Real Name: Oizys

Identity/Class: Olympian goddess (Post-Hyborian era to modern era)

Occupation: Goddess of misery and depression

Group Membership: Formerly Olympians (Greek gods) (Apate, Artemis, Athena/Athena Parthenos, Dolos, Hermes/Hermes Diaktoros, Hypnos, Nyx, Zeus/Zeus Panhellenios, others)

Affiliations: Apate, Dolos, Hypnos, Nyx

Enemies: Avengers (Hawkeye/Clint Barton, Hercules/Heracles, Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff, Spectrum/Monica Rambeau, Vision/"Victor Shade"), Conan, Hulk (Bruce Banner), Olympians (Greek gods) (Artemis, Athena/Athena Parthenos, Hermes/Hermes Diaktoros, Zeus/Zeus Panhellenios, others), Rocket Raccoon, Voyager (Va Nee Gast)

Known Relatives: Nyx (mother), Erebus (alleged daughter), Aether, Charon, Dolos, Eosphoros, Epahos, Epiales, Epiphron, Eros, Geres, Horcos, Hypnos, Lysimeles, Mache, Momus, Phaethon, Phainon, Phoros, Ponos, Porphyrion, Pyroeis, Somnia, Stilbon, Thanatis/Thanatos (brothers), Ataros (alleged brother), Algea, Amphillogea, Androctasia, Apate, Ate, Atropos, Clotho, Dysnomia, Eleos, Eos-Hemera, Eris, Euphrosyne, Hemera, Hesperides, Hybris, Keres, Lakhesis, Lethe, Limos, Neicea, Nemesis, Oizys, Philots, Pseudea, Sophrosyne, Styx, Thalassa, Usmine (sisters), the Oneiroi (Morpheus, Phantasos, Phobetor) (nephews), Alecto, Hecate, Megaera, Tisiphone (alleged sisters), Ophion (alleged grandfather), Eurynome (alleged grandmother), Ouranous (alleged great-grandfather, deceased), Gaea (alleged great-grandmother), Pak-Man (alleged nephew)

Aliases: Miseria (Roman name)

Base of Operations: Olympus

First Appearance: Avengers: No Road Home#2 (April, 2019)

Powers/Abilities: Oizys had the typical Olympian attributes including superhuman strength, durability, immunity to Earthly diseases and a slowed aging process after reaching adulthood.

As goddess of misery, Oizys could cause her victims to feel intense feelings of despair when coiled around them, feelings that would leave the victim not quite in their right state of mind even after Oizys was no longer touching them.

Oizys fed off her victims' feelings of despair, grief and misery and could assume a giant, superpowered form after absorbing a sufficient amount of negative feelings. As she fed on negative feelings, Oizys' power levels would also grow, allowing her to summon forth physical representations of that which her victims grieved about and project needle-like darkness projectiles that would force anyone stuck by the needles to see visions of their worst despair. However, Oizys could only maintain her superpowered form so long as her victims continued to experience feelings of misery and if they overcame those feelings, Oizys would be reduced to her true, tiny form.

She possessed a serpentine form and could utilize her prehensile tail to entrap others.

Height: Variable
Weight: Variable
Eyes: None (see comments)
Hair: None

History: (Greek myth/Avengers: No Road Home#4 (fb)) - Nyx bore Oizys as the goddess of misery, woe, distress and suffering.

(Greek myth) - The Greeks barely acknowledged the existence of the malevolent Oizys, thinking of her and her siblings as mere abstract deities.

(Avengers: No Road Home#4 (fb)) - Born into silent exile, Oizys remained protective of Nyx and her siblings Apate, Dolos and Hypnos as they all shared Nyx's sentence to be exiled until the sun no longer shined.

(Avengers: No Road Home#2 (fb) - BTS) - Oizys became Nyx's most favored offspring.

(Avengers: No Road Home#4 (fb)) - Oizys and her family were freed from their exile when a game between the Elders of the Universe Gamesmaster and Challenger removed the Earth from its orbit around the sun.

(Avengers: No Road Home#2 (fb)) - Nyx and her children Oizys, Hypnos, Apate and Dolos burst from the ground in Olympus and attacked the Olympian gods. During the battle, Oizys coiled herself around Zeus, forcing the Olympian leader to feel feelings of intense despair and grief. Affected by Oizys' abilities, Zeus revealed the locations of two of the darkness shard he had once taken from Nyx's soul before managing to fight Oizys' influence, forcing Oizys to remove herself from Zeus. After Nyx killed Zeus, Oizys took her place at Nyx's feet and Apate rested her arm atop Oizys.

(Avengers: No Road Home#2) - When the Avengers and their allies arrived on Olympus and Nyx began fighting them, Oizys coiled around Hawkeye, forcing him to feel worthless until Voyager teleported Hawkeye and the others away from the battle to focus on finding Nyx's other children, who were seeking Nyx's darkness shards. With the Avengers and their allies gone, Nyx focused her attention on Voyager and had Oizys use her powers on Voyager.

