These profiles represent (for the most part) individuals. Certain collective beings may be found here as well. Heroes and Villains, Cosmic entities, and civilians are the major examples.

A (Thoth)

A (Wolverine foe) - by MarvellousLuke

A-12 (Cyborg)

Aalbort (Aakon)

Aalston, Carl (Rain Boy)

Aamshed (Dracula/Varnae foe)

A'an (Thoth)

Aan Taanu (demon, Legion of the Night foe)

"Aaardvark" (Roger Fieldston mutate)

Aardwolf (mutant, Night Thrasher foe)

Aaron ?? (Millwood citizen)

Aaron the Sorcerer (xd pre-FF sorcerer) - by Spidermay

Aaronson, Dr. Martin (Mara the Dreamer)

Aa-Thak (Brule foe) - by Spidermay

"A'Aug" (N'Grith)

Abacus (Network foe)

Abadon (Shadow Riders foe)

Abarac (Hyborian wizard)

Abbas, Yusef (Helper)

Abbot of Earth-Shadowline (Order of St. George)

Abbot of the Abyss (Atlantean religious leader)

Abbot Thanademos (Iron Fist foe)

Abbott, Hope (Trance, X-Student)

Abbott, Jack (Matt Murdock character)

Abboud, Ulysses (Supremus)

Abby ?? (Excalibur character)

Abby ?? (Edward Hutchinson's granddaughter) - by Proto-Man

Abby-L (Gwen Stacy clone, Jackal foe) - by Minor Irritant

Abcissa (alternate future Jubilee)

Abdashtarth (Akhirom foe)

Abdol, Ahmet (Living Monolith/Living Pharao)

Abdol, Filene (Living Pharao's wife)

Abdol, Salome (Living Pharao's daughter)

Abdul (Sinbad's crew)

Abdul ?? (Bagmom)

Abdul ?? (Bagmom)

Abdul ?? (Conan foe)

Abdullah ?? (Cult of the Living Pharao)

Abejaron, Jose (Merzah's valet)

Abelard, Brian (Camarilla of the N'Garai)

Abena (Jackson Cole's guide)

Aberdeen Angus (Advocates, Excalibur foe)

Abidemi, Nezhno (Gentle)

Able, Adam (pre-FF alien)

Able-Bodied Assassin (Fight Man foe)

Ablemarle, Perseus (Crusader)

Abner Little (Collectors) - by the Beetle

Abnormal, Mr. (Spider-Girl foe)

Abominable Snow-King (Torg)

Abominable Snowman (Marvel monster character) - by Prime Eternal

"Abominable Snowman" (Yeti of the First Line)

Abominable Snowman (SHIELD Howling Commandos member) - by Madison Carter

Abomination (Emil Blonsky)

Abominatrix (She-Hulk foe)

Abramov, Anna (Moon Knight character)

Abramov, Benjamin (Moon Knight character)

Abrams, Jack (Purifiers, X-Men foe) - by MarvellousLuke

Abrams, Mitchell (Inhumans character) - by Chadman

Abrams, Raf (camera operator, Human Fly character)

Abraxas of Earth-691 (21st Century, Killraven foe)

Abraxas (Fantastic Four foe) - by Proto-Man

"Abscence of Light" (Wayeb)

"Abscence of Warmth" (Wayeb)

Absolute Empress of the North and the Breechlands (Red Queen of Earth-998)

Absorbing Man (Carl "Crusher" Creel)

Abu Dakir (Mogul ally)

Abu Ho Dadi (Bagmom)

Abuela (grandmother of Sofia Torres)

Abuse-Monger (Psychobabble)

Abyss of Earth-95120

Abyss, Milos (Count Abyss)

Abysss (Death Metal character)

Abyss That Walked (Krobaa)

Acba the Watcher (Quasar character)

Access (Amalgam character) - by Skullogeist

Accuser of Reality-17619 (Kree, Noh-Varr)

"Ace" (Michael Rossi)

Ace (travelling companion of the Doctor)

Ace (Spider-Man character) - by Madison Carter

"Ace" Hamilton (Deadly Dozen)

Ace Diamond (Night Raven character) - by Loki

Aces Wilde (Suprema/Scarbo foe) - by Prime Eternal

A'Charr the Scarred God of Ultraverse (Rune foe) - by Grendel Prime

Achelous (Olympian river god, Hercules foe) - by Will U

Achilles (Greek hero)- by Will U

Achmed (Sinbad foe)

Achmed ?? (Cult of the Living Pharao)

Achmed ?? (Bloodwraith foe)

Achter, Gavrel (Inhuman, Secret Avengers foe) - by Chadman

Acid (Strend & Minth foe, Spider-Man Magazine)

Acidal (Tuk the Caveboy foe)

Acid Alice of Earth-8140 (Death's Head (FPA) character)

Acid Queen of New Universe (Para-Troop)

Acrobat (Captain America (Mace) foe) - by Ron Fredricks

Acrobat (Human Torch and Captain America foe)

Acrobat (Rawhide Kid villain) - by Prime Eternal

"Acrobat" (Spider-Squad)

Acroyear (Micronaut hero) - by Grendel Prime

Action Jackson of Earth-74425 (Baravelli advertisements)

Actor (Iron Man foe)

Adad (Ba'al)

Adahm (Batroc foe) - by Markus Raymond

Adair, Val (SHIELD, Iron Man foe)

Adam (Spyros)

Adam (Frankenstein monster, Bloodstone character)

"Adam" (Hydropolis, Jeremy)

Adam (Ophrah Industries robot assistant) - by Proto-Man

Adam (servant of Lullaby)

Adam ?? (White Tiger (Del Toro) character) - by Chadman

Adam Able (pre-FF alien) - by Future

Adam-II (android, All-Winners Squad foe) - by Prime Eternal

Adam III (Adam-II)

Adam 3, 031 of Earth-691 (21st Century, Death-Birth)

Adam-X the X-Treme (X-character) - by Madison Carter

Adam Y of Earth-1040 (Millennial Visions)

Adamantine (Les Heroes de Paris)

Adams (partner of Al Clark)

Adams, Cynthia (encountered Creature from Planet X)

"Adams, Julia" (1950's, Sub-Mariner foe)

Adams, Murdoch (Dr. Strange character)

Adams, Norm (raised Ahura/Pope, Daredevil character)

Adams, Sam (Ms. Marvel character) - by Spidermay

Adams, Vera (raised Ahura/Pope, Daredevil character)

Adamson, Abraham (revived Golem)

Adamson, Jason (Abraham's nephew)

Adamson, Rebecca (Abraham's niece)

Adamson, David (Ms. Marvel character)

Adaptoid (Super-Adaptoid, Alessandro Brannex)

Addams (Surgeon General investor)

Addams, Gomez (Morticia's husband, Addams Family TV series, Laughing Horse Bar patron)

Addams, Morticia (Gomez's wife, Addams Family TV series, Laughing Horse Bar patron)

Adder (Shang-Chi foe)

Addison, Rev. Blackburn (Reverend, Dragon Circle)

Adhira (flirted with Daredevil)

Aditi (Gaea, Earth-Mother goddess)

Adler, Irene (Destiny)

Adler, Manfred (Blitzkrieg Squad)

Admiral Ellis (Peregrine foe) - by Markus Raymond

Admiral Galen-Kor (Lunatic Legion)

Admiral Gannon (Defenders/Order foe) - by Chadman

Admiral Pierce (WW2, Terror character)

Admiral Lord Samédàr (Shi'ar, X-Men foe)

Adobe, Vince (Father Adobe)

Adolphe (1950s mutate, intangible) - by Ron Fredricks

"Adonis" (Tammuz)

Adonis (Captain America foe)

Adora (Comicsville character)

Adreadite, Monique (Team America foe) - by David Lawrence

Adrenazon (She-Hulk foe)

Adria (Minions of Mordo)

Adron (Viscardi race, slain by Gara)

Adva (Dark God)

Adversary (Marduk Kurios)

Adversary of Earth-93600

Advisor (War Machine foe)

advisor (Thor foe, Gnives ally)

Aegir (Hymir, Asgardian giant)

Aegir (Asgardian Giant) - by Will U

Aegis (Kid Kaiju monster) - by Chadman

Aegis of All Sorrows (Proemial Gods, Silver Surfer foe) - by Donald Campbell

Aegisthus (Argonauts)

Ael-Dan (former Kree leader, Avengers character) - by Markus Raymond

Aelfric (Mad Monk, Werewolf foe)

Aeneas (Trojan War hero) - by Will U

Aeolus (Inhuman, Skybreaker)

Aeon of Ultraverse (Rush foe) - by Grendel Prime

Aeric (Inhuman child)

Aerie of Ultraverse (Alien Elite)

"Aeristron" (Retrievers of Atlantis)

Aerivar the 18th (Inhuman, Sky-Island king) - by Chadman

Aero (Melody Guthrie, sister of Cannonball & Husk, X-Men character) - by MarvellousLuke

Aeroika (Tunnelworld)

Aesklos (Tigra foe)

Aesthete (Marvel (Mark Holly) foe)

Afari, Jamal (Blade's former mentor) - by Markus Raymond

Afghan (Dogs of War)

"A FRIEND" (unrevealed mystery character, All-Winners Squad: Band of Heroes)

Afrikaa (Marvel UK, Black Axe ally)

Afterburner (Silver Sable foe) - by Grendel Prime

Afterlife (Dr. Strange character) - by Markus Raymond

Aftermath (Plasmer foe)

