Membership: Ander, Vicki Chase, Dave Gorham, Pedro Juarez, Mr. Lamb, Clark Mason, Tanila, Tom, Madame Vasarth

Purpose: United States government counterespionage/law enforcement

Affiliations: Agent X-17, Brandon, Colonel Delgrade, Dunfree, Gorlikov, Vo Linh, Maharani, Malay Joe, Meadows, Colonel Munson, Newton, Petrov, Hilda Rieman, Pete Yates

Enemies: Abva, Baron Varolyi, Signora Batti, Dr. Cardelj, Drukov, Captain Eggerth, Fernando, Flame, Ah Foo, General Glamo, Grukov, Janius, Jodi, Karl, Tamil Lamput, Captain Ignacio Lazaro, Lermakov, Liana, Lobo, Lokev, Macao Mike, the Maharajah of Rawani, Manuel, Michael, Fahid Mizami, Gina Morina, General Narrabi, NKVD, Bill Norbert, Colonel Orloff, Quarll, Romeo Ramirez, Colonel Raschid, Professor Terrence Redgrave, Jinx Ricardo, Karl Rieman, Shiriku, Wu Siang, Makya Talbott, Torres, the USSR, Paul Vance, the Viet Minh, Gus Vinson, Vucje, Lana Weston, Wolfram, Min Yuen

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Washington D.C., USA (headquarters); London, England; Ankara, Turkey; active worldwide

First Appearance: Spy Fighters I#1 (March, 1951)

History: (Spy Fighters I#1) - The Spy Fighters organization, led by Mr. Lamb, was based out of an office in Washington D.C. which claimed to be the Institute for Boll Weevil Research. In 1950, Mr. Lamb arranged for police officer Clark Mason to be assigned to him and quickly explained the Spy Fighters' purpose. Clark was sent through a variety of tests and training in languages, gun assembly and marksmanship. When Mason graduated from training, he was assigned to work with agent Vicki Chase. For their first assignment, they posed as a married couple and were sent to Indochina to find a missing agent, Dave Gorham. They discovered Dave had been a double agent working for the USSR; Gorham was killed by a tiger.

(Spy Fighters I#1/2) - Petrov, a Soviet citizen who had been assisting the Spy Fighters, was betrayed by his wife Nina, who informed on him to Soviet counterespionage. Petrov was arrested and interrogated. Spy Fighters' agent Ander kidnapped a Soviet officer and went undercover to eliminate Petrov before he could talk but after Ander proved to Petrov that Nina had been unfaithful to him, Petrov pretended to the Soviets that he had been broken by their methods and gave up false intelligence to them to frustrate their counterintelligence. The Soviets executed Petrov after his confession. Other spies denounced Petrov as a traitor but Ander knew he had died as a hero.

(Spy Fighters I#2) - Clark Mason went to Budapest, Hungary to assist agent Tanila in impersonating the communist spy master Baron Varolyi but by the time Mason arrived, Tanila had been captured and tortured until she gave up Mason to Varolyi. One of Varolyi's agents impersonated Tanila and seemed to assist Clark in his goal of impersonating Varolyi but Clark quickly learned the Baron had fallen out of favor with the Soviets and had many Hungarian soldiers seeking his death. Clark finally used this situation to lead the soldiers back to the real Baron Varolyi and execute him.

(Spy Fighters I#2/2) - The Spy Fighters learned that the NKVD had been fabricating reports of a US agent in Iran named Major Rupert Scuggins with an accomplice Myrna Tydworna. To sabotage Soviet efforts to influence the Iranians, Clark Mason and Vicki Chase were sent to Iran to adopt the identities of Scuggins and Tydworna. They discovered that NKVD agent Lermakov was trying to influence the Bukhari tribe against the USA. Vicki was captured by Lermakov but while Mason was rescuing her, Lermakov took out a grenade to throw it at Mason. Vicki suddenly kicked the live grenade from Lermakov's hand and it landed at his feet, killing him and his followers.

(Spy Fighters I#2/4) - Mr. Lamb assigned Mason and Vicki to Japan to pose as a song and dance team: Jack Wembley and Lita Lane. They were attached to the US comedy film star Gus Vinson, who was making a film in Japan, but the Spy Fighters had learned Vinson was working with the communists to steal plans for the atomic bomb. Mason killed the enemy spies.

(Spy Fighters I#3) - Mason and Vicki went to Rome, Italy to investigate who had been murdering friendly spies. Mason suspected the American spy Brandon was responsible but Brandon turned out to be a loyal agent; Brandon's secretary Gina Morina was a Soviet agent, exposing spies to enemy agents. Mason, Vicki and Brandon eliminated Gina and her allies.

