Real Name: Gavin Grant

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Predator;
former professional wrestler

Group Membership: Unidentified wrestling league;
formerly World Wide Wrestling League

Affiliations: Carrion (William Allen), Hive (Halphas), Jamala, Man-Thing, zombies;
formerly Swifty Alonzo

EnemiesCossack, Jardine Circus (Amos Jardine, others), Marvel Boy (Vance Astrovik), Mr. McKay, Nightcrawler (Kurt Wagner), Nightmare, Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation (Blacksmith, Demolition Dunphy, Edward Garner, Jersey Devil, Swami Riba, Thing/Ben Grimm)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Citrusville, Florida;
formerly a prison in parts unknown;
formerly a New Orleans zoo (see comments);
formerly mobile in wrestling rings all over the US;
formerly New Orleans, Lousiana

First Appearance: Thing I#29 (November, 1985)

Powers/Abilities: Gator is a trained professional wrestler, presumably with an amateur wrestling background. In his human form he possesses no superhuman abilities, but due to year-long training his strength level is above average.

   In his mutated form Gator possesses superhuman strength. He can lift and toss 500 lbs. with ease and can presumably lift up to 5 tons at his maximum strength level during the mutation process. Mutated he possesses scaled, reptilian skin, long claws and a mouth filled with carnivorous teeth. His hair disappeared during the mutation process, but returned as soon as Gator became human again (presumably his hair was somehow drawn into his head or his hair turned into scaled skin). His intelligence level stays human throughout the mutation process and only decreases to an animalistic level when he becomes an alligator.

   In his final form as an alligator he possesses the conventional strength and intelligence of an alligator his size.

Height: (Human) 6'; (mutated) approximately 6'1"-7' (started out a bit taller than Grimm; variable); (as alligator) approximately 11'
Weight: (Human) 200 lbs.; (mutated) approximately 300-400 lbs. (variable); (as alligator) approximately 500 lbs.
Eyes: (Human) Blue; (mutated) White with black pupils; (as alligator) presumably green with black pupil
Hair: (Human) Brown; (mutated) None


(Thing I#29 (fb) - BTS) - Grant grew up near the swamps of Louisiana.

(Thing I#29 (fb) - BTS) - In his youth Grant wrestled alligators.

(Thing I#29 (fb) - BTS) - Grant became a proffesional wrestler. He rose to the top of the World Wide Wrestling League and stayed champion for 19 years, chaning the world of wrestling for years to come. There was never a greater wrestler than him. He eventually was forced to retire by doctor's orders because another shot to the head could cause serious problems or even his death (considering the amount of hits pro wrestlers take.....this assumption is pretty accurate).

(Thing I#29) - One day Gator watched UCWF champion Thing giving an interview to Mr. McKay on TV. The whole interview angered Grant, who swore he would come to get the Thing to show him that Grant was still the best. Grant tossed a drink at the TV screen when Thing called himself the greatest wrestler of all time. Ranting in his room Grant took the opportunity to call in to McKay's show to let off some steam. Getting through on his second try Grant called today's wrestlers circus freaks and the Thing a loser. McKay provoked Grant as a lunatic and has-been. The Thing was uncomfortable with the situation because he knew how good Grant was in the past and tried to calm the situation, but McKay continued with his insults until Grant tore out the phone cable and kicked in his TV. Gator swore that he would make sure the others would notice Gator again.

   The next morning Grant stormed into UCWF promoter Garner's office and overturned his table. Grant wanted a spot on the UCWF's roster, but Garner told him that the advanced level of wrestlers in UCWF (due to their superhuman strength) was too much for Grant also due to his condition. Thing and Vance Astrovik entered Garner's office when they heard the commotion and saw grant tossing around a chair. Thing confronted Grant, who got into Thing's face and tried to punch Thing, but Thing blocked his shots and nearly hit back. Garner stopped Thing by reminding him of Grant's condition and Vance offered to get rid of Grant. Vance used his telekinetic powers to carefully toss Grant out the front door. Grant promised Thing would pay for this humiliation and that he would become champion again.

   Grant returned home to New Orleans and visited witch woman Jamala in the swamp to ask her for a way to gain power through magic by any means necessary. Jamala warned Grant that her magic often became a curse, but she gave Grant what he wanted by giving him a potion that would give him the strength he needed. He drank the potion without much hesitation.

(Thing I#29 - BTS) - Two days later Grant bought a ticket to a UCWF event in New Orleans head-lined by a six man tag-team match with the Thing.

