AmalgamReal Name: Unknown

Identity/Class: Presumably a mutant from an alternate future

Occupation: Chooser-of-the-slain

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Mutantkind

Enemies: The enemies of mutantkind

Known Relatives: Possibly Mystique/Raven Darkholme (foster mother)

Aliases: 'The Angel of Death'

Base of Operations: Unknown

First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men Annual#16 (1992)

Powers/Abilities: Amalgam can absorb the mutant abilities and memories of someone with a touch, and can then shape-shift into their likeness and let their personality come to the forefront to interact with others. She has precognitive abilities that invoked an image of Destiny/Irene Adler in the air (whether she shifted into that shape or it was simply an artistic device is unknown), but seem much more focused and selective than Destiny's. Presumably she has some sort of time-travel abilities. And she mimicked the shapes and personalities of the Beast/Hank McCoy and Cyclops/Scott Summers, so she may have their powers, as well as God only knows how many others...

History: Amalgam's history and nature are unknown -- but not un-guessed-at. A good deal of evidence points to her being an alternate-future version of Rogue of the X-Men -- she wears Rogue's original costume, has a light streak in the same place in her hair, and she can absorb the minds and powers of other mutants with a touch. It is this ability that seems to be key to her quest --to collect the powers and memories of dying mutants so a part of them can continue to fight for mutant kind, in her. It appears she travels up and down the timestream offering mutants 'The Choice,' but no indication was given of just how many mutants have accepted it, or what she intends to do with their powers and memories. Among those apparently included within the Amalgam are alternate future counterparts of Cyclops (who died in a Sentinel attack), Beast, Nightcrawler, Mystique, and Destiny/Irene Adler.

Amalgam has only appeared twice that we know of, both times to Warren Worthington III -- Archangel of the X-Men. When he was impaled to a wall my the Marauders during the Morlock Massacre, Amalgam appeared to him. Apparently she came for the Massacre, and had already offered 'The Choice' to many of the dying Morlocks when she found Warren. She explained her purpose to him, but it took her assuming the appearances and personalities of his X-Factor teammates Cyclops and the Beast (both in their appearances/costumes of the time) for him to agree to be added to the Amalgam. She kissed him, but was unable to absorb him because something deep within fought her. Scanning the future, she discovered that he was not yet fated to die, but instead to become Archangel, and left him to be found by his friends. He chalked it up to hallucinations from the pain.

Amalgam reappeared to Warren years later, when he was injured preventing a group of terrorists from stealing nuclear materials. She scolded him for being a 'tease.' Warren remembered his first encounter with her, and was woken up in a hospital with some of the other X-Men with him. They tell him that the terrorists claimed an 'Angel of Death' appeared to their dying leader, a mutant with the abilities to accurately calculate the likelihood of future events...

Amalgam shifts into the BeastComments: Created by Chris Cooper and Jae Lee.

Though she was behind the scenes at the Mutant Massacre, she's only had one real appearance to date, a back-up story in an early-'90s X-Men Annual. It's a shame she's never been seen again; she has a very interesting concept, and with all the alternate futures and time-traveling being done constantly in the X-verse its a wonder we haven't seen her since, at least in something like X-Men Forever... I would love to see Amalgam come back.

Though her nickname is 'Angel of Death,' Amalgam is much more like the Valkyries of Norse mythology -- spirits who would hover invisibly over battlefields, plucking up the souls of the valiant dead to go on to Valhalla, the warriors' paradise. That's where 'Chooser of the Slain' comes from, and why I put it as her occupation.

Clarifications: Amalgam has no known connection to:

Profile by Flank McLargehuge

Uncanny X-Men Annual#16 (1992) - Fabian Nicieza (writer), Jae Lee (pencils), Jan Harps & Joe Rubinsteni (inks), Bob Harras (editor)

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