(Spy Fighters I#3/2) - Mason and Vicki were sent to Tripoli, Libya to assist Agent X-17 of British intelligence. They discovered there was a plot led by the communist agent Grukov to murder the Emir of Syrtis and replace him with an impostor. Mason exposed the imposture and Agent X-17 brought in the Libyan police to help Mason escape Grukov.

(Spy Fighters I#3/4) - Mason and Vicki investigated mobsters in the USA who were being duped into serving the interests of the communists, spearheaded by agent Paul Vaclav who posed as "Paul Vance." Mason was able to appeal to mobster Jinx Ricardo's patriotism and stand with him against Vance. As Mason battled Vance on a rooftop, Jinx tackled Vance and both men went over the edge of the building, falling to their deaths.

(Spy Fighters I#4) - Mason and Vicki went to Trieste (then an independent city-state) to investigate communist agents who were agitating tensions between Italy and Yugoslavia. Mason infiltrated the ranks of the spies led by Dr. Cardelj but was quickly recognized as a fake. Fortunately, Vicki rescued Mason before they could execute him and Mason eliminated the spy ring.

(Spy Fighters I#4/2) - Mason and Vicki were sent to New Guinea to find the missing missile expert Professor Terrence Redgrave. Liana seemed to be leading them to Redgrave but she proved to be a communist agent and tried to have them killed. Mason overpowered Liana and she fell into shark-infested waters. Now guided by Malay Joe, Mason and Vicki found Redgrave on a volcanic island where he was willingly collaborating with the communists to better their missiles. Mason took an enemy sailor named Newton prisoner and found he was an American who had been pressed into communist service. Mason had Newton bring him to Redgrave's location. However, Redgrave and his allies captured Mason and Vicki as they prepared to leave the island aboard an enemy submarine but Newton remained loyal to Mason and saved him. Vicki threw Redgrave into a pool of lava and Mason used Redgrave's missiles to destroy the submarine.

(Spy Fighters I#4/5) - Mason and Vicki went to Mexico City, Mexico to investigate missing persons cases and discovered that Captain Ignacio Lazaro of the Mexican secret police had been luring people into death-traps with the beautiful Maria Ramirez and cremating their remains. Vicki avoided one of Lazaro's death-traps. When Maria's brother Romeo learned that Lazaro intended for Maria to die to protect his secrets, he turned on Lazaro and killed him but was himself killed by Lazaro's remaining men. Mason eliminated the remaining spies.

(Spy Fighters I#5) - From the Spy Fighters' base in London, England, Mason and Vicki were sent to Poland to investigate a plot by the communists to construct a dirigible which would carry out a bombing attack on England. As they attempted to impersonate communist officers, Mason and Vicki chanced to encounter Meadows, who was similarly an undercover operative. With Meadows' help, they commandeered the dirigible, destroyed it, then returned to England.

(Spy Fighters I#5/5) - When Albania claimed to be receiving Yugoslavian refugees, Mason and Vicki were sent undercover to investigate and proved that the Albanians were actually receiving boats of Soviet soldiers. Mason and Vicki took photographs of the troop movements and shared them with the world, halting the communist plot.

(Spy Fighters I#6) - After communist spy George Lorber died in a car accident, Mason assumed his identity for an assignment to Teheran, Iran to ferret out communist agents. Venturing to Iran alongside Vicki, Mason was contacted by Fahid Mizami, an Iranian jeweler who claimed to be another agent of the Spy Fighters. However, Mizami was merely a terrorist hoping to gain favor with the communists by capturing Mason for them. However, the Spy Fighters' actual agent in Iran, Madame Vasarth, came to Mason's rescue. Mason believed his identity as Lorber was still a secret, as Mizami had yet to share it with the communists, but assistant chief of security General Narrabi turned out to be a communist agent and had Madame Vasarth killed. Mason riled up the local thief community against Narrabi to escape him then summoned the police to arrest Mizami.

(Spy Fighters I#6/2) - Mason went to Keelung, Formosa to foil a communist plot to sabotage the sacrifice of the immense pig Emily to the goddess Kwangyin.

(Spy Fighters I#6/4) - Mason and fellow Spy Fighter Pedro Juarez went undercover as "wetbacks" at the border of southern California, where they discovered communist agents were recruiting Mexicans to become their agents in the USA. Pretending to be communists themselves, Mason and Pedro learned the communists planned to dynamite a freight train as it traveled between the border. However, the communists recognized Mason and Pedro were not among their agents. Pedro was fatally wounded while Mason escaped but Pedro was able to hold off the communists and force them to remain in the path of the explosion caused by the dynamite. Pedro died taking the enemy spies with him.

(Spy Fighters I#7) - Mason and Vicki were sent to Finland, where they found the scientist Gorlikov was being forced to develop atomic weapons for the communists. When Gorlikov learned Mason and Vicki were from the Allied nations, he turned on his superiors and destroyed his research before being killed.

