arkanian-glib-laxidazian-cm3-4-badoonblastGLIB ARKANIANarkanian-glib-laxidazian-cm4-33

Real Name: Glib Arkanian

Identity/ClassExtraterrestrial (Laxidazian)

Occupation: At least former owner of Glib's Grog and Grub bar and grill, Halvacenter, planet Calculex

Group MembershipStaff of Glib's Grog and Grub

AffiliationsGenis-Vell (aka Captain Marvel), Jara, Constable Pryo, Steck'ee, Zoog (Z'oofrey Grasswind), unidentified host of Glib's Grog and Grub; numerous unidentified customers and associates;
Grandmaster (En Dwi Gast), Thanos, and others used his bar for their Dead Man's Hand game

EnemiesBel-Dann, Kree Peace Battalion, Magus (Adam Warlock's evil side)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: I'm sure he has nicknames, but I don't recall seeing any in re-reviewing the stories.

Base of OperationsAt least formerly Glib's Grog and Grub bar and grill, Halvacenter, planet Calculex, unrevealed star system, unrevealed galaxy;
    possibly formerly planet Laxidazia, Dolenz star system, Milky Way Galaxy

First AppearanceCaptain Marvel III#1 (December, 1995)arkanian-glib-laxidazian-cmiii1-mixpopstim

Powers/Abilities: Glib was an experienced bar owner and drink mixer. Notably, he could prepare a "Pop-Stim" to help an intoxicated and/or severely hungover person recover to a coherent and functional state, all this was preceded by a painful, burning sensation that would literally knock someone on their behind.

    Glib is experienced with large weapons, notably his Badoon Cellular Incinerator, which could apparently be configured to only affect certain species. Willing to fight to protect his friends and customers, he is also happy to not go out seeking risks.

    At least partly due to owning a bar where drinks flow and people tend to talk about things as well as reviewing various "interop buzz" (presumably a name for what would become the internet, or the interplanetary version of same), Glib typically has solid knowledge of the goings on in Halvacenter, Calculex, and even off-world. 

    Glib enjoys drinking (presumably some sort of intoxicant) as well as smoking cigar-like structures.

    Apparently Laxidazian troll, Glib has pointed ears, although he appears to have four fingers and a thumb on each hand (as opposed to trolls who are supposed to have three fingers and a thumb). Trolls have hairy feet with only two toes, but Glib was not shown with his boots off.


Height: Unrevealed (approximately 5' (he is about as tall as the 6'2" Genis-Vell's shoulders)
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 160-180 lbs,; he's pretty solidly built)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown


(Captain Marvel III#1 (fb) - BTS) - Glib owned and ran Glib's Grog and Grub bar and grill in Halvacenter on the planet Calculex, employing "very affectionate" waitresses (and exotic dancers, at least) Zoog and Steck'ee, and presumably others. 

(Captain Marvel  IV#33 (fb)) - When Genis-Vell (aka Legacy; the son of Captain Marvel/Mar-Vell) began to hang out on Calculex and Glib's Grog and Grub in particular, Glib had to scrape Genis out of many gutters and mop up many of his messes due to Genis partaking of intoxicants to excess.arkanian-glib-laxidazian-cmiii1p1-upper

(Captain Marvel III#1 (fb) - BTS) - Accompanied by Zoog and Steck'ee, Glib traveled to D'Bana Crux in search of their friend Genis-Vell who had reportedly destroyed the Shi'ar vessel Link 33 and all of the 2000 beings who were aboard. 

(Captain Marvel III#1) - Zoog questioned whether Glib was certain regarding Genis' presence in Calculex's capital city, D'Bana Crux (which had seen better days), and Glib informed her that he had reports of him "snackin'" (partaking of illicit narcotics) there for the last three moons. As they searched though distasteful Stim-Dens (where illicit narcotics are consumed by the downtrodden masses), Glib apologized to those upon whom he shined a light, and they subsequently found Genis on the floor, passed out between two females in similar states.

    Picked up by Zoog and Steck'ee, Genis made some vague statements about hiding from himself and having not handled things the way his father, Mar-Vell would have, after which he threw up and then apparently passed out again.

(Captain Marvel III#1 (fb) - BTS) - Glib, Zoog, and Steck'ee brought Genis back to Glib's Grog and Grub.

(Captain Marvel III#1) - Glib prepared a pop-stim drink that he noted that he was making strong enough to smoke his "bejoobies" (gonads) inside and out. After they poured the drink down Genis' throat, he woke up, screamed for water and fell down again, but was apparently sobered up. Glib and the others then listened as Genis detailed the circumstances under which he had inadvertently destroyed the Link 313.

    As Genis lamented his apparent failing, Glib told Genis he had been set up as he gave him a vid-disk containing "interop buzz" from the previous week that stated Genis was part of a Kree rebellion against the Shi'ar. Glib further noted that this "smelled of background politics between Kree and Shi'ar," and he suggested that the Shi'ar were using him as an excuse for a boot-crunching clampdown on the Kree. When Genis asked what the Kree would get out of this, Glib admitted that he did not know but advised Genis that he would not find answers on Calculex and that he should travel to Earth to learn more about the situation.

arkanian-glib-laxidazian-cm3-4-cigar(Captain Marvel III#4 (fb) - BTS) -  Glib configured his Badoon Cellular Incinerator to only flash-fry Kree genetic structure.

(Captain Marvel III#4 - BTS) - Later that day, Bel-Dann and members of the Kree Peace Battalion arrived at Glib's Grog and Grub, and Bel-Dann shoved his pistol in Zoog's face and demanded to know where he could find Genis-Vell.