Aftershock of Earth-982 (MC2, Spider-Girl foe; Electro's daughter) - by OmegaTherion

Afzal (Black Widow foe)

Agamemnon (Trojan War)

Agamemnon (Sword of Judgement)

Agamemnon (Elektra's dog)

Agamotto (Vishanti, Doctor Strange character)

Agaou Wedo (Damballah)

Agar, Thomas (Roxxon Oil, Spider-Man/Black Panther foe) - by Proto-Man

Agathon (demon, Satana foe)

Agee, Dr. Aubrey (X-Men character) - by Norvo

Agee, Rebecca (Aubrey's sister)

Aged Genghis (Dr. Strange character)

"Aged One" (Lama)

aged wizard (encountered by Chris Garson)

aged yeti (Man-Thing character)

Ageless One (Xotai)

Agent (Rick Mason)

Agent 1-16 (Red, Deltan Conspiracy)

Agent 4 (Corporation)

Agent 5 (HYDRA agent) of Earth-8181

Agent Five (Coldblood foe)

Agent 6 (Corporation)

Agent 7 (Corporation)

Agent 7M (Colossus)

Agent 13 (HYDRA agent)

Agent 66 (AIM agent)

Agent 77 (AIM agent)

Agent 223 (SHIELD, Roger Juniper)

Agent 324 (SHIELD, Klemmer)

Agent Axis (WW2, Invaders foe) - by Markus Raymond

Agent Baker (S.H.I.E.L.D. agent)

Agent Barrett (CIA, Morbius foe)

Agent Beefcake (SHIELD LMD)

Agent Bendix of Earth-8130 (Man-Thing character)

Agent Branson (SHIELD lookout) - by Proto-Man

Agent Briggs (Damocles Foundation agent) - by Prime Eternal

Agent Brown (CSIS, Omega Flight ally)

Agent Bullet (Bullet/Buck Cashman)

Agent Burchett (FBI agent, Donald Pierce victim)

Agent Cake (Agent Cheesecake)

Agent Caulder (The Firm)

Agent Cheesecake (SHIELD LMD) - by G Morrow

Agent China (CIA, Morbius foe)

Agent Colby (First Line character) - by Norvo

Agent Coville (White Tiger (Del Toro) character) - by Chadman

Agent Crock (Daredevil/Black Widow foe) - by Chadman

Agent D (Ducharme)

Agent D18 (Wolverine/Fantomex/Noh-Varr foe)

Agent Davis (S.H.I.E.L.D.)

Agent Delacourt (Constrictor story)

Agent Einhardt of Reality-80324 (Paradox character)

Agent Evans (Team America foe)

Agent Farber (S.H.I.E.L.D., Avengers character)

Agent Kyle Fleming (SHIELD agent)

Agent Fletcher (SHIELD agent)

Agent Fox 29 of Earth-730834 (Hydra, Avengers foe)

Agent Groza (First Line character)

Agent Guida (Matt Murdock character)

Agent Harlan (S.H.I.E.L.D., Daredevil character)

Agent Harrow (Dr. Arthur Harrow)

Agent Hauser (S.H.I.E.L.D. IT department) - by Proto-Man

Agent Hazzard (Jack Hazzard)

Agent Hook (S.H.I.E.L.D.)

Agent Keller (FBI, Daredevil character)

Agent L (HYDRA defector) - by Prime Eternal

Agent Lindsay (SHIELD agent) - by Chadman

Agent M (SHIELD, Microverse expert) - by Prime Eternal

Agent Marcus (Hydra agent)

Agent Marsden (Avengers character)

Agent McCloskey (WWII-era FBI agent, Captain America ally) - by Proto-Man

Agent Moss (Daredevil/Dakota North foe)

Agent M17 (Ms. Marvel foe) - by Spidermay

Agent O'Brien (WWII-era FBI agent)

Agent of Earth's hive-mind (Heroes for Hire character)

Agent of Fortune (Defenders foe)

Agent of Heaven (Critics)

Agent of Hell (Critics)

Agent of the Realm Between (Critics)

Agent of 1,000 Faces (Nazi spy, Howling Commandos foe) - by Prime Eternal

Agent One (Lucifer)

Agent Orange (Captain America/Nick Fury foe)

Agent Orange (Firestar) of Earth-989112

Agent Parnival (Plunderer/Parcival Plunder)

Agent Peavey (Inhumans character)

Agent Peterson (S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, Ms. Marvel character)

Agent Pullman (Daredevil character) - by Chadman

Agent Rhimes (FBI agent, Donald Pierce victim)

Agent Rollins (Matt Murdock foe)

Agent Rother (S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, Daredevil foe) - by Chadman

Agent Scorpio (Mikel Fury)

Agent Scott (SHIELD agent)

Agent Seku (SHIELD agent) - by Chadman

Agent Sexton (Athena)

Agent Sikes (SHIELD) - by Proto-Man

Agent Stern (Avengers character)

Agent Stiles (SHIELD agent)

Agent Syn (Shang-Chi character) - by the Beetle

Agent Synergon (Agent Syn)

Agent Thomas (S.H.I.E.L.D. agent) - by Proto-Man

Agent Tiger 7 of Earth-730834 (Hydra, Avengers foe)

Agent Uno (Uno)

Agent Villarosa (Mercy Corporation)

Agent W (HYDRA)

Agent Whitman (S.H.I.E.L.D.)

Agent Wright (X-Force/X-Statix foe) - by Proto-Man

Agent X (Dutch spy, Sgt. Fury ally) - by Prime Eternal

Aggamon (Dr. Strange foe)

"Agger" (Roxxon, Bagmom)

Aggressive Eleven (Fight Man foe)

Agitator (Spider-Man character) - by Ronald Byrd

Agnar (King of the Eagles, Thor character)

Agnar the Fierce (Asgardian God) - by Greg O

Agnew, Winston (Blackheart)

Agni (Wayfinder's followers)

Agni (The Nest)

Agni (Atar)

Agnu, Gyro ("Duckworld")

Agon (Inhuman king, Black Bolt & Maximus' father) - by Chadman

Agonistes of Earth-8336 (Son of Santa character)

Agony (Hellbent)

Agrippa, Gaius Tiberius Augustus (Emperor)

Agrom (Rejects)

Agron of Earth-76216 (Captain America foe)

Agu the Giant (Lorna character) - by Spidermay

Aguado, Tomas (Striker, Shadows)

Aguila (Old West, Phantom Rider character)

Aguila (Power Man/Iron Fist character) - by Norvo

Aguilar, Christina (Sunspot character) - by Markus Raymond

Aguilar, Euphy (Christina's sister)

Ahab (Ulysses Bloodstone)

Ahemait (Ammut)

Ahh (Ngh the Unspeakable)

Ahkbar (Conan character)

Ahmed ?? (encountered Zokae & Okzik)

Ahmed ?? (Cult of the Living Pharao)

Ahmed (Revolutionary Jihad)

Ahmet, Mr. (Punisher character) - by Chadman

Ahmbra (Kree, Ultra-Girl friend)

Ah-Muzencab (Mayapan)

Ahote (Human Fly character)

Ah Puch (Mayapan)

Ahpuch (Mexican Death God, Thor character) - by Will U

Ahura (Black Bolts & Medusa's son, Inhumans) - by Chadman

Ahuud, Gohmen (Shapeshifter/Hogboblin)

Ai Apaec of Earth-1771 (deity, Inheritors victim) - by Proto-Man

AIM agent MST-3K (Paragon)

Aimes, father (Devil's Heart pawn)

Aimes, Mallory (Janice Lincoln victim)

Ainet (X-Men ally) - by Sammy 7D

"Ainley" (Masters of the Matrix)

Airborne (Shadowforce)

Airborne (Death Squad)

Aireo the Floating Man (Inhuman, Skybreaker)

Airhead (Trash, Power Pack foe) - by Patrick D Ryall

Airstrike (Dmitri Bukharin, formerly Crimson Dynamo) - by Prime Eternal

Airstrip-One (Captain) of Earth-744 (Captain Britain Corps)

Air-Walker (Arlo Samuelson)

Air-Walker prototype (Excalibur foe)

Ai'sha of Earth-148 (Ee'rath, mother of Princess Sa'tneen)

Aitchinson, Sandy (Morbius character)

Aït-Kaci, Hughes (Tiger, Euroforce member)

A.J. of Ultraverse (Freex)

Ajaxis (Lava Men, Thunderbolts army) - by Chadman

Ak (Tuk the Caveboy character) - by MarvellousLuke

A'Kane (Vibraxas' mother)

Akbar (Sinbad's crew)

Akbar ?? (Daredevil foe)

Akai, Henry (Timestream) of Earth-7484

Akasha (Spider-Man character) - by Will U

Akayama (X-Men: Watchers on the Wall novel, Madripoor)

Akerman, Julius (Monster Master)

Akers, Gary (WW2, Jet)

Aket-Atum (Conan foe)

Aki of Earth-101001 (telekinetic girl) - by Proto-Man

Akif of Jarabesht (Conan character)

Akiuki Orugawa of Earth-1211 (Black Dragon Society)

Akhenaten (Marvel Universe: The End) - by Will U

Akhirom (Conan character) - by Spidermay

Akivasha (Conan foe)

Akka (Gaea, Earth-Mother goddess)

Akkheba (Conan foe) - by Spidermay

Aknaton of Reality-8116 (Dreadstar foe)

Akoos (Red Wizard, Pre-Cataclysm)

