Tem, full body


Real Name: Tem

Identity/Class: Magic user; Cimmerian (Hyborian Era)

Occupation: Bodyguard, adventurer, master assassin

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Conan, his servants
    formerly Xotai;
    formerly a Zamoran Baron

Enemies: Xotai, Beast-Men, Ghouls, the wizards of the Temple of the Rat

Known Relatives: Amardin (wife)

Aliases: Master of the Assassins

Base of Operations: Mobile in the Hyborian world

First Appearance: Savage Sword of Conan#128 (September, 1986)
    {prima apparizione Italiana: Conan la Spada Selvaggia#72 Comic Art}

Powers/Abilities: Tem was an exceptional assassin. He used all sort of weapons, from steel to magic items, from lackeys to sorcery. His knowledge in black magic enabled him to transform his body, like a monstrous huge, hoary, hairy snake, an Ice Worm, or a human torch, a deadly flaming wall. He could also command the winds of the desert to create a sandstorm. He knew how to use magic objects, such as globes to record his image and voice for some days, or to disrupt a magic configuration of power gems.
His control over spells depended upon his concentration and mental status.



(Savage Sword of Conan#128 (fb) - BTS) - Tem was born in Cimmeria in the same village as Conan. The two shared their childhood and became good friends.

    Becoming a man, Tem left Cimmeria and made his name in the taking of human life, becoming a great assassin, known as the Master of the Assassins. His fame attracted followers and henchmen.

    After having killed the rival of a Zamoran baron, Tem received as partial payment ownership of Amardin, a young, beautiful girl. Tem fell in love with her and married her against her will. Amardin tried to run away several times, but Tem always found her and forced her to stay with him.

    One day, the dread sorceror Xotai hired Tem to accompany his caravan to a dead city in the desert. Tem knew Xotai, accepted and hired Conan among his men, knowing well his value as warrior and man.

Tem as an Ice Worm(Savage Sword of Conan#128) - During the crossing of the Kezankian mountain, the caravan escorting Xotai was attacked by armed men masked as Ghouls. Conan and Tem, who magically transformed himself into an Ice Worm, slew lots of them. After Tem terrorized the attackers, he reverted to his human form and the two Cimmerians and the rest of the bodyguards killed all the enemies.

    Meanwhile, news about the kidnapping of Amardin reached Tem. He was worried, but choose to send Conan for a mission against the Temple of the Rat, and only sent some ordinary lackeys in search for Amardin.
    After 5 days without news, Tem was more worried about Conan than about Amardin. Finally, his men brought back Amardin and he realized that she had already met Conan and had fallen in love with him. He gave her 10 lashes for each time she and Conan had made love.

    The dawn after, at the Oasis of Aphka, a host of sorcerous Beast-Men attacked the caravan. Tem used his black arts to create a violent sandstorm. Out of Tem's control, the storm surprised the beasts but Tem's men and Conan, too.
    That night Tem was drunk, and learnt from Conan that he wanted to leave. Struggling between his friendship for Conan and his love for Amardin, Tem forced Conan to remain with the caravan. He challenged his friend in a duel. If Conan had won then he could have gone away undisturbed. But Conan could not raise his sword against his good friend and lost the duel. Tem, however, also forced his wife to sleep with Conan.
    His insane behaviour was noticed by Xotai, who lost his trust in him and proposed to Conan to take Tem's place as leader, after his death. Tem guessed Xotai's intentions and planned to kill Xotai and steal his power in the Temple of the dead city.

    Arrived at the dead city, an army of monstrous creatures was waiting for them. The battle started and Tem tranformed his body into a wall of flame which incinerated the enemies who crossed his path.

(Savage Sword of Conan#128 (fb) - BTS) - At the Temple, Tem and Xotai fought their magic battle.

(Savage Sword of Conan#128 (fb)) - Tem had stored a magic globe he could use to disrupt Xotai's configuration of power gems, but choose to use it to record his testament for Conan. With his last breath, he confessed to Conan that he had all the power, adventure and fame he could think of, but what he really wanted was a loyal friend like only Conan was.

(Savage Sword of Conan#128 (fb) - BTS) - Far weaker than the ageless one, Tem was killed by Xotai.

(Savage Sword of Conan#128) - Conan found his body and the message on the globe. Angry, he assaulted Xotai and managed to use the globe to have Xotai's power source explode, then succeded in killing the old sorcerer and avenge Tem.

Comments: Created by Jim Owsley (writer), Mike Docherty (pencils), Fraja Bator (inks).

I guess Amardin was Zamoran. She was sold to a Zamoran Baron, and when she fled was captured in Zamora, so I think she tried to get back home.

Profile by Spidermay.


Tem has no known connections to

Amardin have no known connections to
 any other character with a similar name.


    When Amardin was twelve, she was given to a Zamoran baron as a political favor.

    The baron had Tem assasinate a rival and, as partial payment, gave Amardin to Tem.

    Tem married Amardin even though she didn't love him. She tried to run away several times, but Tem always found her and forced her to stay with him. 

    The last time she fled, Amardin was kidnapped by a bunch of rogues led by Vlad. Fortunately, the band crossed Conan's path, who killed many of them and freed Amardin.
    Amardin recognized Tem's symbol on Conan and initially believed he had come to retrieve her, but she soon learnt thet Conan had no idea about who she was. She fell in love with Conan and the two spent some days together till some servants of Tem found Amardin alone and brought her back to their master. 
    Tem punished her for the betrayal , then fought Conan to force him to accompany the caravan, also forcing Amardin to sleep with Conan. Even when Conan yelled at her that he cared more about Tem as friend than her as lover, Amardin didn't care and still loved Conan.

    During the battle in Xotai's city, Amardin saw Tem leaving for the Temple and Xotai chasing him. Amardin tried to convince Conan to flee with her. Instead Conan followed his friend, but only arrived in time to avenge his death.

    Amardin was free.

--Savage Sword of Conan#128

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Savage Sword of Conan#128, p35, pan3 (alien)
Savage Sword of Conan#128, p14, pan2 (Tem, head shot)
Savage Sword of Conan#128, p9, pan7 (Tem as an Ice Worm)
Savage Sword of Conan#128, p25, pan7 (Amardin, head shot)

Savage Sword of Conan#128 (September, 1986) - Jim Owsley (Christopher Priest, writer), Mike Docherty (pencils), Fraja Bator (inks), Larry Hama (editor)

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