Real Name: Armati

Identity/Class: Human (Hyborian Era) magic user

Occupation: Priestess of Ormuz

Affiliations: Ormuz (god); Kulan Gath; Shah Amurath and the forces of Yezdigerd of Turan (loose alliance); Angra-Mainyu (familiar); Bone-Dragon of Kulan Gath (agent)

Enemies: Conan, Ispirana, the Kozaks, Vammatar

Known Relatives: Kulan Gath (former husband)

Aliases: Priestess of Ormuz

Base of Operations: currently unknown; formerly the Steppes (b/t Zamora and the Villayet Sea); Akif; Hyborian Era

First Appearance: Conan: Flame and the Fiend#1 (August, 2000)



Powers: Armati has a number of magical powers, of which only a few have been demonstrated. She can summon her familiar, Angra-Mainyu, to battle foes for her. She also accesses Angra-Mainyu's energies to cast other spells. She proved able to reanimate Kulan Gath's bone dragon without his presence, and even managed to resurrect Gath himself after reassembling MOST of his form.




History: Armati's past is for the most part unknown. She was trained in sorcery by unknown means, and at some point she wed the sorcerer Kulan Gath. She also knew of and disliked his previous wife, Vammatar, although whether they ever encountered one another is unclear.
After one of Gath's many deaths, she joined forces with Shah Amurath of Akif and the forces of Prince Yezdigerd of Turan. Their agents helped her to collect the remains of Gath and his bone dragon.

(Ctb:F+F#1-3) - Within a cavern in the Grassy Steppes, Armati located Conan and brought him to her side, under the guise of allowing him shelter from the hot sun. She then materialized Angra-Mainyu to battle Conan. The Cimmerian managed to overcome Angra-Mainyu, but one of Armati's Turanian allies brained him with a large rock, knocking him out. Armati brought Conan to Akif and presented him to Shah Amurath and the gathered Turanians. Conan broke free and Armati reanimated Kulan Gath's bone dragon to occupy him, while she resurrected Gath. Gath recaptured the rampaging barbarian.
Conan's allies, the Kozaks, followed his trail into Akif and released Conan, who sewed descent between Gath and Armati by revealing Gath's recent rendezvous with Vammatar. Gath focused his concentration, despite Armati's questions and accusations, to summon Ormuz to fight their enemies. Another of Conan's allies, Ispirana, sought to slay Gath, hoping that Ormuz would then vanish. Armati jumped in Ispirana's path, telling her, "To get to Kulan Gath--you must first slay me!"--and so Ispirana did, catching her unprepared with a mortal swordswing.

Comments: Created by Roy Thomas and Geoff Isherwood

Any sorcerer/sorceress worth their stones can overcome death, especially with the help of another sorcerer.

Some sources also list Angra Mainyu as an alias of Ahriman.
Presumably Armati's demon was an agent of the true Ahriman...
Yup.  No way that familiar may be _the_ enemy of Ahura Mazda--Luis
...though Ahriman seemed to be a force for good in the Hyborian era...maybe he Armati enslaved the familiar and degenerated it into demonic form?

That is a reasonable explanation.  Other possibilities IMO:

  1. The familiar was christened as a mockery of sorts, much as someone might call a race horse "Satan".
  2. In the MU, Ahriman degenerated along time (much like the proposed explanation for the Babylonian Gods becoming demons).
  3. Armati was deluded by the familiar or by some hypothetical master demon that it might have served.

Thanks to Will U, for the Armaiti and Angra-Mainyu descriptions listed below.

Her names is likely derived from, but she should be distinct from:

Angra-Mainyu's name is almost certainly derived from, but should be considered distinct from:

Angra-Mainyu is presumably a demon, and serves as the familiar to Armati. He normally exists in another dimension, "the World Beyond." He grants her power as well as physically manifesting himself to battle her foes as needed. He has dense, razor-sharp talons and is covered with sharp spines capable of shattering a sword directed against them. He is strong and fast, and also carries a highly corrosive residue with him.





Conan had little luck in attempting to battle Angra-Mainyu directly, but when he grabbed Armati and threw her at the demon, Angra teleported back to his extradimensional realm to avoid injuring her. Apparently there is some time limit required between his returns to the Earthly realm
--Ctb: F+F#1 (2+3-BTS




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