Real Name: Jeremy Briggs

Identity/Class: Human mutant (? - see comments)

Occupation: CEO of Briggs Chemical, LLC, manager of the Briggs Foundation

Group Membership: Briggs Chemical, LLC (Earl, Lila, others), the Briggs Foundation (Big Zero/Amity Hunter, Coat of Arms/Lisa Molinari, Enchantress/Sylvie Lushton, others)

Affiliations: Briggs Chemical (Earl, Lila, others), Briggs Foundation (Big Zero/Amity Hunter, Coat of Arms/Lisa Molinari, Enchantress/Sylvie Lushton, others), Cloud 9 (Abby Boylan), Kelly Garnett, Hardball (Roger Brokeridge), Komodo (Melati Kusuma), Machine Teen (Adam Aaronson), Weston Minkovitch, Prodigy (Ritchie Gillmore), Rocket Racer (Robert Farrell);
possibly Wendigo;
formerly Giant-Man (Hank Pym), Jocasta, Veil (Madeline Berry)

Enemies: Aftershock (Danielle Blunt), Avengers (Giant-Man/Hank Pym, Hawkeye/Clint Barton, Jocasta, Quicksilver/Pietro Maximoff, Tigra/Greer Nelson), Avengers Academy (Batwing/Jimmy Santini, Butterball/Emery Schaub, Finesse/Jeanne Foucault, Hazmat/Jennifer Takada, Mettle/Ken Mack, Julie Power, Power Man/Victor Alvarez, Reptil/Humberto Lopez, Ricochet/Johnny Gallo, Juston Seyfert, She-Hulk/Lyra, Striker/Brandon Sharpe, White Tiger/Ava Ayala, X-23/Laura Kinney), Ember (Jason Pierce), Icemaster (Bradley Kroon), Norman Osborn, Veil (Madeline Berry)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "The Alchemist" (potential code name), "Billionaire Boy Genius," "Rich Boy"

Base of Operations: The Briggs Chemical, LLC corporate headquarters, Manhattan, New York, USA

First Appearance: Avengers Academy I#14.1 (August, 2011)

Powers/Abilities: Jeremy Briggs was capable of altering the chemical makeup of nearly any substance at will. The more complex the substance, the harder it was for Briggs to affect.

He was also extremely tough-skinned, able to resist a baton to the head with no injuries whatsoever. Whether this toughness was due to his chemical-based super powers or if it was an additional superhuman powers remains to be seen.

Height: 5'8" (by approximation)
Weight: 150 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Brown (see comments)
Hair: Brown

History: (Avengers Academy I#14.1 (fb) - BTS) - Jeremy Briggs graduated M.I.T. at age seventeen but was shortly after captured and tortured at a facility by Norman Osborn during Osborn's tenure as head of the Initiative program, resulting in an increase in Briggs' power levels. Upon his release, Jeremy Briggs considered becoming a superhero under the codename of "the Alchemist" but upon seeing himself in his custom-made costume, he fell over laughing at how silly he looked. Hating what Osborn had done to him but admiring Osborn's vision of changing the world, the now-eighteen-year-old Briggs founded his own company, Briggs Chemical, LLC, to synthesize chemicals no one else could. Soon becoming a billionaire after Briggs Chemical found a way to break down oil spills without damaging the ecosystems, Briggs was considered a candidate for the Avengers Academy but he was ultimately rejected because he was already living a productive life in the private sector. Keeping tabs on other youngsters experimented on by Norman Osborn, Briggs managed to cure the young Weston Minkovitch of his monstrous transformations by synthesizing a pill to prevent the transformations, an idea concocted by the heroic Giant-Man.