(Spy Fighters I#7/4) - In Leopoldville, the Belgian Congo, Mason posed as a safari guide to three suspected communist agents: Quarll, Lokov and Nixon. Mason discovered the three men were performing a secret tungsten mining operation in the Congo and had enslaved a tribe of cannibals to perform their work. Mason befriended the cannibals then radioed in an airstrike to wreck the mining operation. Mason turned the communists over to the cannibals to do with as they pleased.

(Spy Fighters I#8) - Mason and Vicki were sent to Kualang, Malaya, where the Min Yuen were active in the communist cause. Mason exposed British officer Captain Eggerth as a communist double agent and Makya, wife of a plantation owner, as the leader of the Min Yuen. Mason took Makya as a prisoner.

(Spy Fighters I#8/2) - Mason went to Rawani, India to investigate the Maharajah of Rawani, a communist sympathizer who had been helping communist agents enter India. The Maharajah's wife Maharani detested her husband and helped Mason against him; Mason threw the cruel Maharajah into his own tiger pit to be eaten alive.

(Spy Fighters I#8/4) - When the USA's experimental X-129 supersonic planes kept suffering from sabotage while being tested in Korea, Mason was sent to investigate and exposed the jet designer's assistant Bill Norbert as a communist agent. Norbert took Mason prisoner and forced him to pilot them both in the X-129 to Moscow but Mason took the plane into combat against Chinese MIGs; a hail of Chinese bullets hit the plane and killed Norbert. Mason returned to base with the jet.

(Spy Fighters I#14) - Mason was sent to Macao to retrieve intelligence plans the Chinese had obtained about Formosa but he was duped by the spy Tala, who turned him over to the brutal Macao Mike. Escaping Mike with the aid of Dunfree, a British ship captain, Mason traced Tala to Hong Kong, where she was making a rendezvous with the Chinese army at sea. When Tala's Chinese allies saw she had failed to eliminate Mason, they killed her. Mason called on Dunfree for help again and with the assistance of his crew, Mason eliminated the Chinese forces.

(Spy Fighters I#14/2) - Mason went to East Berlin, Germany and posed as the communist spy Musenko to infiltrate a ring of spies. Mason supplied the communists with an atomic weapon but once they were all in one place, he detonated it remotely, wiping out the entire nest of spies.

(Spy Fighters I#14/4 (fb)) - In Newcastle, England, Mason fell into the clutches of the communist spy Drukov. Drukov had an opportunity to kill Mason but instead knocked him unconscious, leaving him alive but stealing the plans which were in his possession.

(Spy Fighters I#14/4) - Regaining consciousness, Mason wondered why Drukov had spared him. Going to Varna, Bulgaria to find Drukov and recover the plans. Mason was romanced by a beautiful woman who turned out to be Drukov. Drukov took Mason prisoner and revealed she had spared him before because she was in love with him. Unfortunately, Drukov's mercy towards Mason was a black mark in the eyes of her fellow spies and one of them executed her. Drukov killed the other spy while dying and told Mason to contact Major Jessevitch, a Turkish submarine captain, giving him coordinates to destroy a communist barracks in Bulgaria.

(Spy Fighters I#15) - After a train containing Russian spy Karl Rieman was destroyed, Mason adopted Rieman's identity to get into Moscow. Much to Mason's surprise, Rieman's wife Hilda was eager to help him maintain his cover because she wanted to leave the USSR. When the real Karl turned up alive, Hilda helped Mason kill him then he brought her and Karl's files with him as he left the USSR.

(Spy Fighters I#15/2) - After criminal Jose Turina promised to give up the names of communist agents in Venezuela, he was murdered. Mason went to Caracas to investigate Jose's death and from tracing his movements, was able to find and destroy the communist spy ring led by Manuel.

(Spy Fighters I#15/4) - As a number of secret agents in the Middle East were being assassinated, Clark Mason was sent from the Spy Fighters base in Ankara to assist Colonel Raschid in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Raschid had noted that each assassination happened near a conference so Mason posed as an Iraqi delegate for the upcoming conference in Mecca. However, the assassin proved to be Colonel Raschid himself. Exposing Raschid as a communist agent, Mason killed him.

Comments: Created by Robert Bernstein and George Tuska.

    Each issue of Spy Fighters had at least one additional feature which didn't star Clark Mason but fit into the spy genre. What I find interesting is that in issue #1, one of the additional features was written to include a mention of the Spy Fighters. Editors could have done that in subsequent issues - it would have made the Spy Fighters organization a bit more interesting if we saw agents outside of Clark's adventures. It's a pity only issue #1 took advantage of that.

