Real Name: Mortimer Freebish

Identity/Class: Human/super-villain wannabe

Occupation: Unrevealed

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Falcon and Redwing

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Arrow Ace, Arrowmaster (both names suggested by himself, but never got around to choose)

Base of Operations: New York City

Appearances: Captain America I#220/2 (April, 1978)

Powers: None. Freebish uses weapons like a crossbow and his special armor. He has several trick arrows, such as his opti-arrow, which gives off a bright flash. Unfortunately, he forgets to wear his protective lenses.

History: (Captain America I#220/2) - Trying to make a name for himself in the super-villain underworld, Mortimer Freebish decided to kidnap Redwing, Falcon's pet partner. While waiting for Falcon to show himself, Mortimer tried to find a cool super-villain name, but he couldn't decide between Arrow Ace and Arrowmaster. Before he could decide, Falcon showed up, and the two of them began to fight. Falcon was the smarter and more experienced of the two, and he managed to easily defeat the super-villain wannabe.
--the fight's short, but somewhat entertaining--Snood.

Comments: Created by Scott Edelmann and Bob Budiansky

So am I the only one who would like to know what happenend to Mortimer?
--Oh, I think he's due back for some revenge! Mortimer had planned to become "the greatest super-villain this side of Dr. Doom!"--Snood

He may have missed his chance with the Frightful Four Wannabes, but maybe he could always go on to form the Great Lakes Masters of Evil--John Kaminski

Profile by the Beetle.

Clarifications: Mortimer Freebish has no known connection to:

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