belit-hyborian-ctb89-faceReal Name: Bêlit (see comments)

Identity/Class: Human;
Hyborian era;
    Shemite citizen

Occupation: Pirate

Group Membership: Black Corsairs (Ajonga (possibly aka Ajongo), Asambi, Awogmu, Baktu, Basara, Bataga, B'Tumi, Chama, Datira, Laboto,  Laranga (possibly aka Lasanga +/- Laranaga +/- Lasunga, Matawa, M'Gora, N'Yaga, Odongo, Ohanu, Tabak, Yalonga, Yasunga, (presumably aka Yarunga +/- Yasanga +/- Yaranga), Zula); formerly Awogmu and Kawaku)

Affiliations: Aluna, Astarta, Bal-Yamm (Asgalunum priest of Ishtar), Conan of Cimmeria, Florannus and his Argossean crew, Karanthes, M'Gora (see comments), N'Yaga, N'Yami (daughter of Watambi chief Ombassa) and other women imprisoned as mates for Ajaga, Publio, Red Sonja of Hyrkania, Sholo, Ta-No, Uriaz (she saved his life), Watambi tribe (Ombassa), Zula;
    on good terms after meeting with Kull, Brule, and the Black Legion of the City of Wonder from the pre-Cataclysmic era;
    the sea god associated with Aluna destroyed Kelka, the city of her enemies, but also interfered with her looting of the city;
    briefly and of convenience with Imbalayo and his Stygian warriors and a group of Hyrkanians formerly employed by Nim-Karrak;

    she certainly revered Bel, god of thieves;
    among the other gods she referenced/considered were Adonis, Ashtoreth, Ishtar, Kimri, Morfi, Kushite god of sleep, and his mate, Kimra;
    formerly Awogmu, Kawaku and other Black Corsairs who mutinied against her, Neftha (later Ctesphon III),

Enemies: Ajaga and his warriors (notably Krato & Beeya) and his leopard familiar, Akkheba and the brutish warrior-men of Kelka (including Wharto), Amra of Aquilonian descent, the Argus' crew, Awogmu, Barachan pirates (notably Auro), Bekhet, King Ctesphon I, King Ctesphon II, King Ctesphon III (Neftha), devil-crabs/crab-men/man-crabs, Dwellers in Darkness, Ghomli and his warriors, giant-king, Hath-Horeb, Hawk-Riders of Harakht (notably Kamut and their trainer, Ator), Hor-Neb of Harakht, Kawaku and other traitorous Black Corsairs, Prince Khauman of Stygia, Makeda, unidentified Man-Serpent, Mound-Dwellers, moth-creature, Nim-Karrak, Ptor-Nubis, Riders of the River-Dragons, sea-witch, Serpent Men, Set, a shoggoth, snow-skins (Ta-No's race), Stygians in general, Tezcatlipoca of the Isle of Mists and his pygmy agents and gaunt servant, Thoth-Amon, Tito, Uriaz (she forced him into an unwanted kingship), Uzumi, winged horror; unidentified sorcerer of the Black Ring, unidentified sabre-toothed tiger, unidentified sea serpent (resembling a long-necked aquatic dinosaur, such as a plesiosauroid);;
    the sea god associated with Aluna destroyed Kelka, the city of her enemies, but also interfered with her looting of the city;

    formerly Karanthes, Red Sonja of Hyrkania, Sholo;
    she was jealous of Aluna, N'Yami (daughter of Watambi chief Ombassa), and Ta-No (of the people of the Frozen Land);
    she never even met or heard of Anya of Luxur or Bardylis of Attalus, but she would not have liked them, and Conan may or may have had relations with them while he was away from Bêlit;
    unidentified pirates who abducted her; unidentified priests of Ishtar

Known Relatives: Atrahasis (father, deceased), Nim-Karrak (paternal uncle);
    Derketa (alleged mother)

Aliases: Queen of the Black Coast, "Goddess" (translation of name in Shemite), Mistress of the Tigress, Chieftain of the Silver Isles, She-Devil;
    "Hellion" (from Stygian Priest); "Shemite Hellcat" (from Stygian galley crewman);
    an unidentified priest in the Temple of a Thousand Gods made her appear to be Derketa (at least to Conan)

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
    formerly mobile aboard the Tigress ship;
    perished in a lost city along the river Zarkheba;
    formerly unidentified southern isles, south of Kush;
    formerly Asgalun, Shem

First Appearance: Weird Tales#23/5 "Queen of the Black Coast" (May, 1934);
    (Marvel; mentioned only) Giant-Size Conan#1 (September, 1974);
    (Marvel, seen) Conan the Barbarian I#58 (January, 1976)

belit-hyborian-ctb58-tigbcPowers/Abilities: Bêlit was an experienced pirate, ship captain, and sailor.

    She was a fierce warrior, using both spear and dagger, as well as bow and arrow. She would also punch, kick, and scratch in a fight.

    Unafraid of male warriors much larger than her, she could throw a man over her back.

    She was a woman of extreme passions, with avarice, vengeance, love, and jealousy her main driving forces.
    Her strength of love for Conan was so great that she was able to briefly return from death to save him from death at the hands of the creature that had slain her.

    She was also a seductive dancer

Height: Unrevealed (approximately 5'8")
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 135 lbs.)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black


(Conan the Barbarian I#58 (fb) - BTS / Conan the Barbarian I#59 (fb) - BTS) -
For generations, Bêlit's forebears were kings in the northern Shemite city-state Asgalun.

belit-hyborian-ctb59-dad-palace(Conan the Barbarian I#59 (fb)) - Motherless (see comments), Bêlit -- whose name means "goddess" in the Shemitish tongue -- was raised by her loving father, King Atrahasis, who taught her sailing and a passion for the sea aboard his ship, the Tigress. belit-hyborian-ctb59-dad-tigress

(Conan the Barbarian I#59 (fb)) - Bêlit's non-royal education was conducted by Atrahasis' informal advisor, N'Yaga, who found her to be open, loving, and trusting. N'Yaga taught her mainly about love and responsibility.

(Conan the Barbarian I#59 (fb)) - Playfully climbing out of bed one night, Bêlit observed as Atrahasis and his most faithful retainers were slain by Stygians smuggled into the city by Atrahasis' brother, Nim-Karrak.

(Conan the Barbarian I#59 (fb)) - Via good fortune and with a handful of royal guardsmen, N'Yaga fled with Bêlit, sparing her from her father's fate, and escaped aboard the Tigress, which he had ordered ever-ready to sail. Traveling south of Kush, they arrived in the Silver Isles in which N'Yaga had grown up.

    Although the others from the Tigress were slain by local warriors atop their birds-that-run, N'Yaga got the warriors' attention via using the priests of Shem's fire-casting powders. The warriors recalled N'Yaga's name, and he told them that Bêlit was the daughter of the death goddess Derketa. Although Chief Uzumi was skeptical, he begrudgingly allowed them into their village.

    Keeping a low profile, N'Yaga raised Bêlit, who proved to be a powerful warrior.




(Conan the Barbarian I#59 (fb)) - <Three years before the main story> - As an adult, when Bêlit insisted she be one of the tribe's warriors, Uzumi sent her on a seemingly doomed mission to retrieve the Eye of Dagon from the nearly blind man-worms known as the Mound-Dwellers. Despite N'Yaga's advice that she flee, Bêlit insisted on completing the mission, and N'Yaga secretly slipped a vial of liquid silver (mercury?) into her side-pouch so that she might use it to replace the shiny Eye she would steal from the Mound-Dwellers. belit-hyborian-ctb59-proclaimed

    Bêlit stole the Eye without using the silver, but when she returned to the village and warned of the pursuing Mound-Dwellers, Uzumi condemned her for bringing this threat. Grabbing Uzumi by the throat, Bêlit apparently intimidated him into proclaiming her the daughter of Derketa; not satisfied with this, she poured the liquid silver down his throat and then leapt away as the Mound-Dwellers erupted through the ground. The Man-Worms then pulled Uzumi back to their lair, apparently planning to tear the silver from his body.

    N'Yaga subsequently proclaimed Bêlit's success to be a result of her being the daughter of Derketa, and former sub-chieftain M'Gora supported this and convinced the others to hail her as Chieftain of the Silver Isles, after which she vowed to lead them to become pirates on the open sea, punishing those who had previously raided them; she further noted her goal of becoming queen of Asgalun.

(Conan the Barbarian I#72) (fb) - BTS - Bêlit sought to raise funds to pay for mercenary troops to reconquer Asgalun,

(Conan the Barbarian I#58 (fb) - BTS) - Bêlit ranged the sea from the coasts of Zingara to the fires of the ultimate south.

