Real Name: Possibly Steck'ee (full or partial name vs. nickname)

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial (unrevealed race; see comments)

Occupation: Waitress, dancer;
    possible prostitute

Group Membership: Apparently the Universal Order of the Dedicated;
    at least formerly the staff of Glib's Grog and Grub

Affiliations: Glib Arkanian, Genis-Vell (aka Captain Marvel), Marlo Jones, Moondragon (Heather Douglas), Rick Jones, Zoog

Enemies: Bel-Dann, Kree Peace Battalion, Magus (Adam Warlock's evil side), Zey-Rogg, Zey-Rogg android

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Steck

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
    last seen in her apartment, presumably in Halvacenter, Calculex;
    at least formerly Glib's Grog and Grub bar and grill, Halvacenter, planet Calculex



First Appearance: Captain Marvel III#1 (December, 1995)


Powers/Abilities: Steck'ee can transform between male and female forms at will.

    She may or may not be able to alter her height, skin, color, or perform more variable metamorphosis.

    Although terrified of the Magus, she was willing to sacrifice her own life to save Genis'.


Height: Unrevealed (it seemed to vary somewhat, perhaps ranging from 5'2" to 5'9"; see comments); her masculine form was likely a little taller than her feminine form
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 110 lbs. to 135 lbs. at those different height ranges); her masculine form was likely heavier
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Skin: Light blue
Other Distinguishing Features: Steck'ee has pointed ears



(Captain Marvel  IV#35 (fb) - BTS) - Steck'ee's people believed that one should appreciate others for who they were inside, not outside.

(Captain Marvel  IV#33 (fb) - BTS) - As a child, Steck'ee was told of the fearful Lurky Man, and she learned the quote, "Look away, look in fright, the Lurky Man is coming tonight!"steckee-glibs-cm3-4-p1-shocked

(Captain Marvel  IV#35 (fb) - BTS) - Steck'ee first met Genis-Vell when she tripped over him while he was sleeping off a bender in the gutter one night (presumably on Calculex.

(Captain Marvel III#1 (fb) - BTS) - Steck'ee worked, alongside Zoog, as "very affectionate" waitresses for Glib Arkanian at Glib's Grog and Grub bar and grill on the planet Calculex. 

(Captain Marvel III#1 (fb) - BTS) - Alongside Glib Arkanian and Zoog, Steck'ee traveled to D'Bana Crux in search of their friend Genis-Vell  after he had reportedly destroyed the Shi'ar vessel Link 33 and all of the 2000 beings aboard. 

(Captain Marvel III#1) - After Glib noted that there had reports of him "snackin'" (enjoying the pleasure dens, etc.) there for the last three months, Steck'ee wondered why he would hide in "old port," and what could have happened to him.

    As they searched though distasteful Stim-Dens, Steck'ee insisted that they were not leaving until they found him, and Zoog teased her, asking if she still wanting him for the "Big Trot" (apparently the 
Kymellian term for sexual intercourse). Steck'ee insisted that they were only friends and that Zoog knew that, and that she (Steck'ee) was only worried.

    Smelling Genis, Steck'ee led the others to find him
on the floor, passed out between two females in similar states. Zoog and Steck'ee picked Genis up, and Steck'ee spoke to him, calling him "bright eyes" and asking why he had done this and what he had been hiding from. Dimly opening his eyes, Genis made some vague statements about hiding from himself and having not handled things the way his father, Mar-Vell would have... and then he threw up and then apparently passed out again.

(Captain Marvel III#1 (fb) - BTS) - Zoog, Glib, and Steck'ee brought Genis back to Glib's Grog and Grub.steckee-glibs-cm3-5-p2-face

(Captain Marvel III#1) - Glib prepared a pop-stim that woke up and apparently sobered up Genis, after which Steck'ee asked what had happened, and then Genis detailed the circumstances under which he had inadvertently destroyed the Link 313.

    Steck'ee tried to comfort Genis, reminding him that he had been following the instructions of the Link 313's personnel. Glib subsequently advised Genis that he had been apparently set-up and suggested he travel to Earth to learn more about the situation.

