Real Name: Ankhi Gottberg

Identity/Class: Human mutant (Swedish)

Occupation: Government agent
    former drug-addict

Group Membership: None

AffiliationsSven, unnamed man and his employers

EnemiesBjorn, Sven's sister, drugs

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Stockholm, Sweden

First Appearance: Muties#5 (August, 2002)

Powers/Abilities: Her mutations included an unnatural black skin tone and a third eye on her forehead. Those who looked into her third eye were rendered blind.

History: (Muties#5 (fb)) - Ankhi lived since birth in an orphanage. One day her hair fell out, her skin tone turned into an unnatural black and a third eye grew on her forehead. From this day on she was a hated outsider. Not long after that she ran away because she knew that the orphanage owners would send her away anyway.

(Muties#5 (fb) - BTS) - As a runaway she lived in the streets of Stockholm and became a drug addict.

(Muties#5) - Ankhi went with her friend/dealer Sven to his apartment to shoot up. They talked about her skin color and Sven wanted to see what was beneath her hat. She took it off and Sven told her that the third eye on her forehead was beautiful and she told him that it never opened. Then she told him her story and fooled around with him afterwards.

Due to her addiction she was broke and lived at a station on the street, but Sven saw her and offered her to stay at his place. They had to leave it for a few days when Sven stole his dealer's drugs after he seemingly died of an overdose. Ankhi and Sven now lived with Sven's sister in Nykoping, but soon Sven's sister and her friends wanted Ankhi and Sven to leave because Ankhi was a mutant. They returned to Sven's place where they were surprised by Bjorn and his thugs. Since Ankhi didn't had drugs for some time her third eye opened for the first time when Sven was stabbed by Bjorn and everyone in the room went blind. Ankhi ran away, used her third eye to blind another drug-dealer and then stole his drugs. She shot up again and the third eye closed.

Once again she was homeless and slept in a station, but the police found her and brought her in to an interrogation. Afterwards she was incarcerated and had to stay in the cell until the drugs wore off.

One week later she was brought to a man with her third eye covered. His bosses had the police drop the charges against her and Ankhi was free to go. Before she left the man explained to her that her mutant ability was submerged for so long by the drugs she took. He offered her help to clean up and much more. He uncovered her third eye and Ankhi took the opportunity.

Comments: Created by Karl Bollers & Charlie Adlard

Although it wasn't said in the story the man at the end was probably a government agent.

Ankhi's last name was revealed in Marvel Atlas#1.

Profile by Markus Raymond

Ankhi has no known connection to:

  • Ankh Dimension, mystic realm created by In-Betweener @ Iron Man I#35
  • any other character with a similar name

Bjorn and Sven have no known connections to:

  • any other Bjorn or Sven, including my IKEA couch and lamp (just joking)


He dealt with drugs in Stockholm. He was also an addict and one day when he shot up he seemingly took an overdose and Sven, who was with him at the time, stole all his drugs. Bjorn survived and when Sven returned with Ankhi to his place in Stockholm Bjorn already waited for him with two henchmen. Bjorn wanted his drugs back, but they were gone and so Bjorn stabbed Sven. Suddenly Ankhi's third eye opened and Bjorn went blind. For a few hours he stumbled around in until the police arrested him for the murder.



He was a good friend of Ankhi and a drug addict (and supposedly also her dealer). He gave Ankhi the drugs she needed and a place to stay. He stole the drugs of Bjorn when he seemingly died of an overdose and left Stockholm together with Ankhi. He stayed with her at his sister's place until they were asked to leave. He returned with Ankhi to his place in Stockholm where he was stabbed by Bjorn because he couldn't give the drugs back to him. He died in Ankhi's arms blinded by her third eye. Bjorn and his henchmen were hours later arrested for Sven's murder.



Muties#5, p2 (Ankhi main image)
  Cover (Ankhi head shot)
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