(Avengers Academy I#14.1) - Deciding to find out why they were selected to be part of Avengers Academy when others were not, the Avengers Academy students opted to visit Jeremy Briggs at Briggs Chemical after Academy student Finesse recalled seeing Briggs' name in a data list of potential Academy students. Claiming to be a huge fan of the Avengers Academy students since their captivity at the hands of Norman Osborn alongside himself, Briggs welcomed the students and gave them his life story, prompting Academy student Reptil to wonder who was really better off, those recruited into Avengers Academy or those who were left to sort out their own lives. Admitting that he kept track of those experimented on by Osborn, Jeremy Briggs offered to show the Avengers Academy students what became of the others who were tortured by Osborn if they wanted to visit some days after their classes. On the first day, Briggs met with Mettle and Hazmat, showing them what became of Weston Minkovitch, who originally transformed into a monstrous state. After learning that Briggs had cured Minkovitch using ideas from Giant-Man, Hazmat asked Briggs how long it took Pym to cure Minkovitch and Briggs admitted that it took about a day to come up with the plan and another day for Briggs to synthesize the pill for Minkovitch. Briggs then commented on his surprise that Giant-Man had no already found a cure for Hazmat and Mettle's conditions, following up with a statement that he was sure Giant-Man was doing his best for them. The next day, Briggs had Avengers Academy students Finesse and Striker accompany him to Haiti, where Briggs introduced them to Kelly Garnett, who had healing abilities. After introductions were made, Briggs suggested they get going, promising to Kelly that his check was in the mail as payment for Kelly taking time out to meet Striker and Finesse. On day three, Briggs met with Reptil and Veil and they visited Buffalo, New York, where Briggs revealed that young, ice-manipulating hero Steve Beaulieu had been killed by a Wendigo. Suggesting that Steve had only managed to save some cows from the Wendigo that killed him, Briggs returned to Briggs Chemical, where he remarked that the "hero/villain" occupation was a colossal waste and that each of those experimented on by Osborn could be using their powers to help the world like Kelly or live a normal life like Weston. Briggs then pleaded his case to the Avengers Academy students, inviting them to come work for him instead of being heroes. Upon hearing Briggs' proposal, Finesse called Briggs out, accusing him of planning to turn the Avengers Academy students to his side since first meeting them and remarking on how his micro-expressions suggested deception. Revealing that she had done some digging into Briggs, Finesse then explained that Briggs was funding a reality show and publicity for Kelly Garnett, paying people to hang out with Weston Minkovitch so the depressed Minkovitch would seem happy when the Avengers Academy students looked in on him, and possibly even spending money to lure the Wendigo who killed Steve into the United States. Finesse then accused Briggs of using his wealth and power to manipulate everyone around him but Briggs claimed he had no idea what Finesse was talking about, remarking that her accusations only further proved his point that the "hero/villain" thing was outdated. When Briggs asked the Avengers Academy students again to join him, Reptil outright refused and Briggs turned to Mettle and Hazmat, asking how they would like a first kiss. Angered, Mettle and Hazmat attacked Briggs, prompting Briggs to transform the oxygen in Hazmat's containment suit into carbon dioxide. Avengers Academy then went on the offensive but Briggs used his powers to cause an explosion behind Finesse, transform Veil's gaseous form into liquid, electrify Striker and transform the oxygen in Reptil's lungs into water. Announcing that he could kill each of them with a thought, Briggs explained that killing them would make him a hypocrite as guards stormed the room. Briggs called off the guards and when the guard Earl asked if Briggs was attacked, Briggs confirmed it but refused to press charges, claiming that he was never in danger and that the Avengers Academy students were merely a product of their educational system. As they left, the Avengers Academy students promised to tell the Avengers but a smiling Briggs remarked that it wouldn't make any difference like most things the Avengers did. Briggs then apologized that their meeting went the way it did and admitted that he still thought the students had potential if they could shake off their "hero" status. He then commented that he had no hard feelings and his offer would continue to stand before excusing himself to work.

