Real Name: Ferraro Colon

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Mobster

Group Membership: His own mob (Alejandro, numerous others)

Affiliations: His mob, el Toro Negro (Sergio Torres)

Enemies: Valeria Colon, Deadpool ("Wade Wilson"), Slapstick (Steve Harmon), Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

Known Relatives: Valeria Colon (estranged wife)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: A large mansion in New Jersey, USA

First Appearance: (behind-the-scenes, unidentified): Amazing Spider-Man I#2 (May, 1963);
    (fully seen & identified): Spider-Man/Deadpool I#19 (September, 2017)

Powers/Abilities: El Tenor has no superhuman powers but he is surprisingly fit for a man his age and he engages in regular aerobic exercise. He is also an exceptional cook, famous for his recipe of carne con papas buen provecho.

El Tenor regularly drinks rum that has been infused with a special Cuban ore whose radioactivity promotes his fertility.

As a mob boss, el Tenor has access to a legion of armed mob goons that do his bidding and he also has access to advanced technology such as robotic laser guns.

Height: 6'0" (by approximation)
Weight: 180 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Grayish-brown

History: (Spider-Man/Deadpool I#20 (fb) - BTS) - A weak man, Ferraro Colon was kept under the thumb of his controlling wife Valeria.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#2 - BTS/Spider-Man/Deadpool I#19 (fb) - BTS) - During the chaos of Spider-Man's first battle with the Vulture, a terrified civilian hit Ferraro Colon with a car and seemingly killed him (see comments).

(Spider-Man/Deadpool I#19 (fb) - BTS) - Secretly surviving, Ferraro Colon reinvented himself as the mobster el Tenor in New Jersey, eventually becoming a New Jersey legend that would was rumored to show up at the Taste of Cuba dive bar that he owned. Unaware Ferraro had survived, Valeria Colon placed a large photo of her seemingly deceased husband above her fireplace.

(Spider-Man/Deadpool I#20 (fb) - BTS) - El Tenor had the apartment of his estranged wife Valeria bugged. Valeria Colon became suspicious of who could have bugged her apartment.

(Spider-Man/Deadpool I#19 (fb) - BTS) - The suspicious Valeria Colon wanted to see the evidence of Ferraro's last living moments and hired the mercenary Deadpool through his app to steal photo negatives of Spider-Man's first battle with the Vulture from the Daily Bugle archives. Unbeknownst to Valeria, el Tenor had also sent some of his agents to hire the mercenary Slapstick to steal the negatives.

(Spider-Man/Deadpool I#19) - Valeria Colon later located and met with Peter Parker, who she had discovered took the photos from Spider-Man's battle with Vulture, and asked to directly see his photo negatives. Guilty that Ferraro had died due to his actions as Spider-Man, Peter Parker, unaware that Valeria had already hired Deadpool to steal the negatives, promised to do everything in his power to help Valeria. As Spider-Man, Parker later encountered Deadpool on a ferry to New Jersey and learned that Deadpool had been hired to steal the photo negatives involving Ferraro. Teaming up, the two superhumans traveled to the Daily Bugle's New Jersey warehouse, where they encountered Slapstick and learned of his own involvement with the negatives. After defeating Slapstick, Spider-Man and Deadpool accompanied Slapstick to his meetup with el Tenor's mobsters and the trio easily defeated the mobsters. Learning that the mobsters were working for el Tenor, Spider-Man questioned who el Tenor was and the mobsters informed the three heroes about el Tenor's legendary mobster status in New Jersey. Interrogating one of the mobsters as to how el Tenor knew of the photo negatives and why he wanted them, Spider-Man, Deadpool and Slapstick were unable to get any solid information from the mobster but Slapstick soon recalled part of el Tenor's legend: that el Tenor would sometimes appear at a Cuban dive bar he owned after midnight. The trio of heroes decided to meet back up at the dive bar later that night to end their individual missions. Before the midnight meetup, Spider-Man and Deadpool took a set of photo negatives acquired from Slapstick and visited Valeria Colon's home to turn over the negatives. Angry at seeing Spider-Man, whom she blamed for Ferraro's supposed death, Valeria accused Spider-Man of inciting panic in civilians and the death of Ferraro but Spider-Man attempted to make amends by giving Valeria the photo negatives, only to learn that the negatives contained photos of Slapstick.

As Spider-Man and Deadpool realized Slapstick had tricked them, Slapstick himself visited the Taste of Cuba dive bar to turn over the real negatives to el Tenor. Apologizing for his earlier attack on Tenor's agents, Slapstick was given a briefcase by el Tenor that he assumed was his payment but when he opened it, he was hit with gas that rendered him unconscious. El Tenor, revealing himself as a surviving Ferraro Colon, then grabbed the photo negatives from Slapstick and thanked him, remarking that it would have been a shame in the negatives had fallen into his wife's hands.

(Spider-Man/Deadpool I#20) - Angry at Slapstick for betraying them, Spider-Man and Deadpool traveled to el Tenor's Cuban dive bar to retrieve the real negatives, only to be ambushed by el Tenor's agents. While Spider-Man and Deadpool were battling el Tenor's mobsters, el Tenor himself was pouring a drink next to the captured Slapstick, who asked about the deal they had made. El Tenor reminded Slapstick that he was a criminal and Slapstick was foolish to think there were trust between the two. When Slapstick asked about why his powers weren't working, el Tenor informed him that the walls of the room were made of a special ore from the Cuban jungles that dampen magic, infused his rum with sweetness and improved fertility. El Tenor then informed Slapstick that he was a loose end and assured Slapstick that he was not going to murder him but instead, Slapstick was to be murdered by his brain-damaged agent el Toro Negro.