(Captain Marvel III#4 (fb) - BTS) - A synthetic life form in the form of Zey-Rogg kidnapped and assaulted Steck'ee on Calculex, perhaps sexually, in order to try to hurt her friend Genis. On Hala at the time, Genis returned to Calculex as quickly as he could, and he destroyed the Zey-Rogg robot, apparently by blowing off its head.

(Captain Marvel III#4 (fb)) - Steck'ee was surprised that Genis had killed her attacker, and Genis revealed that it had been a "synthsent" (an artificial life-form programmed to simulate normal sentient activities and functions) all along. She was also surprised to learn this, given the thing it did to her, but Genis told her that it had been programmed to do what it did, and that the "bast'jak" who sent him was using her to hurt him (Genis).

    Still crying, she told him it would have been nice if he had gotten there a little earlier. Apologizing, he flew her away to find her a place to stay while noting that the Kree military were all over Halvacenter in search of him. Confused, Steck'ee asked if this whole Link-313 plot had not started with the Kree asking him for help, and he explained what he had learned on Hala regarding the opposing Kree Resistance Front and Kree Peace Battalion, the latter of whom was led by Zey-Rogg.

(Captain Marvel III#4 (fb) - BTS) - Genis took Steck'ee to Calculex's D'Bana Crux and began looking for the real Zey-Rogg. steckee-glibs-cm4-14

(Captain Marvel III#4 - BTS) - Genis located, defeated, and arrested Zey-Rogg.

(Captain Marvel III#5 (fb) - BTS) - Genis and Steck'ee shared a romantic evening at her place.

(Captain Marvel III#5) - The next morning, Genis flew around, watering/feeding her plants that were high on the wall. Greeting her, "Good morning, Steck. Better evening," he asked why she didn't use feed sticks on the plants as they would give them all the nutrients they needed. She replied that he could similarly just eat protein paste every day, as it would supply everything he needed. Teasing, "not everything," he sprayed her with the hose and then allowed her to tackle him.

    As they started to embrace anew, Steck'ee asked him if he was sorry that they went beyond being just friends, and when he asked if she was, she pulled away and noted that he had not answered the question. Answering, "No..." he told her that after her experiences with Zey-Rogg's synthsent, he thought maybe she needed it.

    Unsurprisingly, the suggestion that she had needed their romance did not go over well, and Steck'ee angrily asked if he had been doing her a favor. She further criticized his typical male thinking, and when Genis questioned her throwing gender in his face, Steck'ee asked him why he thought she preferred being female most of the time. He answered that he thought it was to do him a favor.

    As the two stood in awkward silence, Genis dressed and told her he had some things to do, at which point she swiftly dressed and rushed out the door. Considering his feelings but also worrying about her being a working girl, he watched her from the sky above as she entered a church of the Universal Order of the Dedicated.

    Surprised that Steck'ee believed in anything that didn't pay out in cash, Genis flew away rather than consider entering a church.

(Captain Marvel  IV#14 (fb)) - Steck'ee was present as the Grog and Grub hosted the Dead Man's Hand poker game (which included Genis, Grandmaster, Thanos, and Zoog).

(Captain Marvel  IV#14 (fb) - BTS) - Genis cheated and won the game.

(Captain Marvel  IV#35 (fb) - BTS) - Genis and Steck'ee presumably had other romantic encounters.

(Captain Marvel  IV#33 (fb) - BTS) - Having been reduced to an immaterial form after escaping the Soul Gem, the Magus (Adam Warlock's dark aspect) traveled to Halvacenter on the planet Calculex and began absorbing the life forces of others, taking that ephemeral energy and converting it to the physical. As the number of his victims reached dozens and possibly hundreds, although only eleven were known about reported (as the city where so many came and went), he became known as the "Lurky Man."steckee-glibs-cm4-33-scared

(Captain Marvel  IV#32 (fb) - BTS) - The Magus abducted Steck'ee and brought her into his lair in the pits (the now shut-down below-city power generator stations), hoping to draw Genis there. As she had disappeared in the same fashion as the others who had all subsequently turned up dead, Steck'ee was believed to have died. 