(Avengers Academy I#20) - Thinking of quitting Avengers Academy, student Veil phoned Jeremy Briggs, inquiring about the offer he had once made. The next day, Jeremy Briggs arrived at Avengers Academy via helicopter in the middle of a fight between the staff, students and criminals Icemaster, Ember and Aftershock. Defeating the criminals with ease, Briggs announced his arrival, claiming that while he didn't expect hugs, a "thank you" would have sufficed. Reptil quickly prepared to attack but Giant-Man called Reptil off, remarking that while Briggs hadn't made a move, he was being carefully watched after his past encounter with the students. Claiming that the Avengers Academy students were loopy and that he had committed no crimes, Briggs announced that the only non-loopy student was Veil and that he had arrived to personally deliver the message that his offer was still open and that there was a six-figure-a-year position open for Veil at his Briggs Foundation. He then announced that Briggs and Veil could do great things together, expressing hope that he would see her soon, before departing in his helicopter. Hours later, Veil spoke with each of her instructors and fellow students about her decision to join Briggs and while speaking with Giant-Man, Veil assured him that he had not failed her and that perhaps being a full-fledged Avenger wasn't for everyone. Giant-Man warned Veil that Briggs was a sociopath and Veil replied that while Briggs was a bad guy, he did good things and she had to try something else besides the Academy. That evening, Justice met with Veil and admitted that he also had serious concerns about Briggs, warning Veil that she should watch him closely, but Justice also admitted that Veil should quit the Academy if she felt like it. Some time later, after Veil had accepted Briggs' offer, she visited Briggs Chemical's Manhattan offices, where Briggs showed Veil her new office and assured Veil they would have her an apartment by nightfall. Veil thanked Briggs and asked what they were to do and Briggs only replied "anything we want."

(Avengers Academy I#26 (fb) - BTS) - Jeremy Briggs worked with Veil and former Avengers Academy instructor Jocasta to create an alternative to the Avengers Academy. Feeling as if Avengers Academy would argue against his decision, Briggs sent Jocasta and Veil to Avengers Academy to shut it down.

(Avengers Academy I#26) - When the Avengers Academy students and staff wondered if Jocasta was being manipulated, Jocasta revealed that she had earlier faked her destruction so that she could work on an alternative to Avengers Academy with Briggs. The disagreements soon erupted into a fight when Jocasta tried to remove the technology she had earlier installed while an instructor at Avengers Academy but Jeremy Briggs arrived himself, accompanied by former Initiative members Cloud 9, Komodo, Prodigy and Hardball. Tigra immediately asked if everyone was going insane by working with Briggs but Briggs remarked that the Initiative members were finally coming around. Reptil halted the near-fight and Avengers Academy agreed to a compromise by allowing Jocasta to present Briggs' alternative to the Academy on the condition that she be examined for Briggs' manipulation. Ultimately agreeing to have Academy