Real Name: Apate

Identity/Class: Olympian goddess (Post-Hyborian era to modern era)

Occupation: Goddess of deceit

Group Membership: Formerly Olympians (Greek gods) (Apollo/Phoebus Apollo, Artemis, Athena/Athena Parthenos, Dolos, Hermes/Hermes Diaktoros, Hypnos, Neptune/Poseidon, Nyx, Oizys, Zeus/Zeus Panhellenios, others)

Affiliations: Dolos, Hypnos, Nyx, Oizys, the Pseudologoi

Enemies: The Avengers (Hercules/Heracles, Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff, Spectrum/Monica Rambeau, Vision/"Victor Shade"), the Lord High Librarian of Omnipotence City, the Olympians (Apollo/Phoebus Apollo, Artemis, Athena/Athena Parthenos, Hermes/Hermes Diaktoros, Neptune/Poseidon, Zeus/Zeus Panhellenios, others)

Known Relatives: Nyx (mother), Aether, Charon, Dolos, Eosphoros, Epahos, Epiales, Epiphron, Eros, Geres, Horcos, Hypnos, Lysimeles, Mache, Momus, Phaethon, Phainon, Phoros, Ponos, Porphyrion, Pyroeis, Somnia, Stilbon, Thanatis (brothers), Ataros (alleged brother), Algea, Amphillogea, Androctasia, Ate, Atropos, Clotho, Dysnomia, Eleos, Eos-Hemera, Eris, Euphrosyne, Hemera, Hesperides, Hybris, Keres, Lakhesis, Lethe, Limos, Neicea, Nemesis, Oizys, Philots, Pseudea, Sophrosyne, Styx, Thalassa, Usmine (sisters), the Oneiroi (Morpheus, Phantasos, Phobetor) (nephews), Alecto, Hecate, Megaera, Tisiphone (alleged sisters), Ophion (alleged grandfather), Eurynome (alleged grandmother), Ouranous (alleged great-grandfather, deceased), Gaea (alleged great-grandmother), Pak-Man (alleged nephew)

Aliases: Fraus (Roman name)

Base of Operations: Olympus

First Appearance: Avengers: No Road Home#2 (April, 2019)

Powers/Abilities: Apate possessed the typical attributes of an Olympian goddess, including superhuman strength, durability, immunity to Earthly diseases and a halted aging process. In addition to these abilities, Apate could also generate intense feelings of furious anger in others, an ability she focused through a series of daggers she carried hidden within her half-cloak.

Her daggers were composed of an extremely durable metal capable of piercing even the superhumanly durable skin of other Olympian gods. Apate was also extremely skilled at wielding her daggers, capable of retrieving them from her cloak in the blink of an eye and hurling multiple daggers at once.

Height: 5'9" (by approximation)
Weight: 140 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Blue (glowing yellow or white depending on emotion)
Hair: Black

History: (Avengers: No Road Home#4 (fb)) - After feeling as if she was not wanted by the other Olympian gods, night goddess Nyx dreamed of betrayal and subsequently birthed the twins Apate and Dolos.

(Greek Myth) - Representing deceit, deception, guile and fraud, Apate became a companion of the Pseudologoi, malevolent spirits of lies and falsehoods.

(Avengers: No Road Home#4 (fb)) - Over time, Apate and her brother Dolos sided with Nyx in her hatred of the other Olympians, Apate causing conflict by attacking other gods. Nyx soon began to think Apate and Dolos were bred for war, having been born out of betrayal. Eventually, Apate joined Nyx and a small group of Apate's siblings in an all-out attack on the other Olympian gods. During the battle, Apate was taken down by the hunt goddess Artemis and, after Zeus removed a portion of Nyx's power via black shards of her own soul, Apate was cast into chained exile along with her other rebellious family members for as long as the sun shined. Apate and her family remained in exile until a game between the Elders of the Universe Grandmaster and Challenger removed the Earth from its orbit around the sun, negating Zeus' banishment spell.

(Avengers: No Road Home#2 (fb)/Avengers: No Road Home#4 (fb)) - From their place at the extraterrestrial Far Shore, the Elders of the Universe Voyager and Challenger witnessed the return of the Greek night goddess Nyx and her children Apate, Hypnos, Dolos and Oizys to Olympus. Attacking the Olympians, Nyx ordered Apate and the others to slaughter the gods, with Apate proving too fast for Artemis, whom Apate slayed. After killing all of the Olympian gods, Nyx claimed Zeus' throne and Apate and her siblings happily watched as Nyx called forth darkness to cover the universe.

