Real Name: Edward Hutchinson

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Undersecretary of defense

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Abby, "Honey," Steve

Enemies: X-Cell (Elijah Cross, others)

Known Relatives: Unidentified wife (deceased), "Honey" (daughter), Abby (granddaughter), Steve (son-in-law)

Aliases: "Hutch" (nickname from Steve)

Base of Operations: Washington, DC, USA

First Appearance: X-Factor III#17 (May, 2007)

Powers/Abilities: Edward Hutchinson had no superhuman powers but was presumably a skilled undersecretary of defense. He also was not hurting in the money department either, as he was able to afford numerous expensive presents for his granddaughter.

Height: Unrevealed  (see comments)
Weight: Unrevealed (see comments)
Eyes: Gray
Hair: Light brown (graying)

History: (X-Factor III#17 (fb) - BTS) - The terrorist former mutants of X-Cell, blaming the government for the loss of their mutant powers, arranged for a plush elephant to be delivered to Undersecretary of Defense Edward Hutchinson, intending to have the elephant choke him to death.

(X-Factor III#17 (fb)) - During Christmas, Edward Hutchinson enjoyed watching his granddaughter Abby open her presents while his daughter scolded him for spending too much money on Abby. Lightheartedly asking where his daughter's "no-good, lazy" husband  Steve was, Edward was told Steve was still sleeping, as he had been up late wrapping Abby's presents. When Abby opened a plush elephant, Edward grew suspicious, not recalling having bought an elephant. Looking at the tag, Edward read it aloud, confused by the "choking hazard" warning on a plush elephant with no small parts. Suddenly, the elephant seemed to come alive and wrapped its trunk around Edward's neck, choking him. Nearly dying, Edward was saved by Steve, who shot the elephant, destroying it. Edward weakly thanked Steve for his aim and noticed a card on the ground that read "We want our powers back. -X-Cell."

Comments: Created by Peter David, Khoi Pham and Sandu Florea.

Edward Hutchinson was never seen next to a character whose height/weight had been previously revealed, making Edward's height/weight impossible to determine.

While Honey could have been Edward Hutchinson's daughter's actual name, it seems more likely that it was just a pet name...

Profile by Proto-Man.

Edward Hutchinson has no KNOWN connections to:

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Abby was the granddaughter of Edward Hutchinson, the daughter of Edward's daughter and her husband Steve. During Christmas, Abby and her parents visited Edward, where Abby excitedly opened her presents, extremely happy to receive a walking Pretty Pony toy before opening a plush elephant. As Edward became suspicious of the elephant that he didn't recall buying, Abby hugged the elephant and proclaimed that she would name it Peanuts. Abby then turned over the elephant to Edward for inspection, only for the elephant to begin choking Edward. Abby immediately ordered "Peanuts" to stop hurting her grandfather before Steve arrived and shot the elephant, destroying it.

 --X-Factor III#17 (fb)


"Honey" was the daughter of Edward Hutchinson, who thought Edward went overboard buying her daughter Abby Christmas presents. When Edward asked where "Honey's" husband Steve was, "Honey" explained that he was upstairs sleeping after staying up very late wrapping Abby's Christmas presents. Edward then admitted that he appreciated "Honey" and her family coming around for the holidays since his wife died before Edward overheard Abby's cries of excitement about a plush elephant that Edward did not recall buying. The elephant soon tried to choke Edward to death as a panicked "Honey" watched. Her husband eventually destroyed the elephant and "Honey" asked what the elephant really was.

--X-Factor III#17 (fb)


Steve was the husband of Edward Hutchinson's daughter. He was a policeman and father to Edward's granddaughter Abby, whose presents Steve stayed up late to wrap on Christmas Eve. Steve slept in the next day, leading Edward to refer to Steve, whose name Edward didn't remember, as "lazy" and "no good." After hearing his daughter's story about Steve staying up late, Edward admitted he was happy Steve and the family had visited for Christmas. Shortly thereafter, when Edward Hutchinson was attacked by a plush elephant that had begun strangling him, Steve was awakened by the commotion and ran downstairs to see Edward choking. Steve quickly shot the elephant, destroying it.

--X-Factor III#17 (fb)

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X-Factor III#17, p1, pan2 (Edward Hutchinson, main image)
X-Factor III#17, p1, pan4 (Edward Hutchinson, headshot)
X-Factor III#17, p1, pan5 (Abby)
X-Factor III#17, p3, pan5 ("Honey")
X-Factor III#17, p3, pan4 (Steve)

X-Factor III#17 (May, 2007) - Peter David (writer), Khoi Pham (pencils), Sandu Florea (inks), Andy Schmidt (editor)

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