student Juston Seyfert's Sentinel perform the examination, Giant-Man admitted that he would help repair the Sentinel while Briggs said what he wanted about an Academy alternative, not wishing to have Briggs present any longer than necessary. Jeremy then began a speech in which he accused the Avengers of being outdated and not doing enough for world problems such as global warming or human trafficking. Veil agreed, revealing that Briggs and herself were currently working on a cure for autism. Jocasta backed Briggs up by reminding the Academy students of recent slaughters at the Xavier Institute and attacks on the Academy itself while Prodigy revealed that Briggs had given him a chance to atone for his past heroic misdeeds. Hardball, Cloud 9 and Komodo then chimed in, assuring the Academy students that if they felt trapped, Briggs could definitely help and they would be free to work on whatever projects they wanted. After hearing the opinions of many of the students, Cloud 9 also assured them that Briggs allowed her to simply fly as a paying job instead of forcing her into becoming a sniper, as the Initiative had once done. Briggs himself then turned to Finesse and commented on how Veil had told her Finesse had earlier admitted she might have been wrong about him but Finesse quickly explained that while she had only said she had no evidence that Briggs had committed a crime, she was sure he was a murderer and demanded Briggs get out of her sight. As Briggs began to leave, Hazmat walked up and asked if Briggs still thought he could make both her and Mettle normal again. Briggs replied in the affirmative and suggested they accompany him away from Avengers Academy but Hazmat explained that Mettle outright refused to join Briggs. Hazmat then gave Briggs pieces of Mettle's metallic body and agreed to join Briggs if Briggs promised to cure Mettle. Once the Sentinel had been repaired and confirmed that Jocasta was not under anyone's control, Giant-Man gave a speech of his own, explaining what the Avengers had meant to him. Briggs followed Giant-Man's speech by asking the Avengers Academy students to make their decisions, prompting Reptil to remark that just because the Academy might separate and go their own ways didn't mean that they couldn't work together when needed. Briggs agreed, claiming that he loved the idea of transcending modern labels altogether, and Giant-Man agreed as well, asking that he deal with Jocasta in the future instead of Briggs himself. Briggs argued that the Avengers were all about redemption despite what Giant-Man thought of him but Giant-Man commented that to be redeemed, one had to take responsibility and feel sorry for their past actions. Brushing off Giant-Man's remarks, Briggs asked again who was staying and who was joining him. After Rocket Racer and Machine Teen decided to leave Avengers Academy, Hazmat prepared to leave too but Briggs informed Hazmat that he didn't want anyone to join him that didn't want to be there. Briggs then promised to take care of curing Mettle for Hazmat, remarking to himself that only good could come from research into Mettle's metallic skeleton. With new recruits in tow, Jeremy Briggs then boarded a cloud created by Cloud 9 and he departed Avengers Academy with his allies.