(Thing I#29) - During the six man tag-team match Grant, partially transformed into a reptilian by Jamala's potion, went through the crowd and challenged the Thing. One fan thought his transformed body was just an awesome make-up job. Grant entered the ring after tossing away his coat and immediately went after the Thing, hitting him so hard the Thing flew through the ring. The other participants of the match -- Blacksmith, Jersey Devil, Demolition Dunphy and Swami Riba (see comments) -- defended their colleague and went after the invading Gator Grant to show him what UCWF wrestlers were capable of. Jersey Devil and Demolition Dunphy whipped him into the ropes and hit him into a corner, then started stomping on him until the Thing told them to stop because he was afraid Grant's head could be injured further. Instead the beating advanced Grant's mutation into an alligator-like being, who used his increased strength to uppercut Dunphy in the chin. Blacksmith, Swami and Jersey Devil went after Gator again and Dunphy soon joined them. The Thing stopped their ongoing attacks, throwing Jersey Devil to the ground while Gator knocked Dunphy to the ground again and elbowed Swami in the ribs. Thing put Swami aside, then grabbed Gator, who told him that his strength would increase further until his transformation was completed and that there was no way to back out of this magic deal. Gator just wanted to be the best one more time and hit the Thing as hard as he could. At the ropes Thing told Vance to get their motorbike with the sidecar then jumped on Gator again, who was just beating up Swami Riba. Thing tried to tell Gator his plan, but Gator tossed him out of the ring and through a wall to the outside. Gator followed the Thing and asked Thing to not let anyone see him like this shortly before Gator's transformation into an alligator was completed. Thing grabbed Gator and put him into his motorbike's sidecar.

(Thing I#29 - BTS) - Thing brought Gator to the zoo (see comments), then returned to the wrestling event where he was announced as the winner.....(of what? Was this an official match against Gator? The booking sucked in this promotion!).

(Thing I#29) - Gator, the alligator, wrestled another alligator at the zoo.

(Marvel Super-Heroes III#7/4 (fb) - BTS) - Wrestling manager Swifty Alonzo found Jamala and got a cure for Gator from her. He then located Gator in the zoo and gave the cure to him, bringing him back to civilization as a human. Afterward Grant secretly trained for months for his return to the wrestling ring.

(Marvel Super-Heroes III#7/4 (fb) ) - Managed by Swifty Alonzo Gator Grant announced his comeback match, which would take place on Friday that week at Madison Square Garden.

(Marvel Super-Heroes III#7/4) - Vance Astrovik and his father attended the event and saw Gator and his manager enter the ring. Swifty gave Grant a cup of water, which, unknown to Grant, was mixed with the potion that had previously transformed him into an alligator. Gator drank it and started his match against the Cossack. During a Piledriver Grant began to transform. As soon as Gator got up he bit the Cossack in the shoulder and then knocked him out of the ring with a super-powered punch that was so hard that Cossack's impact broke the ropes. Gator knocked out the referee and the security before Vance entered the ring as Marvel Boy and hit Gator with a Dropkick and Huracanrana. Gator was down, but not out and after a whip-in turned the tide with a Bodyslam. With Marvel Boy on the ground Gator applied the dreaded Camel Clutch and was going to bite Marvel Boy's head off, but Marvel Boy used his telekinetic powers to throw Gator off his back and then knocked him out with the ring bell, thrown at Gator's head with telekinesis. Marvel Boy then tied up Gator with a rope and waited until he transformed back to human form. Alonzo's scheme was revealed when Marvel Boy offered him to drink from the water and Alonzo resisted because he didn't want to turn into a monster. Alonzo was arrested while Gator was helped to his feet.

(Marvel Super-Heroes III#7/4 - BTS) - Gator was turned over to the authorities.

(Nightcrawler III#9 (fb) - BTS) - Gator somehow became a gator-man once again.

(Nightcrawler III#11 (fb) - BTS) - Hive hid inside Amos Jardine while controlling Gator and other monsters in search for the Soulsword.

(Nightcrawler III#9) - Continuing their search for the Soulsword Gator attacked Jardine Circus, controlled by the demon Hive, alongside Man-Thing, Carrion and a horde of zombies.

(Nightcrawler III#10) - Gator got hold of Jardine Circus' strongman and put him in a full nelson. Nightcrawler teleported next to the two fighters and dropkicked Gator, saving the strongman. Gator was unimpressed due to his superior strength, but Nightcrawler's punches to the head and quickness made it a tough fight. Nightcrawler switched opponents and went after Carrion. Shortly after the demon Nightmare, allied with Margali Szardos and Magik (Amanda Sefton), put all of Hive's controlled monstrosities, including Gator, to sleep.

Comments: Created by Mike Carlin (writer), Ron Wilson (pencils) & Paul Ryan (inks).

The sixth participant in the six man tag-team match in New Orleans stayed unidentified and he did not participate in the beat-down of Gator Grant. He just walked out on his colleagues and was only seen from behind and from such a distance that I was unable to identify him.....

