(of Earth-534834)

Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Earth-534834) human mutant? (see comments)

Occupation: Criminal

Group Membership: Leader of her own group of agents

Affiliations: Her agents ("Crusher" Creel, other unidentified others)

Enemies: Hulk (Bruce Banner), Mr. Rock, She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "Ms. Allure," "the Most Powerful Woman in Town"

Base of Operations: Chicago, Illinois, USA

First Appearance: The Incredible Hulk & She-Hulk cartoon episode, "They Call Me Mr. Fixit" (October 26, 1997)

Powers/Abilities: When last seen, Allure had no superhuman abilities. Due to a brain abnormality, she previously had the superhuman ability to hypnotize anyone who gazes into her eyes. Once under her hypnotic control, Allure's victims had no will of their own and only did her bidding. When she locked eyes with a potential victim, she was able to get brief glimpses into their minds, seeing memory flashes from her victims in her mind's eye.

Height: 5'10" (by approximation)
Weight: 147 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: White

History: (The Incredible Hulk & She-Hulk cartoon episode - "They Call Mr. Fixit" (fb) - BTS) - Acquiring hypnotic super powers due to a brain abnormality, the woman known as Allure set about acquiring power, eventually gaining the "Crusher" Creel and others as lackeys. The extremely greedy Allure also captured a duo of scientists and ordered to experiment on the homeless in an effort to find a way to boost her powers. Allure was soon considered the most powerful woman in Chicago.

(The Incredible Hulk & She-Hulk cartoon episode - "They Call Me Mr. Fixit") - After sending Creel and her other goons to break up a local casino, the hypnotic Allure met with Creel and asked him if he knew what she adored. When he remained silent, Allure remarked that she loved "climbing to the top" of the city and how no one could stop her. Creel replied, asking if there was anything she wanted, and Allure replied by saying she wanted more: more jewels, more power, more everything. She then visited her captive scientists, who were experimenting on a homeless man to no avail. When one of the scientists remarked that what she wanted them to do couldn't be done, Allure angrily ordered them to do the experiment again and warned the apprehensive scientists that if they could not produce a success on the homeless man, she would force them to use themselves as test subjects. She then used her hypnotic abilities to force the scientists to comply. As the hypnotized scientists continued their experiments and their victims screamed for his life, Allure left the room with a headache from using her powers and asked Creel what other scientists that he had for her. Absorbing Man then presented Allure with documents on a gamma scientist. Immediately opening the documents, Allure remarked that she liked his eyes and when she asked the scientist's name, Absorbing Man replied "Bruce Banner." Luring Banner into clutches with the promise of a research grant, Allure had Creel meet Banner at the airport and quickly get Banner into a car. When Banner commented that his cousin Jen was still in the airport, Creel informed him that Allure was eager to get to work. Insisting that the car be turned around, Banner was met by Allure, who suggested they never turn back and keep moving forward. When Banner warned that they wouldn't like him when he was angry, Allure used her powers in an attempt to calm Banner and place her under her hypnotic thrall, only to see psychic flashes of his memories as the Hulk. The car ride was soon interrupted when Allure's car was surrounded by numerous hitmen. Creel prepared to defend Allure but she opted to handle the situation herself, exiting the car and confronted the hitmen's employer, Mr. Rock, who was tired of Allure encroaching on what he felt was his own territory. Mr. Rock quickly ordered his men to take Allure out but she used her powers on them, instead ordering them to take Mr. Rock out. Rock's own hitmen then surrounded him and Allure took over Rock's mind as well before stopping due to a headache and departing the scene. As She-Hulk attempted to reunite with Bruce Banner, whom she learned had left the airport with Creel, the hypnotized Bruce Banner began an eye exam on Allure while Allure admitted she was intrigued by Banner. Creel soon grew jealous of how close the hypnotized Banner and Allure were becoming and Banner discovered that Allure's headaches were being caused a brain abnormality that grew every time she used her powers and could eventually became lethal if her powers were enhanced. Despite the hypnotized Banner's reservations about enhancing Allure's powers, she insisted that it was always about what she wanted and that she was willing to take the risks. She then demanded to know if Banner could enhanced her powers or not and he reluctantly admitted that he could with better equipment, prompting Allure to order Creel to take Banner "shopping." A short time later, after Banner had become the gray Hulk and teamed with She-Hulk to go undercover as "Mr. Fixit and Lady Green" to get more information on Allure, Allure demanded to know who this Lady Green and angrily wondered what had become of Banner, unaware who Fixit and Lady Green really were. Annoyed that her agents were supposed to be unstoppable yet kept getting defeated by Fixit and Lady Green, Allure arranged a trap for her two "competitors," setting a fake shipment to lure out the two undercover heroes. When Hulk and She-Hulk showed up as predicted, Allure's men ambushed them and had the guns hidden within Allure's trucks pointed at the two heroes. Creel then attempted to make a deal, explaining that Allure wanted Banner back and was willing to let them live if Banner was returned. During the ensuing fight, Creel absconded with Bruce Banner, having defeated the gray Hulk by absorbing his strength, and the duo returned to Allure, where Banner completed a device capable of enhancing Allure's abilities. Before Allure went through with the experiment, Creel attempted to talk Allure out of risking her life, suggesting they run off together and be happy, but an angry Allure reminded Creel that people didn't make her happy, only material things. Going through with the experiment anyway, Allure was almost immediately after confronted by She-Hulk but when Allure attempted to use her powers on She-Hulk, she found she no longer possessed superhuman powers. Demanding to know what Banner had done to her, Allure was informed that her life-threatening brain abnormality had been removed by Banner's device, curing her headaches but removing her powers. Allure then tried to remind Banner that he was in love with her but Banner explained that he had been reminded of his love for someone else and Allure responded by ordering Creel to destroy Banner. Before Creel could make a move, the police arrived on the scene and Allure fell into a depression, feeling as if she had lost everything. Creel reassured her that she had not lost everything and kissed her, making Allure believe that perhaps she hadn't lost everything after all.

