Classification: Terrestrial (Atlantean) bar

Creator: Unrevealed

User/Possessors: Mephisto, Namor the Sub-Mariner (Namor McKenzie)

First Appearance: Avengers VII#32 (May, 2020)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: The Davy Jones Saloon functioned as an underwater bar for water-breathing Atlanteans. It served a variety of drinks including blobfish grog.

History: (Avengers VII#32 (fb) - BTS) - The Davy Jones Saloon was built seven miles down into the Mariana Trench to serve Atlanteans, although it displayed signs requesting no Deviants, no wizards and no dogfish within.

(Avengers VII#32) - Namor the Sub-Mariner patroned the Davy Jones Saloon, where he drank blobfish grog and thought about the day he was crowned king of Atlantis, and how the Abbot of the Abyss and his Octomonks had come out of their recluse to bestow their blessings. He then thought about how the seas were being damaged by the surface dwellers and told the barkeep to sponge him another blobfish grog. The barkeep (secretly disguised demon Mephisto) asked if Namor was having a rough day. When Namor remarked on how both his Defenders of the Deep and the surface world seemed to want war, the barkeep suggested warring with the Avengers instead of the entire surface world, claiming the Avengers had started the fight by invading Atlantis in the first place. The barkeep/Mephisto then manipulated Namor, suggesting Namor form alliances capable of assisting against the Avengers, later smiling as Namor contacted the extraterrestrial Phoenix Force.

Comments: Created by Jason Aaron, Ed McGuinness and Francesco Manna.

Profile by Proto-Man.

The Davy Jones Saloon has no known connections to:

The Abbot of the Abyss

The Abbot of the Abyss was based in a black abbey deep within the mountain caverns of Atlantis and headed up the Octomonks. He emerged with the Octomonks to attend Namor's coronation as king of Atlantis.

--Avengers VII#32 (fb) - BTS


The Octopriests (originally called the Octomonks) were a reclusive fundamentalist order led by the Abbot of the Abyss that resided within a black abbey deep within the mountains of Atlantis. They emerged to attend Namor's coronation ceremony as king of Atlantis, where they chanted Kraken dirges and bestowed their blessings. In the modern era, the Octopriests, along with many other Atlantean factions, grew to think the rule of Namor the Sub-Mariner's was riddled with failures. Teaming up with the anti-Namor factions, including the marauding Sea Blades, the Defenders of the Deep and the Black Tide, several Octopriests publicly challenged Namor's rule. Before the challenge could be met with violence, however, the mind-controlled Winter Hulk appeared and violently swatted aside the challengers to focus her rage on Namor.

--Avengers VII#32 (fb) - BTS (#49,

images: (without ads)
Avengers VII#32, p3, pan2 (Davy Jones Saloon, main image)
Avengers VII#32, p4, pan1 (disguised Mephisto & Namor inside the Davy Jones Saloon)
Avengers VII#49, p1-2, pan2 (Octopriests, standing behind Tiger Shark)

Avengers VII#32 (May, 2020) - Jason Aaron (writer), Ed McGuinness, Francesco Manna (art), Tom Brevoort (editor)

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