(Conan the Barbarian I#58 (fb) - BTS) - Bêlit and her Black Corsairs harried the shipping along Kush and the rest of the Black Coast, sending many a tradesman to the bottom of the sea.

(Conan the Barbarian I#73 (fb) - BTS) - Bêlit stored her gathered treasures on an unidentified island, beneath an ornate slab within the Temple of the Toad, near the Well of Skelos. Only M'Gora and "a few chosen others" were allowed to accompany her into the island's jungles.

(Conan the Barbarian I#58 (fb) - BTS) - Bêlit and her Black Corsairs developed a reputation as savage and deadly warriors, with Bêlit considered a She-Devil by many, including the captain of the Argus. 

(Conan the Barbarian I#100 (fb)) - Bêlit led the Black Corsairs in pursuit of a Stygian galley that fled up the mouth of the Zarkheba river. Considering the poison waters and the jungle so foreboding, Bêlit had the Tigress wait there, figuring they would turn back. Days later, the galley came floating back out, with its decks bloodstained and deserted except for one man who was stark, stairly madly, and he died gibbering. The cargo was intact.

(Conan the Barbarian I#100 (fb)) - The Black Corsairs presumably claimed the cargo and departed the region.

(Conan the Barbarian I#100 (fb) - BTS) - Bêlit heard tales of giant towers and walls in a city on the river Zarkheba.

(Conan the Barbarian I#58 (fb) - BTS) - Bêlit and her Black Corsairs slaughtered a group of tribesman on the coast of Kush.belit-hyborian-ctb58-dance

(Conan the Barbarian I#58) - Aboard the Tigress, Bêlit and her Black Corsairs approached the ship Argus as it sailed along the coasts of Kush. Fearing Bêlit's reputation, Master Tito ordered his crew to row to escape. A mile from the shore, the first arrow from the Tigress struck down one of the Argus' crew. The Tigress soon caught up to the Argus, and Bêlit stood on a raised platform, commanding her crew. As arrows bounced harmlessly off his armor, Conan drew an arrow, but some whim or qualm caused him to target the warrior at Bêlit's side, rather than Bêlit herself. The Black Corsairs then dove from the Tigress onto the Argus and began to slaughter its crew, leading Conan to drop his bow and arrow and join the fight with his sword.

    While Conan's armor helped him resist swordstrikes, a Black Corsair shot Tito in the arm, and another, Odongo, finished him with an axe. Conan then broke free and scrambled onto the Tigress' deck and slew multiple crewmen before being cornered by numerous spearmen. Bêlit called to her men (calling them "sea-wolves") to halt so she could speak with this savage one. She asked Conan who he was and from whence he had come; prepared for treachery, Conan nonetheless recognized the light that burned in her dark eyes. When he told her he came from Argos (which is where he boarded the Argus), Bêlit noted that he was no soft Hyborian and that she had never seen his like: "You are fierce and hard as a gray wolf!"

    Bêlit decided to test this "wolf" against a "coal tiger," and instructed Conan -- at the threat of her spear-tossers -- to face her large warrior Odongo, each armed only with a dagger. She watched as Conan ultimately threw Odongo overboard where he was apparently torn apart by sharks. Instructing Conan to look at her, she noted that he was as cold as the snowy mountains that bred him, his eyes were never dimmed by city lights, and his thews were never softened by life and marble walls. She told him to become her king (as she was a queen by fire, steel, and slaughter), to crush her with his fierce love and to go with her to the ends of Earth and sea.

    Realizing that Bêlit's crew considered her a goddess and drawn to her vibrant nature (as well as considering he had no other good options), Conan agreed to sail with her. Bêlit then instructed N'Yaga to dress her wounds; and, with the plunder aboard, she instructed the rest of the crew to prepare to cast off.

    As the Tigress moved southward, Bêlit commanded her crew to behold "the love dance of Bêlit, whose fathers were kings of Asgalun." After performing her dance, she let out a wild cry as she threw herself at Conan's feet; overcome with desire, Conan pulled her to him, crushing her panting form against his armored shirt as they kissed passionately.

(Conan the Barbarian I#59) - Bêlit led Conan and the Black Corsairs in slaughtering the crew of a Stygian galley that had hoped to raid the coasts of Kush; after she had personally slain at least a couple crewmen, a Stygian priest stopped her from slaying a warrior, surrendering their ship and their treasure, after which he levied a curse on Bêlit and himself. Bêlit thought it curious that the priest had focused more on Conan than on herself, after which she let her passion for Conan soothe her rage, and she invited him back to their room, after she had had a chance to bathe, cleaning the Stygian blood from her skin.

(Conan the Barbarian I#59 - BTS) - Conan subsequently asked N'Yaga why Bêlit hated the Stygians so much, and N'Yaga related their history together.

(Conan the Barbarian I#59) - Although Conan suspected N'Yaga was embellishing the tale, he soon saw that Bêlit still possessed the Eye of Dagon.belit-hyborian-ctb60-vs. Conan

(Conan the Barbarian I#60) - Aboard the Tigress, though they had frightened off ships from sailing the region, Bêlit interrupted Conan's making sport of teaching her men to wrestle and instead challenged Conan to a swordfight. As Conan was a far more experienced swordsman, Bêlit became frustrated and attacked ever-more-furiously; even when Conan offered to teach her, she became more enraged. Finally, Conan restrained and calmed her after he had dodged a potentially lethal-strike.

    Noting that she had a hard time accepting her limits, Bêlit asked Conan if there was ever a woman who could compare with the best of men in swordplay. When Conan told her about Red Sonja, Bêlit became jealous. Conan kissed her passionately, but they were interrupted by notation of passing the poisonous river Zarkheba, which Bêlit noted meant death.

    They continued south and entered another river to meet with the Watambi. After Bêlit described her giving them the gift of life in exchange for their ivory, Conan suggested she could gain more ivory by trading some of the lesser things they had obtained. When Ombassa, chief of the Watambi, noted that they had no ivory, Conan stopped Bêlit from slaying him, and he related how their ivory had been stolen by the Riders of the River-Dragons. When Ombassa invited them back to their village to watch and strengthen their ritual to ward off the Riders, Bêlit brought Conan, N'Yaga, and her men with her while sending M'Gora to take half of their men back to the Tigress.

    More accustomed to the rituals of gods like Ishtar and Ashtoreth, Bêlit disliked the ritual, and when the ritual -- involving the chief's daughter, N'Yami, engaging in mock battle against those acting as the Riders' -- became violent and led Conan to intervene to save N'Yami, Bêlit again became jealous. When she asked N'Yaga for more of the Watambi's brew, N'Yaga added some crushed powder to relax her. When Conan returned, Bêlit expressed her sleepiness and had him carry her back to their tent.

    Conan was awakened when the Riders of the River-Dragons arrived, and he left the tent to investigate and then battle the attackers.belit-hyborian-ctb61-moth

(Conan the Barbarian I#60 (fb) - BTS) - As Bêlit slept under the influence of drugs, she was abducted by other members of the Riders of the River-Dragons.

(Conan the Barbarian I#60 - BTS) - Conan led the Watambi to drive off the Riders of the River Dragons, after which he found Bêlit missing and vowed to lead the Watambi against the Riders to recover Bêlit and/or send all of the Riders to Hell.

(Conan the Barbarian I#61) - Bound atop the mount of Tindaga, the leader of the Riders of the River Dragons, Bêlit learned of their fear of Amra before freeing herself, swimming to the shore, and escaping into the jungle before the Riders could follow. Exhausted, she slept at the base of a tree until being attacked by a giant moth-creature; although she fought back, she was eventually bound by its sticky threads and might have been devoured by it until it was decapitated by Amra, who -- beside Sholo -- shouted his name.

(Conan the Barbarian I#61 - BTS) - Meanwhile, Conan was accompanied by perhaps three Watambi tribesmen, followed Bêlit's trail, eventually encountering and slaughtering the Riders of the River Dragon and capturing their leader.

(Conan the Barbarian I#62) - Recognizing Amra by name and appreciating -- based on his knowledge of the Riders having been bringing her to him -- that Amra had been trailing them from the start, Bêlit refused Amra's instruction to become his mate. When she insisted he direct her back to the Watambi village, Sholo mistook this for a challenge and prepared to attack her until Amra's monstrous growls, strong grip, and direct orders had caused Sholo to leave them alone. When Bêlit tried to depart, Amra grabbed her hand, pulled her close, and kissed her. Although briefly considering that his strength matched Conan's and imagining she was back in Conan's arms, Bêlit resisted and struck Amra's facing, leaving the enraged Amra to punch her and knock her out. He then carried her down the hill.

(Conan the Barbarian I#62 (fb) - BTS) - Amra bound Bêlit's arms and lit a fire.