    Due to the number of deaths, Glib closed the Grog and Grub, and he and Zoog resolved to depart Halvacenter, as so many other were doing.

(Captain Marvel  IV#32 - BTS) - Returning to Halvacenter, Genis encountered Glib and Zoog who told him of Steck'ee's apparent death. The furious Genis asked, "Who's the walking dead man who killed her?"

(Captain Marvel  IV#32) - As Steck'ee floated, apparent unconscious, the Magus noted how he would use the life of Captain Marvel to restore himself to full existence.

(Captain Marvel  IV#33) - The Magus continued to rant about his existence and then asked Steck'ee if she knew of Adam Warlock, Steck'ee begged him not to kill her. When he asked why she trembled and averted her eyes, she told him that she knew that he was the Lurky Man, which caused him to burst into laughter and depart, while she collapsed to the ground.

(Captain Marvel  IV#33) - When Genis-Vell attempted to learn what had happened from "Lurky Man" victim Reva Centrella, he somehow contacted the mind of the Magus that Centrella had encountered, who had not yet abducted Steck'ee; however, aware of what he would do in the future, the Magus showed Genis a vision of Steck'ee and told Genis to meet him alone or he would kill her (as well as anyone Genis brought with him).steckee-glibs-cm4-34-drain

(Captain Marvel  IV#34) - As the Magus taunted Genis with the helpless Steck'ee, he assured her that he would get her out of there, although she instead commented that he had cut his hair and that she had liked it longer.

    The Magus subsequently noted that if Genis allowed him to drain his life energies, as his soul was attuned to the cosmic ether, that would be enough to restore him, while if he continued to use his current fodder (notably Steck'ee) it would talk at least a hundred more. Steck'ee instead urged Genis to get out of there as she was finished anyway and that there was no need for both of them to die.

    When Genis was distracted by desperate pleas for assistance from Rick Jones as his wife, Marlo, had been abducted by natives of the Rainbow Planet in the Microverse, Magus sucked out some of Steck'ee's soul, causing her to scream, thereby regaining Genis' attention. Magus offered Genis the chance to depart to a safe location, exchange places with Rick, save Marlo, and then return to the fight...although he would kill Steck'ee if Genis left.

    Ultimately, having taken the Magus' measure, Genis allowed him to try to consume his soul, knowing that his connection to the cosmos would prove to be too much for him, and the Magus fled, arriving in apparently solid form on some other world. Ecstatic, Steck'ee embraced and kissed Genis, after which Genis used his Nega-Bands to exchange placed with Rick...who then introduced himself and asked her what they did for fun around there.

(Captain Marvel  IV#35) - Steck'ee brought Rick back to her place, which she considered a dump, although when he accepted her offer for a seat and a drink, a chair rushed up behind him as did a platter bearing a drink. She further clarified that she and Genis weren't really ever that close as friends but rather they were like "copulation buddies."

    Noting that her place was only one room (see comments), Steck'ee asked if it would offend his Terran sensibilities if she got out of her grimy and sweated-up clothes. Rick told her to go ahead, although he could not resist watching her. He asked how she had met Genis, and she told him...

(Captain Marvel  IV#35 (fb) - BTS) - Since Rick twas male and she did not know him that well, Steck'ee switched to her male form while unclothed.

(Captain Marvel  IV#35) - Seeing male parts while looking at Steck'ee, Rick was shocked, but Steck'ee explained the reason and his/her abilities.

    After Rick checked in on Genis' progress and saw an image -- of Marlo kissing Moondragon -- from Marlo's memories projected by the creatures that had captured her, Steck'ee (back in female form) appreciated that he was distraught, but Rick told Steck'ee that he was fine.

(Captain Marvel  IV#35 (fb) - BTS) - After Genis recovered Marlo and exchanged places with Rick, Steck'ee noted how Rick then chose to hang out by himself in the Microverse rather than deal with situation.