As Spider-Man and Deadpool were led into a second trap based on a tip from one of el Tenor's goons, el Tenor cooked his famous carne con papas buen provecho dish for his injured but surviving agents. His agent Alejandro briefly interrupted the cooking to inform el Tenor that Spider-Man and Deadpool's capture but el Tenor tired of business and began serving his food while Slapstick screamed in fear from another room. El Tenor was later exercising to a workout video when Spider-Man and Deadpool escaped their trap and Spider-Man deduced el Tenor's identity as Ferraro Colon. A short time later, el Tenor's exercising was interrupted when Alejandro announced the arrival of Spider-Man and Valeria Colon. Learning that her long-thought-deceased husband Ferraro was actually the mobster el Tenor and that he was the one who had bugged her apartment, Valeria demanded an explanation but the mobster announced that he owed Valeria nothing. When she asked about their love, el Tenor proclaimed that love died and so would she. When el Tenor ordered Valeria's death, Spider-Man came to Valeria's defense and with Deadpool's help, Spider-Man easily took care of el Tenor's goons. A fleeing el Tenor yelled for el Toro Negro, only to be punched in the face by the freed Slapstick. A confused el Tenor was then informed by Slapstick that the brain-damaged el Toro Negro proved to be especially suggestible and Valeria then informed el Tenor of her plans to sue him so badly that he could not afford a rope to hang himself with.

Comments: Created by Joshua Corin and Will Robson.

Some online sources mention that el Tenor had earlier faked his death during the Spider-Man/Vulture encounter but the storyline in Spider-Man/Deadpool I#19 really doesn't state that Ferraro had intentionally faked his death. Ferraro DOES mention his past desire to escape his controlling wife but it was not clear if he deliberately staged the accident to fake his death or if he was genuinely hit by a car and simply took that opportunity to allow his wife to believe him dead so that he could reinvent himself.

While Ferraro Colon is not seen, mentioned or identified until his first actual appearance in Spider-Man/Deadpool I#19 (2017), it is mentioned that he faked his death during Spider-Man's first battle with Vulture, which occurred in Amazing Spider-Man I#2 (1963). He is not seen, mentioned or even referred to in Amazing Spider-Man I#2, however, and his presence during that battle was not mentioned until Spider-Man/Deadpool I#19 (2017).

This profile was completed 7/15/2021, but its publication was delayed as it was intended for the Appendix 20th anniversary 's celebratory event.

Profile by Proto-Man.

el Tenor has no known connections to:


Alejandro was an agent of el Tenor. He reported to el Tenor when Spider-Man and Deadpool were led into el Tenor's distillery laser gun trap. El Tenor quickly told Alejandro that they spoke enough business before turning to serve his surviving agents food. When Spider-Man confronted el Tenor, he demanded Alejandro take him to el Tenor. Alejandro did so and turned off el Tenor's exercise video to inform el Tenor that Spider-Man had brought along el Tenor's estranged wife Valeria.

--Spider-Man/Deadpool I#20

Valeria Colon

Valeria Colon was the estranged wife of Ferraro Colon. When her husband seemingly died after being hit by a car during Spider-Man and Vulture's first battle, Valeria blamed Spider-Man for her husband's death and spent years developing a reputation for buying up property. Her interest in property drew her attention to the Baxter Building, which was then owned by businessman Peter Parker. When her home was subsequently bugged, Valeria became suspicious and determined to find out who had committed the act. Deciding to confirm her husband's death, Valeria hired the mercenary Deadpool via his app to steal photo negatives of Spider-Man's battle with the Vulture from the Daily Bugle archives but when she later learned that the photos were taken by Peter Parker, she tracked Parker down and confronted him on the street. Explaining her husband's supposed death during the Spider-Man/Vulture battle, Valeria asked if she could directly see Parker's negatives. No longer having the negatives, Parker, guilty that his actions as Spider-Man had caused a death, assured Valeria that he would use his past connections to the Daily Bugle to find the negatives for her. After his search led him into contact with Deadpool and also Slapstick, who had been hired by el Tenor to acquire the negatives, Spider-Man was given a set of negatives by Slapstick and he gave them to Valeria as a way of making amends for his involvement in her husband's supposed death. When the negatives proved to contain only photos of the betraying Slapstick, Valeria became angry and Spider-Man and Deadpool set out to find Slapstick and acquire the correct negatives. After Spider-Man deduced that el Tenor was actually a surviving Ferraro Colon, he had Deadpool phone Valeria and the two heroes confronted el Tenor with Valeria. Learning that el Tenor had been the one who had bugged her apartment, Valeria demanded an explanation but Ferraro refused and ordered Valeria's death instead. Spider-Man defended her and when el Tenor was defeated by Slapstick, Valeria promised to sue Ferraro so badly that he would not able to afford a rope to hang himself with.

--Spider-Man/Deadpool I#19 (#20,

images: (without ads)
Spider-Man/Deadpool I#19, p20, splash page (el Tenor, standing with photo negatives, main image)
Spider-Man/Deadpool I#20, p5, pan1 (el Tenor, headshot)
Spider-Man/Deadpool I#19, p17, pan1 (photo of younger Ferraro Colon & Valeria Colon image)
Spider-Man/Deadpool I#20, p9, pan2 (el Tenor cooking & Alejandro image)
Spider-Man/Deadpool I#20, p15, pan1 (el Tenor, working out)

Spider-Man/Deadpool I#19 (September, 2017) - Joshua Corin (writer), Will Robson (art), Devin Lewis (editor)
Spider-Man/Deadpool I#20 (October, 2017) - Joshua Corin (writer), Will Robson (art), Devin Lewis (editor)

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