(Avengers Academy I#34 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, Briggs was given power-inhibiting S.P.I.N. technology from his allies in the former Initiative and he improved on the technology to create his depowering Clean Slate aerosol. Soon, the former Young Masters Big Zero, Enchantress and Coat of Arms approached Jeremy Briggs, wishing an opportunity to do something that mattered. Suspicious of their motivations, Briggs had them prove themselves to him by allowing themselves to be depowered by Briggs' Clean Slate technology and earned their powers back by working for Briggs.

(Avengers Academy I#35 (fb) - BTS) - Jeremy Briggs took a disliking to Big Zero's racist views.

(Avengers Academy I#34) - During a period in which the Avengers Academy was sealed off due to a fight between the Avengers and X-Men, Jeremy Briggs contacted Hazmat while she was on the beach with Mettle and informed her that he had succeeded in finding a cure for both Hazmat and Mettle's superpowered conditions. Informing Hazmat that his jet would be landing at Lihue Airport within the hour, Briggs promised to send a limo for Hazmat and Mettle and suggested Hazmat prepare herself for her first kiss with Mettle. Not trusting Briggs, Hazmat phoned Reptil and White Tiger to be there in case Briggs planned to betray them, unaware that Briggs had sent his own agents to contact Striker, Julie Power, Finesse and X-23. After Briggs had the Academy students meet up at the Briggs Foundation building in Manhattan, he began to condescend about the Avengers Academy being closed but Jocasta warned Briggs that his tone would not win over the doubting Academy students. Reptil agreed with Jocasta and demanded proof that Briggs had found a cure for Mettle and Hazmat, which Veil provided by revealing that her slow loss of cohesion had been cured. Briggs then revealed that his allies in the former Initiative program had provided him with power-inhibiting S.P.I.N. technology, which Briggs had adjusted and removed the flaws from to tailor doses of what he now called Clean Slate for Mettle and Hazmat. Briggs then produced aerosol forms of S.P.I.N. and Hazmat readily used hers, soon confirming the loss of her toxicity using the Geiger counter built into her containment suit as Briggs suggested using Mettle's stem cells to regrow Mettle's normal human skin. Upon seeing Hazmat, Mettle accepted Briggs' help in restoring him to human form despite Reptil and Finesse's suspicions that the former Academy students and Initiative recruits were not present. Briggs then supervised as Mettle was led into a restoration tank and his skin was regrown, prompting White Tiger to ask Briggs' assistance in better controlling her magic-based powers. Briggs directed White Tiger to Sylvie and Lisa, his Foundation's magic experts, to take a look at White Tiger's amulet while Reptil admitted that while he didn't like Briggs, he couldn't deny that Briggs had accomplished everything he had promised. Overhearing Reptil's admittance, Briggs revealed that he was glad to hear Reptil say that, as he needed the Avengers Academy students' help in deploying Clean Slate worldwide to permanently end damaging superhero/villain fights. Shocked, Jocasta and Veil argued that they had not agreed to such a plan, only to deploy Clean Slate to police for use against supervillains, but Briggs announced a change of plans, claiming that he hadn't spin all the money to create Clean Slate only to think small. Jocasta quickly accused Briggs' proposal as being reckless and refused to allow it but Briggs responded by kicking Jocasta's intelligence out of her current body and into a spare in the Briggs Foundation's China offices. Finesse immediately accused Briggs of not being trustworthy and Julie Power asked who would stop natural disasters if heroes had no powers. Briggs replied that the Briggs Foundation would stop the disasters and then asked the students why they thought he had summoned them there. Revealing his plans to possibly restore powers to those who deserved it, Briggs explained his plan to make superpowers a privilege and Finesse followed up by asking if Briggs himself would get to chose who did or did not have superpowers. Briggs answered by suggesting they all vote and revealed that he would need the Avengers Academy students to help in stopping those heroes would not be affected by Clean Slate such as the armored War Machine, skilled Hawkeye or non-human Thor. Reptil outright refused to help, calling Briggs crazy, but a gloating Jeremy Briggs admitted that they had already helped him by allowing him to test Clean Slate on a variety of powers and origins, as he had been secretly spreading Clean Slate throughout the room over the course of their entire five-minute discussion. When Finesse, X-23 and Reptil realized their powers were still intact, they prepared to attack but Briggs used his own powers to transform Finesse's batons into steam, admitting that he had made sure he was immune to Clean Slate. Unleashing his super powered agents Big Zero, Enchantress and Coat of Arms against the Avengers Academy students, Briggs gloated that he had the trio prove themselves to him by allowing themselves to be depowered and earning their powers back. Enchantress soon managed to hold Reptil in place using magic and Briggs confronted Reptil, revealing that since Clean Slate didn't work on magic, he had to get creative. Briggs then ripped the stone that empowered Reptil from Reptil's chest before informing X-23 that her healing factor was gone. Briggs then promised that he wouldn't kill the defeated Avengers Academy students, merely hold them until he could release Clean Slate worldwide. He then proposed that the cured Avengers Academy students continue working with him but Finesse managed to hurl a shuriken stolen from Coat of Arms into Briggs' Clean Slate technology, causing an explosion that masked the defeated students' escape. Briggs ordered Big Zero, Enchantress and Coat of Arms to find the escaped students and demanded to know if the cured students were with him or against him. Striker reluctantly said they were with Briggs and Briggs ordered Enchantress to analyze the magic stone taken from Reptil, unaware that the defeated students were laying several floors down, having been injured in the explosion.