(Conan the Barbarian I#62) - Awakening, Bêlit recalled N'Yaga's advice to sheath her temper when it would do her more harm, and -- vaguely recognizing his accent, she led Amra to tell her his origins. After he repeated that she would become his bride, she again denied this, stating her name and noting that she was revered as a goddess. Having heard the legends of Bêlit, Amra nonetheless considered that this would make her a fitting mate for the Lord of the Lions.

    Amra then brought Bêlit to the Lair of the Lions, and then showed her its chamber of treasures, at which point Makeda, formerly prized among Amra's mates, attempted to attack her. Bêlit kicked Makeda back, and then Amra banished her from the Lair.

(Conan the Barbarian I#62 (fb) - BTS) - Before departing the Lair, Makeda vengefully performed a spell to unleash the spider-like Dwellers-in-Darkness who had been trapped beneath the Lair long before.

(Conan the Barbarian I#62 - BTS) - Saving the departing Makeda from a leopard, Conan learned of the white-skinned woman within the Lair, with Amra, as well as the threat that Makeda had unleashed.

(Conan the Barbarian I#63) - Amra brought Bêlit to the lion altar and spoke to the god of the maned ones, but when Bêlit reiterated that she already had a mate who would cut him to ribbons, Amra grabbed her by the hair, leading her to call him a jackal and further enrage him. As Bêlit struggled against her bonds, a drop of blood fell to the ground, leading one of the lions to leap to the attack. After Amra slew the lion, Bêlit worried whether even Conan could stand against him.

    The Dwellers-in-Darkness subsequently opened a trap beneath Bêlit and carried her away.

    Eventually, both Conan (alongside the Watambi Anaki and Otari) and Amra reached Bêlit, who used a jagged stone to sever her bonds and to join the men in fighting against the creatures. After the creatures fled, Amra forced a confrontation with Conan over Bêlit, which ultimately led to Amra's death. The Lair of the Lions subsequently collapsed, and Bêlit escaped alongside Conan, Anaki, and Otari. They were subsequently confronted by Sholo, who bowed, apparently acknowledging Conan as his master, leading the Watambi to proclaim Conan as the new Amra.

(Savage Sword of Conan I#107/2) - Bêlit led the Black Corsairs aboard the Tigress to assault a ship belonging to priests of Ishtar, which she was confident would be returning to Asgalun with tribute collected from the isles. After Conan leapt from a height and slew a spear-wielding sailor from the targeted ship, appreciating that the bright sun would blind the man, Conan advised Bêlit that this was an old trick in the hills of Cimmeria and that she could learn something from him.

    Conan battled and overwhelmed the priests of Ishtar's immense warrior, Olgo, who was eventually commanded by a priest to dive overboard with the ship's treasure chest to prevent the thieves from attaining it. After Conan dove after Olgo, retrieved the chest, and found it empty, Bêlit showed him the real chest and noted this to have been an old trick in these waters. Conan appreciated that he had much to learn, as well.

(Conan the Barbarian I#73 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, Bêlit had Conan join her in storing her hidden treasures. belit-hyborian-ctb67-vsredsonja

(Conan the Barbarian I#65) - As no other merchants in Argos would deal with the Black Corsairs due to the history of Ahmaan the Merciless and his Black Corsairs who raided the Hyborian cities 100 years before, Bêlit made plans to deal with Publio despite his reputation for treachery.
Before they could reach Argos, however, they were confronted by at least four Stygian ships, who had presumably been watching out for them, and they were forced to flee farther out into the ocean despite her Black Corsairs fear of the curse of Dagon in those water.

    Arriving at the "Isle of Mists," Bêlit stopped to gather food and supplies but instead found the corpse of Ahmaan, whose axe Conan claimed although no others could lift it. However, they were then subdued by a gong and Conan, Bêlit, N'Yaga, and Baktu were brought before the master of the isle, Tezcatlipoca, who had slain Ahmaan a century before. Thinking to sacrifice Bêlit to prolong the life of himself and his servants, Tezcatlipoca had Conan imprisoned and then sacrificed the Black Corsair Baktu. After Tezcatlipoca complained of loneliness, Bêlit convinced him to free her and be lonely no more, but she instantly used the knife to stab Tezcatlipoca, seemingly slaying him. After she freed N'Yaga, she freed Conan, who used that same knife to decapitate the feathered serpent that attacked him.

    Tezcatlipoca subsequently confronted the pair, unharmed by any of their attacks, until N'Yaga seemingly reanimated Ahmaan, distracting the sorcerer so that Conan could reach Ahmaan's axe and slay him. As the temple crumbled, Bêlit, Conan, and N'Yaga fled back to the Tigress.belit-hyborian-ctb67-vsredsonja2

(Conan the Barbarian I#66) - Paying off dock guards Flavian and Tempus, Bêlit entered Messantia, Argos peacefully alongside Conan, M'Gora, Ajonja, Lasunga and one other Black Corsair. One of the Corsairs was slain by masked assassins before the others drove them off. Meeting with Publio -- who claimed the killers to have been from a rival merchant -- and pressuring him to pay fairly in Shemite gold, they also took a job from him to recover a page from the Iron-Bound Book of Skelos, which was within the Temple of a Thousand Gods. There a priest made Bêlit and Conan believe they were fighting animated statues of Dagon and Derketa when they were actually fighting each other. After Conan realized the truth, the priest allowed the spell to fade and gave them passage to obtain the page, but they then encountered Red Sonja, who had also come seeking the page...

(Marvel Feature II#6 - BTS) - ...sent there by Karanthes.

(Conan the Barbarian I#67) - As Sonja and then Conan related the events that had brought them there, mutual taunts led to a swordfight between Bêlit and Sonja. When Sonja proved the better swordswoman, Bêlit cast aside her sword and challenged Sonja to a knife fight, but Sonja instead sliced the room's torch, casting it into darkness, and fled with the page they had all sought. Conan led Bêlit back out front to Sonja's horse, preventing her escape, after which he sent Bêlit back to her ship, as the men had been ordered to sail at dawn if she had not returned.

(Conan the Barbarian I#67 - BTS) - Bêlit briefly met with her Black Corsairs before returning to Messantia.

(Conan the Barbarian I#67) - Bêlit returned to stab through the chest a Messantian guard trying to stab Conan from behind, having assaulted him after his liberation of his friend Yusef from their dungeon. Before departing with his lover Tara, Yusef told Conan of the old man who had died after telling him how he had stolen a page from Thoth-Amon's copy of the Book of Skelos, as well as something about the Black Legions of Valusia.

    After Sonja took advantage of the distraction to reclaim her horse and flee the city, Bêlit cursed the "Hyrkanian hussy" and noted that she wished she had had her bow and arrow. belit-hyborian-ctb69-archery

(Marvel Feature II#7) - Pursuing Sonja, Conan and Bêlit were hindered by a Karanthes-caused rockslide from which Conan saved Bêlit. Subsequently coming to a fork in the road, Conan and Bêlit split up and continued their pursuit.

(Conan the Barbarian I#68) - Bêlit caught up to Conan and Sonja -- who had made peace and united in pursuit of the unidentified Black Ring sorceror who had stolen the page from Karanthes. Hearing their mutual praises, Bêlit grew jealous and challenged Sonja again, but Conan broke up the fight, assuring Bêlit that his relationship with Sonja was purely as comrades-in-arms. Bêlit suspected that Karanthes had cast a spell upon Conan and Sonja that now engulfed her as well, allowing them to keep pace with the flying sorcerer.

    Riding in silence for hours, they eventually came upon the City of Wonders -- transported forward in time from the pre-Cataclysmic era by the Black Ring sorcerer as part of a plot to establish his own power base -- wherein they encountered King Kull. As the Black Ring sorcerer (in the form of the pictish shaman Gonar) provoked conflict, Conan and Kull met in battle, and Bêlit and Sonja stood back with swords drawn, ready to prevent Kull's Black Legions from interfering. Ultimately, after Kull mentioned the fire-jewel that was missing from his crown, Conan produced the fire-jewel given to him by Karanthes. When Kull replaced it, the Black Ring sorcerer's spell was disrupted, revealing his true form, and Conan slew the sorcerer with an arrow before he could fully transform into his more powerful bat-thing form; as he fell, however, the Skelos-page burnt into ashes.

    At Conan's urging, he, Bêlit, and Sonja exited the castle before it had vanished back to its own time, and they returned to Karanthes. Not receiving any payment from Karanthes due to the loss of the page, the trio refused his offer to retrieve an entire Book of Skelos from Thoth-Amon's stronghold in Stygia. As Sonja headed back toward her original destination of Venzia, Bêlit wished the gods of Shem to guide her there and noted that Sonja was not the ogre she had originally thought. Sonja replied, "Thanks, Neither are you...probably."


