Spectacular Spider-Man II#113, p9, pan2 (Evelyn & Fritz Woolcot)
Spectacular Spider-Man II#118, p2, pan3 (Steven Estevez)
Incredible Hulk II#339, p1, pan2 (Dylan Pattinson)

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Incredible Hulk II#339 (January, 1988) - Peter David (writer), Todd McFarlane (pencils), Jim Sanders III (inks), Bob Harras (editor)

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