(Avengers Academy I#35) - When Big Zero made a racist remark about Reptil while searching for him, Coat of Arms reminded her that Jeremy Briggs didn't like that kind of talk and Big Zero responded that she only wanted to kill Reptil because she didn't like his face. Coat of Arms responded by telling Big Zero to maintain radio silence unless she found something, as Coat of Arms wasn't even sure Briggs wanted them to kill the escaped Avengers Academy students. Big Zero replied that while Briggs might be paying them, she did not consider him her boss. Big Zero soon located the students but they managed to knock her out and discussed running but figured Briggs had security measures in place in preparation of a full escape. Jeremy Briggs soon paid a visit to Hazmat and Mettle in his building's penthouse suite and reminded them that he would need their help to deploy Clean Slate that night but suggested they take a few hours for themselves to enjoy their newly-cured lives. Hazmat then asked Briggs about their missing friends and Briggs assured Hazmat that, when found, they would receive medical attention and that he would let Hazmat know the minute they were located. Briggs then met with Enchantress, Striker and Veil and admitted his suspicions that Jocasta might have found a way to get a message out from Briggs' China offices to warn the Avengers. Striker then followed up, asking when he might get his powers back and claiming he might need them against the Avengers, but Briggs reminded Striker that he would have to earn his powers back. Veil then asked if she had to get her powers back and Briggs commented that he would never ask Veil to restore powers that were slowly killing her, again claiming that he was using Clean Slate to make the world a better place for everyone. Briggs then ordered them all to have their press statements ready within two hours, reminding them that their statements had to appeal to the general populace. After Briggs departed, Striker questioned the unsure Veil on her allegiance to Briggs before manipulating Enchantress into revealing the antidote to Clean Slate's power loss by coming up with a backstory that seemingly matched her own. The missing Avengers Academy students, meanwhile, were making their way towards the magic artifacts used by Reptil and White Tiger, where the poisoned X-23 promised to survive long enough to stop Jeremy Briggs, who returned to check in on Veil, Striker and Enchantress just as Striker had tricked Enchantress into providing him the antidote to restore his powers. Overhearing Striker's attempt to persuade Veil into helping him take down Briggs, Jeremy Briggs used his own powers to disable Striker. Briggs then decided to punish Striker by chemically increasing the amount of salt in Striker's blood, creating a conductive environment for Striker's powers to rage out of control. Seeing Briggs nearly kill Striker, Veil ran to Hazmat and Mettle to inform them of Briggs' actions. Admitting she had stolen enough Clean Slate cure to restore the powers of two others, Veil revealed that she prepared to take it and stop Briggs but Hazmat and Mettle ultimately decided to take the cure themselves to spare Veil from becoming insubstantial in the future due to her powers. Hazmat's powers returned first and she began glowing with radioactivity brighter than ever before and she ran off to confront Briggs as Mettle found himself seemingly remaining normal.

(Avengers Academy I#36) - Enchantress regained her composure enough to magically contain the uncontrolled Striker but Enchantress quickly asked Jeremy Briggs what he had done to Striker to damage Striker's face so badly. Admitting he had maybe gotten a little carried away, Briggs nonetheless brushed off his actions, blaming it on Striker's betrayal, but Hazmat soon arrived and announced that people who helped then used people didn't deserve to live. Blasted by Hazmat's radiation, Briggs suggested Enchantress and himself retreat before Hazmat gave them cancer, claiming that Clean Slate needed to be prioritized and deployed as soon as possible. The Avengers Academy students soon regrouped together and realized they would need to split up to acquire the Clean Slate antidote for those still powerless while still stopping Briggs. Once the students had restored their powers, they arrived on the roof of Briggs Chemical to find Briggs unleashing a missile containing Clean Slate. Commending the students on figuring out he was on the roof, Briggs gloated that they had arrived too late as the Clean Slate missiles had already been deployed.