(Avengers: No Road Home#4) - Tracking one of the darkness shards to Omnipotence City by seeing through Scarlet Witch's eyes, Nyx, Apate, Dolos and Oizys teleported there using Oizys, who was manipulating the teleporting Voyager.

(Avengers: No Road Home#5) - Oizys remained by Nyx's side with the captive Voyager as Nyx acquired the first of her darkness shards. Scarlet Witch soon managed to cast a spell using the light being Spectrum to draw the sigils and the Avengers mounted an attack against Nyx with Hercules punching Oizys aside. Retaliating, Oizys attempted to use her powers on Hercules but failed to account for the loss Hercules already felt upon learning that Nyx had murdered his Olympian god brethren. Easily overcoming Oizys' powers, Hercules grabbed Oizys in a chokehold and slammed her into the ground. After Scarlet Witch stole the darkness shard back from Nyx and teleported away thanks to Voyager, Nyx turned her attention towards Voyager, whom Oizys resumed control over.

(Avengers: No Road Home#6) - Nyx had Oizys manipulate Voyager into transporting Nyx and her family (unaware that Apate and Dolos had been replaced Hercules and Vision) to the Hyborian era, where Oizys and the rest of Nyx's family confronted Scarlet Witch and her new ally, Conan the barbarian.

(Avengers: No Road Home#7) - Oizys remained coiled around the captive Voyager as Nyx moved to reacquire the darkness shard, only to watch as Hercules and Vision, whom Nyx had thought destroyed, revealed themselves as Apate and Dolos. When Nyx realized she had actually been tricked by Spectrum into destroying the true Apate and Dolos, Oizys moved near to Nyx as Nyx cried out in anger. Oizys then stayed by Nyx's side as Nyx had Voyager open a portal that prevented Spectrum from stopping Nyx's usage of the darkness shard. After shattering the shard and regaining its power, Nyx ordered Oizys to clean up as she left to pursue another shard. Oizys immediately set to feeding on innocent Hyborian era children's despair and when the Avengers and Conan attempted to stop her, she summoned a physical illusion of Conan's lover Belit to attack Conan.

(Avengers: No Road Home#8) - Coiling herself around Conan, Oizys watched as the Belit illusion stabbed Conan in the chest. After Vision blasted the false Belit off of Conan, Conan realized that he was being manipulated by Oizys and bit Oizys in the snout before smashing Oizys into the nearby wall. Announcing that he was not impressed by Oizys' magics, Conan demanded that Oizys heal him or be killed but Oizys attempted to feed off Conan's grieving feelings. Empowered by Conan's feelings, Oizys transformed into a flowing, dark form and enveloped the false Belit, exploding outward in a blast of dark needles that hit every hero present. Feeding off the Avengers' despair, Oizys grew to a giant form and continued sticking the Avengers with darkness needles until Hercules managed to overcome his despair to help the other Avengers. No longer feeding Oizys' superpowered form, Hercules saw Oizys' true, tiny form for the first time and stepped on her, killing Oizys with a bloody squish. Voyager was then able to use her previous connection to Oizys to divine Nyx's location and teleported the Avengers to confront Nyx, who was already battling Avengers allies Hawkeye, Rocket Raccoon and Hulk.

Comments: Adapted into Marvel Comics by Al Ewing, Jim Zub, Mark Waid, Paco Medina and Juan Vlasco (and Joshua James Show-see comments).

While Al Ewing, Jim Zub, Mark Waid, Paco Medina and Juan Vlasco were the creative team behind adapting Oizys into the Marvel Universe, Joshua James Shaw is credited for her design.

Despite appearing to possess eyes, designer Joshua James Shaw mentioned that Oizys did not possess true eyes but rather, just fleshy bumps where her eyes should be.

Thanks to Will U/Thor2000 and Dim I Nticoudis for providing mythological information on Oizys!

Profile by Proto-Man.

Oizys has no known connections to:

images: (without ads)
Avengers: No Road Home#7, p19, pan1 (Oizys feeding, main image)
Avengers: No Road Home#2, p5, pan5 (Oizys, headshot)
Avengers: No Road Home#4, p15, pan2 (Oizys as infant)
Avengers: No Road Home#4, p15, pan3 (Oizys with family)
Avengers: No Road Home#2, front cover (Oizys lurching forward)
Avengers: No Road Home#7, p18, pan1 (Oizys crawling)
Avengers: No Road Home#8, p13, pan2 (Oizys' giant superpowered form)
Avengers: No Road Home#8, p16, pan3 (Oizys' true tiny form)

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Avengers: No Road Home#8 (June, 2019) - Jim Zub, Mark Waid, Al Ewing (writers), Carlo Barberi (art), Tom Brevoort (editor)

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