The zoo Gator resided in for some time was presumably the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans.

The story in Marvel Super-Heroes III#7 was a fun read. An event at Madison Square Garden, Swifty Alonzo (an obvious stand-in for the late manager legend Lou Albano) and a Hulkamaniac in the crowd at the end. Not to mention the wrestling moves and Gator's attempt to make Marvel Boy humble in the Camel Clutch. ;)

It is unknown if Gator's comeback match was in his old stomping ground the World Wide Wrestling League or another promotion. BTW Gator was never under contract with the UCWF, which is the reason behind not listing it under Group Membership. He just bought a ticket to the event and entered the ring to shoot on Thing and the other competitors. Or was it just a storyline set up by UCWF promoter Edward Garner?

The character's first name was revealed in the Fantastic Four Encyclopedia.

Profile by Markus Raymond.

Gator has no known connection to:

Swifty Alonzo has no known connection to:

Jamala has no known connection to:

Swifty Alonzo

(Marvel Super-Heroes III#7/4 (fb) - BTS) - Swifty Alonzo searched the swamps of Louisiana for Jamala. When he found her he got the cure for Gator Grant's condition (he was an alligator at the time), but secretly took the potion needed to transform him back into Gator with him as well. Swifty located Gator, cured him and brought him back into civilization. He stook at Gator's side when the former champion trained for his wrestling comeback.

(Marvel Super-Heroes III#7/4 (fb) ) - Swifty and Gator announced Gator's return to the wrestling ring that Friday in Madison Square Garden.

(Marvel Super-Heroes III#7/4 - BTS) - Swifty mixed Jamala's potion with water to dilute its effect.

(Marvel Super-Heroes III#7/4) - Swifty accompanied Gator to the ring and gave him a cup of water before the match....mixed with Jamala's potion. Swifty was sure this would be the best gimmick ever and when Gator transformed into his lizard form during the match an ecstatic Swifty Alonzo rooted for him. Gator knocked out the Cossack, who landed in front of Alonzo, who watched Gator wreak havoc in the ring until Marvel Boy entered the fray and defeated Gator. When Gator transformed back into his human form Swifty rushed into the ring and Marvel Boy, having a hunch that Swifty was behind Gator's transformation, offered him some of Swifty's water. Swifty resisted taking a sip because he didn't want to turn into a monster. Overhearing this the police arrested Swifty shortly after.

--Marvel Super-Heroes III#7/4


(Thing I#29 (fb) - BTS) - Jamala was a witch woman, who lived in the swamp lands of the bayou country surrounding New Orleans. She knew voodoo.

(Thing I#29) - Gator Grant visited Jamala and asked her for magical aid to gain the power he needed to become champion once again. She warned him that her magic often became a curse, but he ignored her warnings because he was desperate. Due to his life force's connection to the swamps and alligators she created a magic potion for him to gain the strength he needed. He drank the potion and she hoped that the forces Grant was dealing with now showed mercy on him.

(Marvel Super-Heroes III#7/4 (fb) - BTS) - Swifty Alonzo found Jamala and got a cure for Gator Grant. He also took the potion that originally transformed Grant into an alligator for his back-up plan.

--Thing I#29 (Thing I#29 (fb) - BTS, Thing I#29, Marvel Super-Heroes III#7/4 - BTS

images: (without ads)
Nightcrawler III#9, p22, bottom right (main image, further mutated; no hair)
Thing I#29, p4, pan2 (head shot)
Thing I#29, p14, pan5 (mutated; still with hair)
Thing I#29, p19, pan5 (mutated; no hair)
Thing I#29, p21, pan2 (mutated; transformation nearly completed)
Thing I#29, p21, pan7 (final mutation)
Marvel Super-Heroes III#7/4, p1, pan1 (Swifty Alonzo head shot)
Marvel Super-Heroes III#7/4, p8, pan1 (Swifty Alonzo body shot)
Thing I#29, p10, pan5 (Jamala body shot)
Thing I#29, p11, pan3 (Jamala head shot)

Thing I#29 (November, 1985) - Mike Carlin (writer), Ron Wilson (pencils), Paul Ryan (inks), Mark Gruenwald (editor)
Marvel Super-Heroes III#7/4 (October, 1991) - Barry Dutter (writer), Vince Evans (pencils), George Wildman (inks), Mike Rockwitz (editor)
Nightcrawler III#9 (October, 2005) - Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (writer), Darick Robertson (pencils), Jimmy Palmiotti, Scott Koblish, & Rodney Ramos (inks), Mike Marts (editor)
Nightcrawler III#10 (November, 2005) - Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (writer), Darick Robertson (pencils), Jimmy Palmiotti (inks), Mike Marts (editor)

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