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Real Name: A'Charr

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Earth-93060/Ultraverse) composite being (extraterrestrial (see comments) & normal human)

Occupation: Destroyer, mass murderer

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Jonathan & Julia (last names unrevealed), their father (name unrevealed), Rune, Rune's race (see comments), many other victims

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: A'Charr the Scarred God

Base of Operations: Africa, Earth-93060;
   formerly the moon orbiting Rune's homeworld and interstellar space

First Appearance: Rune: Hearts of Darkness#1/2 (September, 1996)

Powers/Abilities: A'Charr is a murderous and psychopathic extraterrestrial with superhuman durability and strength. He can discharge short range energy bursts from his hands that vary in intensity, having concussive force, intense heat or tearing apart a human body. His arms and chest are covered in organic, quickly replicating black thorn-like barbs that can be expelled on mental command as knife-like projectiles. After seeming death, the right half of A'Charr's body was connected to a human host, weakening him slightly, but his strength returned the more his will gained control. He is merciless and brutal.

Height: 6'5" (by approximation, excluding horns)
Weight: Unrevealed
Eyes: Red/yellow glare
Hair: Brown (left human side only)


(Rune: Hearts of Darkness#2/2 (fb) - BTS) - Thousands of years ago, considering the fellow members of his race weak, A'Charr slayed all except Rune, who fled and escaped. A'Charr's zeal for killing continued as he destroyed thousands of worlds. Eventually reaching Earth, A'Charr was blocked by a lone fighter of evil beings who used dark magic to imprison the alien, but resulted in the defender's sacrifice.

(Rune: Hearts of Darkness#2/2 (fb)) - The defender's son Jonathan secretly discovered his father's study, learned his craft and followed him on a mission into Africai. Finding his father's crystallized corpse, Jonathan inadvertently released A'Charr, who cleaved the lad with a blast just as Jonathan cast a spell that also cut the alien in two. Wishing to see his sister Julia again and thinking he could control the seeming corpse of the monster, Jonathan dragged his body and used profane tools and magic to combine his body with A'Charr's, but A'Charr's consciousness had survived and took over.

(Rune: Hearts of Darkness#1/2 (fb) - BTS) - Now fused with a human, A'Charr the Scarred God wandered and came across a village in the Anansi Kingdom ruled by Rune. A'Charr intensely incinerated every villager.

(Rune: Hearts of Darkness#1/2) - The villagers' remains were found by Julia and Rune, who were then confronted by A'Charr.

(Rune: Hearts of Darkness#2/2) - Briefly having the upper hand, Rune used one of his Star Stones (containing a neuromancer's soul) to determine what had caused A'Charr's changed form. But A'Charr recovered and blasted Rune, intending to kill him.

(Rune: Hearts of Darkness#3/2) - Julia pleaded with the creature's side that was Jonathan, hoping that he could control A'Charr's violence. Having distracted the Scarred God, Julia began casting a dark spell that paralyzed A'Charr. Rune, refusing to let his foe escape, captured A'Charr (but with it also Jonathan) in a Star Stone, eliminating the threat.

Comments: Created by uncredited Wizard magazine reader (see comments). Expanded by James Felder & Pander Brothers.

It's unrevealed how he traveled to thousands of worlds (the number is possibly an exaggeration), but it may be by teleportation portals, similar to what Rune used.

It has been suggested that Rune's race is Darkurian (which come from the Wold, a magic realm in the Ultraverse). This Darkurian connection seems unlikely as A'Charr and Rune stated that Rune was the only survivor of A'Charr's decimation of Rune's race, yet other Darkurians exist in the Ultraverse (such as Meathook and Outrage). Nevertheless, Darkurian physiology seems to merge easily with human, as already shown in Requiem's case and escapees are likely in comic stories.

The character A'Charr was the winner of the Wizard Create-A-Villain Contest. I can't find the name of the original creator, just those who expanded the A'Charr in the Ultraverse.

Rune: Hearts of Darkness was like a flipbook, with the A'Charr story featured in the section labeled as Rune (which would've effectively been volume 3). However, each issue was indexed as Rune: Hearts of Darkness.

In issue #3, A'Charr was mistakenly referred to as the "Sacred God" instead of the "Scarred God".

Profile by Grendel Prime.

A'Charr has no known connections to:

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Rune: Hearts of Darkness#1/2, p6 (main image)
Rune: Hearts of Darkness#2/2, p3, pan1 (Jonathan)
Rune: Hearts of Darkness#3/2, p4 pan2 (merged headshot)

Rune: Hearts of Darkness#1/2 (September, 1996) - James Felder (writer), Pander Brothers (pencils & inks), Phil Crain (editor)
Rune: Hearts of Darkness#2/2 (October, 1996) - James Felder (writer), Pander Brothers (pencils & inks), Phil Crain (editor)
Rune: Hearts of Darkness#2/2 (November, 1996) - James Felder (writer), Pander Brothers (pencils & inks), Phil Crain (editor)

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