(Conan the Barbarian I#69) - Seeing Conan practicing archery, she mocked his difficulty due to the rolling sea and fired a perfect bullseye. When she noted that she would like to see Red Sonja due that, Conan again assured her that Sonja thought no more of him than she did of her horse. Demonstrating his proficiency, Conan told her of his previous adventure involving the Western Sea, involving the Demon out of the Depths. She wondered how he knew of the creature's weakness and need to return to the sea, and he suggested that the ocean itself may have told him.

(Conan the Barbarian I#70) - Beset by a powerful storm, Bêlit chastised her crew and Conan, ultimately getting them through it and ending up discovering an island, the nearby rocks of which damaged the Tigress' hull. With N'Yaga having injured by a treasure-laden chest during the storm, Bêlit checked on him and left a skeleton crew on the Tigress while she, Conan, and the others went ashore.

    When the brutish male inhabitants of the towering city of Kelka rushed out to the attack, Bêlit and the others drove them back inside, after which Aluna, handmaiden of Astoreth (actually Astarta), convinced them to consider a barter. Akkheba, priest of "Ashtoreth" offered gold if they would protect them from the Barachan pirates who would soon arrive to forcibly claim their yearly tribute.

Bêlit agreed, but she forbade any of the men from entering the city, which contained numerous beautiful women. As the Black Corsairs repaired the Tigress, Conan spoke to Aluna, and Bêlit was clearly jealous.

    Soon enough, the Barrachan pirates, led by Auro, arrived, but the fierce assault led by Conan and Bêlit, forced them to flee. Afterward, Conan convinced Bêlit to accept Akkheba's offer of hospitality, but at the subsequent celebration, Bêlit, Conan, and the Black Corsairs present all fell victim to drugged wine and were captured with the plan of being sacrificed to "Ashtoreth."

(Conan the Barbarian I#71 (fb) - BTS) - Bêlit, Conan, and the Black Corsairs were imprisoned in stone dungeon.

(Conan the Barbarian I#71) - After Conan pulled free a loose large stone from the cell wall (which he suspected to have been placed there by the city's original builders), Bêlit and the Black Corsairs escaped with him, and Bêlit sent the Black Corsairs back to the Tigress. She and Conan then returned to the city, intending to loot its gold and to rescue Aluna, also planned for sacrifice; although Bêlit orignally opposed this due to jealousy, a kiss and a strong affirimation of his love convinced her.

    Arriving too late to save Aluna, Bêlit and Conan discovered and freed "Ashtoreth," who was actually a woman named Astarta granted immortality by her unidentified sea god husband who had long been both an object of worship for the people of Kelka and an instrument of power for the priests.

    With the Barachan pirates having returned to storm the city with aid from the treacherous Black Corsair Kawaku, Conan and Bêlit fought their way to Akkheba, whom Bêlit slew with her spear. With Akkheba dead, his magic that prevented Astarta from calling to her sea god husband faded, and the sea god then apparently generated waves to destroy the city.

    Conan and Bêlit fled, as did Auro and the Barachan pirates, and they returned to their ships. When Conan wondered whether Astarta had survived and been carried off by the sea like the bride she was, Bêlit mocked that carrying a bride tradition until Conan picked her up and carried her back to her cabin; she then decided that there were some customs about which she had a thing or two to learn.
belit-hyborian-ssoc86-captive(Savage Sword of Conan I#86/2 (fb) - BTS) - A one-eyed pirate abducted Bêlit, intending to ransom her.

(Savage Sword of Conan I#86/2) - Conan led the Black Corsairs to board the pirate ship, slaughter the pirates, and free Bêlit. Back aboard the Tigress, Conan and Bêlit shared a night of passion.

belit-hyborian-ctb72-cover(Conan the Barbarian I#72) - After raiding a Shemite ship and chastizing Kawaku for slaying a man after he surrendered, Bêlit learned that N'Yaga was getting worse, and only an herb hidden in Asgalun's royal bedchamber could save him.

     As a result, Conan and Bêlit entered Asgalun, posing as a weapons-maker and his wife. Finding the city overrun and unofficially controlled by the Stygians, Conan had to trip Bêlit and then pretend that they were acrobats to play it off when she moved to assault the Stygians.

    They were invited to the royal palace, where Bêlit grabbed a sword, presumably intending to slay the puppet-ruler Nim-Karrak (who did not recognize her), but his "advisor," Black Ring sorcerer Ptor-Nubis touched her forehead, ensorcelling her. Thus controlled, she fiercely fought Conan at swordpoint until Nim-Karrak halted the fight, sending Conan to the army and claiming Bêlit as his wife.

    Playing along, Bêlit entered Nim-Karrak's bedchambers and recovered the desired herbs, after which she revealed her identity and prepared to slay Nim-Karrak, who desperately told her that her father had survived and was held in Luxur.

     However, Ptor-Nubis interfered, and Bêlit was forced to flee. Escaping in a stolen chariot with Conan, she asked him to join her in traveling to Luxur to rescue her father, knowing that Conan would follow her to the ends of the Earth.
(Conan the Barbarian I#73) - Bêlit and Conan returned to the Tigress only to find that Kawaku had engineered a mutiny, using a vial of liquid from Kelka to drug M'Gora and the loyal Black Corsairs. Overwhelmed, Conan was stunned senseless, after which Kawaku announced his goal of plundering Bêlit's hidden treasure store. After Bêlit defiantly spit in Kawaku's face, he swatted her down and prepared to kill her, but Conan agreed to lead Kawaku to the treasure store if he spared Bêlit.

    Furious at this idea, Bêlit nonetheless convinced Kawaku to adminster the herbs she had acquired to save N'Yaga, whose abilities Kawaku felt he may need in the future. After Kawaku released other Black Corsairs (not including M'Gora) to man the ship, Bêlit urged them to rise up and overthrow Kawaku's forces. However, Conan silently instructed the others against this, and Bêlit was frustrated by the loss of her power.

(Conan the Barbarian I#73 (fb)) - While Conan and the rest of the Black Corsairs disembarked and traveled to the sought after island, Bêlit used her razor sharp nails to cut through the ropes holding her and then used a spear to slay the two Kawaku-loyal Black Corsairs who had been guarding her. Alongside M'Gora, Laranga, Yasunga, and Ajonga, she traveled to the island.

(Conan the Barbarian I#73 - BTS) - Conan duped Kawaku and his allies into bypassing the hidden slab under which the treasure was buried and instead led them to the Well of Skelos where they were assaulted by a monstrous toad thing. Kawaku and others perished in the conflict, while Conan was left slipping into the well after knocking the creature back down into it.

(Conan the Barbarian I#73) - Bêlit, M'Gora, and Laranga arrived in time to save Conan, after which they deposted a jewel-chest beneath the carved stone. As they returned to the Tigress, Bêlit ordered that those disloyal crewmen who had fled into the jungles to be left to die from the isle's poison fruit and water, while she and Conan departed on their next mission.

(Conan the Barbarian I#74) - Bêlit had a dream about her childhood and that ended with a vision of herself returning to Asgalun alongside her father, Atrahasis.

(Conan the Barbarian I#74) - Bêlit led the Black Corsairs to assault a Stygian galley they encountered. Hoping to learn of Luxur (where Atrahasis was allegedly being held), they questioned the sole surviving noble, Bekhet, who instead dove on Conan's sword rather than give them any information. Bekhet's former slave, Neftha, granted them information on Luxur and was allowed to claim Bekhet's Set-charm necklace, although Bêlit was jealous of Conan's interest in her singing.

    As Bêlit, Conan, Neftha, M'Gora, and other Black Corsairs approached Khemi at Neftha's guidance in a trio of longboats, they were assaulted by some sort of "sea serpent" (resembling a long-necked aquatic dinosaur, such as a plesiosauroid), drawn their by Set-priests. Apparently unappreciated by Conan and the others, the Set-charm apparently caused the creature to spare the ship carrying Neftha and Conan, but it crushed M'Gora's ship. As it approached Bêlit's ship, Conan dove into the water, scaled the creature's neck, and shoved a dagger into its right eye, causing it flee out to sea.

    After distracting the Stygians by setting fire to their warships, Bêlit, Conan, and Neftha sneaked into Khemi, while the Black Corsairs returned to the Tigress with a plan to rendezvous with their captain at a different time and place.

(Conan the Barbarian I#75) - Guided by Neftha, Conan, Bêlit, and her met with a tradesman in Khemi and forced him to transport them aboard his ship to Luxur, with Bêlit and Neftha wearing dusky skin paint. En route, they were assaulted by the Hawk-Riders of Harakht, who slew the tradesmen. Bêlit slashed a giant attacking hawk but was swept up by another and taken to Harakht.

