Real Name: Christina Aguilar

Identity/Class: Normal human; Brazilian citizen

Occupation: To get married

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Sunspot (Roberto DaCosta)

Enemies: A gang of local mutant-haters (4 guys)

Known RelativesEuphy Aguilar (sister), Mr. Aguilar (father), Mrs. Aguilar (mother)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Aguilar Villa, somewhere in Brazil

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents I#79/3 (late June 1991)

Powers/Abilities: No powers, though she did display a talent for falling, losing stuff and being a victim.


(Marvel Comics Presents I#79/3) - Christina Aguilar went for a walk with her good friend Roberto DaCosta. Suddenly a branch fell down on them and Roberto shocked Christina when he had to turn into Sunspot to save her. She lost both a shoe and her engagement ring. The latter was the worse and together they searched for it for a long time, but they couldn't find it anywhere. Roberto told Christina that her fiance would marry her even without the ring and that they should leave because the branch was cut purposely and was probably meant for him. Back at the Aguilar Villa she told her parents about Roberto's heroic personality and his powers. At dinner she listened to her father's kind words to Roberto. Without warning, a gang of mutant-haters broke into the villa and attacked the Aguilar family and Roberto. Christina was held by one of them while Roberto was beaten up by the others. When he saw Christina's ring on the gang leader's hand he got his second wind and beat the gang. Police took the gang away and Roberto returned the ring to Christina. The family continued their meal, but Roberto left after an incident with Euphy, Christina's sister. Christina wanted to ask him to stay, but her father realized that Roberto needed some time for himself.

Comments: Created by Daryl Edelman and John Byrne.

Profile by Markus Raymond

Christina, Euphy, Mr. & Mrs. Aguilar have no known connection to:

Euphy Aguilar

She was Christina's sister and had issues with her sister getting married. She did most of the housework and was angry that nobody paid attention to her. She nearly dropped the dog food while the others were having dinner and her mother gave her lecture. While this went on she saw that Christina had lost her ring and told her mother about it. Suddenly a gang broke into the house and Euphy was held by one of them while Robert was beaten up by the others. When dinner was later continued Euphy accidentally dropped the meal on her father. When her mother asked her what was wrong with her she told her family that she felt lost since Christina's wedding was arranged. Roberto told her to appreciate what she had and that his problems were far worse. Euphy didn't take this kindly and told him to learn that her problems mattered as much as his. After this Roberto left because he really didn't understand normal problems and didn't want to further endanger the Aguilar family.

--Marvel Comics Presents I#79/3


Christina's parents

They were happy that Roberto saved their daughter's life and invited him to dinner. Mr. Aguilar only had kind words for him while her mother was more concerned about Euphy who couldn't even bring the dog his food. After a gang broke into the hose Mr. Aguilar was beaten down by one of them while Mrs. Aguilar just got out of the way. Sunspot saved them from the gang and they later continued dinner. When Euphy accidentally dropped the meal on them Mrs. Aguilar wanted to know what was wrong with her. Euphy told them and drove away Roberto with her behaviour. When Christina wanted to ask him to stay her parents held her back and Mr. Aguilar told her that Roberto needed some time alone.

--Marvel Comics Presents I#79/3

Marvel Comics Presents#79, p18, panel 1 (Christina Aguilar)
  p19, panel 4 (Euphy Aguilar)
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Marvel Comics Presents I#79 (1991) - Daryl Edelman (writer), John Byrne (artist), Terry Kavanagh (editor)

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