Akooti of Earth-829 (Assassins' Guild)

Akra (Jann of the Jungle character) - by Ron Fredricks

Akra (Ethicals)

Akulia (Shanna the She-Devil character)

Akuros (Conan character)

Al ? of Earth-88194 (Shadowline, Merchants)

Al ?? (KGG-TV) - by Chadman

Al ?? (guard, Jester character)

Al ?? (Tailor Group)

Al (Cognoscenti)

Al ?? (Janice Lincoln's law firm)

Al ?? (TV reporter)

Al ?? (King (Jose Gomez) bodyguard)

Ala (Gaea, Earth-Mother goddess)

al-Abbad, Abbas (Abacus)

Al-Adil (12th Century, Black Knight ally) - by Markus Raymond

al-Fasaud, Sheikh Farouk (Fasaud)

Al the Alien (US One ally)

Aladdin’s Genie (Summoned by King Solomon’s Frog)

Alake (Shi'ar, Avengers foe) - by Chadman

Alan ?? (A.I.M. agent, Man-Thing foe)

Alana ?? (Centaurius II, John's girlfriend)

Alanna Neramani of Reality-9922 (X-Character)

Alaric (Dr. Strange/Namor foe) - by Spidermay

Alaric, Alex (Trust)

Alaris (Inhuman) - by Chadman

Alarune, Tara Sidth (Ovada host, Conan foe)

Alaska, Courtney (criminal prosecuter, She-Hulk rival) - by Chadman

Alba, Mrs. (babysitter of Felon's brother)

Albakor (Inhuman warrior) - by Grendel Prime

Alberich (enslaver of Nibelung clan, Thor foe)

Alberik (Axi-Tun)

Albers, Kevin of Ultraverse (Catapult)

Albert ?? (encountered Chondu the Mystic)

Albert ?? of Earth-83438 (Avengers butler)

Albert (Wolverine robot, Elsie Dee's partner)

Albert ?? (Authority ally)

Albescu (Vlad the Impaler agent)

Albino (Avengers foe) - by DragynWulf

Albion of Earth-811 (Resistance Coordination Executive)

Albion of Earth-70518 (Bran Bardic, violent Corps member, former Excalibur foe) - by Proto-Man

Albright (court judge, presided over case involving teens defeated by Daredevil) - by Chadman

Alcazar (Conan foe)

Alcazar, Dr. (treated Mop Man)

Alchemist (Pryde and Wisdom foe)

"Alchemist" (Jeremy Briggs)

Alchemoid (Captain America foe) - by Spidermay

Alcmena (Hercules' mother) - by Will U

Alcott, Capt. (yacht captain, Tony Stark ally) - by Chadman

Aldebron (Star Masters foe) - by Prime Eternal

Alden, Goodman Miles (17th Century, Dracula character)

Alden, Dr. Sloan (Frostbite)

Alderman Evans (Amesville alderman)

Aldrin, Tom (Marvel Zombies character) - by Grendel Prime

Ald Thurmis (Thongor)

Alec, Dia "Dee Dee" (George Alec's wife) - by Chadman

Alec, George (writer, Daredevil ally) - by Chadman

Alecto (Ember, Furies)

Alecto (Inhuman rebel, Gorgon's daughter) - by Chadman

Aleksandr ?? (Electro/Vulture character)

Aleph of Earth-950108 (Commandware of the Clave)

Alesky ?? (Polish mutant, Magneto character) - by Proto-Man

Aletha of Earth-791 (Dwellers of the Ark)

Alethea (1950s mermaid) - by Ron Fredricks

Alex ?? (Woman, Ms. Marvel character)

Alex ?? (Daredevil foe) - by Chadman

Alex (Morlock, Ghost Rider foe)

Alex (Random)

Alex ?? (friend of Kiden Nixon)

Alex ?? of Earth-21923 (Isleton, California resident)

Alexander ?? (Operation: Cold War)

Alexander ?? (former loan banker, Hellstorm character)

Alexander, Caleb (Namor character) - by Chadman

Alexander, Carrie (Namor character, Caleb's daughter) - by Chadman

Alexander the Great of Counter-Earth (Franklin) (Master Man)

Alexandre ?? (Captain Tyger)

Alexi ?? (Hulk character)

Alexi ?? (Special United Nations Council on Nuclear Armaments)

Alexis the Duck (Howard the Duck character)

Aleyin (Ullikumis)

Alf (Highwayman victim)

Alfie ?? (encountered Aldebarans)

Alfie (Invaders foe) - by John Kaminski

Alfie ?? (Straight-Arrow, Bratpack) - by Chadman

Alfie (Mrs. Lennox's dog)

"Alfie" (Alfredo Morelli)

Alfonso ?? (Cardiac patient)

Alfred, Edward (Vivisector's father)

Alfred, Myles Lee (Vivisector)

Alfredo the chicken (former Melissa Morbeck agent, Chef Bear wife)

Al Forbush of Earth-9602 (Amalgam character)

Algernon of Earth-238 (Crooked World)

Algol, Hokk (Skrull, Avengers/Force Works ally) - by Markus Raymond

Algol Demonstar (Silver Surfer foe)

Algon (Philip Russell)

Algon (Werewolf character)

Algren (Daredevil character) - by Chadman

Algren, Tara (Dracula ally/Blade foe) - by Markus Raymond

Algus, Dr. (Arlo Samuelson foe)

Alhambra (Conan character)

Alhazred, Abdul (Wolverine foe)

Ali ?? (piano player, Mike's Chicago Bar)

Ali ?? (Daredevil foe)

Ali, Abdul Ben (criminal in Cairo, Egypt) - by Chadman

Alibar (Mogul, Thor character)

Alibar the Thief (Alibar)

Alibar the Vegabond (Alibar)

Alicar, Tike (Anarchist)

Alice (cow, Stuporman ally)

Alice ?? (Strange Tales)

Alice ?? (Defenders character)

Alice ?? (Avengers character)

Alice ?? (Junk-Food Junkies)

Alice ?? of Earth-1211 (Others)

Alice of Earth-751263 (Rejects member) - by Proto-Man

Alicia (Marcia Guzman)

alien beneath Loch Ness (Captain Britain foe) - by Loki

alien champion (Marvel monster) - by Prime Eternal

"Alien Scout" (Marvel monster) - by John Kaminski

alien symbiote of Earth-1089

alien symbiote of Earth-19747 (Squirrel Girl foe)

Alina ?? (Foggy Nelson ex-girlfriend) - by Chadman

Alioth (Avengers foe)

Alkhema (War Toy; Avengers foe)

Alkhema-2 (War Toy)

Alkinoos of Earth-7614 (Sword in the Star)

Allaire, Sarah (X-Student, Papillon)

Allana (Conan character)

Allanson (Peace Corpse)

"Allanson, William" (1950s scientist) - by Ron Fredricks

All-American Red Squirrel of Earth-19747 (Squirrel Girl clone) - by Chadman

Allatou (demon)

All-Devourer (demon, Iron Man foe)

Allegra (New Genix)

Allegre, Luis (Punisher foe, Costa mob family)

Allegri, Natasha (real life comic writer/artist, Earth-616 fan fiction writer/artist) - by Proto-Man

Allen ?? (encountered Gordon Langley)

Allen ?? (Nova character)

Allen ?? (Hellcat character)

Allen, John (S.H.I.E.L.D. chief, ESPer division) - by Prime Eternal

Allen, Mr. (Daredevil character)

Allen, Dr. Paul (A.I.M. agent, Bobbi Morse's ex-fiance)

Allen, Preston (Oxford Blue, Euro-Trash)

Allen, Tad (King-Cake Killer foe)

Allen, Dr. William (Carrion)

Allergen Al (Allergen gang)

alley cat (Conan story)

All-Father of Earth-8436 (Last Galactus Story)

All-Highest (Enslaver)

alligator (1960s, fought Monstrom)

Allison ?? (Lifeform character)

Allison ?? (Marrs Corporation)

All-Knowing (Light Brigade, Fifth Caste) - by Chadman

All-Knowing Genghis (Aged Genghis)

All-Knowing Well of Fire (Mimir)

All-Mightiest (Enslaver)

"Allo" (Saur-Lords)

All of Earth's Dark Matter (squirrel, Squirrel Girl ally)

Allov, Egon (Neron-Alak's unwitting ally)

Allred, Ervil (Hellstorm foe)

All-Seeing (Volla)

All-Seeing Eye (Nyarlathotep)

Allsworth, Gordon (Hercules character) - by Will U

All the Evils of Man (Fangor)

Allure of Earth-534834 (hypnotic seductress, Hulk foe) - by Proto-Man

Allwood, Harvey (R.G. Mathieson)

Ally ?? (Daredevil character)

"Ally-Cat" (Mister Fear, Alan Fagan)

Alma ?? (Flatiron's wife)

Alma Matrix (Marvel Italia, Gemini foe) - by Loki with Angelo Mammone

Almar, Devon (Switch)

Almighty Dollar (Happy Campers)

Alomii, Anita (Adze vampire)

Alonzo ?? (Senator Ward's driver)

Alonzo, Swifty (Marvel Boy foe)

Alophic, Lady (Conan ally)

Aloysius McNutterly Esq. (squirrel, Squirrel Girl ally)

Alpert, Tim (pawn of Tiboro)

Alpha (Triax)

Alpha (Mad Thinker's Intellectual Robots)

Alpha (Warzone)

Alpha (Spider-Man character) - by Minor Irritant

Alpha Centauri (Galactic Federation delegate, Doctor Who character)

Alpha One (Sat-Yr-9's troops)

Alpha Ray (Betay Ray Bill character)

Alpha the Ultimate Mutant (Defenders character)

Alphabet Pet (children coloring book, X-Men foe) - by Proto-Man

Alphan (freed Alpha Primitive) - by Chadman

Alraune, Marlene of Earth-28834

Alraune, Peter (Marlene's brother, Moon Knight character)

Al Shaitan (Hellstorm character)

Altarra (Solarman character) - by Grendel Prime

Alter Ego (Thor character, Ego the Living Planet's brother)

Altieri, Donna (NYPD, Civil War: Front Line) - by Chadman

Altjira (Aboriginal God, Longshot character) - by Markus Raymond

Altman, Hilda (Racine Ramjets)

Altmann, Pieter (Watchlord)

Aluna (Conan character)

Alvarez (Shades, Power Man/Victor Alvarez's father)

Alvarez (V.I.G.I.L.)