(Avengers Academy I#37) - Julie Power quickly flew towards the missile to deactivate them but Briggs ordered Enchantress to stop Julie mid-flight and then briefly incapacitated the Avengers Academy students by using his powers to give them chemically-induced seizures. Gloating that Clean Slate had already been deployed and that by the next day, the only people that would have superhuman powers would  be those of Briggs' choosing, Briggs remarked that the Academy students were beaten and didn't even know it. Mettle, however, fought back, knocking Briggs off-guard and allowing X-23 an opening to slash Briggs. Striker then followed by zapping Briggs and Enchantress. Briggs appeared surprised that he had actually been hurt and opted to alter the chemicals in the air to suffocate Mettle with chlorine gas. Mettle reminded Briggs that he no longer had to breathe in his metallic form and thanks to Briggs, he was forced back into that form. Mettle then punched Briggs in the stomach, exclaiming that Briggs could now know what it's like not breathing. When Enchantress was defeated by White Tiger and Reptil, she abandoned Jeremy Briggs, claiming he had lied to her, and Briggs bade Enchantress not to leave but she teleported away anyway. Angry that the fight had become another "good guy/bad guy" thing, Briggs proclaimed himself the bad guy and caused eruptions from the Briggs Building's roof as Veil contacted Briggs' China office and convinced the personnel there to open the vault housing Jocasta. Jocasta awakened in her Manhattan body and asked how she could help Veil stop Briggs. Veil quickly informed Jocasta of the situation of Briggs' release of the Clean Slate missiles and Jocasta managed to guide the remaining missiles straight to Julie Power for destruction as Briggs continued his battle with the other Avengers Academy students. Continuing to cause explosions and gloat that he didn't need to concentrate to generate explosions, Briggs was soon stabbed by X-23, who proclaimed Briggs was lashing out blindly and had no stomach for violence. Briggs responded by transforming X-23's sweat into acid but Finesse followed up by moving X-23's arms to stab Briggs in the radial and femoral arteries, causing Briggs to bleed out. Briggs attempted to use his powers to clot the wounds but the wounds were too severe and Finesse warned that he would bleed to death unless she tied off his limbs and got him immediate medical attention. Smiling, Jeremy Briggs surrendered but remarked that even if he had underestimated the students' ability to destroy his Clean Slate missiles, the government would not allow him to remain imprisoned when they could use his powers to solve their problems. Gloating that he would be given a lab to work from and ultimately get what he wanted anyway, Briggs was then left to bleed out by Finesse, who realized Briggs was right. Untying Briggs' limbs, Finesse walked away as Briggs begged for his life, claiming that Finesse was a hero and couldn't just leave him to die but Finesse remarked that she was recruited into Avengers Academy because she was at risk of becoming a criminal. She then told Briggs to "say hello to bad guy" as Briggs bled to death. The other Avengers Academy students then regrouped to find Briggs dead and X-23 claimed responsibility for the death, with Finesse claiming there was no other way. Mettle followed up that he had killed a guy during the earlier invasion by the Asgardian Serpent and remarked on how that death had affected him, further commenting that Briggs' death did not bother him at all. Hours later, Jocasta spoke with police regarding Briggs' death and the police ruled the death a self-defense, remarking that the Avengers Academy students could go back to their own lives. Jocasta responded, saying that she doubted the students could do that after what they had been through.

Comments: Created by Christos Gage, Sean Chan and Scott Hanna.

It was never stated how Jeremy Briggs had acquired his superhuman powers. He appeared to possibly be a mutant but I suppose it is equally possible that he had been mutated at some point...

Profile by Proto-Man.

Jeremy Briggs has no known connections to:


Earl was one of Jeremy Briggs' guards. He was summoned alongside numerous other guards when the Avengers Academy students first attacked Briggs upon learning what kind of person he was. Upon arriving, Earl asked if Briggs had been attacked and Briggs confirmed that he had but that he wouldn't be pressing charges.

Earl carried a gun while on duty.

--Avengers Academy I#14.1


Lila was Jeremy Briggs' personal assistant. When the Avengers Academy students first visited Briggs while investigating others who had been considered potential Academy students, Briggs welcomed the students and asked Lila to bring them all lattes, bagels, protein bars or whatever else the students might want. He also asked Lila to clear his morning schedule completely.

--Avengers Academy I#14.1

images: (without ads)
Avengers Academy I#35, p7, pan5 (Briggs in brown suit, main image)
Avengers Academy I#26, p7, pan1 (Briggs, headshot)
Avengers Academy I#14.1, p6, pan1 (Briggs using his powers)
Avengers Academy I#14.1, p20, pan2 (Briggs standing)
Avengers Academy I#20, p10, pan1 (Briggs in helicopter)
Avengers Academy I#37, p16, pan4 (Briggs bleeding to death)
Avengers Academy I#14.1, p19, pan3 (Earl)
Avengers Academy I#14.1, p5, pan2 (Lila)

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