SENTRY (Earth-21119)

Real Name: Robert "Bobby" Reynolds

Identity/Class:  Extradimensional (Earth-21119) human mutate

Occupation: Superhero/supervillain

Group Membership: Dark Avengers

Affiliations: Norman Osborn's Avengers (Ares, Bullseye/Lester, Iron Patriot/Norman Osborn, Ms. Marvel/Dr. Karla Sofen, Spider-Man/Mac Gargan, Wolverine/Daken)

Enemies: Atau, Everyone on Earth

Known Relatives: Lindy Lee Reynolds (wife, deceased)

Aliases: The Void, "the Angel of Death"

Base of OperationsFormerly the Watchtower

First Appearance: What If? 200 #1 (February, 2011)

Powers/Abilities: Robert displayed many abilities like shape shifting (into Sentry & the Void), flying, projecting energy, manipulating matter and energy (molecule/reality manipulation), allowing him to erase people like Dr. Doom from existence. He also possessed vastly superior (more than superhuman Class 100) strength to the point where he easily overpowered men and gods alike, killing Thor in a single punch, and invulnerability to virtually all forms of physical attacks. However, Sentry's abilities were dependent on his mental state and Robert's will to hold them back or unleash them. It's possible that any additional powers of this version of Sentry were the same than his Earth-616 counterpart (see comments).

Height: 6' (presumably) (see comments)
Weight: 194 lbs. (presumably) (see comments)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond

History: (What If? 200 #1) -  When Norman Osborn planned to take on Asgard in order to remove it from Loki's control, Ares disagreed and tried to kill Osborn but was quickly killed by the Sentry, who came to Osborn's rescue. He then had days to rest before the battle in Asgard. Sentry, as Osborn's secret weapon, attacked Asgard once fully rested and in control of his powers. During the attack, Sentry overpowered and killed the heroes trying to stop Osborn with uncanny ease, taking down Luke Cage, Thor and others in a single punch and decapitating Captain America with his own shield. After Emma Frost and Dr. Doom were forced to retreat to Utopia, they met with Loki and later returned to Asgard with Namor, where they neutralized Bullseye and began to speak with the Sentry. Loki informed Robert that Bullseye had killed his wife on Norman's orders, prompting a panicked Bullseye to order Sentry to kill everyone and accuse Loki of lying. Sentry instead ignored Bullseye's orders and when Emma Frost shared Bullseye's thoughts with Robert to prove what Bullseye had done, Robert completely lost control and become the Void. Robert then crushed Emma's face and killed Bullseye by punching completely through his body. Sentry then physically transformed into the Void, quickly killing Namor and Loki. Dr. Doom, as the last man standing, then told the monster that he was not one to beg for forgiveness and the Void erased him from existence. The Void continued his murderous rampage by impaling Taskmaster and the Hood with his tendrils and disintegrating them. Osborn then told the Void that he had ordered Bullseye's murder of Robert's wife so that the Void could be free and the Void replied by thanking and quickly killing Osborn with a burst of negative energy. The Void then killed everyone on Earth and destroyed the planet.

Atau, the Watcher of reality-21119, then contacted Earth-616's Uatu and informed him of the events, stating that he, of course, took no actions to stop the events. Uatu reminded Atau that he could not interfere anyway, as they had to honor their vow of noninterference and that soon, Atau's home and the moon itself would also be destroyed. Atau replied with his knowledge of these forthcoming events but remarked that, as ever, there was nothing that could be done.

Comments: Created by Mark Guggenheim and Dave Wilkins.

Earth-21119's Sentry's physical height and weight are presumed to be the same as his Earth-616 counterpart. -Proto-Man

While not shown in the What If? story, the Sentry's history, origin & powers likely mirrored that of his Earth-616 counterpart up until he killed Ares prior to the Siege of Asgard, allowing him to rest before the siege.

What are Robert Reynolds' psychological issues in the Marvel (What If? 200 #1) (February, 2011) ?

In this volume, instead of having a mental breakdown like his Earth-616 counterpart, Earth-21119's Robert's paranoid schizophrenia was at its peak and let him believe that he was the Void.

The Void was an induced self-delusion that let Robert believe himself a malevolent entity who enjoyed hurting people, thus his power of reality manipulation allowed him to assume the physical form of what Robert believed as the ultimate incarnation of Evil. The Sentry was a manufactured personality that Robert created to counter the Void. It's not a self-delusion but a character personality that Robert created to fight for justice as his own self-ideal. Sentry was to Robert Reynolds what Peter Parker is to Spider-Man. When Robert stopped restraining himself and holding back his physical power, he quickly was able to neutralize everyone he faced.

At the end of the story, Robert had gone too far into his own insanity and his belief that he was the Void had overcame his reason.

Profile by Julien Vive.

Earth-21119's Sentry has no KNOWN connections to:



Atau was the current Watcher of the Earth-21119 reality.

He was in charge of watching the events of this reality with a vow of non-interference. His discussion with Uatu, the Watcher from Earth-616, implied that he couldn't stop the Void himself even if he wanted to do it.




What If? 200 #1

images: (without ads)
What If? 200#1, front cover (Sentry, main image)
What If? 200#1, p8, pan2 (Sentry, head-shot)
What If? 200#1, p4, pan3 (Sentry, full body shot) (standing)
What If? 200#1, p19, pan1 (Void, full body shot)
What If? 200#1, p19, pan3 (Void, head-shot)
What If? 200#1, p5-6 (Atau, head shot)
What If 200#1, p23, pan4 (Atau and Uatu-616)

What If? 200 #1 (February, 2011) - Marc Guggenheim (writer), Dave Wilkins (art), Justin F. Gabrie (editor)

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