Membership: Ahmed, Yasir

Purpose: Terrorist organization, trying to spread terror in the United States and the rest of the western world

Affiliations: Mecozzi Crime Family, UNISYM

Enemies: Rose Kugel, The Punisher, United States and the rest of the western world

Base of Operations:

First Appearance: Punisher II#6 (February, 1988)

History: (Punisher II#7 (fb) - BTS) - Rose Kugel showed the Punisher a video she had obtained a week after a raid in Lebanon. On the videotape Yasir was seen announcing the words of Revolutionary Jihad, saying "Death to the enemies of islam! Long live the Revolutionary Jihad."

(Punisher II#6) - Yasir and Ahmed came to the UNISYM compound in South Jersey where Manny Herrera and one of his men met with them. Yasir paid Manny a million dollars for some plutonium. Suddenly the meeting was interrupted by the Punisher, but the men tried to gun him down, though he maneged to escape. Manny yelled at Yasir, telling him that the man (Punisher) who just attacked them must have followed him. Yasir told him that was impossible, and that it was his own fault for his involvement in the Mecozzi Crime Family's vendetta against the Rosetti brothers. When the Punisher attacked the compound and the Rosetti's followed, Ahmed and Yasir left the place.

(Punisher II#7) - At the Gallagher Plaza, Yasir and Ahmed used a crane in order to place the plutonium at the Gallagher building, near a theatre full of people, including the general secretary of the U.N and Mr. Mecozzi of the Mecozzi Crime Family. The Punisher and Rose Kugel showed up and the Punisher captured Yasir, but Yasir told him that he was too late to stop them now. Yasir then fired his gun and hit the Punisher in the shoulder. The Punisher then gunned down Yasir. Meanwhile Ahmed managed to capture Rose and brought her to the top of the crane. The Punisher went after Rose, but Ahmed threatened to kill Rose if he didn't drop his gun. Ahmed made the Punisher go out on the the end of the crane. The Punisher tricked Ahmed, and forced him to go after him. Rose managed to shoot him in the back, but it didn't kill him. Ahmed then took Rose and threws her off the crane, and she fell to her (seeming) death. The Punisher then attacked Ahmed, pushing him off the crane as well, ending the threat of the Revolutionary Jihad.

Comments: Created by Mike Baron, Davis Ross and Kevin Nowlan.

Ahmed (depicted in the left in the picture) was the strong man of the team, and demonstrated good hand-to-hand fighting techniques, was capable of operating heavy machinary like cranes as he fought the Punisher on top of a crane. Ahmed was shot by Rose Kugel but survived, and threw her off the crane before he himself was thrown off the crane by the Punisher. -Punisher II#6-7

Yasir (depicted in the right in the picture) was the leader and the brains of the team. He used any means at hand to obtain his goals. He was shot down by the Punisher. -Punisher II#6-7

by The Beetle

Revolutionary Jihad should not be confused with:

Punisher II#6 (February, 1988) - Mike Baron (writer), David Ross (pencils), Kevin Nowlan (inks), Carl Potts (editor)
Punisher II#7 (March, 1988) - Mike Baron (writer), David Ross (pencils), John Beatty (inks), Carl Potts (editor)

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