(Avengers: No Road Home#3) - After a group of Avengers were sent to Omnipotence City in search of a black shard of Nyx's soul, finding it around the Lord High Librarian's neck, Apate and Dolos were transported to Omnipotence City and Apate announced that they would handle things from that point. Recognizing Apate and Dolos, Hercules ordered the other Avengers to protect the Lord High Librarian, feeling as if Apate and Dolos planned to separate them. Dolos soon managed to cloud the Avengers' judgment with his sand-like fog, leaving an opening for Apate to hurl a slew of daggers. While most of the Avengers dodged the daggers, Apate managed to hit Hercules with two daggers in the back, allowing her to cloud Hercules' mind with lies and anger. His mind overtaken with anger due to Apate's dagger, Hercules proclaimed that the Avengers were to blame for his fellow Olympians' deaths and announced his plans to kill his teammates.

(Avengers: No Road Home#4) - Despite Vision's insistence that Apate and Dolos were clouding Hercules' mind, Hercules viciously attacked his fellow Avengers and Apate managed to get the jump on the Lord High Librarian, putting a dagger to his throat and warning him to be silent. As the Avengers stumbled over themselves, affected by Dolos' sand, Apate replied to Dolos' remark of the Avengers not being much of a challenge by asking Dolos what he expected of humans. She then asked Dolos to hold the Lord High Librarian as she planned to carve him. Unfortunately, Apate and Dolos had not planned on the then-blinded Scarlet Witch being able to see Nyx's power within them and they were knocked aside by a hex bolt from Scarlet Witch. While Apate and Dolos were subdued by the Scarlet Witch, Spectrum managed to restore Hercules' sanity with a specific strobe light frequency. Nyx soon arrived, having sensed the shard of her soul using Scarlet Witch's eyes, and a newly-freed Apate held the Lord High Librarian as Nyx retrieved the black shard from the Librarian's neck.

(Avengers: No Road Home#5) - While Nyx focused on her shard, the blind Scarlet Witch used Spectrum to trace magic sigils and attack Nyx, much to the surprise of Apate, Dolos and Nyx herself. Scarlet Witch then kept Nyx distracted while Spectrum flew to take on Apate, who hurled her daggers at Spectrum, only to watch them go through Spectrum's incorporeal form. The two then continued fighting until Nyx became aware of her son Hypnos' death at the hands of the Avengers ally Hulk and Hercules took advantage of the distraction of Nyx's mourning outcry to defeat Apate by slinging her over his shoulder using Apate's half-cloak.

(Avengers: No Road Home#7 (fb)) - Spectrum used her light-manipulating powers to holographically make Apate and Dolos appear to Nyx as the Avengers Hercules and Vision while making the true Hercules and Vision appear as Apate and Dolos.

(Avengers: No Road Home#5/Avengers: No Road Home#6 (fb)) - In anger over Hypnos' death, Nyx lashed out at the Avengers, obliterating "Hercules" and "Vision," unaware of Spectrum's ruse.

(Avengers: No Road Home#6 - BTS) - Nyx arrived, alongside "Apate" and "Dolos," in the Hyborian past of Earth, having tracked one of her black shards there using Scarlet Witch's eyes.

(Avengers: No Road Home#7 - BTS) - As Nyx gloated about what to do with Scarlet Witch and her new ally Conan, Spectrum (who had followed Nyx to the Hyborian era disguised as light) revealed her ruse to Nyx, who became distraught over having been tricked into destroying her own children and savagely attacked the Avengers.

Comments: Adapted into Marvel Comics by Al Ewing, Jim Zub, Mark Waid, Paco Medina and Juan Vlasco (and Joshua James Shaw-see comments).

While Al Ewing, Jim Zub, Mark Waid, Paco Medina and Juan Vlasco adapted Apate into Marvel Comics, Joshua James Shaw is credited for her design.

Despite being destroyed in her last appearance, it seems likely that Apate could someday be resurrected, much like most gods and goddesses are capable of being resurrected by other gods if so desired.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Apate has no known connections to:

images: (without ads)
Avengers: No Road Home#3, p18, pan2 (Apate teleporting into Omnipotence City, main image)
Avengers: No Road Home#4, p7, pan5 (Apate headshot)
Avengers: No Road Home#4, p7, pan2 (Apate as an infant)
Avengers: No Road Home#4, p12, pan1 (younger Apate battling Olympians)
Avengers: No Road Home#7, p4, pan4 (death)

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Avengers: No Road Home#7 (May, 2019) - Jim Zub, Mark Waid, Al Ewing (writers), Paco Medina (art), Tom Brevoort (editor)

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