Real Name: Richard Arons

Identity/Class: Human, technology user

Occupation: Operative of Stane International

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Batroc's Brigade (Batroc, Machete, Maximillian Zaran), Obadiah Stane

Enemies: Captain America, Dr. Myron MacLain, Nomad (Jack Monroe)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Stane International facility, Long Island, New York

First Appearance: Captain America I#303 (March, 1985)

Powers/Abilities: Mr. Arons often carried a handgun. He briefly wore a suit of armor designed by Dr. Myron MacLain to duplicate the properties of Captain America's shield. Although the armor was powerful, it proved to be inferior to Captain America's shield.

History: (Captain America I#303 (fb) - BTS) - Mr. Arons was hired by Obadiah Stane to kidnap Dr. Myron MacLain and force him to create a suit of armor made from the same metal as Captain America's shield, but MacLain claimed that he could not duplicate the shield's unique properties. Arons threatened to harm MacLain's family unless he complied.

(Captain America I#302 - BTS) - Mr. Arons hired Batroc's Brigade to steal Captain America's shield from him so that MacLain could study it.

(Captain America I#303) - When Batroc's Brigade arrived with the shield, Stane provided Arons with money to pay them off, and he turned the shield over to MacLain for studying.

(Captain America I#304) - MacLain created a number of duplicate shields in an attempt to understand the shield's properties, and tried to kill Arons with a vat of molten metal in the lab, but Arons used Captain America's shield to defend himself. He finally received the suit of armor from MacLain. When Captain America raided the facility in search of MacLain and his shield, Arons donned the armor to face him. Unable to recognize his shield from amongst the duplicates MacLain had made, Captain America threw a number of duplicates at Arons which his armor easily crushed. Finally, Nomad found the true shield, and Cap threw it at Arons, smashing a hole in his armor. Arons was so stunned by his armor's failure that he was left traumatized.

Comments: Created by Mike Carlin, Paul Neary and Dennis Janke.

Obadiah Stane likely wanted MacLain to supply him with the shield's unique metal type for use in his Iron Monger armor.

His first name was revealed in Myron MacLain's profile in Avengers Assemble#1.

Profile by Prime Eternal

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Images taken from:
Captain America I#304, page 9, panel 2
Captain America I#304, page 19, panel 6

Captain America I#303-304 (March-April, 1985) - Michael Carlin (writer), Paul Neary (pencils), Dennis Janke (inks), Mark Gruenwald (editor)

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