    Spy Fighters I#9-13 are a little odd - Clark suddenly became an operative of army intelligence, serving during the Korean War. A similar thing happened in Kent Blake's series but Kent's transfer to army service then back stateside was recounted in the stories. There's no explanation attempted for why Clark switched careers or what happened to Vicki after issue #8. Then again, the timeline is a little wonky in Spy Fighters; in issue #1 when Clark joined the team, it was said to be 1950. In the second issue, a blurb claimed the story was set in 1948!

    This profile was completed 07/29/2021, but its publication was delayed as it was intended for the Appendix 20th anniversary 's celebratory event.

Profile by Prime Eternal.

The Spy Fighters should not be confused with:


Ander was an American agent in the Spy Fighters who served in the USSR, where he was in contact with Petrov. However, Petrov's wife Nina learned he was aiding the Spy Fighters and had him arrested by the Soviets. Ander kidnapped officer Lt. Andreyew and used his uniform and papers to get into Petrov's cell, intending to execute him before he could betray the Spy Fighters. However, once Petrov proved to him that Nina was unfaithful, Petrov pretended to have been broken by the Soviets' torture and gave up false intelligence to them to sabotage their counterintelligence. Petrov was considered a traitor by other agents in the USSR, with only Ander aware of the sacrifice Petrov had made.

--Spy Fighters I#1/2

Dave Gorham

For many years, Dave Gorham was an agent of the USSR. While serving alongside Mr. Lamb in US intelligence, Gorham became Lamb's most trusted agent, never divulging his true allegiance. When Mr. Lamb became the head of Spy Fighters, Gorham served as one of his agents and was assigned to Indochina to assist the cause of democracy. However, the Spy Fighters' ally Vo Linh identified Gorham as "the Snake of Saigon." Gorham killed Vo Linh to maintain his cover for the Soviets and Viet Minh then assumed Vo Linh's identity, mutilating the real Vo Linh's remains so that he could not be identified.

Mr. Lamb sent agents Clark Mason and Vicki Chase to investigate Gorham's fate. Gorham interacted with them as Vo Linh and made attempts on their lives. Finally, he confronted the two spies in the jungle and revealed his true identity and allegiance. Gorham pursued them through the jungle but they disturbed a pair of tigers. Mason killed one but its mate attacked and killed Gorham.

--Spy Fighters I#1

Pedro Juarez

Pedro Juarez was a member of the Spy Fighters who was based in Mexico City, Mexico. When Clark Mason investigated communist infiltration among "wetbacks" on the border of California and Mexico, Pedro met up with Mason and the two men posed as "wetbacks" to find evidence of the communist plot. Pedro and Mason pretended to be communists in order to draw out the enemy agents but the spies were aware Mason and Pedro were not on their side. As they fled, Pedro was shot by the communists and pleaded with Mason to continue without him. However, Pedro did not die from his wound. As the communists had prepared a load of dynamite to destroy a freight train on the border, the dying Pedro held the communists at gunpoint as the dynamite went off, saving Mason from the communists as he and the communists died in the blast.

--Spy Fighters I#6/4


Tanila was a Spy Fighters agent who posed as a dancing girl in Budapest, Hungary. On one assignment, she was caught by Baron Varolyi and tortured by him until she gave up Clark Mason's plan to impersonate the Baron. Tanila was placed in a prison and one of the Baron's agents impersonated her. The ultimate fate of Tanila after the Baron's death is unrevealed.

--[Spy Fighters I#2]

Note: The real Tanila never appeared on-panel; the accompanying image is of the Tanila impostor.


Tom was a Spy Fighters agent who prepared Mr. Lamb's dossier on Clark Mason's life as Lamb considered Mason for the Spy Fighters. Tom boasted that he had every record on Mason's life since he was five years old and gathered statements from Mason's schoolteachers, high school principal, football coach, hometown mayor, chief of police and scoutmaster, all verifying Mason had the qualities they wanted in the Spy Fighters.

--Spy Fighters I#1

Madame Vasarth

Madame Vasarth was a Spy Fighters agent active in Teheran, Iran. She attempted to aid Clark Mason and Vicki Chase when they were sent to Teheran but first she had to prove her credentials to Mr. Lamb. Madame Vasarth rescued Mason from Fahid Mizami's gang of terrorists and brought Mason to General Narrabi to report on his plans but Narrabi turned out to be a communist agent. Narrabi had Madame Vasarth killed. After Narrabi was defeated, Mason and Vicki visited Madame Vasarth's grave and mused that she would have been proud that her sacrifice helped save Iran from communism.

--Spy Fighters I#6

images: (without ads)
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Spy Fighters I#2, page 3, panel 5 (Tanila)
Spy Fighters I#1, page 2, panel 7 (Tom)
Spy Fighters I#6, page 4, panel 5 (Vasarth)

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Spy Fighters I#15/4 (July, 1953) - Robert Bernstein (writer), Mac L. Pakula (artist), Stan Lee (editor)

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