Real Name: Unknown

Identity/Class: Technology user/Human

Occupation: Enforcer

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: "Hooded Boss" (name unrevealed), Morris, several other unnamed goons.

Enemies: Dr. Armond, Iron Man; possibly Dr. Octopus (See Comments)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Presumably the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, including the dilapidated Austin and Able Factory (former); currently unknown.

First Appearance: Shadows & Light#1/3 (February, 1998)


Powers/Abilities: Longarm wore the type of extensor pinchers designed and used by Dr. Octopus, one on each arm. Each pincher had the strength to lift approximately one ton each (two tons in conjunction if you can do the math), but since Longarm lacked any bracing mechanisms for the arms he was unable to lift items that exceeded his natural strength level. What he could do with the arms though was grapple objects and crush them with their superhuman strength. Using the strength of the pinchers differently, he could strike objects from afar by extending them outward. Presumably, he could not extend the pinchers as far as Dr. Octopus could because of the aforementioned lack of bracing. Given more practice or imagination, Longarm may have been able to use the arms in a whip-like fashion or to climb surfaces.
Longarm's hands were uncovered and unencumbered when the pinchers were fully retracted upon his limbs; the extensor pinchers would look like thick, segmented, metal bands on his forearms while in this position. In addition, he wore what appeared to be a lightweight armature made from a fiberglass-like material of limited durability over the remainder of his body.

History: Besides knowing that Longarm was employed as an enforcer for an unnamed hooded criminal, nothing else was known about him, including how he stole the Dr. Octopus-designed extensor arms.

(Shadows & Light#1 - BTS) - Along with his hooded boss and three other goons, Longarm was given access to Dr. Armond's lab by the doctorís traitorous assistant, Morris. Hiding himself, Longarm waited to ambush any unwanted opposition.

(Shadows & Light#1) - Opposition came in the form of Tony Stark's then personal assistant Virginia "Pepper" Potts and his then bodyguard Harry "Happy" Hogan. Longarm laid low Happy while his associates restrained Pepper. As his crew took away the drugged doctorís work and Pepper, Longarm destroyed the laboratory.

BTS—In a ploy to attract and ambush Iron Man, the Hooded Boss made the location of his hideout known to Happy, who was trying to locate his kidnapped friend.

Happy informed his employer (and the alter ego of Iron Man), Tony Stark, of Pepperís whereabouts.

Itching for a confrontation, Longarm was not disappointed when Iron Man was detected inside their headquarters. After Morris used a disruptor against Iron Manís armor, Longarm attacked while Iron Manís systems struggled against the electronic onslaught. Once Iron Manís systems counter-acted the disruption, Longarm was easily defeated, and he was then carried away--by the long arm of the law.

Comments: Created by Len Wein and "Sturdy" Steve Dikto.

Due to the presence of Pepper and Happy, this story took place during Iron Manís early days. Chronologically speaking, this story probably took place for Iron Man somewhere between Strange Tales I#156 and Tales of Suspense #87--and as for Spider-Man's foe Doctor Octopus, shortly after Amazing Spiderman I Annual#3, which preceded Amazing Spider-Man #42, according to Snood.
--And let me just add that placing events in chronological order is not my strong suit. So, let me know if you've got a better place for those issues to fit.

It would be interesting to see a follow-up with Longarm if he encountered Dr. Octopus for stealing his technology, especially seeing as how Doc Ock deals with those who cross him a la Fusion or Carlyle.

While on the topic of bad guy vs. bad guy, I would love to see the return of a Super-Villain Team Up-style comic, now those were some entertaining stories. "Super-Villain Team-Up" always sounded too "chummy" for a book about bad guys, so Marvel, if they ever come out with a similarly styled title, should call the new series something like "The Super-Villain Verses" or "Super-Villain Versus."

Profile by Kyle Sims & Snood

Longarm should be distinguished from:

The "Hooded Boss," aka the Hood, should not be confused with:

Morris should be not be confused with:

Dr. Armond


—While employed by Tony Stark, this scientist was drugged by his assistant, Morris. His work was then either stolen or destroyed by Morris and his fellow cronies. When he came to, he informed Tony Stark of the damage done to his current project.


--Shadows & Light#1




Hooded Boss


Aka the Hoodóhis name was never revealed (even to the goons he employed), but he was one of several buyers who were looking to deal with Stark Industries. His true goal was to profit from stolen Stark goods and to then buy the company, possibly in a hostile take-over, afterward. After raiding Dr. Armondís lab, he took Starkís personal assistant hostage to lure Iron Man to him. He left his base before Iron Man came to the rescue. His weakness was an inability to keep his mouth shut as illustrated when he commented about Pepperís safe return when only Iron Man, his associates, and the crooks knew about her kidnapping, and finally when he informed everybody of his guilt and motivation. Not surprisingly, he was arrested after this. He may have played a part in acquiring Dr. Octopusí arms, so he, too, would be on the evil doctorís ink list. Being somebody that had trouble keeping his mouth shut, it shouldnít have been difficult for Doc Ock to find him and extract his vengeance.


--Shadows & Light#1




Morris—He was Dr. Armondís lab assistant, and he decided to ally himself with the "hooded boss." He drugged Dr. Armond, gave unauthorized lab access to the boss, his goons, and Longarm, plus took the doctorís files and work (you know, itís so tough to find lab assistants that wonít drug you and steal your files these days). From the stolen parts and files, Morris was able to produce a working model of a hand-held "disruptor" that could cripple electrical systems (including sophisticated equipment such as Iron Manís armor) for a limited time. He was arrested along with Longarm and the other goons after Iron Man and Happy rescued Pepper.
--Shadows & Light#1

Other goons—Three other guys to handle any tasks not requiring the "superhuman" intervention of Longarm. They were present at the raid on Dr. Armondís lab and at their base, the Austin and Able Factory (with the names in the factory's title being an obvious nod to inkers/artists Terry Austin and Jack Able). When Starkís bodyguard Happy went to rescue Pepper at the factory, he incapacitated them (i.e. knocked them the BLEEP out!). They were then taken into police custody.
--Shadows & Light#1





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