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Real Name: Tom Aldrin

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Mayor;
    formerly lieutenant colonel

Group Membership: Town Council;
    formerly US Military

Affiliations: Cathy (last name unrevealed, wife?), Jill Harper, Ben Holmes, McKieran (first name unrevealed), Sheriff Porter (first name unrevealed) 

Enemies: Nuke (zombie clone)

Known Relatives: Children (number and names unrevealed)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Town in West Vermont, USA (name unrevealed)

First Appearance: Marvel Zombies Supreme#3 (June, 2011)

Powers/Abilities: Tom Aldrin was a trained military man familiar with "flag word" operating structure who could ably and responsibly take control of a situation.


(Marvel Zombies Supreme#3 (fb) - BTS) - Tom Aldrin and Cathy loved each other and had children, who later moved away. He retired as a lieutenant colonel from the US military and was later elected mayor of  small town in West Vermont located near a nuclear power plant. A flesh-hungry zombie clone of Nuke from the Squadron Supreme had made his way to the nuclear power plant, causing a reactor breach and flooding the area with lethal levels of radiation.

(Marvel Zombies Supreme#3) - Aldrin arrived at the damaged power plant and was told of the breach by fire warden McKieran. Cathy, now a paramedic, tried to stop him entering the site, but he made his way inside where Sheriff Porter showed the security footage of the zombie entering the plant from below. Aldrin recognized the super-powered being and ordered the Sheriff to contact Washington regarding the situation. Aldrin went to the home of the plant manager, Ben Holmes, and took his handgun for protection. Inside the house, he found the Nuke zombie chewing on Holmes and was repulsed when Holmes, now a zombie too, started crawling toward him. Aldrin dodged Nuke's blasts and made his escape. Cathy drove him into the town center where they were confronted by hungry zombies representing almost the whole town's population. Porter was there and handed him the phone direct link to the Pentagon. The Nuke clone destroyed the paramedic van but Cathy and Tom were rescued by McKieran and the firetrucks. Aldrin was connected to Jill Harper, head of the attack force against the zombie clone incursion, who told him that containment of the zombie plague was paramount. Aldrin took on the responsibility to call in a nuclear strike that destroyed the town and all the zombies there.

Comments: Created by Frank Marraffino (writer) and Fernando Blanco (pencils & inks).

The exact nature of his relationship with Cathy was never revealed, but she was likely his (ex-?)wife (no wedding rings shown).

Profile by Grendel Prime.

Tom Aldrin has no known connections to:



Cathy was the town's chief paramedic. She cared deeply for Tom and their children. She tried to stop Tom entering the damaged reactor and later picked him up from the truck that the Nuke zombie had damaged. She drove him into town to find that almost all of the townsfolk had been turned into zombies. She embraced him as the bomb fell to where they stood.







--Marvel Zombies Supreme#3

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Marvel Zombies Supreme#3, p2, pan1 (main image)
    p13, pan2 (headshot)
    p2, pan5 (Cathy)

Marvel Zombies Supreme#3 (June, 2011) - Frank Marraffino (writer), Fernando Blanco (pencils & inks), Mark Paniccia (editor).

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