Real Name: Dr. Sloan Alden

Identity/Class: Mutated human

Occupation: Cryogenicist

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Iron Man (alternate Tony Stark)

Known Relatives: Meredith Alden (wife)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: The Alden Institute

First Appearance: Iron Man I#327 (April, 1996)



Powers: Frostbite could create ice at will, including projectiles of ice, and could freeze anything he came into contact with. He could also create snow, sleet, and generate cold winds, enabling him to start ice-storms.

History: Dr. Sloan Alden ran a cryogenics institute, where the wealthy and dying would be frozen. Alden eventually underwent his own cryogenics process, making use of experimental preservatives.


(Iron Man#327)- As a result of the Zodiac draining all the energy out of New York (in the "First Sign" crossover), the Alden Institute’s cryogenic room lost all power, and Alden’s own cryo-chamber drained power from the others, as well as a back-up generator, to keep him alive, yet killing the others. As the Institute's staff attempted to access the room, they found the door sealed by ice. Eventually breaking in, they found that Alden had survived, but was changed into Frostbite. As he left the Institute, he killed all in his path by freezing them, making his way to the home of his widow, Meredith Alden, whom he froze. Iron Man/Boy arrived, wanting to meet up with Meredith (who had been his girlfriend in his own time/reality), only to be frozen by Frostbite as well.

(Iron Man#328)- Frostbite went on a rampage, freezing the city and overwhelming attacking police, bringing Meredith with him, wanting to be with her again. Iron Man, who had been defrosted by his gauntlet, returned, with a new, full suit of armor, and Frostbite attacked, fearing Iron Man would kill him to control him. Iron Man attempted to use heat to counter Frostbite’s cold, and while able to protect himself from Frostbite’s ice shards, was unable to defeat Frostbite that way. Instead, he used a synthetic cold-snap, pushing Frostbite to lose control of his powers and freeze up into a block of ice. Iron Man called the Avengers for an insulated containment unit, and managed to save Meredith.



Comments: Created by Terry Kavanagh and Jimmy Cheung.

Meredith Alden was formerly Meredith McCall, Tony Stark’s first girlfriend, also seen joining the Masters of Silence in the 1993 Iron Man annual after the death of another husband, and has presumably been living some kind of bigamous double life.

In Iron Man: Age of Innocence, a mysterious cloaked figure visited Iron Lad's bedside, and remarked: "Even the so-called Jack Frost has a successor - - one so much more than you could ever dream." This was apparently meant to be Morgan Stark (although others swear it was Parallax, who mistook Iron Lad for Kyle Rayner), but how he knew about Frostbite's impending arrival is unknown.

So, who else saw Icemaster in Thunderbolts#24, and mistook him for Frostbite? Yeah, most of us did.
except, of course, our own caliban, eric timothy engelhard, who won that contest. Check the letter page that announced the winner(s)

by Gauntlet: Dark Rider

Clarifications: Frostbite should not be confused with:
Frostbite 2099, one of Zhao's "Chosen", @ X-Men 2099#8

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