Real Name: Akasha Martinez

Identity/Class: Cosmically-Enhanced Human

Occupation: Student

Group Membership: None

AffiliationsLiving Pharaoh;
formerly Gods of Egypt (allegedly)

Enemies: Spider-Man (former)

Known Relatives: Parents (names unrevealed)

Aliases: The Living Pharaoh

Base of Operations: An unidentified city in Utah and Manhattan, New York

First Appearance: Sensational Spider-Man I#19 (September 1997)

Powers/Abilities: Akasha possesses the ability to tap into and manipulate unidentified but possibly cosmic energies for a number of various effects, of which only a few are known. She can hurl and project energy beams and emit explosive bursts powerful enough to blow out a large lead-lined safe. She also has a mystical sixth sense which grants her the ability to sense Spider-Man or to perceive when his spider-sense goes off near her. She also seems to have superhuman strength approaching that of Spider-Man (Class 10), the ability to teleport and subtlety influence people around her. She also has an unconscious ability to read Egyptian hieroglyphics. She is also a very talented dirt bike rider.

Unusual Physical Features: Akasha's eyes glow when she is controlling her powers.












History: (Sensational Spider-Man I#19) - Akasha Martinez is the daughter of divorced parents who spends much of her life racing dirt bikes in the hills and ravines in the canyon lands near her Utah home. While racing with her friends, she got so far ahead of them that she became the sole witness of what she believed to be a UFO (unidentified falling object) crashing to earth near her. Daring to get a closer look, Akasha lost control of her bike and stumbled head first into the object which had crashed near her. There was a flash of light and Akasha fainted from the overload to her senses. A short time later, she was found in a comatose state by her friends who got her to the hospital.

In her unconscious state, Akasha experienced the memories of Ahmet Abdol (the Living Pharaoh), his clashes with the X-Men, Spider-Man and Thor, as well as his subsequent cosmic powers and his eventually becoming a "living planet." She eventually snapped from this trance and took a trip to New York City to see her father and escape her over-devoted mother. During a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and History, Akasha felt an uncanny affinity to the Egyptian hieroglyphs and artifacts. Upon taking the Staff of Horus, she was bombarded with intense energy tearing away her modern clothing and turning her into a living vessel of the Gods of Egypt. Calling herself the Living Pharaoh, Akasha attracted the attention of Spider-Man who recognized the Eye of Horus on the staff from the original Living Pharaoh. Recognizing Spider-Man from Abdol's memories, Akasha fought him off from trying to take the staff from her. Assuming she was getting her power from cosmic energies as her predecessor, Spider-Man locked her into the museum's lead safe to separate her from those energies, but she built up such a charge that she blew the safe door off its hinges. 

















(Sensational Spider-Man I#20) - Believing herself to be the living incarnation of Egypt's gods and pharaohs, Akasha blasted Spider-Man with enough power to fling him out of the museum, but she could not bring herself to kill him. She teleported herself away and used her powers to manipulate others to get what she wanted. She was also being superficially guided by Abdol's consciousness in her head wanting her to restore the earth to the ancient glory of Egypt. Unaware that Abdol was taking a bit more control of her the more she used her powers, Akasha clashed once more with Spider-Man. Realizing the staff was just a battery for Akasha's powers, the web-slinger shattered it. It's destruction not only freed Akasha from Abdol's influence, but it also gave her better control over her powers. Sprouting wings, Akasha regained her true personality and ascended into the sky, thanking Spider-Man and apologizing to her father and promising to return as she went off in search of her destiny.





(Civil War: Battle Damage Report) - Tony Stark considered Akasha as a potential Initiative recruit.





Comments: Created by Rich Case and Todd Dezajo

    Akasha is my favorite type of Marvel character - the scantly-clad power-tripping female kind, and she's got to be one of the most scantly clad yet. I could see her as a member of the New Warriors, or as a junior Avenger.

    Akasha's so-called connection to the Gods of Egypt is rather undefined; her ranting could be a leftover residual from the megalomaniacal ego of Ahmet Abdol, who also considered himself the true heir of Egypt. She names Horus and (Atum) Ra, Isis and Osiris, Selket, Anubis and Mehenet (a name of Hathor, the cow-goddess). NOTE: When Ra (Re) isn't a reference to the Egyptian gods Atum or Ammon, it's used as a synonym of nobility like El or Bel to the Mesopotamians (Atum-Ra, Ammon-Ra, Dagon-El, Bel-Marduk...). 

    One of the names called in the shaking of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and History is Lois. Conceivably, this is the same Lois here.

Profile by: Will U

CLARIFICATIONS:  Akasha is not to be confused with:  


Images: (main) Sensational Spider-Man I#19, page 17,
(normal)  Sensational Spider-Man I#19, page 1, middle
(flying) Sensational Spider-Man #19, page 21, middle, 

Issues: Sensational Spider-Man I#19-20 (September-October 1997) - Rich Case & Todd DeZago (writers); Rich Case (artist), Ralph Macchio (editor)
Civil War: Battle Damage Report (2007)

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