Real Name: Ormuz

Identity/Class: Demon/God (Hyborian Era)

Occupation: God/Demon

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Former agent of Kulan Gath; ally of Armati (his priestess), Shah Amurath and the Turanian army

Enemies: Conan, Devourer of Souls, Fafnir Hellhand, Ispirana, Kozak army, Zula

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Fire Demon

Base of Operations:
unknown; formerly Akif; some extra-dimensional realm;
Hyborian Era

First Appearance: (mentioned) Conan: Flame and the Fiend#1;
(possibly seen) Conan: Flame and the Fiend#3 (October, 2000)


Abilities: Ormuz is a magical creature composed of living fire. It can generate, project, and control flames. In addition, it can grow to superhuman size and possess an indeterminate level of superhuman strength.
It's flame was rumored to be able to resurrect the dead.

History: Ormuz's origins are unrevealed. It was worshipped as a god in the Hyborian era.

(Conan: Flame and the Fiend#1 (fb)-BTS) - Prince Yezdigerd of Turan directed Shah Amurath to recover the Sacred Fire of Ormuz and the bones of the sorcerer Kulan Gath. Amurath dispatched some agents to do so, who linked up with Armati, the Priestess of Ormuz.

(Conan: Flame and the Fiend#2-BTS) - Using the Sacred Fire of Ormuz, Armati resurrected Kulan Gath in Akif, alongside Amurath and his allies.

(Conan: Flame and the Fiend#3) - When the Kozak army burst into Akif to rescue Conan, Gath shaped the Sacred Fire of Ormuz into a fire demon, releasing Ormuz(?) from his fiery prison. Gath sent the fire demon to slay the invading Kozaks, which it did, until Wrarrl, the Devourer of Souls, burst through the walls, following its mother, Ispirana. Gath then re-directed the fire demon to battle Wrarrl. The Fire-Demon seemed to overpower Wrarrl and then went after Conan, but the Devourer rallied and attacked it anew. Their struggles eventually shattered the dam of Akif, washing away and/or destroying them both.


Comments: Created by Roy Thomas and Geof Isherwood.

The fire demon summoned by Kulan Gath was most likely not Ormuz, but just one of his avatars, spawn, or something. The true Ormuz may be much more powerful. If, in fact, it was Ormuz that appeared, his powers may be decreased out of his native real, or under the cirumstances in which he was summoned.

No KNOWN connection to:

Conan: Flame & Fiend#1-3 (August-October, 2000) - Roy Thomas (writer), Geoff Isherwood (penciler), Sandu Florea (inker), Ralph Macchio (editor)

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