Comments: Created by Bob Forward and Marvel Studios (see Appearances list for list of all of the artists involved).

It was never explained how Allure gained superpowers from a brain abnormality. In fact, her powers were specifically referred to as "unexplained" by scientists. It's possible that the brain abnormality was the result of some sort of mutant ability she was born with...

I apologize for the "Fox Kids" logo in the top left of the images. The Incredible Hulk cartoon aired in the late 1990s, a time when most stations had their station logo plastered onto the screen during every show they aired.. Unfortunately, The Incredible Hulk cartoon is not fully on DVD so better images were not an option...

In appearance as well as powers, Allure resembled the White Queen (Emma Frost), who had already been used in the X-Men cartoon a couple of years prior to this Incredible Hulk episode.

After the police arrived, Bruce Banner and She-Hulk left the scene, leaving Allure and "Crusher" Creel to be taken into custody. Honestly though, while Allure had lost her powers, Creel still had his. He could've easily taken out the police to facilitate an escape. They were again seen in the cartoon series though.

The Incredible Hulk was renamed the Incredible Hulk & She-Hulk for its second season.

Despite displaying his absorbing powers, "Crusher" Creel was never referred to be his Earth-616 codename of Absorbing Man.

Profile by Proto-Man.

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Allure's agents

Allure's agents were a group of superpowered criminals under the employer and/or hypnotic control of Allure. She often sent them out into the city of Chicago to take down any competitors in her acquisition of power. They also served as chauffeurs when needed and were eventually gathered together by Allure's chief enforcer, "Crusher" Creel, to ambush competitors Mr. Fixit (secretly the Hulk) and Lady Green (secretly the She-Hulk). The undercover heroes revealed their true colors during the battle and Allure's agents were quickly defeated and taken into custody.

While none of the agents were identified by name and most did not display any superhuman powers, the man with the red & black mask on displayed superhuman strength sufficient to punch holes into solid asphalt, a power likely caused by his seemingly cybernetic hand.