Alvaro (Zingaran ship captain, Conan foe)

Alvis, Edward Lionel (Hellcat character)

Alyssa ?? (Division U)

Alyssa ?? (Nelson & Murdock secretary) - by Chadman

Al-Zubaidi, Ali (Blind Ali, Euro-Trash)

Ama Empress (xt, Silver Surfer foe)

Amalga-Beast (Avengers foe) - by John Kaminski

Amalgam (X-Men character) - by Flank Mclargehuge

Amalric of Aquilonia (conspirator against King Conan in Aquilonia and Nemedia)

Amalric of Nemedia (fought for Khoraja)

Aman (Silver Surfer character)

Amanat, Sharif (Bainwood Jury, found Bainwood not guilty)

Amanda ?? (encountered Cyclops (monster), pre-FF)

Amanda (mutant, encountered Daredevil)

Amanda ?? (Merx Pharmaceuticals)

Amanuensis (Blaze foe) - by Markus Raymond

Amardin (Conan character)

Amaru, Tupac (host to Toro Rojo)

Ama'usumgal (Tammuz)

Amaterasu (Japanese goddess) - by Will U

Amazing Cephallo (1930s, Dugan Travelling Circus of Wonders, Dominic Fortune character)

"Amazing Fantasy Boy" (Spider-Man character) - by Markus Raymond

Amazing Fred (talking dog, Howard the Duck character)

Amazing Lad (Subbie)

Amazing Pinhead (Spider-Man foe)

Amazing Punishing Wolver-Forbush of Earth-665 (Forbush Man/Irving Forbush)

"Amazing Six-Armed Spider-Man" (Six, member of The Freaks)

Amazon of Earth-1191 (X.S.E., Bishop character) - by MarvellousLuke

Amazon (Strike Force One, She-Hulk clone)

Amazon (Man-Killer)

Amazon of Earth-9602 (Amalgam character)

"Amazon" (S.H.E.)

"Amazon Disgrace" (Deviant Horde)

Ambara (Crystar character) - by David Lawrence

Ambassador (Plasmer character)

ambassador of alternate future (Humanoids)

Ambassador Catarino (Namor foe)

Ambassador Class (squirrel)

Ambassador D'Melza (Nanda, Charter Federation)

Ambassador Gregorovich (Avengers character)

Ambassador Ling (Avengers character) - by Proto-Man

Ambassador McHenry (Defenders character)

Ambassador McIntyre (Inhumans character)

Ambassador Reich (possesed by Beast, Elektra foe)

Ambassador Windsor Raynes (Fantastic Four character)

Ambassador Zorn of Reality-700 (First Line character) - by Norvo

Amber (Ahmbra)

Amber ?? (Flash Thompson ex-girlfriend, Spider-Man character) - by Norvo

Amber ?? of Earth-2988 (War Watch)

Amber ?? (Punisher foe)

Amber ?? (Chamber character) - by Prime Eternal

Amber ?? (Alexander Bont character)

Ambrose the Ape (GA, Vagabond character)

Ambrose, Mr. (Code of Honor character)

Ambrose, Mr. (Thousand host)

Ambur (Inhuman nutrionist, Crystal & Medusa's mother) - by Chadman

Ambush (Shadowforce)

Ambush the Lunatik of Earth-9602 (Amalgam character)

Amenhotep (vampire, Avengers foe) - by Markus Raymond & Snood

Amenhotep IV (Akhenaten)

Ame-no-Mi-Kumari (Japanese goddess) - by Will U & Prime Eternal

Amenomikumari (Ame-no-Mi-Kumari)

Amentah (3000 BC, advisor to pharaohs)

Amergin (Avengers character)

American Anthracite Company superintendent (Blue Blaze character)

American Belle of Earth-9602 (Amalgam character)

American Eagle of Earth-712 (Golden Agency member) - by Norvo

American Girl of Earth-9602 (Amalgam character) - by Crazy Ivan

American Panther (Black Panther (T'Challa) foe) - by Markus Raymond

American Samurai (Elektra foe) - by Future

America's First Fully-Automated Soldier! (Mechanoid, Hulk foe)

America's Greatest Hero (Slaughter/Nial Coward)

Americop (Captain America "ally")

Ameridroid (Captain America foe)

Ames, Elsa (encountered Peter Maher)

Ames, Leroy (Black Panther character)

Aminedi (Desert Sword)

Amir (Tuk the Caveboy character) - by MarvellousLuke

Amir (Wolverine/Namor character) - by Chadman

Ammavaru (Gaea, Earth-Mother goddess)

Ammit (Ammut)

Ammo (Daredevil foe) - by MarvellousLuke

Ammon Ra (Egyptian God, Atum)

Ammut (Egyptian god, agent of Oshtur)

Amnel (Council, Silver Surfer character)

Amon (Demon-Steeds)

Amonger (Brotherhood of Evil Prepositions, Howard the Duck character)

Amos (dog, Thor character)

Amos, William (Wraath, Peacekeepers; alleged name)

Amos, William (Mammoth, Underground Legion)

Ampere (Circle of Pavane)

Ampharon (Defenders foe) - by Chadman

Amphibian (zombie clone, Squadron Supreme)

Amphibion (Hulk "ally")

Amphibius (Savage Land Mutates) - by Chadman

Amphisbaena (two-headed ancient Greek serpent) - by Proto-Man

Amphos (Tribbitite/Toad Man, Hulk foe)

Ampzilla (Micronauts foe) - by Grendel Prime

Amundson, Charles J. (Glitch)

Amundson, Jared (vampire, Blade foe) - by Markus Raymond

Amy ?? (civilian, Daredevil/Torpedo foe)

Amy ?? (Deathlok-10511 victim)

An (Sisters of Grace)

"Ana" (Anaconda)

Anachronism (Braddock Academy/Masters of Evil) - by Loki

Anaconda (Serpent Society/Six Pack members) - by SQUEAK

Anad, Cecil (Daredevil foe) - by Chadman

Anah, Glory (Blade's ex-girlfriend)

Anais (Cyclops/Apocalypse character) - by MarvellousLuke

Anais (Thing/X-Force character) - by Proto-Man

Anakalak (Silver Surfer foe) - by Patrick D Ryall

Anamelech (demon of the moon, Avengers foe) - by Proto-Man

Anand, Sai ("Aspects of Eternity")

Anansi (African God) - by Will U.

Anansi (Rune)

Anansi (Shadow King)

Anarchis of Earth-Shadowline (Order of St. George)

Anarchist (X-Statix member) - by Proto-Man

Anarchy (Ultimatum, Punisher & Moon Knight foe)

Anarra (Starshine, Spaceknights)

Anatolovich, Gregori (Deadmaker, father of second Deadmaker)

Anatolovich, Gregori (Deadmaker)

Anaxor (Ape Lords)

Anaya, Luis (el Gato)

Ancestor (Avatars of the Mandarin)

Anchor-Man (television reporter, Madballs foe) - by Grendel Prime

Ancient (Thog, Conan foe)

Ancient Hawaiian Chief (Iron Man story)

Ancient One (Captain Britain and Black Knight foe) - by Loki

"ancient one" (Man-Thing character)

Ancient One

Ancient Wrecker of Earth-8410 (Midnight Wreckers)

"ancient yeti" (Man-Thing character)

Andar of Bezfarda (Red Sonja foe) - by Nemedian Chronicler

Anders (major, encountered "Rusty" Lewis)

Anders, Cecil (Captain America foe)

Anders, Frank (Power Cult)

Anders, Gerard (Cardiac character)

Anders, Dr. Mary Alice (Dr. Octopus lover) - by Stunner

Anders, Veronica (Power Cult)

Anderson ?? (Facility scientist) - by Proto-Man

Anderson, Chip (S.S. Recovery)

Anderson, Curly (Phantom Eagle character)

Anderson, Dave (Hulk character) - by Prime Eternal

Anderson, Dr. (Namor character)

Anderson, Jacob (Sub-Mariner character)

Anderson, James Colin of New Universe (Skybreaker)

Anderson, Kenneth (Joel Flood trial)

Anderson, Mrs. (Captain Britain character) - by Loki

Anderson, Richard (Inhumans foe)

Anderson, Victoria (granddaughter of Phineas Horton) - by Proto-Man

Anderson, Walter (Scorpio victim) - by Proto-Man

Anderssen, Tanya (X-Men character) - by Chadman

Andrax the Last (Elder Earth, Chane foe)

