Real Name:  Unrevealed

Identity/Class:  Unrevealed

Occupation:  Unrevealed

Group Membership: None

Affiliations:  The Agitator employs at least two operatives and has formed an alliance of some sort with Master Monarch.

Enemies:  Unrevealed, although the Agitator evidently instructed Master Monarch to attack the Wicked Brigade

Known Relatives:  None

Aliases:  Unrevealed

Base of Operations:  Unrevealed

First Appearance:  Peter Parker: Spider-Man#16 (April 2000); no actual appearance to date

Powers/Abilities:  Nothing is known about the Agitator's capabilities and resources.

History:  Nothing is known about the Agitator save that he or she employs at least two weapon-wielding operatives and has an undisclosed connection to Master Monarch, from whom he or she requested "aid with the bigger picture," whatever this might mean.

(PPSM#16) - Per the Agitator's orders, Master Monarch, accompanied by two of the Agitator's operatives, interrupted a fight between Spider-Man and the Wicked Brigade, who were pursuing a bounty which had placed on Spider-Man; having "taken them all out of the fight," Master Monarch evidently considered the mission complete and, choosing to neither kill his targets nor allow the two operatives to do so, departed the scene with the Agitator's operatives.

Comments:  Referred to in a story written by Howard Mackie and A.A. Ward; operatives created by Howard Mackie, A.A. Ward, John Romita, Jr., and Scott Hanna.

Although it might be assumed that the Agitator has some connection with other villains (the Banko Squad, the Squid, Ms. Fortune) seen in PPSM#16 ("Cliche"), the only confirmed connection is with Master Monarch and perhaps the Wicked Brigade.

 Profile by Ronald Byrd

CLARIFICATIONS:  The Agitator should not be confused with anyone else whatsoever, since there is little if any information upon which such confusion could be based. He or she could conceivably be connected with virtually any other mysterious figure in the Marvel Universe and might even be a previously established character using a different name.


the Agitator's operatives


(PPSM#16) These two men carried advanced weapons of unknown origin and capabilities, and they accompanied Master Monarch per the Agitator's request; they were prepared to kill the Wicked Brigade and perhaps Spider-Man as well, but Master Monarch instructed them not to do so. Nothing else is known about them.


--Peter Parker: Spider-Man#16







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Peter Parker: Spider-Man#16, p9, pan3 (Agitator's operatives)

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