(Conan the Barbarian I#76) - Upon landing just outside Harakht, Bêlit punched down Kamut, took his knife, and threatened the other Hawk-Riders, only to be knocked out by a blunt weapon to the back of her head by the Hawk-Riders' trainer, Ator, who carried her into the city. As she regained consciousness, she was joined by Neftha, who had surrendered to Montu rather than face the crocodiles, and the two women were forced to shower by the guards, revealing their true skin color. They were brought before King Hor-Neb, but conflict arose when his brother Mer-Ath, high priest of the Hawk God, arrived and challenged him; ultimately, Mer-Ath accepted Neftha while Hor-Neb kept Bêlit. However, Bêlit soon heard a commotion, saw Conan on the ground, and called to him as Amra (allowing Hor-Neb to recognize her as Bêlit).

    Although Conan cowed his challengers by pushing over the statue of their hawk god at them, Hor-Neb -- with two servants restraining her arms -- threatened to slice Bêlit's throat, forcing his surrender. Bêlit refused Hor-Neb's offer to add her Black Corsairs to his armies, and Conan willingly leapt into the Pit of Shadows when she began to reconsider after Hor-Neb threatened him.belit-hyborian-ctb89-conankiss

(Conan the Barbarian I#77) - Bêlit attacked Hor-Neb's men for throwing Conan to his seeming death, and when he offered her again to join her forces with him, she clawed his face. Hor-Neb had his men take her away.

(Conan the Barbarian I#77 (fb) - BTS) - Bêlit was drugged into a stupor with lotus, bound, and placed in a chamber outside a gladiatorial arena (she was placed in one of two chambers, the other of which contained a sabre-toothed tiger; Conan was given the choice of doors to rescue Bêlit; see comments).

(Conan the Barbarian I#77) - Conan located and freed Bêlit and then saved her from the sabre-toothed tiger (which he had encountered first and to which he had thrown Hor-Neb), after which she recovered.

    During the fight, Hor-Neb's giant, Gol-Thir, had aided Conan against Hor-Neb, both because Conan had previously spared him and because Bêlit reminded Gol-Thir of his late wife.

(Conan the Barbarian I#79 (fb)) - Bêlit was present as Mer-Ath asked Conan to exchange Harakht's Eye of Set with its twin in the city of Attalus; in exchange for safe passage to Luxur, Conan agreed.

(Conan the Barbarian I#80-81 - BTS) - Conan's feelings for Bêlit presumably kept him from romancing Bardylis of Attalus.

(Conan the Barbarian I#84 (fb) - BTS) - At some point during the two weeks Conan was away, Mer-Ath had a dream in which Harakht collapsed and burned, and a voice told him that it was because he had aided to Bêlit. Believing this to be the word of the gods, Mer-Ath had her roused at swordpoint and brought before him.

(Conan the Barbarian I#84 (fb)) - When Bêlit refused to deny that she sought to harm Stygia's king Ctesphon, Mer-Ath ordered her to be imprisoned for life (he held back on having her slain due to Conan's having made him sole king of Harakht). Bêlit's fierce resistance overwhelmed Mer-Ath's guards, and she caught Mer-Ath with a knife to his throat, forcing him to grant her safe passage from the city. To further assure her safety, Bêlit took Neftha with her and departed in Mer-Ath's chariot.

(Savage Sword of Conan I#97 - BTS) - Taking Anya -- whom he had shared an extended adventure while returning her to her father in Luxur -- into his arms, Conan confirmed he was returning her to her father but he told her that they could take a slow, leisurely route back to Luxur and that she could flee after he had delivered her long as she did not try to follow him when he went to rejoin Bêlit and the Corsairs.

(Conan the Barbarian I#84 - BTS) - When Conan returned to Harahkt, he was ambushed, overwhelmed, and imprisoned. He escaped with aid from Zula of the Zamballahs.

(Conan the Barbarian I#84) - Neftha led Bêlit via secret passages into the outskirts of Luxur. Encountering giant pythons, Neftha gave Bêlit the snake charm she had taken from Bekhet, and then she spoke a prayer to Set, which caused both her and Bêlit to lapse into a stupor.

((Conan the Barbarian I#84 / Conan the Barbarian I#85 (fb) - BTS) - The spell of Set caused Bêlit and Neftha to transform into smaller pythons and slip down through a grate in the floor.

(Conan the Barbarian I#85) - Bêlit awakened, relating what she thought she had dreamed, but Neftha explained that it had really happened via Set's spell. At Bêlit's query, Neftha explained that the snake charm had originally been given to her by a mighty sorcerer who had told her it could be used only once. Although suspicious of all of that, Bêlit considered that Neftha could have killed her while she was sleeping, and so she decided to continue trusting her. Neftha then confirmed that they were far below the palace of King Ctesphon II, and Bêlit said they would confront the King and find out if he knew her father's whereabouts...which he had better if he wished to live.

(Conan the Barbarian I#88 (fb) - BTS) - Neftha told Bêlit of another entrance into the palace that was better known to the Stygians.

(Conan the Barbarian I#88 (fb)) - Neftha led Bêlit into the palace, but when Belt tried to confront Ctesphon II, she was captured and ultimately incapacitated by his wizard, Hath-Horeb.

(Conan the Barbarian I#86 (fb) - BTS / Conan the Barbarian I#88 (fb)) - Having previously revealed that Neftha was Ctesphon II's sister, Hath-Horeb had Bêlit locked within a sarcophagus and sent down a tributary of the River Styx and into the Great Stone Mound to be consumed by the Devourer of the Dead.

(Conan the Barbarian I#86) - After Conan and Zula had battled the Devourer of the Dead, Bêlit heard Conan's voice and called to him, after which he freed her. Bêlit then told him that Neftha was the feared sister of Ctesphon II.belit-hyborian-ctb88cover

(Conan the Barbarian I#88) - After telling Conan and Zula how she had ended up in the sarcophagus, Bêlit led them through the alternate palace entrance. After Bêlit recovered her own clothing, they encountered Neftha, and Bêlit saved her by stabbing the executioner as hie was in her way to the king. She pursued him up that stairs and demanded to know about Atrahasis; recalling the name, Ctesphon II revealed that while his father, Ctesphon I had imprisoned Atrahasis, after succeeding his father, Ctesphon II had had all of the prisoners executed to make room for those he wished to imprison. Ctesphon II offered his crown and the rulership of Stygia, but Bêlit kicked him over the railing and he fell to his death.

    Neftha was then crowned as King Ctesphon III, and she ordered Bêlit's death and condemned Conan and Zula to the dungeons. After Zula mesmerized the guards, making them unable to see or hear their targets, Bêlit hurled a spear and slew Hath-Horeb before he could counteract this spell. Bêlit than fled with Conan and Zula, requesting Conan to remain silent when he started to offer his sympathies.

(Conan the Barbarian I#89) - Slaying six guards they encountered, Bêlit, Conan, and Zula escaped down the passage stone Bêlit had used to enter the palace alongside Neftha. When Bêlit could not recall which of three passageways they used, they fled down one of them to escape more guards, and Thoth-Amon prevented the guards from following, wishing to dispatch of them himself.

    Learning one of those Bêlit sought vengeance upon was Ptor-Nubis, Zula agreed to delay his pursuit of Shu-Onoru to join their quest.

(Conan the Barbarian I#89 - BTS) - Thoth-Amon met with King Ctesphon III and was accepted as her advisor, after which he told her he had already seen to the deaths of Bêlit, Conan, and Zula.

(Conan the Barbarian I#89) - After becoming lost in the serpentine passageways, Conan stood watch while Bêlit and Zula slept, but one of the Man-Serpents entranced and summoned Bêlit while apparently clouding Conan's senses to prevent his noticing her departure. Resisting the Man-Serpent's mind control, Zula saved Bêlit and eventually slew the Man-Serpent when Conan's arrival distracted it. Savages (presumably directed by Thoth-Amon) cast boulders down at the trio, separating Conan from Bêlit and Zula.

(Conan the Barbarian I#89 - BTS) - Serpent Men in the forms of Bêlit and Zula attempted to slay him but were slain instead.

(Conan the Barbarian I#89) - When Bêlit and Zula located Conan, he confirmed their identities via having them voice the phrase "Ka Nama ka Lajerama," which no Serpent Man could speak or withstand (information he had learned from Red Sonja). More Serpent Men in the forms of the Black Corsairs then seemingly came to their rescue, and while Bêlit initially believed them, Conan exposed their true nature with the same phrase, causing them to flee. Bêlit, Conan, and Zula then located a passageway leading them outside Luxur's walls as well as ship they felt could lead them to Khemi and the Western Sea.

(Conan the Barbarian I#90 (fb) - BTS) - Bêlit, Conan, and Zula forced the Stygians to transport them down the River Styx toward Khemi.