(Captain Marvel  IV#35) - Steck'ee served him a non-alcoholic drink at his request, noting that she was note sure whether to be proud of him, or wistful, or what. She then gave him back his "Kiss me, I'm Kree" button/patch/whatever that he had left there the last time he had left his pants behind. She then told him not to forget his roots and who he was, telling him that she sometimes had these dreams and...but then she dropped it, telling him to forget it and that she was just being paranoid. She then suggested he let Rick speak to Marlo.

(Captain Marvel  IV#35 - BTS) - Rick/Genis subsequently departed.

Comments: Created by Fabian Nicieza, Edward Benes, and Mike Sellers.

steckee-glibs-cm3-1-p1-cauc    In the first page of Captain Marvel III#1, the only image showing her skin, Steck'ee had pink/Caucasian skin tones. Thereafter, she was light blue. Maybe she can change her skin color, too...
        I still can't tell what her shirt says (and one or two other images showing it don't offer anything else)...something "AI" something GI "something" I could believe the second/lower word was meant to be GIRLS or GLIBS

I reread the comic Captain Marvel III#1 and have come to conclusion the shirt Steck'ee wore actually says Eat At Glibs.

steckee-glibs-cm3-1-p2-htcomp    In Captain Marvel III#1, pg.. 2, panel 1, a height comparison shows her perhaps 4-6" taller than the Laxidazian Glib Arkanian, but perhaps a full foot shorter than the Kymellian Zoog (in Captain Marvel IV#33. however, Zoog and Glib were about the same height, coming up to Genis' shoulders).
    In Captain Marvel III#4, she was hugging the 6'2" Genis and looked to only be a couple inches shorter than the 6'2" Genis (although she could have been standing on her toes).
    In Captain Marvel IV#34, she looked a lot shorter, jumping into the air to be a couple inches shorter than Genis.
    In Captain Marvel IV#35, she looked maybe a couple inches shorter than the 5'9" Rick Jones, but also only a little shorter than Genis (and she was barefoot)
    Maybe she can change height, too...
    Or, maybe she's a complete metamorph.

    Captain Marvel III#4 noted Steck'ee to be Genis' best friend. In Fabian's run, he and Steck'ee were friends, and that had sex once and then it got awkward. Perhaps while Steck'ee was a friend to Genis, he was not there for her as much, and she did not consider him that much of a friend. Or perhaps sometime after Fabian's Captain Marvel III#5 and before Peter David's Captain Marvel IV#1, they had a number of romantic liaisons with less friendship involved.

    Steck'ee's apartment in Captain Marvel  IV#35 may have been a studio apartment, but it's hard to believe that she would not have a bathroom...but maybe it just had whatever sort of alien toilet present in the main room. Or maybe she wanted to change in front of Rick? Who knows?

    Per a featurette on the letter page of Captain Marvel III#1 "A lesson in Calculex slang," Old Port was the first docking bay for interstellar shipping and transport located in D'Bana Crux (which was the capital city of Calculex and was noted as having seen better days). This city has been in a steady state of decline for over three centuries, and is mostly used now for the transfer of illegal cargo.

    Skrulls, Chameloids

    Drawn by six different pencilers, and with each penciler who drew her in more than one issue having a different inker each time (three different inkers for Ed Benes and two for Patrick Zircher).

    Also, there is some discrepancy in terms of numeric designations of the Captain Marvel series. Obviously the Mar-Vell series starting in 1968 is one; and then Monica Rambeau had a pair of issues that I considered the second series; and then Genis has the third series, etc. The Marvel Chronology Project considers Genis series the second Captain Marvel series. Using numbering for series used to be straightforward, but over time, certain characters have had series in the teens with runs lasting a year or less so that using years of publication is confusing...and then, Captain Marvel in particular is a name used by multiple characters...
Anyhoo, I just wanted to clarify the system/numbering I use.

    steckee-glibs-cm4-35-rickwhoaSteck'ee's race?

