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Real Name: Eithriall

Identity/Class: Human, magic user (Hyborian era), Iranistan

Occupation: Would-be conqueror

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Conan the Cimmerian, some lackeys

Enemies: Conan the Cimmerian, King Yildiz of Turan

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Ormraxes

Base of Operations: Turan, Hyborian era

First Appearance: "Two against Tyre" (not a Conan novel), The Howard Collector (Spring 1970)
    (Marvel) Conan the Barbarian I#29 (August, 1973)

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Powers/Abilities: Eithriall had great but mostly unspecified magic powers. Ormraxes could separate his astral ego from his body, giving it a material form, a perfect copy of himself, and the ability to speak and think. The other powers enabled him to loot and conquer an entire city; it is possible that he could increase his height and project streams of flames from his hands.
    He possessed a red magic gem. The gem was used in the process of merging with his astral form.

Weaknesses: The astral form could remain separated from his body for several days but eventually they had to be joined, or Eithriall would die. In the meantime, his powers was greatly reduced. 








History: (Conan the Barbarian#29 (fb) - BTS) - Eithriall visited many countries in the north of the Hyborian continent.

    Eithriall found the Parchments of Acheron, which contained occult knowledge, and thanks to them increased his magic powers.

    Eithriall dreamt of conquering all Turan using his powers. He separated his astral form from his body and gave it a material body. His astral form became a copy of himself. Eithriall gave the name Ormraxes to his spiritual double and sent him to Aghrapur as a spy.
    Ormraxes was uncovered by the Turanians; he had to hide and could not rejoin to his original body.

(Conan the Barbarian#29) - Ormraxes spotted Conan while was fleeing from a crowd of religious fanatics. Ormraxes helped Conan to flee and led the Cimmerian to a tavern. There, the spy was asking Conan to help, but some Turanian soldiers found them. Conan tried to fight them but was knocked out and believed dead; Ormraxes was captured and brought to the prisons.

(Conan the Barbarian#29 (fb) - BTS) - Meanwhile Eithriall managed to enter  in Aghrapur. Two henchmen found Conan in the tavern and transported him to Eithriall's hideout.

 (Conan the Barbarian#29) - Eithriall, wore a cowl to hide his face, and he levered on Conan's sense of honor to convince him to save Ormraxes. The two henchmen led Conan to the prisons. Conan managed to enter, killed Akuros the executioner and the guards Usshir, Fredor and Khumri, and saved Ormraxes. Ormraxes lost conscience shortly after, because the enchantment that kept him separated from Eithriall had lasted too long.
    Once in the Eithriall's hideout, the sorcerer unmasked his face. While his two lackeys held Conan under their blades, Eithriall used a red magic gem to raise Ormraxes and start the spell to join with his double and re-acquire the great powers he learnt from the parchments of Acheron. The lackeys told Conan about their master's conquest and looting purposes about Turan. Conan suddenly freed himself and threw a sabre which hit the red gem, breaking the enchantment just when the dawn light was enveloping the two sorcerers. The last day of the separator enchantment was passed: Eithriall and his living mirage died in a high flame born form nothing.

    Turanian soldiers invaded Eithriall's hideout after they saw the flames. Conan was enlisted in the Turanian army.

Comments: Created by Robert E. Howard
    Adapted by Roy Thomas (writer), John Buscema (pencils).

    After years of studies, I never saw Doctor Strange create a material astral form and, in the meanwhile, use his own body. In this, he has something to learn from Eithriall's powers.
    Ormraxes, in ancient Turanian language, means "Spirit". 

Profile by Spidermay.

Eithriall or Ormraxes have no known connections to

Akuros, Fredor and Usshir have no known connections to any other character with a similar name.

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Akuros, Fredor, Khumri and Usshir

    They were normal humans part of the guardsmen of Aghrapur prison. Khumri was taller than Conan, and was probably the strongest of the four, skilled in the use of the axe. Usshir used a spear, Fredor used the sabre. Akuros was the executioner and the chief-guardsmen.








    Khumri once was the chief of the guards of the prison. But he drank too much, and so was demoted.

The night that Ormraxes was in jail, Khumri, Usshir and Fredor were playing dice as they usually did, in the prisons.
    One hour before the soldiers had to come to take Ormraxes before Yildiz, Akuros the executioner ordered Khumri to prepare the prisoner. Khumri threatened Akuros, but he was executing the orders when he, Usshir, and Fredor heard Akuros' death-rattle. Conan had killed him. They ran to the corridor where Akuros was and were ambushed by Conan, who swiftly slew Fredor and Usshir, but remained without sword. Khumri hurled the axe that missed Conan's head, they tangled. Nobody before had ever succeeded in causing Khumri to fall, but Conan did it. Enraged, the Turanian attacked again the disarmed Conan. Conan grabbed his head and smashed it on the floor, killing him.

--Conan the Barbarian#29


Top to bottom: Akuros is pictured at the top left, with Usshir (grey shirt with the spear), Khumri (with the axe), and Fredor (sleeveless shirt) in the bottom picture

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Conan the Barbarian#29, p18, pan1 (Eithriall, main image)
Conan the Barbarian#29, p7, pan4 ( Ormraxes, head shot)
Conan the Barbarian#29, p18, pan8 (the red gem used in the spell)
Conan the Barbarian#29, p12, pan2 (Akuros)
Conan the Barbarian#29, p12, pan4 (Khumri)

Conan the Barbarian#29 (August, 1973) - Roy Thomas (writer/editor), John Buscema (pencils), Ernie Chan (inks)

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