Andre ?? (victim of Horror artist Skrak)

André ?? (Zombie character)

Andre ?? (KGB agent, Black Widow foe)

Andre ?? (RCAF, Sgt. Fury ally)

Andre ?? (Vengeance (Badilino) foe)

"Andrea" (Paul Wilson invention)

Andrew ?? (Spider-Man foe)

Andrew ?? (witnessed by Judge)

Andrew ?? of Earth-92131 (mutant energizer, X-Men '92 cartoon) - by Proto-Man

Andrews, "Hulk" (Quick-Draw Kid, Old West)

Andrews, Dr. (psychiatrist, paid by Kingpin)

Andrews, Officer (San Francisco first responder) - by Chadman

Andrews, Chet (Hellfire Club) - by Sammy 7D

Andrews, Marcus (Rem-Ram, Acolytes)

Andrex (Axi-Tun)

Andreyivich (Black Widow foe)

Andreyko, Ms. (Ben Urich character) - by Chadman

Andro (Dr. Doom foe)

Androitti, Mr. (People's Defense Association of Harlem)

Andros (Cell-12)

Android Andy of Earth-238 (Crooked World)

Android Champion of Machus (Fantastic Four character)

Android Man (Thing foe)

Android of Professor Latimer (Hulk foe) - by Loki

Android X-4 (Captain America foe) - by Prime Eternal

Andromeda (Atlantean, Defenders member) - by Chadman

Andromeda the Sword (Andromeda)

Andvari (Inhuman)

Andy ?? (Joseph Danvers' co-worker)

Andy ?? (Daredevil character) - by Chadman

Andy ?? (Pete Wisdom character)

"Andy Android" (Egghead's Android)

Andy the Angel (Howard the Duck character)

Anelle (Hulkling's mother, Avengers/Fantastic Four character) - by Chadman

Anesthesia (Sleepwalker; Ant-Man/O'Grady & Wasp/Hank Pym character)

Angar the Screamer (Daredevil/Nick Fury/Spider-Woman foe) - by Chadman

Angar, David Alan (Angar the Screamer)

Angel (Simon Halloway, Hulk/Cloak & Dagger character) - by Norvo

Angel (Warren Worthington III)

"Angel" (Surgeon General/Angeline Kutter)

"Angel" of Ultraverse (Lost Angel)

Angel (Aaron Thorne thrall)

Angel (Angel Dust)

Angel (encountered Mosaic)

Angel, Donna (Googam foe) - by John Kaminski

Angel, Paige (Karen Page)

Angel, Stardust Mercury (Googam)

Angel, Julie (Human Torch's friend) - by Prime Eternal

Angel, Bantu Warrior (Donna's adopted child)

Angel, Korma Delight (Donna's adopted child)

Angel, Lotus Petals (Donna's adopted child)

Angel Dust (Morlocks) - by Darc_Light

Angel Face (Green Goblin (Phil Urich) foe) - by Minor Irritant

Angelique (nun, Deadly Dozen ally) - by Prime Eternal

Angelhawk of Earth-9602 (Amalgam character) - by Skullogeist

Angel of Death (Tavi)

Angel of Death (Dark Angel character) - by Changeling

Angel of Death of Earth-21119 (Sentry/Robert Reynolds)

Angel of Light (Marduk Kurios)

"Angel of the Lost" of Ultraverse (Lost Angel)

Angel of Vengeance (Quasar "ally")

Angela ?? (partygoer)

Angela ?? of Earth-75011 (Slow Glass) - by Jean-Marc Lofficier

Angela ?? (Trust)

Angela ?? (Taker of Heads' sister, Blade foe)

Angelo ?? (Battlin' Jack Murdock/Matt Murdock foe)

Anger (Elektra foe) - by Ronald Byrd

Angkor (Wonder Man foe) - by Grendel Prime

Angle (Marvel Year-in-Review joke character) - by Loki

Angler (Quasar foe)

Angmo I (Angmo the First)

Angmo II (Red King, Hulk foe)

Angmo the First (Sakaarian Imperial, Hulk story)

Angmo-Asan (Red King, Hulk foe)

Angra-Mainyu (demon, Conan foe)

Angstrom, Earl (S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, Deathlok character) - by Spidermay

Angstrom, Harry (S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, Earl's son)

Angus (bloodhound, Morbius character)

Angus ?? of Earth-Shadowline (Order of St. George)

Angus (Celtic God)

Anielle (Gambit character)

Animal (Fantomex foe) - by Grendel Prime

Animal Don (Rat King)

Animator (Guardsmen victim) - by Spidermay

Animus (Corporation, Captain America/Hulk foe)

Animus (Avengers, Hulk foe)

Anjulie of Earth-1289 (Excalibur foe) - by MarvellousLuke

Ankaton of Earth-8116 (Aknaton)

Ankenbauer, Hans (Hellcow's former owner)

Ankhi (mutant, Muties character) - by Markus Raymond

"Anky" (Saur-Lords)

Ann ?? (Bill Williams' girlfriend)

Anna ?? (Egghead ally)

Anna ?? (Shang-Chi character)

Anna ?? (G-Force's daughter)

Annabelle ?? (Gong Show participant)

Annalee (Morlock, Power Pack/X-Men character) - by MarvellousLuke

Anne ?? (encountered Roc)

Anne ?? (encountered Gorgilla)

Anne ?? (friend of Dr. Anthony Druid) - by Proto-Man

Anne ?? (friend of Robert "Ironguts" O'Hara) - by Chadman

Anne ?? (Purifiers, X-Men foe) - by Norvo

Anne ?? (Tailor Group)

Anne ?? (met Reader in Quiet Room)

Anneka (host to Shedu)

Annemarie ?? (von Frankenstein character)

Annex (Spider-Man character)

Annham (Here (And There) )

Annia, Lady (Conan character)

Annie ?? (college student, romance character)

Annie ?? of Earth-80219

Annie ?? (possessed by Kalmari)

Annie ?? (Inhumans character)

Annie ?? (insectoid Inhuman child) - by Chadman

Annie-Muss (Vamp/Animus)

Annihil-Agent 47 (Anton Trojak, HYDRA)


Announcer (Coterie)

Announcer (Skard)

Anole (Victor Borkowski, X-Men student, Young X-Men/X-Men) - by MarvellousLuke

Anomaly (Maelstrom)

Anomaly (cosmic entity)

"Another Super Hero" (Marvel Mini-Book, Spider-Man character) - by Proto-Man

Anqi Sheng (immortal, 209 BC)

Anselmo (Kirsten McDuffie client)

Ansen, Arnold (Billionaire Boys' Club) - by Beetle

Anskar (Polemachus; Avengers foe) - by Stunner

Answer (Spider-Man character)

Answer (David Ferrari, Captain America foe) - by Proto-Man

Antaeus (Greek demigod) - by AvatarWarlord72 & Will U

Antag of Earth-691 (space wanderer, wrote Book of Antag)

Anteus (Neo, X-Men foe) - by MarvellousLuke

Anthony ?? (follower of Mr. Code)

Anthony ?? of Earth-1610 (vampire, Ultimate Avengers foe) - by Grendel Prime

Anthony, Bill (Stilt-Man Gang)

Anthony, David (Defenders character)

"anthropomorphic mouse" of Earth-57780 (The Vampire, Spidey Super Stories)

Ant-Aunt of Earth-23848 (May Parker)

Antman of Earth-2301 (Hank Pym, Marvel Mangaverse) - by MarvellousLuke

Ant-Man (Henry Pym)

Ant-Man of Earth-82804 (May Parker)

Antarctic Abomination (Torg)

Anthropomorpho (Dimension of Manifestations) - by Snood & Prime Eternal

Anti-Being (Death's Head and Dark Angel foe)

Antibody of New Universe (Randy O'Brien)

"Antichrist" (Anarchist)

Anti-Claus of Earth-8336 (Santa Claus/Son of Santa foe)

Antigone (Avengers character)

Antilia (Atra's daughter)

Anti-Matter (X-Force wannabe) - by Proto-Man

Antiphon the Overseer (Proemial Gods)

Antiquary (exiled Thieves Guild member, Gambit character)

Anti-Vision (Gatherers' Vision) - by Prime Eternal

Antlar (Monster Island creature) - by Madison Carter

Anton ?? (Captain America character)

Anton, Dr. Franz (Avengers character)

Antonelli, Annie (hired Benny the Torch, Daredevil foe)

Antonelli, Joey (hired Benny the Torch, Daredevil foe)

Antonio ?? (Nazi collaborator, Leatherneck Raiders foe)

Antonio ?? (Matt Murdock character) - by Chadman

Antonio ?? (Magma (Amara Aquilla) character) - by Chadman

Antonio ?? of Ultraverse (Yrial foe) - by Grendel Prime

Antonio the Doombot (semi-sentient robot, Squirrel Girl ally) - by Chadman

Antonov, Sergey (Russian criminal, Daredevil/Punisher foe)

Antoro (Circus of Crime animal trainer) - by Chadman

Antro (Deathweb)

Anu (Sumerian God)

Anubia (Cult of the Jackal)

Anubis (Egyptian/Heliopolitan God) - by Will U & Kyle Sims

Anubis of Earth-20051 (Rama-Tut's Guard)

Anubis the Jackal (Moon Knight foe)

Anung-Ite (She-Hulk and Blaze foe) - by Will U and Snood

Anuxa (Tales to Astonish) - by Future

Anviewo (Damballah)

Anvil, John of Earth-721 (posed as Earth-616's Anvil)

