Serena leaps into action SERENA

Real Name: Serena Ashkenaz

Identity/Class: Extradimensional  (Earth-Ultraverse) human weapon-user

Occupation: Aladdin agent

Group Membership: Aladdin

Affiliations: Solitaire

Enemies: The Degenerate, Mr. Sparks

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Los Angeles, USA, Earth-Ultraverse

First Appearance: Solitaire#8 (September, 1994)

Powers/Abilities: Serena displayed athlete level capabilities in strength, stamina, agility and reflexes, although given that the gaunt Degenerate was able to keep ahead of her, the redhead's speed was probably normal. She also displayed very good martial arts and stealth skills, and also had violent tendencies.

    She was armed with a handgun that included a telescopic sight. She used amplified listening devices and infrared sunglasses for surveillance. Serena utilized a 1" blade attachment to her right thumb on at least one occassion. She also wore an Aladdin ring on her right middle finger, which was like a signet ring with Aladdin's lamp logo on it. She liked to wear green and orange, and sometimes wore brown army boots with a brown utility belt (which probably housed her Aladdin equipment) and brown fingerless gloves.


Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue

Serena shows her ring History: The exact origins of Serena have not been revealed.

(Solitaire#8) - Serena, acting as an undercover Aladdin agent, was part of the audience at a classical recital at the Hollywood Bowl. She pursued the Degenerate on foot as he escaped after he caused panic by setting the open-air venue on fire, but had trouble keeping up with him. Solitaire also pursued and felled the arsonist, but Serena engaged him in single combat, distracting him sufficiently so that the Degenerate was able to escape, although Serena stated that she wanted to capture the arsonist alive. She disabled Solitaire by kicking him in a tender spot, but he recovered quickly and they met at the Degenerate's next clue. Serena then revealed to Solitaire that Aladdin was tracking and counting ultras, and hoped that a potential ultra-killer might be of some use to the organization for the expected war between ultras and humans.


(Solitaire#9) - Solitaire was advised that scores of children had been kidnapped, with Serena listening in. The two then separated in efforts to track the Degenerate down. Serena utilized her lithe body to attract men, before assaulting them to get information. Both Solitaire and Serena gained their information separately and violently, and both met up in "Cardboard City", where homeless people often gathered, but found it deserted.

    However, Solitaire was ambushed by Mr. Sparks, who wielded the Degenerate's flame gun, and Solitaire was once more set aflame. Serena captured the small sidekick, but he offered an extinguisher to her to get free and escaped. She put Solitaire's fire out, and both adults recognized their growing feelings for each other. They found another clue that took them to the Museum of Modern Art, with Serena riding pillion behind Solitaire on his motorbike.

    Serena leapt at the Degenerate, but was then tackled by some of the Degenerate's cronies. She broke free in time to divert Mr. Sparks' second attack on Solitaire; set on "high", the flame gun instead incinerated the Degenerate and the villains were taken into custody. Having seen the police, Serena, too, made good her escape after managing to steal a kiss from Solitaire.

Comments: Created by Gerard Jones (writer), Jeff Parker (pencils) and John Lowe (inker).

It is possible that Serena Ashkenaz was just an alias.

Profile by Grendel Prime


Serena has no known connections to

Solitaire#8, p10, pan4 (leaping)

p18, pan2 (head shot)

Solitaire#8 (September, 1994)
Solitaire#9 (September, 1994) (yep, they're both listed as September, 1994)

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