    Steck'ee is able to transform back and forth between male and female forms.
    For the sake of clarity and because Steck'ee is female the vast majority of the time, I referred to Steck'ee as her or she in those appearances.
    However, more significantly, in Captain Marvel V#35, Steck'ee referred to "my people," which would seem to imply that she is a member of a race that can shift back and forth between different sexes. I'm inclined to attribute the variation in height as artistic license (how often is Wolverine shown to be way taller than 5'3"), and the one Caucasian skin tone shown to be art error. It is possible that she has much more advanced metamorphic abilities, but changing between male and female forms seemed to be her primary ability.

    What beings or races have been known to be able to transform back and forth between male and female form at will?

    Obviously many shape-changing races can do take the form of the opposite sex, but I'm looking for beings who could specifically only metamorph between male and female changes? And I'm not talking about cross-dressing, surgical sex change/gender reassignment, etc., I'm talking about metamorphs who only change between male and female forms.

    Gallifreyans (such as the Doctor (Who)) can switch, though given they only change bodies (and not necessarily sexes) a specified number of times (12) and then only to avoid dying when their current body is terminal, it's not something they do casually.

    There's at least a possibility Manphibian's species can change sex. Manphibian's mate was killed over a thousand years ago, yet he had offspring in the modern day, when the only other available member of his species on Earth that we knew of was his formerly male foe. See his Appendix entry's comments section.

    Transforming back and forth between male and female sexes in true of a few unique characters, like

Ajak, Makkari, and Sprite of the Eternals of Earth

Cloud, a sentient nebula that imprinted on the forms of Carol Faber and Danny Milligan

Her/Kismet originally started out as the male Paragon before evolving into Her.

Loki Laufeyson, a Frost giant raised as an Asgardian god, although Loki can take various forms)

Ozma of Oz was mystically transformed into the form of a small boy to hide her existence from those that might destroy her.

Starhawk of Reality-691's 31st century (as well as other variant timelines) exchanges forms between the male Stakar and the female Aleta, but they are two different people who exchange places in reality, more like Captain Marvel and Rick Jones exchanging forms.   

The Microverse's Devil and Fireflyte alternate existences, but this was more of a life cycle change. They are completely different as one is a red-pink muscled creature and the other is flowing Tinkerbell-type.

Shape-changing races in the Marvel Universe include the Skrulls, Xartans, Chameloids, and Dire Wraiths, Kakarantharans/Makluans, and numerous aliens from the Atlas age, like Zogg and the "Night Watcher."

 Steck'ee's blue skin makes me wonder if she could possibly be some Kree offshoot, like the Eternals, although Ultimus (the only known Kree Eternal) does not have this ability.

She is also somewhat elven looking, and the blue skin reminds me of the Dark Elves of Svartalfheim...but there's nothing else to support that, and she is an extraterrestrial from space in Earth's dimension than one of the Nine Worlds associated with Asgard.

Profile by Snood.

should be distinguished from:

Universal Order of the Dedicated

steckee-glibs-cm3-5-p4-churchA religion based on (at least Calculex's Halvacenter)

Captain Marvel III#5) - After a fight with Genis, Steck'ee left the apartment and entered a church of the Universal Order of the Dedicated.

    Surprised that Steck'ee believed in anything that didn't pay out in cash, Genis flew away rather than consider entering a church.

--Captain Marvel III#5

Note: We know nothing else about this church.

     The name reminds me of the Universal Church of Truth, but there is not evidence of any connection.


steckee-glibs-cm4-35-apartment-exteriorsteckee-glibs-cm4-35-apartment-intPresumably located on Calculex's Halvacenter.

(Captain Marvel  IV#35) - Steck'ee brought Rick back to her place, which she considered a dump, although when he accepted her offer for a seat and a drink, a chair rushed up behind him as did a platter bearing a drink.

     After Genis rescued Marlo Jones from the natives of the Rainbow Planet in the Microverse, he brought Marlo back to Steck'ee's apartment. Moondragon subsequently arrived there, and after a couple hours, Rick was ready to confront Marlo over her romantic interest in Moondragon.

     Steck'ee and Genis said their goodbyes, and Rick and Genis departed after Rick had agreed to allow Marlo to figure things out.

Captain Marvel IV#35

Note: I don't think this was the same place as the one where Genis and Steck'ee had their hook-up in Captain Marvel III#5.

: (without ads)

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