(Captain Marvel III#4) - Armed with his Badoon Cellular Incinerator, Glib advised Bel-Dann and his associates that it was bad form pulling weapons in his establishment. Further noting that his weapon had been configured to only harm Kree, he instructed Bel-Dann and his associates to point their weapons toward the ceiling and instead of at "paying meat" (customers). When Bel-Dann noted that they only wanted to capture the "traitor" Genis-Vell and would pay a very handsome price for any information he might offer, Glib smiled and remarked that he was sure that  they would pay soon.

    Genis then showed up, subdued Bel-Dann and his associates, and forced Bel-Dann to tell him where he could find his leader, Zey-Rogg.

(Captain Marvel III#5) - When Jara of Carmondy IV came to Glib's seeking Captain Marvel, Glib introduced himself and noted that he had heard that no one was still living on her planet. Glib then retrieved Genis for her, interrupting his holo-recreation and telling him "Playtime's over, Genny. Serious work needs done."arkanian-glib-laxidazian-cm4-14-dmh

(Captain Marvel III#6 - BTS) - The Elder of the Universe known as the Grandmaster (En Dwi Gast) arrived at Glib's, informing Zoog that her petition had been received and that she would be allowed to participate in the Dead Man's Hand.

Captain Marvel  IV#14 (fb)) - Glib was present ahe Grog and Grub hosted the Dead Man's Hand poker game (which included Genis, Grandmaster, Thanos, and Zoog),

(Captain Marvel  IV#14 (fb) - BTS) - To prevent Zoog from risking her life to retrieve her mother, Genis cheated and won the game.

(Captain Marvel  IV#33 (fb) - BTS) - Having been reduced to an immaterial form after escaping the Soul Gem, the Magus (Adam Warlock's dark aspect) traveled to Halvacenter on the planet Calculex and began absorbing the life forces of others, taking that ephemeral energy and converting it to the physical. As the number of his victims reached dozens and possibly hundreds, he became known as the "Lurky Man."

(Captain Marvel  IV#32 (fb) - BTS) - The Magus abducted Steck'ee and brought her into his lair in the pits (the now shut-down below-city power generator stations), hoping to draw Genis there. As she had disappeared in the same fashion as the others who had all subsequently turned up dead, Steck'ee was believed to have died by Glib and Zoog.

    Due to the number of deaths, Glib closed the Grog and Grub, and he and Zoog resolved to depart Halvacenter, as so many others were doing.

arkanian-glib-laxidazian-cm4-32(Captain Marvel  IV#32) - After Genis returned to Halvacenter to seek out his old friends and found Glib's closed, he entered the building. Not recognizing Genis' current cosmic-star-faced form, Glib suspected him to be the Lurky Man killer and blasted him (possibly with his Badoon Cellular Incinerator). Genis asked Glib if this was how he welcomed back his best customer, and -- recognizing Genis' voice -- he had Zoog bring over the "spark" (flashlight-type device). After Genis dropped his cosmic appearance, Glib and Zoog were greatly relieved, and Glib noted that Genis has scared the bejoobies out of him.

    Genis asked why Glib was scared, and Glib -- while pouring himself a drink -- noted that within a few days, he and Zoog were going to have departed as the whole city was clearing out. When Genis asked about Steck'ee, Zoog told him she was believed to have been killed, and Genis asked, "Who's the walking dead man who killed her?"

(Captain Marvel  IV#33) - Alongside Zoog, Glib accompanied Genis into the streets of Halvacenter, although he noted his concern about being out in the evening hours like that. After Genis noted that the longer they waited, the less chance they had to find Steck'ee, Glib countered that " as much as love her, Steck'ee's good as dead." Genis angrily grabbed Glib and smashed him against the wall, asking how he could stand by and not care, but Glib told him to save his holier-than-thou attitude, as he had been one to scrape Genis out of too many gutters and mopped up too many of his messes to take crap from him now.

    They were subsequently interrupted by a local police force led by Constable Pryo who noted them to be in violation of curfew; under threat, Glib and the others identified themselves. Pryo reluctantly allowed Genis to help investigate the murders, and Glib and Zoog accompanied them to a morgue where Genis touched the spirit of victim Reva Centrella, during which Genis had a psychic confrontation with the Magus.

    As Genis prepared to confront the Magus, Zoog noted that they were going with him, but after he noted that if they went they would die, Glib insisted that he and Zoog would stay behind.

(Captain Marvel  IV#34 - BTS) - Genis temporarily defeated the Magus and rescued Steck'ee.

Comments: Created by Fabian Nicieza, Edward Benes, and Mike Sellers.

    I asked Fabian about further details on Zoog, the Dead Man's Hand, and the trip to the realm of death, and, unfortunately as it had been over two decades since he had thought about any of it, he did not recall any further details.
    Maybe someday we'll see the untold story! Probably not, but one never knows, does one? No, one does not...

    In Captain Marvel  IV#32, Zoog noted "These days, Halvacenter makes old port look like paradise..." 
    There's a glossary of terms in Captain Marvel III#1 that notes Old Port to be the first docking bay for interstellar shipping and transport located in D'Bana Crux. This section of the city has been in steady decline for over three centuries, and it mostly used now for the transfer of illegal cargo.

Glib used a slang somewhat unique to Calculex, including:

Steck'ee and Glib's Grog and Grub will get profiles in the coming weeks...

Profile by Snood.

Glib Arkanian
should be distinguished from:

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