(Conan the Barbarian I#90 - BTS) - Meanwhile, Thoth-Amon warned Ptor-Nubis of Conan and Bêlit's approach and intent.

(Conan the Barbarian I#90) - Seeking to avoid further conflict in Khemi, they stopped short of the city and headed across land. An earthquake led them into an underground cavern where they encountered the skeleton of an unidentified giant-king from an elder race circa 100,000 years ago. When one of the Stygians attempted to escape with the giant-king's diadem, the giant-king was restored to flesh and attempted to devour those within the cavern. Evading the giant-king until sunset, Bêlit followed Conan's lead to drop to the ground as thousands of bats they had previously observed flew out the newly opened passageway (with their previous exit point now covered). With the giant overwhelmed, they escaped to the surface with the one surviving Stygian.

(Conan the Barbarian I#91) - Alongside Conan and Zula, Bêlit met up with her Black Corsairs south of Khemi, and she was very happy to the the decks of the Tigress beneath her feet again and to see that N'Yaga had recovered. That evening, she danced as her sailors played music, and she soon shared some romance with Conan. The next day, M'Gora, who had secretly scouted out Asgalun and had also fallen under the influence of Ptor-Nubis (without even M'Gora's knowledge), rushed back to the Tigress, and Bêlit, Conan, and Zula saved him from a pack of giant swamp rats (see comments). M'Gora then shared the current intrigues in Asgalun, but Bêlit ignored any advice to the contrary and insisted that she would return to Asgalun, slay Nim-Karrak and claim the throne, even if she had to go alone; she argued that as the Stygians planned to annex Asgalun, they could not afford to wait. Having vowed to help Bêlit gain her vengeance, Conan accompanied her, as did Zula and M'Gora.

    M'Gora, with inside help from Yasunga, posing as one of the Stygian ally Imbalayo's warrior, gained the group access into Asgalun, with M'Gora claiming to have been sent on a mission by Imbalayo and with the cloaked Bêlit, Conan, and Zula allegedly being advisors for Imbalayo.  Unwittingly following Ptor-Nubis, M'Gora led the group on a path to gain entrance to the palace to catch Nim-Karrak unaware, but waiting Stygians ambushed them, catching them in nets. While Bêlit wished to keep fighting, Conan convinced her to surrender, hoping that they could learn more from the situation. Acknowledging Ptor-Nubis' manipulation, Bêlit forgave M'Gora, but Ptor-Nubis subsequently touched  Bêlit, Conan, and Zula, putting them under his command as well, and  then -- as Thoth-Amon watched (presumably via his mystic mirror) and laughed remotely -- had them (as well as M'Gora) released so that they could fight to the death.

(Conan the Barbarian I#93) - As the ensorceled Bêlit and Conan fought, Zula's mystic prowess allowed him to throw off Ptor-Nubis' control and then slay the wizard, restoring Bêlit, Conan, and M'Gora's minds and allowing them to slay the Stygian guards. At Bêlit's instruction, M'Gora and Zula posed as Kushites and spread the word that Atrahasis' daughter had returned to claim her throne. She subsequently discussed with Conan that the Asgalunum did not care who ruled them as long as that person was a Shemite, and that only she, the fat hedonist Uriaz, and the wandering madman Akhirom had royal blood. She further considered that perhaps should have made a pact with Akhirom, but that it was too late now.

(Conan the Barbarian I#93 (fb) - BTS) - Slaying some Stygians and stealing their cloaks, Bêlit and Conan infiltrated Prince Khauman's forces, and Conan eventually donned the hooded garb of his executioner (whom Conan and/or Bêlit presumably slew as well).

(Conan the Barbarian I#93 - BTS) - As Nim-Karrak fled into hiding from approaching Stygians, including his would-be replacement, Prince Khamun (or Khauman), other Stygian forces captured Uriaz.

(Conan the Barbarian I#93) - When Khauman attempted to have Uriaz executed as part of his crowning, Conan instead slew Khauman and exhorted Bêlit as their rightful queen as she shed her robes. Although some Shemites backed Bêlit and were attacked by the Stygians, most held back. M'Gora and Zula led the Black Corsairs (Yasunga & Laranga) who had infiltrated Imbalayo's troops to assault the Hyrkanians (who had been hired by Nim-Karrak to protect him from the impending Stygian attack), leading them to side with the Shemites against the Stygians and Kushites; this, in turn, led the reluctant Shemites to join the fight against the Stygians.

    Despite Conan's urging to stay back, Bêlit fought furiously against the Stygians. As she stood underneath one of the lion monolith's atop the castle, Nim-Karrak attempted to ambush her from behind, but Zula caught Nim-Karrak's glance, mesmerizing him and causing him to fall to his death. Although Bêlit initially lamented being unable to claim vengeance herself, as the tide turned against the Stygians, Imbalayo had his troops turn against the Stygians as well, hastening their surrender.

    Bêlit prepared to claim the crown, but after Bal-Yamm, priest of Ishtar, who could legitimize her claims, advised her that if she donned the crown, she would be slain if she ever relinquished it, she instead crowned Uriaz.

    Bêlit, Conan, and Zula (presumably alongside the unseen M'Gora, Laranaga, and Yasunga) then departed Asgalun -- noting the people already fighting for who would lead them and seeing the approach of Akhirom's forces -- and headed back to reunite with her Black Corsairs aboard the Tigress.

(Conan the Barbarian I#94) - As Zula prepared to part company with Bêlit and Conan, Bêlit allowed a group of perhaps five Black Corsairs -- including Ajonga, Lasanga, and Yarunga -- to go with them as per their wishes; Bêlit noted her gratitude to Zula for saving her from Nim-Karrak's ambush. Back aboard the Tigress, Bêlit wondered whether Conan had desired to go with them as they headed north, and she was pleased when Conan told her, "the day I want to leave, or you want me to...I shall go girl. Until then, let's have no more talk of any desires of mine, save the one I feel for you."

    As they headed south, they found devastated villages, and they eventually sought out the Watambi, where Ombassa related the rise to power of Ajaga, to which Ombassa's witch-man and N'Yaga added that he had likely learned the language of the ancient Jhebbal Sag. Bêlit and Conan led a number of Black Corsairs into Abombi to take out Ajaga, but Ajaga's baboons tackled Conan over the edge of the cliff, knocked out Bêlit, and slew or forced the surrender of the remaining Black Corsairs.

(Conan the Barbarian I#95) - Ajaga's baboons carried the unconscious Bêlit back to his abode. Awakening, she warned Ajaga that her mother, the death-goddess Derketa, would call down hellfire on him if he did not bring Conan and her Black Corsairs to her. Not believing in Derketa, Ajaga was unimpressed, and when Bêlit assured him that she would never join him, he clarified that he intended to kill her. Bêlit charged Ajaga, but his leopard servant intercepted her, knocking her down. Despite urgings from his servants Kratos and Beeya to slay her outright or give her over to them, Ajaga had her thrown into a dungeon so that the Black Coast would know who was its true sovereign. Inside the cell, Bêlit considered that she was still alive, which gave her a chance, but if not, it was better to be a dead queen of memory than a living wretch as were the captive chieftains' daughters, who had given up.belit-hyborian-ssoc97-leapsholo

(Conan the Barbarian I#96) - From her prison cell, Bêlit tried and failed to rally the captive women, but even Nyami felt that if even Bêlit, the daughter of the death-goddess Dherketa was helpless, that they had no hope. As she struggled fruitlessly against the outside bars, she was surprised when Sholo the lion -- who had followed the call of Jhebbel Sag via Ajaga  -- licked her hand. Appreciating that Sholo recognized her as Conan's mate, she guided him to rip out a bar, though which she escaped, although the other women still refused to escape with her.

    Following Sholo's lead toward Ajaga, Bêlit eventually found Conan bound before Ajaga and his men on the altar of Abombi.

(Conan the Barbarian I#97) - Despite the arrival of panthers, baboons, serpents, crocodiles, and other animals summoned via the call of Jhebbal Sag, as Ajaga prepared to sacrifice Conan, Sholo and Bêlit leapt to his rescue. Bêlit's kick knocked Ajaga back, and his head smashed into a rock, stunning him. She called for Sholo to was halted from getting any closer to Conan via the symbol of Jhebbal Sag that Ajaga had sketched into the ground.

    Bêlit nonetheless freed Conan as Ajaga's warriors approached, but after Conan washed away the symbol of Ajaga, the animals devoured the dazed Ajaga. As Ajaga's warriors stared aghast, Bêlit slew one with her spear, re-igniting the battle. When Ajaga's former leopard familiar leapt at Bêlit, Sholo caught it in flight and brought it down, presumably killing it.

