Type: Divergent Earth

Environment: Earth-like

Usual means of access: Presumably vibrational attunement

Dominant Life Form: Demons, humans

Significant Inhabitants: Johnny Blaze, Ghost Rider (Azaziah Hornsby), Pope of the Catholic Church

Significant Locations: the Vatican in Italy

First Appearance: What If? I#28 (August, 1981)

History: (What If? I#28) - When the centuries-old Crimson Mage Azaziah Hornsby separated the demonic Ghost Rider from its human host, Johnny Blaze, Blaze discovered that for either one to exist, they must be reunited. Blaze then attacked Azaziah, attempting to destroy his mystic globe, the source of his power. Azaziah triumphed and upon knocking Blaze unconscious, recited an incantation that allowed him to possess the body of the Ghost Rider. Using the power of the Ghost Rider, Azaziah intended to control the "Pearl of Christendom," also known as the Vatican. Azaziah soon embarked on a reign of terror at the Vatican. When Johnny Blaze regained consciousness, he realized what Azaziah was intending to do and set out to stop him. Blaze soon hijacked a plane to Italy, as Azaziah/Ghost Rider burned his way into the room containing the Pope himself. Arriving in Italy, Johnny Blaze saw that the Vatican had become surrounded by hellfire created by Azaziah. He then stole a local's motorcycle and used it to jump over the flames. Unfortunately, Blaze landed on his leg, which also caused great pain to the Ghost Rider's leg, given their supernatural connection. Sensing that Blaze was near, Azaziah managed to capture Blaze and shackle him to the wall. As Azaziah summoned the mystical Scimitar of Ra-Mon-Beth in his attempt to take the life of the Pope, Johnny Blaze managed to break free of his shackles. Blaze quickly grabbed the Scimitar and cut the Pope free. Transforming back into his Ghost Rider form, Azaziah attacked Blaze, who stabbed Ghost Rider in the heart with the Scimitar of Ra-Mon-Beth. As Azaziah died, his connection with the Ghost Rider also killed Johnny Blaze in the process.

Comments: Created by Michael Fleisher and Tom Sutton.

This Earth diverged from the events in Ghost Rider II#43-44.

This Earth's core continuum designation was verified in Marvel Legacy: The 1980s Handbook.

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Formerly the Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze was separated from his demonic alter-ego by the ancient mage Azaziah. He later attacked Azaziah, realizing that his supernatural connection with the Ghost Rider would soon kill both himself and the Ghost Rider if they were not reunited. Unfortunately, Blaze was knocked unconscious by Azaziah, who took over the form of the Ghost Rider. Eventually, Blaze stabbed Azaziah with a Scimitar, but his connection with the Ghost Rider caused him to perish as well.

-- What If? I#28 (#28d


Azaziah was a powerful mage who was centuries old. He managed to separate Johnny Blaze from the demonic Ghost Rider, whose form he eventually took, following an attack on him by Blaze. Once in the form of Ghost Rider, Azaziah set out towards the Vatican in an attempt to kill the Pope. Once he captured the Pope, Azaziah summoned the Scimitar of Ra-Mon-Beth to finish the job. Unfortunately, Johnny Blaze had followed Azaziah and used the Scimitar to kill Azaziah in the Ghost Rider's form.

-- What If? I#28 (#28d

What If? I#28, p1, splash page (Johnny Blaze vs. Azaziah/Ghost Rider)

p8, pan2 (Azaziah/Ghost Rider)
p19, pan3 (Johnny Blaze)

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