Anya ?? (raised "Aspect of Eternity")

Anything of Ultraverse (Freex)

Anything Man (Defenders foe)

Aoki, Asahiri (Go-Go, Spammers)

Ao-Shi, Wu (Iron Fist, 16th century)

ap Iowerth, Dafydd (Dr. Strange character)

ap Rhys, Dafydd (Doctor Claw)

Apalla (Dr. Strange character)

Apate (Olympian, daughter of Nyx, Avengers foe) - by Proto-Man

Ape (Old West, Rawhide Kid foe) - by Prime Eternal

Ape (Ant-Man/Wasp foe)

Ape (Morlocks, Power Pack/X-Men character) - by MarvellousLuke

ape-demon (Hyborian era)

Ape Horgon (Daredevil foe) - by Chadman

Ape King (alpha of the Gorgilla Clan circa 1,000,000 B.C.) - by Proto-Man

Ape-Man (Arthur Nagan, Gorilla-Man)

Ape Man (Gruner, pre-FF monster) - by Madison Carter

Ape-Man (Gordon Keefer, Ani-Men/Unholy Three) - by Chadman

Ape-Man (Roy McVey, Ani-Men)

Ape-Man (Ani-Men, Hammerhead ally)

Ape Man from Borneo (Gorgilla)

"Ape-Master" (Maa-Gor)

ape-thing (Hyborian era)

Ape X of Earth-712 (Squadron Supreme member) - by Norvo

Apex, Alexander (telepathic gambler, Daredevil foe) - by Chadman

Aphrodite (Olympian Goddess, Venus)

Apocaloff, Nikolai of Ultraverse (Wolf)

Apocalypse (Demon-Fire)

Apocalypse (En Sabah Nur)

Apocryphus of Earth-1952 (Anachronauts)

Apokolypse of Earth-17413 (mutant despot) - by HBK123

Apollo (Olympian god) - by Alex K, Will U and Prime Eternal

Apollo (Triax)

Apollyon of Eurth (Drax or Vision counterpart)

Apone, ?? (Namor character)

Aponte, Juan (Crusher)

Apox the Omega Skrull of Earth-982 (MC2, Avengers foe) - by Future

Appala (Apalla)

Apparition (Ghost Rider foe) - by Prime Eternal

"apple ghost" of Earth-14137 (lovestruck fruit ghost, married fish) - by Proto-Man

"Apple of My Eye" (Rachel Palmer)

Appletree, Mr. (Moon Knight foe)

April Fool of Earth-57780 (Spider-Man foe) - by Monzo

Aptak (Skrull)

Aqquoonkagua (Thongor)

Aqualung of New Universe (Para-Troop)

Aquaman of Earth-74425 (Baravelli advertisements)

Aqua-Mariner of Earth-9602 (Amalgam character) - by Skullogeist

Aquan of Ultraverse (Alien Elite)

Aquaria (Undersea Titans, Venus foe)

Aquarian (Thing/Man-Thing/Captain America/Namorita character)

Aquarium Security Guard (Monsters on the Prowl)

Aquarius (One-Man Zodiac)

Aquarius (Mr. Zodiac)

Aquarius (LMD Zodiac) - by Prime Eternal

Aquarius (second, Zodiac Cartel) - by Prime Eternal

Aquarius (Zodiac-Ecliptic member)

Aquarius ("New Zodiac", New Warriors foes)

Aqueduct (Water Wizard, Ghost Rider/New Warriors foe) - by Chadman

Aquila, Sibyl (Olympian, Sibylla)

Aquilla, Amara (Magma) of Earth-904 (X-Men)

Aquiran (ally of James Nugert)

Aquon (Hulk foe) - by Stunner

Aquon (Micronauts ally) - by Grendel Prime

"Arabian" (Calliope's Circus)

Arabian Knight (Abdul Qamar, Hulk character) - by MarvellousLuke

Arabian Knight (Black Panther/Storm foe) - by MarvellousLuke

Arabian Night (Arabian Knight, Abdul Qamar)

"Arabian wizard" (Bloodwraith foe)

Aracely (Hummingbird)

Arachne (Olympus Group) - by Will U

Arachne (Demon-Fire)

Arachne of Earth-79101 (Spider-Woman (Drew), Hydra)

Arachne (Deathweb)

Arachne (Julia Carpenter)

Arachnid of Earth-238 (Crooked World)

"Arachno-Prest" (Spider-Boy, Amalgam Universe)

Arachnosaur of Earth-99476 (Spider-Man counterpart)

Aracht'yr (The People)

Arak (Tower of Shadows character) - by John Kaminski

"Arak" (Kyras Shakati ally)

Araki (Shi'ar)

Arakthu (Arakne)

Aram ?? (1950s, money-lender)

Aramemnisu (Aram-Set)

Aram-Set (Living Mummy foe)

Aramanthe, Dame (Satana character)

Arani ?? (Cult of the Living Pharao)

Arath (Atlantean, Sub-Mariner foe) - by Chadman

Arbunkle, Ralph (NYPD, Spider-Man foe) - by Grendel Prime

Arc (Hellbent)

Arc (Shi'ar Superguardians) - by Grendel Prime


Arcadian of Earth-928 (Undead, X-Men 2099 foe)

Arcadius (Conan character)

Arcadius, Arkadine (Genetics Council, Lord Arcadius)

Arcane creature (Archenemy)

Arcanne, Tabitha (Ghost Rider character)

Arcenaux, Antoinelle (Gambit foe, Emery's aunt)

Arcenaux, Emery (Gambit foe)

"Arch" (Archie the Gruesome)

Archaeopteryx (Tonaja)

Archangel (Warren Worthington III)

Archdemon of Darkness (Tryphon)

Archdruid Yelim Pelorvis (Thongor)

Archenemy (Magik (Sefton) foe)

archer of the Temple of Tangkor Marat (Southern Sect, Wolverine character)

Archer of Earth-1191 (Xavier's Underground Enforcers)

Archer (Daredevil character)

Archer, Jefferson Hercules (Highwayman)

Archer, Mary McGrill (Star Stop)

Archer, Ross (Brother Brimstone)

Archer, U. S. (US One, Star Stop)

Archie ?? (Fantastic Four foe)

Archie ?? (Code of Honor character)

Archie (flea-ridden squirrel, Squirrel Girl ally)

"Archie de Gruesome" (Archie the Gruesome)

Archie the Gruesome (hapless Golden Age hero) - by Proto-Man

Architect (Punisher foe)

Architect (Elektra foe) - by Future

Architect of the Destruction of All Worlds (Mahapralaya)

Archivist (Baron Karza tool) - by Grendel Prime

Archoric (Conan character)

"Archy the Gruesome" (Archie the Gruesome)

Arclight (Marauders, X-Men foe) - by MarvellousLuke

Arctic Avatar (St. Elmo)

Ard (Shard, Cadre)

Ard-Con (Kree Eternal, Ultimus/Demon Druid)

Ardilles, Diego (X-Statix character) - by Proto-Man

Ardina (Defenders character) - by Sammy 7D

Argath, Maximus of New Universe (Max)

Argento (Marvel Italia, Euroforce member) - by Wolfhead & Loki with translation aid from Angelo Mammone

Argento, Michele "Mike" Alex (Argento)

Arges (former weapon smith, Cyclopes) - by Will U, Prime Eternal & Snood

Argo the Almighty of Earth-982 (MC2, Avengers ally) - by OmegaTherion

Argon (Microverse, former ruler of Homeworld, Mari's brother)

Argon (Chane foe)

Argon (Death Metal character)

Argon the First (Microverse)

Argos (Atlantean, Sub-Mariner ally) - by Chadman

Argos the Hunter (Sword, Damocles Foundation)

Argosy, Rachel (Rhapsody)

Argot, Mildred (Hodiah Twist ally) - by Jean-Marc Lofficier

Argus (Olympian cyclops) - by Will U

Argus (Shang-Chi foe)

Argus, Brian (Argus)

Argus the All-Seeing (Olympus Group) - by Will U

Argus/Lord Pumpkin hybrid (Ultraverse character)

Ariana (Aris race)

Ariane of Earth-73012 (Brak the Barbarian foe) - by Spidermay

Arianrhod (Marada character)

Arides (Shatterstar)

Ariel (Coconut Grove, Shakespeare character's inspiration, Ariel ancestor)

Ariel (Zephyrland, the Four)

Ariel of Earth-8280 (Cat/Kitty Pryde)

Ariel (Coconut Grove mutant, Fallen Angels member) - by Skippy Farlstendoiro

Aries (Zodiac Cartel) - by Prime Eternal

Aries (One-Man Zodiac)

Aries (Zodiac Cartel, Lucifer host) - by Prime Eternal

Aries (Mr. Zodiac)

Aries (LMD Zodiac) - by Prime Eternal

Aries (third, Zodiac Cartel) - by Prime Eternal

Aries (Zodiac-Ecliptic member)

Aries ("New Zodiac", New Warriors foe)

Arimathes of Earth-829 (Hercules' son @ 2385)

"Arion" (Kyras Shakati ally)

Ariostro (King of Argos, Conan character)

Arisen Tyrk of Other Realm

Arisnaub (Hyborian god, Conan character) - by Spidermay

Arista (Karindian race)

Aristis (Children of Bast)

Aristo (Ariguan, Starlord character)

Arize of Mojoverse (Longshot/X-Men character)

Arkham, Pop (Fagan Corners, Vermont; friend of Karen Page's family)

