Membership: Mr. Wyatt, Alyssa, Wraith Squad

Purpose: Studying and capturing the Uni-Power

Affiliations: Associated with the U.S. government

Enemies: Captain Universe (Roland Taylor) and other Uni-Power holders;
    inadvertently Mrs. Salvalas

Base of Operations: Unrevealed (possibly the American Midwest)

First Appearance: Cosmic Powers Unlimited#5 (May, 1996)



(Cosmic Powers Unlimited#5/2) - Having confirmed a "Captain Universe" phenomenon by cross-referenced it against all other information on the Uni-Power, Alyssa notified Mr. Wyatt of the detection of an energy outburst matching a Uni-Power manifestation. Complementing Alyssa on her work, Wyatt instructed her to personally see to it that the Wraith Squad was dispatched at once so that the Uni-Power and its host would be in their possession within 24 hours. Despite Alyssa's objections, Wyatt insisted she take Coffin with her, as--despite being a loose cannon--his past possession of the Uni-Power might prove useful.

  Shortly thereafter, Alyssa led the Wraith Squad to confront and subdue Captain Universe (Roland Taylor). However, Captain Universe overpowered them and escaped.





COMMENTS: Created by Eric Fein, Neil Errar and Don Hudson.

I wonder if these guys ever crossed paths with Gilbert Wiles?

Profile by Snood.

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    Tracking coordinator and field leader of the Wraith Squad, she reported the detection of the Uni-Power to Wyatt and led the Wraith Squad to confront the new Captain Universe. She also tried to control Coffin, preventing him from using lethal force, which may have allowed Captain Universe to escape. With their defeat, she figured that Wyatt would be furious with her, though she promised herself that she would meet Captain Universe again.


--Cosmic Powers Unlimited#5/2



Mr. Wyatt


    The superior to Alyssa (and perhaps director of the project), he worked within the laboratory, giving orders.


--Cosmic Powers Unlimited#5/2





Wraith Squad

Alyssa, Steve Coffin, at least two others unidentified


    Armored field agents of Divison U, they underwent intensive training to prepare them to do battle with Captain Universe. They were dispatched to capture the Uni-Power and its possessor. Alyssa led them to Manhattan to capture Captain Universe (Roland Taylor), but he knocked them back with an energy blast. When one of the Squad Taylor had blasted knocked his elderly neighbor Mrs. Salvalas down the stairs, Taylor paused to save her, allowing Coffin to get the drop on him. Coffin nailed Taylor with his energy-blaster and then demanded Taylor give him his powers back (Coffin having been a previous Captain Universe). Alyssa told Coffin he was out of line and commanded him to put the power dampener on Taylor, but as they argued, Taylor regained his wits, blasted the entire Wraith Squad out the through the wall out onto the alley below, and escaped.

    The Wraith Squad wore armored uniforms, protecting them to some degree from impacts and energy blasts. They used energy rifles and swords.


--Cosmic Powers Unlimited#5/2





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