Real Name: Alanna Neramani

Identity/Class: Extra-Temporal (Reality-9922); Half Shi'ar, half Human Mutant

Occupation: Ruler of the Shi'ar Empire

Affiliations: Wife of Angel, protected by Sauron and the Vulture, beloved by the Shi'ar peoples

Enemies: Bishop, Deathbird (both Earth-616), and extra-temporal versions of Cain Marko, Angel, and the Morlocks (Wolverine, Dr. Doom, the Falcon, Longshot, Jubilee, and Cable)

Known Relatives: Angel (Husband), Charles Xavier (Father), Lilandra Nermani (Mother), D'ken Neramani (Uncle), Deathbird (Aunt), Sharon Xavier (Paternal Grandmother, deceased), Brian Xavier (Paternal Grandfather, deceased)

Aliases: Majestrix of the Shi'ar Empire

Base of Operations: New York City, home of the new Shi'ar Empire ; Earth-Shiar Dimension

First Appearance: Team X 2000 (February, 1999)

Powers: Alanna Neramani has some psychic powers that she inherited from her father. One psychic ability she has demonstrated is the ability to cause great psychic pain in anyone's mind, but this is probably no the limit of her abilities. From studying Deathbird's journals Alanna had also mastered a physical fighting style that rivals even Deathbird.

History: (Team X 2000#1 (fb))- In an alternate future the Shi'ar empire was on the losing end of a planetary civil war on the Shi'ar Homeworld. The Majestrix Lilandra came to earth looking for sympathizers to help her regain her throne. The conferences between the humans and the exiled Shi'ar were held in Xavier's mansion. With many of Earth's mightiest heroes also in attendance, Shi'ar traitors saw a way to get rid of those that stood between them and interstellar domination. Cloaked Shi'ar ships orbiting the planet locked on to the Xavier's Institute and reduced it to rubble and ash. Without earth's heroe,s an interstellar invasion of Earth went virtually uncontested. People believed that it was Lilandra's daughter Alanna behind this betrayal. Alanna despised her mother and used tactics straight from Deathbird's journal to usurp command of the empire via patricide. Desperate to find a means to stop the invasion, the remaining heroes stole trandimensional jump gates. Dr. Doom, Henry Pym, and the Beast tried to design the probes to send a distress signal across time and space. They were unable to set the coordinates before Sauron led Alanna's troops against them and killed Pym and the Beast, maimed Wolverine, and captured the Juggernaut. Doom and the remaining heroes who survived joined together to preserve the remaining human and mutant race as Team X.

(Team X 2000#1)- Trying to flee from some space Freebooters come to reclaim the parts Deathbird stole from them, Deathbird and Bishop quickly escaped into a Shi'ar jumpgate they thought would take them to Earth. On the other end of the jumpgate, Deathbird and Bishop found Shi'ar War Galleons orbiting the planet. Upon their discovery by the Shi'ar, Deathbird and Bishop were beamed aboard one of the galleons. Deathbird met Alanna Nermani, the Majestrix of this Shi'ar Empire. Wishing to gain Deathbird's allegiance to help put an end to the Earth resistance, Alanna took Deathbird and Bishop on a tour of the city. During the tour the Morlocks (a band of resistance fighters) attacked to acquire Bishop so that he could help them. In the end the Morlocks were able to rescue Bishop but Sauron, Alanna's bodyguard, killed the Falcon and Deathbird helped capture Longshot. Meeting the Morlocks, Bishop helped them plan an attack on Alanna. When Alanna tried to give Deathbird her birth name back, the Morlocks attacked and Alanna tried to end Deathbird's legacy for refusing her birth name. Bishop was able to kill Sauron, and the Angel betrayed Alanna by rescuing Longshot. Deathbird and Alanna fought until Deathbird used a kick Bishop taught her to paralyze Alanna. Using another jumpgate Bishop and Deathbird returned to their own reality.

Comments: Created by Sean Ruffner, A. Smithee, and Kevin Lau.

Alanna was pompous and sadistic; I doubt we'll see her again.

This reality's designation was revealed in Deathbird's entry in OHotMU A-Z Hardcover#3.

Profile by: Sammy 7D

Clarifications: None




Sauron, Karl Lykos, was Alanna's bodyguard in this reality. He was protective of his Queen and possessed a delight for the suffering of the human race. He was destroyed when he absorbed too much energy from a superconductor. -Team X 2000






Angel, Warren Worthington III, was Alanna's husband in this reality, and had less importance to her than Sauron. Alanna probably wanted him for and husband because she loved birds so much. Ultimately, Angel betrayed Alanna to help out the Morlocks by saving Longshot for them. -Team X 2000



Team X 2000 (February, 1999) - Sean Ruffner & A. Smithee (writers), Kevin Lau (pencils), Sean Parsons, Marlo Alquiza & Cabin Boy (inks), Ruben Diaz (editor)

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