    While the other animals turned on each other, Sholo unfortunately perished in the process of killing Krato. Beeya rallied the remaining warriors against Bêlit and Conan, who vowed that their foes -- who greatly outnumbered them -- would pay heavily for the cost of their lives. However, they were saved by the arrival of the Black Corsairs and, as the tide turned, Beeya fled.

    After Conan buried Sholo, Bêlit noted that Sholo had served him well, and then they freed the women still remaining in the prison cell. They apologized to Bêlit, who told them to say no more of it, as some were born fight, others not. As they departed, Bêlit considered that those girls would return to their tribes and spread the word of the invincibility of Bêlit, after which they returned to the Tigress and departed.

(Conan the Barbarian I#98) - When a mysterious woman approached the Tigress standing atop what seemed to be a huge lily pad, Bêlit denounced her as a sea-witch, but N'Yaga (apparently influenced by the woman) convinced her to bring the woman aboard. As soon as the woman was aboard, however, N'Yaga felt weak and went to his quarters. The woman began to use her siren powers to seduce the men aboard the ship. Conan resisted her influence long enough to instead deliver his amour to Bêlit, but B'Tumi succumbed and was found missing the next day. Bêlit subsequently ordered everyone to stay below deck, but Asambi disobeyed her order and fell victim to her wiles. Conan attempted to attack the woman but fell under her power as well until Bêlit called to him. Her voice gave him the strength to resist the sea-witch's power, and he dragged her back aboard the Tigress, but when he reached the deck, he found that his hands held only seaweed. When Bêlit greeted Conan as her lover, he told her that he was not just her lover, but her love.

(Conan the Barbarian I#99 (fb) - BTS) - Despite raids and battles having thinned the pirate-ship's crew, leaving scarcely enough spearmen to work the Tigress, Bêlit continued to lead the Black Corsairs in raids.
    She refused to take the time to return to the Southern isles to recruit more men or to at least give her current crew a rest.

(Conan the Barbarian I#99 (fb) - BTS) - For many miles inland, women whispered Bêlit's name to affright unruly children, "Be quiet, lest Bêlit, the daughter of Derkheta, come for you -- either she or her mate, Amra, who can turn himself into a lion."
    Bêlit smiled to hear such tales.

(Conan the Barbarian I#99) - Conan warned Bêlit that continuing to push the Black Corsairs beyond their breaking point might lead to a mutiny. Bêlit replied that she had given up one royal treasury and that she would not rest until she had gained another. N'Yaga shared Conan's concerns, and Conan acknowledged that, although Bêlit's will matched his own, he would do what he could.

    Days later, Bêlit spotted an Argossean ship moored in a rocky inlet and led Conan, M'Gora, and a few of the Black Corsairs via longboats to investigate. Therein they found Khitain jewels and statuary as well as crewmen tore limb from limb. Finding some of the treasure missing, Bêlit insisted they investigate, and they discovered a society of man-crabs/crab-men/devil-crabs and the imprisoned Argosseans (including, notably, their leader, Florannus). Conan orchestrated breaking the Argosseans free and then guided the others to push a boulder off a cliff to shatter a boulder sealing a steam vent, and the devil-crabs were all killed by the steam.

    Bêlit allowed the Argosseans to keep half of their treasures but subsequently clarified that she had done this so that more ships from Argos and Zingara would ply these sees to travel to the far east, there would be more shipping to loot. Conan mocked that she was too ashamed to admit that she had an unselfish impulse now and then, but Bêlit then had her men return to the caverns for any remaining loot.belit-hyborian-cts3-furs

(Conan the Savage#2/2) - Bêlit led the Black Corsairs to assault and slaughter the crew of a Stygian ship sent by their overlords in Khemi to guard against the Black Corsairs. In the process Conan saved Ta-No (although her name was not known and she spoke an unfamiliar language), an ivory-skinned woman from a land south of the Dark Continent, from the captain, and he convinced the reluctant Bêlit to agree to take her with them to the silver isles where they had planned to obtain supplies and crew replacements. Bêlit even agreed to allow the woman to stay chained up in their chambers to keep her away from the rest of the crew, and her presence did not dissuade her from romancing Conan therein.

    However, weeks later, when they reached the Silver Isles, they were attacked by the men who now served Ghomli (who had taken over in her absence). When Bêlit warned Ghomli to stand down, he knocked her to the ground with a backhanded slap. In response, Conan assaulted Ghomli and gained the advantage...

(Conan the Savage#3/2 (fb) - BTS) - until Ghomli scratched Conan with drugged claws.

(Conan the Savage#2/2) - Bêlit watched in shocked horror as the weakened Conan fell before Ghomli. After Ghomli pronounced Conan dead, N'Yaga examined him...

(Conan the Savage#3/2 (fb) - BTS) - and gave a drug to make him seem dead to prevent further assault on his helpless form.

(Conan the Savage#2/2) - Bêlit cursed Ghomli as a treacherous cretin and charged him again, but was struck down again. Dragging Bêlit with him, Ghomli ordered his men to bring the "ivory-skinned wench" as well, noting that he might as well add two more wives to the dozen he already owned.

(Conan the Savage#3/2) - Despite Bêlit's instruction not to tell Ghomli anything, N'Yaga argued that the albino woman came from the frozen land/isle of ice, and that her jewels indicated that it contained great riches. When Ghomli commented that he did not need her aid to know which way was south, Bêlit mocked that he would sink the Tigress long before he saw the fabled Mountains of Madness.

    Back in his tent, as Ghomli tried to make Bêlit grove before him, she spit in his face, and when he tried to force himself on her, Conan -- who had recovered from N'Yaga's enchantment -- attacked; however, fearing hurting Bêlit, Conan failed to skewer Ghomli. As a sentry rushed in upon hearing Ghomli's calls, Bêlit tripped him into the raging firepit, after which she fled with Conan, N'Yaga, and the albino woman, choosing to save the imprisoned M'Gora and other Black Corsairs over finishing off Ghomli.

    After Ghomli roused his men, Bêlit and her allies fled back to the Tigress, aiming south to avoid Ghomli's ship, which pursued them. Bêlit asked Conan if he desired the albino woman, and Conan advised her that when he stopped desiring women he saw, she could bury him, but while she was his mate, the albino was as safe as if she looked like N'Yaga.

    After several days, the Tigress arrived at the frozen land, hoping to replenish their supplies and hide out from Ghomli. The albino woman offered to lead Bêlit's people to her people's jewelry if they would take her with them, and Bêlit replied that if she led them into a trap, the woman would lose her head. Following exhausting days of upward travel, they found the cavern to the girl's people, who surrounded them with weapons raised. Although Bêlit initially instructed her Black Corsairs that they would slash their way out, Conan convinced her that they were greatly outnumbered, and they surrendered.

(Conan the Barbarian I#100 (fb) - BTS / Conan the Savage#4/2 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, Bêlit began to have dreams of the river Zarkheba and the towers therein; her dreams told her that the towers contained treasure.

(Conan the Savage#4/2) - After apparently days of travel through downward tunnels, the local tribe brought Conan and his allies down into an immense city.

    When the tribal queen sentenced Conan and his allies to death, Ta-No (the albino woman who had accompanied them and the queen's daughter) argued against this, insisting she wanted Conan as her mate. An angry Bêlit stated that she knew she should have gutted Ta-No back when they had the chance, but Conan -- appreciating that at least feigning acceptance would save the others -- seemingly agreed and headed with Ta-No to a bed-chamber.

    Bêlit and the Black Corsairs were rounded up for execution. Hearing this commotion and realizing his actions were not saving them (see comments), Conan pushed Ta-No aside and leapt toward at stalactite, seeking a weapon to use against the snow-skins. The ancient rock shattered and plummeted to the ground below, crushing several local warriors, and Bêlit and the Black Corsairs took advantage of the distraction to fight back against their captors.

    However, Ghomli and his people his warriors then arrived and slew the snow-queen and slaughtered her people in the process of confronting Bêlit (as Ghomli could not feel comfortable on the throne while she lived), who was upset when Conan saved Ta-No, but they all fled from Ghomli's tribesmen into deeper tunnels. As they reached a city in ruins, they found one of the "star-heads" frozen in ice. Bataga and Laboto subsequently found a massive gem stockpile, and Ta-No warned of "the death that flows" and urged everyone to go back. Conan advised Ta-No that she would not scare Bêlit away from gems, but they soon found multiple Black Corsair sentries with their heads torn off. When Ghomli's men charged them, Conan had the Black Corsairs throw the gems at them; and as the greedy warriors stopped to gather them, Conan led his warriors against them.

    Hearing the sound of the approaching creature of which Ta-No had warned (which had presumably slain the Corsair sentries), Conan led the Black Corsairs to escape through a tunnel while Ghomli's men collided with and were assaulted by the creature. Conan subsequently slew the creature.

