Real Name: Adahm ??

Identity/Class: Human Mutant technology user; Canadian citizen

Occupation: Bank Robber

Affiliations: Goon-Squad

Enemies: Batroc the Leaper, Geoff Monte, Rhonda Monte

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Adam?

Base of Operations: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents I#139/4 (mid October, 1993)

Powers/Abilities: Telekinetic Power and Psychic Blasts enhanced by Encephlo-Amplifier (his crown)

The Adahm was born a mutant, as well as a little person. In his life he had many demeaning jobs.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#139/4) - Adahm broke into a bank with the Goon-Squad. He had no problem with ripping the vault doors open because of his enhanced powers. Batroc destroyed his team, but Adahm kept him distant with psychic blasts. Batroc got angry when his mask was damaged by one of the blasts and he managed to kick Adahm into a wastepaper basket.




Comments: Created by Micke Lackey and Pedi

Zee story was told in bad French accent. Along that line, I think this guy's name was Adam, but just spelled Adahm to fit with zee out-RAY-geous accente!

In the All-New OHotMU Update#3 it was revealed that Batroc took some of the money.

by Markus Raymond

Adahm should not be confused with:

Goon-Squad should not be confused with: Geoff & Rhonda Monte should not be confused with:


They were the gang of Adahm. They tried to shoot Batroc, but missed him with their machine guns. They got their butts kicked by Batroc in a really short fight and got stacked by him.

The Goon-Squad consisted of at least seven men. Only four are pictured on the left, but the others looked similar.

--Marvel Comics Presents I#139/4




Geoff Monte

He was a bank manager and lost consciousness when Adahm and the Goon-Squad broke into his bank. He fled from the bank when Batroc fought Adahm. He told the media that Batroc only aided him in the fight and that he could've handled the situation himself with his knowledge of Kung Fu. He lied about not fainting, and Batroc emptied a garbage can over him. The media left for another story, and Geoff was afraid that he would lose his job. Batroc gave him the 10000 dollars back to retire or buy some hair.

--Marvel Comics Presents I#139/4




Rhonda Monte

Rhonda asked Batroc to help her husband in the bank and gave him 10000 dollars for it. She was with Geoff, when he lied to the media. She was scared when Batroc got angry. Some of the garbage Batroc dumped over her husband hit her too.

--Marvel Comics Presents I#139/4


Adahm face: Marvel Comics Presents I#139, barcode side, p14, pan1 (face)

p11, pan4 (body shot)
p11, pan4 (Goon Squad)
p15, pan5 (Geoff Monte)
p15, pan5 (Rhonda Monte)

Marvel Comics Presents I#139 (mid October, 1993) - Mike Lackey (writer), Pedi (artist), Richard Ashford (editor)

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