Arkin the Weak (Loki's cousin, Thor foe) - by Julien Vivé

Arko (Crimson Hawks) - by Prime Eternal

Arkon (Fantastic Four/Avengers character) - by Norvo

Arkon the Imperion (Arkon)

Arkon the Magnificent (Arkon)

Arkoss (Conan foe) - by Spidermay

Arkus (Namor's cousin) - by MarvellousLuke

Arkwright, Len (Super Soldiers characters)

Arla (1950s, extradimensional from world of shadows) - by Ron Fredricks

Arlinna (Conan character) - by Grendel Prime

Arliss, Todd (Tiger Shark)

Arlo ?? (Edwin Cord bodyguard)

Arlo ?? (X-Men character)

Armada (Nova foe) - by Grendel Prime

Armada (Spider-Man foe) - by G Morrow

Armageddon (Troyjan, Hulk foe) - by Stunner

Armageddon of Earth-2182 (son of Apocalypse, member of Professor W's X-Men)

Armageddon Man (early mutant, X-Force foe) - by Proto-Man

Armadillo (Captain America character) - by Madison Carter

Armal, Francois (vampire slayer, King of the Vampires victim)

Armand (Conan foe)

Armaros (Angel, Grigori)

Armatage, Clarence (Silver Squire)

Armati (Conan foe)

Armaziel (Angel, Hellstorm character)

Armbruster, Jack (Hulk character) - by Stunner

Arm'Cheddon (Troyjan, Armageddon)

Armless Tiger Man (Angel foe) - by Prime Eternal

Armond, Dr. (Iron Man character)

Armorer (Hellstorm foe)

Armory (Heavy Metal, Brute Force foe)

Armory (former Initiative recruit) - by G Morrow

Armour of the Thanosi (Infinity Abyss character)

Armourer (Night Raven foe) - by LV

Armourer (Marvel UK, Spider-Man foe)

Arms Dealer to the World (Moses Magnum)

Arms Merchant (Thunderbolts/Iron Man foe) - by Markus Raymond

Armstrong, Alistaire Augustus (Deathtrap)

Armstrong, Cary (Strongarm)

Armstrong, Joseph (Elongated Armstrong, Fight-Brigade)

Armstrong, Julian (Humanity's Last Stand member) - by Proto-Man

Armstrong, Mike (Teen Brigade) - by Prime Eternal

"Armure" (The Ruined)

Army Cat (Bubble Man foe, Spider-Man Magazine)

Arn, Thomas (Chaka)

Arnett (ATF member) - by Proto-Man

Arnett, Mary (Captain America foe) - by Grendel Prime

Arnie ?? (Randolph Winston Cherryh thug)

Arnie ?? of Earth-267

Arnie Lunt (The Mysterious Fanboy, Arthur K. Lundberg, X-Statix member)

Arno (Conan character)

Arnold (1950s circus owner)

Arnold (enhanced LMD, Black Widow foe)

"Arnold, Benedict" (Corporation)

Arnold, Robert (Warpie, Captain Britain character) - by Loki

Arnstead, David "Dave" (Tragg foe)

Arnstead, Dorothy (Edmond's wife)

Arnstead, Edmond (Spider-Man/Man-Thing character) - by Grendel Prime

Aroke (Shi'ar, Avengers character) - by Chadman

Aron the Watcher (Fantastic Four foe) - by Norvo

Arons, Richard (Stane International, Captain America foe) - by Prime Eternal

Arounder (Brotherhood of Evil Prepositions, Howard the Duck character)

Arquette, Darren (Daredevil character)

Arrakhyl (Araknoids)

Arranger (Oswald P. Silkworth, Spider-Man foe) - by Norvo

Arranger (Scarlet Spider (Kaine) foe) - by Minor Irritant

Arrkam (Hulk foe)

Arrow Ace (Mortimer Freebish)

Arrowmaster (Mortimer Freebish)

Arroyo-López, Ricardo (el Lobo)

Arsenal (Avengers/Hulk foe(s) ) - by Stunner, Madison Carter & Prime Eternal

Arsenal (Nimrod Strange, Moon Knight foe)

Ars Magna (Scarlet Witch foe) - by Markus Raymond

Artemis (Olympian goddess) - by Alex K, Prime Eternal and Will U

Artemis (priest, possessed by Catherine)

Arthur ?? (Hulk robot creator) - by Prime Eternal

Arthur of Earth-811 (RCX)

Arthur, Ed (criminal, Daredevil foe)

Arthur, Larry (Valerie's husband)

Arthur, Valerie (romance character) - by Grendel Prime

Arthur Pendragon (King Arthur)

Artie ?? (Lori's friend, Daredevil story)

Artie Choke (Hostess ad, Cousin Betsy)

Artificial Superhuman (Ash)

Artorius (King Arthur)

Artur (King Arthur)

Arty ?? (Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters groundskeeper) - by MarvellousLuke

Artys-Gran (Unforgiven Dead)

Aruc, Denebo II (Governor of Wukar)

Aruc, Denebo III (Governor of Wukar)

Aruca, Mina (vampire, 1970s) - by Spidermay

Aruna (Ullikumis)

Arvak (Inhuman, Centaurs) - by Markus Raymond

Arvino (Owl employee)

Aryan (Cage inmate, Wolverine foe) - by Patrick D Ryall

Arzt, Ulbrecht (Baron Boche)

Asaad (Conan character)

Asahi (Hanrasha, first Vershuct) - by Proto-Man

A'Sai (Spider-Man foe) - by Snood for Spider-Fan

Asano, Yoshida (Samurai Steel)

Asbery, Shamari (Bison girlfriend)

Asbestos Dame (Asbestos Lady)

Asbestos Lady (Human Torch (Hammond) foe) - by MarvellousLuke

Asbestos Man (Human Torch foe)

Asbury, Robert (Daredevil character) - by Chadman

Asgard Lass (Thor Girl)

Ash of Earth-2149 (Marvel Zombies, Ashley G. Williams, Marvel Zombies character) - by David Lawrence

Ash (Captain Kerosene creation) - by Loki

Ash, Brandy (Daredevil character) - by Chadman

Ash, Crimson (Daredevil character)

Ash, Ms. (Mark Holly's teacher, Marvel UK)

Ash, Skip (Brandy's father, Daredevil foe) - by Chadman

Ash, Volcana of Earth-691 (21st Century, Killraven ally)

Ashake (Marada character)

Ashcan (Spider-Man/Hulk character)

Asher, Axel (Access)

Asher, Carl (Mike's father)

Asher, Donna (Mike's mother)

Asher, Ezra (Wolverine foe)

Asher, Mike (Brotherhood) - by Zerostar

Ashius (coloring book, Captain America/Hulk/Iron Man/Thor foe) - by Proto-Man

Ashkenaz, Serena of Ultraverse (Serana)

Ashton, George (Pandora foe)

Ashtoreth (Astarte)

Ashtoroth (Dragons of Karadoc)

Asimoff, Dr. Ivan (xt science-fiction author, Doctor Who character)

Askalan (Black Knight character) - by Loki

Askaré (Monitor robot woman, Thing character)

Askella (Asgardian troll, Raven Banner character)

Asmodeus (Sons of Satannish)

Asmodeus (Enclave)

Asmodeus (bat-winged Inhuman) - by Chadman

Asmodeus (demon, Ghost Rider foe/Dracula character)

Asmodeus (Morning Star's follower)

Asmodeus Jones (rock star, Defenders character)

Asmodiar (demon, Merlin and Arthur foe)

Asp (Living Mummy, Ms. Marvel character)

Asp (Serpent Society/BAD Girls Inc. member) - by SQUEAK

"Aspy" (Asp, Serpent Society)

Asquint, Pendleton (Shang-Chi character)-by the Beetle

Assassin of Earth-71778 (Mr.Kline)

Assassin (Maria, Avengers foe)

Assassin (Committee for Free Emigration, Defenders foe)

Assassin (Night Raven foe) - by Loki

assassin (Elektra character)

Assassin (Namor foe) - by Caesar Godzillatron

Assassin-8 (Marvel UK, Spider-Man foe) - by Loki

Assassin-Bot (Coldblood foe)

Assassin of Paris (19th century, serial killer)

"Assassin with my face" (Spidercide)

Assault (SHIELD foe)

Assault (Metahumes)

Assigi (Nimrod Strange's bodyguards)

Assistant of White Wizard (Color Criminals, Spider-Man villains from a youngsters' book)

Ast (Time-Keepers)

Astaroth (Davy Jones)

Astarte (Inanna)

Astarte (Conan character) - by Spidermay

Astarte (X-Force foe) - by Sammy 7D

Asten (Thoth)

Aster, Lucian (Hulk/Defenders foe)

Asterion (Minotaur)

Asterix the Gaul of Forbidden Planet (comic shop ads)

Asteroid Man (primordial being, Spider-Man Magazine)

Asteroth (Beta Ray Bill foe)

Asti the All-Seeing (Dr. Strange character)

Astin (Maggia member)

Astin, Bill (Ouija)

Astor, Ken (General Argyle Fist agent)

Astra (Shi'ar Imperial Guard) - by Chadman

Astra (Polemachus; Avengers character) - by Stunner

Astra (X-Men foe) - by MarvellousLuke

Astreas (Conan character)

Astriel (Snowqueen)

Astro (Mr. Zodiac)

Astro Flair (fireball-generating superhero, Spider-Man Magazine) - by Proto-Man

Astrologer (Black Widow foe) - by Spidermay

astronomer of Shushan (Conan character)