    As the caverns began to collapse around them, Bêlit and her allies escaped to the mountain surface. When Ghomli ambushed Conan, Ta-No attacked him but was thrown off the mountainside, after which Conan cast Ghomli to the same fate. Bêlit noted genuine sorrow about Ta-No's fate, but Conan felt that Ta-No had wanted to perish by her people.

    As the Tigress sailed north again, Bêlit discussed her dreams of Zarkheba and her desire to recover the treasures therein. Conan admitted his content to let her make the plans that he carried out, as well as his desire to continue to sail and fight together -- regardless against whom -- as he found their life good and hoped it would last a long, long time.


(Conan the Barbarian I#100) - Bêlit led the Tigress down the Zarkheba, despite warnings to the contrary from N'Yaga, during which time she shared her previous experience with the river. They head an inhuman voice call out at one point, but Bêlit said it was but the cry of an ape.

     That evening, Bêlit discussed the gods with Conan, and Bêlit told Conan that her love was stronger than any death; she considered her heart and soul to be welded to his, and she vowed that even in death, she would come back to aid him if he were fighting for his life, "...all the gods and their eternities shall not sever us!"

     They were interrupted by the screams of Laboto on lookout as he was snared by a giant serpent; Conan mortally wounded the creature with his sword, but it pulled Laboto with it as it fell beneath the waves. N'Yaga then begged Bêlit to turn back from this Hellish place that contained an unknown, powerful evil.

     Though she declined to do so, Bêlit offered her crew the chance to depart the mission, but they all agreed to stand with her; as a result, N'Yaga remained, as well.
    The next morning, they came upon the remnants of a city, and despite spotting an apparent winged ape (the "winged horror") flying above, Bêlit had the Tigress docked there.

(Conan the Barbarian I#100 - BTS) - Bêlit was subtly changed upon sighting the lost city, and she became obsessed with the treasure.

(Conan the Barbarian I#100) - Bêlit identified an altar for blood sacrifice to mysterious Old Ones, and she had her soldiers lift it to seek hidden treasure beneath. Suspecting the site to boobytrapped, Bêlit called Conan away, and an immense tower crumbled as the altar was lifted, crushing four of her corsairs; Conan sensed that Bêlit had changed upon seeing the city, as she had never been so uncaring of her loyal corsairs.

    After clearing the rubble, Bêlit was elated to find a vast store of precious gems, and she was most impressed with a long-string of crimson stones. They were interrupted when one of the Black Corsairs spotted the winged horror rising from the Tigress' decks.

     Although Bêlit cared little and instead instructed the others to build litters to bear the gems back to the Tigress, Conan rushed back to the ship and found that the creature had shattered all of their casks of fresh water.

    While Conan took M'Gora and a few other corsairs into the jungle to seek out fresh water, Bêlit --who was blankly-staring as she wore and rubbed her string of crimson stones -- resolved to get the loot aboard.
(Conan the Barbarian I#100 (fb) - BTS) - The winged horror sent its were-hyena servants to slaughter the Black Corsairs, although 20 of the 40 creatures perished in the process. The winged horror (presumably) slew Bêlit, wrapped the string of gems around her neck, and hanged her from the Tigress' yardarm.

(Conan the Barbarian I#100) - Rushing back to the Tigress after M'Gora and the other Black Corsairs had perished, Conan found the Black Corsairs who had remained with the Tigress and Bêlit dead, torn apart by were-hyenas, and the corpse of Bêlit hanging (possibly naked) by the neck with the crimson stones wrapped around the Tigress' yardarm.

(Conan the Barbarian I#100 (fb) - BTS) - Conan cast the riches of Zarkheba beneath the poisoned waters and then wrapped Bêlit in his scarlet cloak and set her atop the Tigress' deck on a pyre of benches, spear shafts, and leopard skins, with her sea plunder heaped high above her.


belit-hyborian-ctb100-returnbelit-hyborian-ctb100-stabhorror(Conan the Barbarian I#100) - The winged horror caused a temple to collapse, and it approached Conan as he was trapped beneath rubble.

     However, Bêlit then appeared, wrapped in a scarlet dress and wielding her sword, and she stabbed the winged horror in the chest.



belit-hyborian-ctb100-lastglance     Conan recalled her vow to return from death for him, and Bêlit glanced back at him, although the creature continued to fearfully struggle against something above it.

belit-hyborian-ctb100-tigburn    Freeing himself, Conan then charged and slew the horror, after which he cut adrift the Tigress (with Bêlit's corpse in its pyre where he had left her) and set it aflame. He stood and watched until the burning ship was no longer visible.

(Conan the Barbarian I#100 - BTS) - Both the Tigress and Bêlit were almost certainly consumed in fire.

Comments: Created by Robert E. Howard;
    adapted to Marvel by Roy Thomas, John Buscema, and Steve Gan.

belit-hyborian-ctb59-letterpage     According to Conan the Barbarian I#58, her name is pronounced Bay-Leet. I can't help but pronounce it Bee-Litt in my head.

    The letter page to Conan the Barbarian I#59 includes a discussion of the information Roy used to generate an origin for Bêlit, as she never had much of an origin from Robert E. Howard.
    It also discussed that he changed the original name N'Gora into M'Gora to better distinguish the character/name from N'Yaga.

    Bêlit has been described as motherless. I believe N'Yaga came up with the story of her being the daughter of Derketa, and there is no mention of an actual mother in Bêlit's history. Presumably she has a human mother, but we just don't know any details about her, and she had no significant role in Bêlit's life.

    Kush was a portion of what would become Africa in subsequent millennia following additional Cataclysms.

Conan the Barbarian I#65's story is supposed to be "freely adapted" from the REH story "The Thunder Rider"

Earth-77574 Bêlit returned triumphantly to Asgalun alongside her father, Atrahasis. Conan the Barbarian #74 (1977)

 Conan the Barbarian I#77's choice of doors was reminiscent of "The Lady, or the Tiger?" a short story by Frank R. Stockton, published in 1882 in the magazine "The Century."

Conan the Barbarian I#78 reprints a story from Savage Sword of Conan#1. #87 is a reprint, too...

#79's "The Lost Valley of Isklander"

"The Lost Valley of Iskander" is an El Borak short story by Robert E. Howard. It was not published within Howard's lifetime, the first publication was in the FAX Collector's Editions hardback The Lost Valley of Iskander in 1974. Its original title was "Swords of the Hills".

In this story, El Borak discovers a legendary valley in which live Greek descendants of Alexander the Great invading army. Meanwhile, the vital package he carries must be carried to British India before the Hungarian, Hunyadi, can stop him or thousands will die.

    The swamp rats from Conan the Barbarian I#91 were ROUSes...Rodents Of Unusual Size, of course...

    Conan the Barbarian I#91's letter page featured a text discussing the recent acquisition of the rights to Hawks over Shem and the characters therein.

    It was cool to read another adventure with Bêlit and the Black Corsairs in Conan the Savage#2/2-4/2, and it was fun to visit the Frozen Land/Isle of Ice and learn of Ta-No's people.
    On the negative side, Conan fled from Ghomli before killing him, and then, even with the Black Corsairs, they kept fleeing from Ghomli and his people. Seems out of character and just plot-device; even if they were greatly outnumbered, Conan and Bêlit should have taken down Ghomli and forced the people of the Silver Isles back into serving her again.
    They still could have resolved to go the Frozen Lands to seek the gemstones there...Bêlit was certainly greedy enough for that without other reasons needed.

    Would Conan have gone the distance with Ta-No to save Bêlit and the others (or at least to act as if he needed to do so) if he had not heard the commotion as they were prepared for execution? Certainly possible.

    In the Conan stories from 2016-2023, we were blessed with Marvel being able to publish Conan again; however, the Age of Conan: Bêlit stories are clearly a different continuity than Bêlit-616. That Bêlit's father was a pirate, he was taken down by those he had slain by those he had previously wronged, and Bêlit gave him a mercy killing. That Bêlit departed Asgalun and grew up as a pirate before eventually slaying her mentors and taking over their crews...and she was all about hunting monstrous sea creatures. There are many more contradictions, but the writer of those stories re-imaged Bêlit and did not make any effort to follow the previous Marvel Bêlit's continuity.
    Anyway, I designate that reality as Earth-19558.

   Big thanks t o Marvelousluke for providing the spectacular main image, cleaned-up from the cover of Conan the Barbarian I#58!

    Following this profile, I will get started on a profile on N'Yaga, and then M'Gora, and then Kawaku and any other more unique members, and then a profile on the Tigress and eventually the Black Corsairs...

Profile by Snood.

Bêlit should be distinguished from:

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