Real Name:  Unrevealed

Identity/Class:  Technology user; possibly superhuman, classification unknown

Occupation:  Unrevealed

Affiliations:  Allied with the Agitator;
accompanied by two of the Agitator's operatives on at least one occasion

Enemies:  the Wicked Brigade

Known Relatives:  None

Aliases:  None known

Base of Operations:  Unrevealed

First Appearance:  Peter Parker: Spider-Man#16 (April, 2000)

Powers/Abilities:  Master Monarch wears full body armor which presumably grants him a level of superhuman strength and endurance; he can emit energy blasts from his right hand and apparently teleport inasmuch as he vanished from the scene of a battle before Spider-Man could pursue him, but it is unclear whether these powers stem from his armor or himself.

History:   Nothing is known about Master Monarch except that he has an undisclosed connection to a person called the Agitator, who requested his "aid with the bigger picture," whatever this might mean.

(PPSM#16) Master Monarch, accompanied by two of the Agitator's operatives, came upon a fight between Spider-Man and the Wicked Brigade, who were pursuing a bounty which had been placed on Spider-Man; Master Monarch, evidently having been instructed by the Agitator to incapacitate the Wicked Brigade, ended the fight with one energy blast, rendering the three members of the Wicked Brigade unconscious, although Spider-Man avoided injury. Uninclined to kill the Wicked Brigade and having no interest in Spider-Man, Master Monarch departed the scene, along with the two operatives; Spider-Man, who had avoided the brunt of the blast, headed to the Daily Bugle in hopes of obtaining information about these new villains, only to be distracted by subsequent trouble.

Comments:  Created by Howard Mackie, A.A. Ward, John Romita, Jr., and Scott Hanna.

Judging by the color scheme of his outfit, I can't help wondering if he might be an older model of Doombot. Discarded by the not-so-good doctor, himself. And, then, reprogrammed and upgraded by whoever found him/it.

 Profile by Ronald Byrd

CLARIFICATIONS:  Master Monarch should not be confused with:

  • Monarch (James Rhodes) of Earth-Amalgam @ Bullets and Bracelets#1

  • Millennium Monarch, an extraterrestrial prophet @ Thor (Vol. II)#23

  •    Red Monarch, an enemy of Captain UK on Earth-839 @ Excalibur#44 (mentioned only)
  • any of the dozens of other characters with the word "Master" in their name

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Peter Parker: Spider-Man II#16, p9, pan3 (main image)

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