Real Name: Joey Tortellini

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Crimeboss

Group Membership: Italian Mafia

Affiliations: Italian Mafia
    formerly: Constrictor, Mrs. Tortellini, Joey Tortellini Jr.

Enemies: Constrictor, FBI (Agent Delacourt, Max), Joey Tortellini Jr., Mrs. Tortellini, seven assassins

Known Relatives: Mrs. Tortellini (ex-wife), Joey Tortellini Jr.(son)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Tortellini's Harem World Casa in Atlantic City

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents I#119/2 (early January, 1993)

Powers/Abilities: None. He was just a smart business man with a casino in Atlantic City and some connections. He always walked around barefoot.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#119/3) - Toe Jam asked Constrictor to come to his casino and offered him a half million dollars. Constrictor's job was to pick up Toe Jam's son Joey Jr. from his ex-wife in Maine. He gave Constrictor the address and wished him good luck. He paid Constrictor when he returned with the kid and told him to leave with it. Only seconds later seven assassins tried to kill Toe Jam and he didn't care about the safety of his son anymore. Constrictor jumped out of the window with Joey and decided to bring him back to his mother.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#120/3) - Tortellini wanted him to stop, but Constrictor was already gone. FBI Agent Delacourt entered Toe Jam's office and Toe Jam told him to drop dead before he left for his car. Toe Jam followed Constrictor and shot at him from his car until Constrictor attacked Toe Jam and his chauffeur with his coil and pushed their car from the street. This little step back didn't bother Toe Jam and he soon continued his hunt for his son. He found Constrictor and Joey Jr. shortly after the FBI somewhere in Maine. He offered Constrictor another half million for his son, but Joey Jr. didn't want to come with his father and so Toe Jam slapped him. Constrictor was reminded of his own father and beat Toe Jam up. Nick Fury arrived with Joey's mother at the scene and had to stop Constrictor from beating up Toe Jam any further.



Comments: Created by Paula Foye, Mark Powers & Tim Tuohy.

After Constrictor's heroic behavior in this story Nick Fury even offered him to be re-upped with SHIELD.
    --Most writers have forgotten about such stuff and write Constrictor as some deadbeat criminal--Snood.

Profile by Markus Raymond

Toe Jam Tortellini, Joey Jr. and his mother have no known connection to:

Agent Delacourt has no known connection to:

Joey Tortellini Jr.

Joey Jr. lived with his mother in Chiminee Lane 37 not far away from Route 9 somewhere in Maine. He had lived with her since she divorced his father Joey Tortellini Sr..

(Marvel Comics Presents I#119/2) - Joey Jr. went shopping with his mother at Happy Landfood. She wanted to buy him some butterscotch chips because he had done all his homework and she also allowed him to play the video game "Park Ranger" at the store. Joey Jr. played the video game and even put out the toxic inferno. He then drove around with the shopping cart and Constrictor dragged him to the outside. Constrictor threw Joey into his car and Joey asked him many questions which Constrictor didn't like. Soon their travel was over and they were at Toe Jam's casino. Joey wanted to stay with Constrictor, but the mercenary took the money and left like he was told to. Constrictor returned when he heard gun shots from Toe Jam's bureau. Toe Jam didn't care about the safety of his son and Constrictor jumped with Joey Jr. to the outside.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#120/2) - Constrictor wanted to take Joey Jr. back to his mother. They managed to get off the New Jersey Turnpike where their van broke down. Constrictor continued with Joey Jr. on a bicycle. They made a pause at a diner to get some sleep, but they got into trouble because Joey's kidnapping was the topic on TV. After a short fight with truck drivers Constrictor left the diner with Joey again only to be caught by the FBI and Toe Jam on the outside. Joey didn't want to go back with his father and Toe Jam slapped him. Fury arrived with Joey's mother. Joey told his mother that Constrictor was great and returned with her to Maine.

--Marvel Comics Presents I#119/2 (#120/2

Mrs. Tortellini

She was once married to Toe Jam Tortellini. After their divorce she got the right to care for her son and lived since then with Joey Jr. in Maine.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#119/2) - She went shopping with Joey Jr. and wanted him to buy his favorite chips because he had done all his homework and she also allowed him to play a video game. She saw him driving around with the shopping cart and then he was gone.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#120/2 - BTS) - She went to get help from SHIELD and the FBI and told the media about her son's kidnapping.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#120/2) - Fury brought her to the diner were Constrictor was spotted with her son and she was as happy to see him again as her son was. She returned with him to Maine afterwards.

--Marvel Comics Presents I#119/2 (120/2

Agent Delacourt

He was an FBI agent on the search for Joey Jr.. He entered Toe Jam's office shortly after Constrictor took off with Joey again. He got into a verbal confrontation with Toe Jam. He left the office and followed together with his partner Max Constrictor and Toe Jam. He continued to follow Constrictor's van at a distance after Toe Jam went off the street. He caught up with Constrictor and Joey Jr. at a diner. Fury arrived with Joey's mother and everything was over.


--Marvel Comics Presents I#120/2

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Marvel Comics Presents I#119-120 (January, 1993) - Paula Foye (writer), Mark Powers (pencils), Tim Tuohy (inks), Terry Kavanagh (editor)

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