--The Incredible Hulk & She-Hulk cartoon episode, "They Call Me Mr. Fixit"

"Crusher" Creel

"Crusher" Creel was Allure's chief enforcer and was also secretly in love with her. Creel was sent to one of Allure's competitors' casinos, which he busted up by absorbing the properties of the metal doorframe. He then returned to Allure, who reminded him how much she loved the fight to the top of Chicago's control. During the conversation, Creel presented Allure with documents on Dr. Bruce Banner, a scientist who could potentially enhanced Allure's powers. After Allure lured Banner to Chicago with the false promise of a research grant, Creel met Banner at the airport and got Banner into a car alone, where Allure hypnotized Banner into helping her before they were confronted by one of Allure's competitors, Mr. Rock. Creel soon became jealous of Allure's heavy flirtations with Banner and arranged an ambush to take Banner out, organizing some of Allure's men to plant dynamite around a storage facility where Allure had Creel send Banner for supplies. A short time later, after the Hulk and She-Hulk began muscling in on Allure's territory while undercover as Mr. Fixit and Lady Green, Creel and Allure's other agents were sent to ambush the two undercover heroes by staging a shipment. When the heroes revealed themselves, Creel absorbed the Hulk's gamma abilities and punched Hulk through the walls of several buildings, causing Hulk to revert back to Bruce Banner. Once his absorbed powers had wore off, Creel checked on Hulk, only to find Banner, whom he returned to Allure as the rest of Allure's agents were arrested. When the hypnotized Banner finished a device to supposedly enhance Allure's abilities, Creel revealed his feelings for her and suggested they run off together rather than risk her life. Allure angrily reminded Creel that things made her happy, not people, and went through with the experiment, only to find that Banner's device had removed her powers by removing the brain abnormality that had caused them. The police soon arrived and Allure admitted she had lost everything but Creel reminded her that she hadn't lost everything and kissed her.

Like his Earth-616 counterpart, "Crusher" Creel carried a wrecking ball and could absorb the properties of anything he touched.

The Incredible Hulk & She-Hulk cartoon episode, "They Call Me Mr. Fixit"

Mr. Rock

Mister Rock was a criminal competitor to Allure's control of Chicago and after Allure sent her men to break up a local casino, Mr. Rock became determined to do something about Allure's interference. Gathering a group of hitmen, Mr. Rock arranged a hit on Allure, confronting her on the road moments after she had hypnotized Bruce Banner. Preferring to take care of Mr. Rock herself, Allure exited her vehicle and hypnotized all of Mr. Rock's hitmen. Mr. Rock ordered the hitmen to take care of Allure but Allure responded by ordering the men to instead take care of Mr. Rock. Surrounded by the hitmen, Mr. Rock was then hypnotized by Allure as well before she departed.

The Incredible Hulk & She-Hulk cartoon episode, "They Call Me Mr. Fixit"

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The Incredible Hulk & She-Hulk cartoon episode, "They Call Me Mr. Fixit" (all images in this profile)

The Incredible Hulk & She-Hulk cartoon episode, "They Call Me Mr. Fixit" (October 26, 1997) - Bob Forward (writer), Moon Choi (character design, character clean-up), Jack Hsu (character design), Patricio Agnasin (character clean-up, storyboards), Herbert Hazelton, Robert Lacko, Mark Lewis, Kay Park (character clean-up), Romeo Lopez, Wayne Schulz (prop design), Ricardo Abrines, Branislav Hetchel (background design), Patrick Archibald, Dell Barras, Rachel Brenner, Armando Carrillo, Joseph Dempsey, W.B. Dubay, Romeo Francisco, Scott Heming, Daniel Houle, Larry Houston, Jim Janes, Bonnie Jholson, Aleta Kozak, Abel Laxamana, Will Meugniot, Dave Simons, Danny Taverna, Danny Tolentino, Dan Veesenmeyer (storyboards), Ron Myrick (producer, director, animation director), Barbara Dourmashkin, Walt Kubiak, Tony Love, Karen Peterson (animation directors), Greg Johnson (story editor), Jon Braun (editor)

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