Astronomer (Elder of the Universe)

Asura (Hyborian God)

Atali (Conan character) - by Per Degaton

Atalis (Conan character)

Atalis the Far-Seeing (Atalis)

Atalis of Yaralet (Atalis)

Atalon of Ultraverse (Ultraforce)

Atalon of Earth-691 (21st Century, Death-Birth)

Atar (Hindu god) - by Will U

Ataros (Gods for the 80s)

Atau of Earth-21119 (Watcher, What If story)

Athena (Olympian goddess) - by Alex K, Prime Eternal and Will U

Athene (Medusa-Land)

Athene (Fem-Force)

Athey of Earth-8410 (Death's Head (FPA) foe)

Athmar Phong (Thongor)

Athos (Elektra's bodyguard) - by Chadman

Athyr-Bast (Black Ring)

Atkins (Iron Man foe)

Atkinson, Katie (X-Student, Iolanthe)

Atlan (Conspiracy)

Atlas (Greek myth) - by Will U

Atlas (Greek titan) - by Will U

Atlas (Werewolf by Night foe) - by Minor Irritant

Atlas (Forgotten One; mistaken for)

Atlas (Erik Josten) of Eurth (Titan)

Atlez (Infinity Abyss character)

Atleza Langunn (Infinity Abyss character)

Atomic Lou (Fight Man/Agent X foe)

Atomic Man (Radion)

Atom Smasher (Ronald English, Black Goliath foe)

Atom Smasher (Michael English, Thing/Giant-Man (Foster) foe)

Atom Smasher (Iron Man foe)

Atom Smasher (Captain America (Barnes)/Toro foe) - by Markus Raymond

Ator (Inhuman, Crimson Cadre) - by Chadman

Atra (Lemurian alchemist, creator of Serpent Crown) - by Donald Campbell

Atric, Dr. Gerard "Gerry" (Grey Panther)

Atrin of Earth-928 (Ravage foe) - by Zerostar

Atrocity (Fallen)

Attalus (Conan character)

Attila (Solomon Institute for the Criminally Insane)

"Attila the Hun" (War-Yore)

Att-Lass (Kree, Captain Atlas)

Attuma (Namor foe) - by Chadman

Attumasen, Andromeda (Andromeda)

Atul the Watcher (Captain Marvel I#39)

Atum (God Slayer) - by Will U and Per Degaton

Atur of Reality-691 (Courga race)

Atwell, Dr. Paul (Young Allies character)

Auctioneer (Alpha Flight foe) - by Proto-Man

Audio (X-Men character) - by MarvellousLuke

Audrey ?? (Punisher foe, Maggia assassin)

Audrey ?? (Daredevil character) - by Markus Raymond

Audumbla (Asgardian character, possible Gaea aspect)

Augie ?? (bystanding jerk) - by Proto-Man

Augmentation #15 (D-Man)

August ?? (Recession Raiders)

August, Darla ("snow vampire")

August One (Lord Tuan)

August One (Yü-Ti, son of Tuan)

August Personage in Jade (Lord Tuan)

August Personage in Jade (Yü-Ti, son of Tuan)

Augustus (Pulse)

Aull, Lesley (Hellcat character)

Aunt Dee (Dee Dent)

Aunt Edna (Doris Urich's aunt)

Aunt May (Linda Brown's aunt)

Aunt May (May Parker)

Aunt Petunia (Thing's aunt)

Aunt Polly (Beast's great-aunt) - by Proto-Man

Aunt Rae-843 (Galactic Alliance of Spider-Men, 'Spinner relative)

Aunt Serr (Sub-Mariner foe)

Auntie of Ultraverse (Rafferty victim) - by Grendel Prime

Auntie Freeze of Earth-24848 (May Parker)

Auntie Freeze (Grapplers)

Auntie Maim (Snailman's aunt)

Auntie Maim of Earth-928 (Lawless, X-Men 2099 character)

Auntie Maud (Marvel UK, Ghostman Bat's aunt)

Aunty Nuke of Earth-80360 (eccentric Crazy Magazine character) - by Loki

Aura (partner of Override, Spider-Man foe) - by Minor Irritant

Aura of Eurth (Unus counterpart)

Aura-Lee (Quentin Carnival, Johnny Blaze character)

Auran (super-hearing Inhuman investigator) - by Chadman

Aurelle (Eternals) - by Prime Eternal

Auric (Alpha Flight character) - by Norvo

Auro (Conan character)

Auron (former Inhuman leader) - by Chadman

Aurora (Ship)

Aurora (Jeanne-Marie Beaubier)

Aurwel (Ancients)

Ausir (Osiris)

Austin, Adam (Masked Marvel)

Austin, Jake (John Jameson foe) - by Changeling

Austin, Traci (Illuminator character)

Author of the Word of God (Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme foe) - by Proto-Man

Authority (Spider-Man foe)

Autocron admiral (Machine Man foe)

Autolycus (Adam Warlock character) - by Chuck D

Automaton (Q7 Strikeforce)

Autumn of Earth-238 (Crooked World)

Autumn ?? (Gus Beezer character)

Autumn, Mariah of Ultraverse (Mourning Star)

Avadar (Inhuman geneticist) - by Chadman

Avalanche (Dominic Petros)

Avalon (Thor character) - by Grendel Prime

Avalon, Annette (Reverend Styge follower)

Avalonia of Eurth (Warbird counterpart)

Avandalia (Cloak & Dagger foe)

Avarez, Carmen (King (Jose Gomez) employee)

Avarrish (Six-Fingered Hand)

Avatar (Franklin Richards aspect)

Avatar (princess Alaisa)

Avatar of Cha'sa'dra (Lava Men)

Avatar of Hell (Yokai-Raida)

Avedon, Ruby (Vengeance character)

Aven (Inhuman) - by Markus Raymond

Avenger (Tuk the Caveboy)

Avenger of Earth-96620 (Faite's Wing foe)

Avenger of Arkyn (Zephra)

Avenger of the Arthritic (Grey Panther)

Avenger of Wrongs (Lion God/Sekhmet)

Avenger X (Cressida, Avengers infiltrator) - by Proto-Man

Avenging Daughter (Namora)

Avery, Ben (Old West, Blackjack victim)

Avery, Howard (Brute That Walks)

Avery, Victor (Midnight Monster)

Avga (Conan character)

Avia (Inhuman) - by Chadman

Avian (Alpha Prime member)

Avian (Inhuman child)

Aviles, Armando (Bantam foe) - by Prime Eternal

Avion (Inhuman child)

Avios (Shi'ar, Maximum Security character) - by Chadman

Avius (winged Inhuman) - by Chadman

Avlekete (African God)

Avoe (Universal Inhumans, Goddess of the Direst Wraiths) - by Chadman

Avril, Sally (Spider-Man character) - by Prime Eternal

Avro-X (Iron Man character) - by Markus Raymond

"Awesome Arach-Kid" (Spider-Boy, Amalgam Universe)

Awesome Armadillo (Armadillo)

Awesomelegs, Sally (Squirrel Girl)

Axe (Gladiators, New Mutants foe) - by Norvo

Axe (Harriers)

Axe of Earth-93121 (magical construct, King Arthur & the Knights of Justice foe) - by Grendel Prime

Axe Guy (Bullet Man foe, Spider-Man Magazine character)

Axe of Violence (Lethal Legion)

Axel (Rescorlan race, Starfox character)

Axel ?? (Kingpin foe) - by Chadman

Axel, Anton (Amazing Adult Fantasy character) - by John Kaminski

Axis (First Line foe) - by Norvo

Axis Annie (Übermädchen)

Axomeen of Reality-81165 (Backworld, Amazons)

Axon-Karr (Makluan) - by Prime Eternal

Aya (Silver Surfer character)

Ayala (ESU professor, Misty Knight character)

Ayala, Filippo (Corporation, White Tiger's (Hector Ayala) brother)

Ayala, Hector (White Tiger)

Ayaman (Silver Surfer character)

Ayers (nurse, Matt Murdock character)

Ayers, Bruce (Punisher character) - by The Beetle

Ayers, Joshua (Miracle Man)

Ayesha (former Sorcerer Supreme)

Ayesha (Kismet)

Ayi (Dog Brother #1 character)

Ayilla (Conan character)

Aykroyd, Dan (Not-Ready-for-Primetime-Players, Saturday Night Live cast member)

Ayram (Inhuman, Black Bolt/Medusa wedding guest)

Ayrshire, Bova (Bova)

Ayshera (Earth Lords, lover of Shadow Lord)

Ayuba (Storm's cousin)

Azazel (possible alias of Lucifer)

Azazel (Angel, Grigori)

Azazello (demon, Magik foe)

Azaziah (Crimson Mage)

Azevedo (Mrs. Glenn's attorney)

Azimuth (Century character) - by Markus Raymond

Azis, Ahmad (Anubis the Jackal)

Azmodeus (Master Pandemonium's familiar)

Azopardi (Vincent Stevens/Strange foe) - by Spidermay

Azoth (Conan foe)

Azotharoth (demon-mentioned only)

Azrael (Lord Phyffe)

Azrael (magical waste creature, Dr. Strange foe) - by Kyle Smith

"Aztec Ghost Rider" (Ghost Rider character) - by Loki

Azunbulxibar (Starfox foe)

Azur (Inhuman, Karnak & Triton's mother) - by Chadman

Azure (Ravens)

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