Membership: "Ankh," "Baseball," "Bront," "Red," others 

Purpose: Unrevealed;
   possibly to battle Mechanix and others for Ashmael (see comments)

Aliases: None

Affiliations: Unrevealed;
   possibly Ashmael, Death's Head (Minion), Kether Troop Warheads (Misha Bushida, Tigon Liger, Gregory O'Sullivan, others)
(see comments)

Enemies: Unidentified (see comments)

Base of Operations: Earth's distant past, possibly an alternate Earth

First Appearance: (publicity images) Body Count#1 (October 1993);
   (intended) Knuckledown#1 (1994) 

(Knuckledown#1) - In Earth's distant, dinosaur-infested past, a group of humanoid dinosaurs, possibly genetically altered by the extradimensional scientist Ashmael, battled a variety of foes; Death's Head and Kether Troop Warheads were either among those foes, or at least temporary allies against them.

Comments: Created by Craig Houston and Carl Critchlow.

   When Marvel UK contracted in September 1993, several forthcoming titles were abandoned, some within days of publication. One of these was Knuckledown, a fully painted series four issue miniseries mentioned in the Body Count preview comic as "a genetic romp through Earth's savage, dinosaur-infested past." The scripts had apparently been mostly completed, as Carl Critchlow had already painted much of the first issue and Craig Houston had started to script the dialogue when the axe fell.

   Apart from a couple of images and a single line description in Body Count very little about the project had come to light until a couple of years ago when Carl discovered some of the art, around three pages. Though lacking dialogue or context, they do reveal some details. We see at least five humanoid dinosaurs firing away in one panel, and the Kether Troops Warheads doing the same in two other panels, and Death's Head likewise in a fourth. A second page shows the dinosaurs relaxing with a severed human head and some beers while Kether Troop leader Tigon Liger watches calmly on in the company of Ashmael, a character previously introduced in Warheads#12. In that story Ashmael was a non-human scientist who was using dinosaurs he had genetically modified as soldiers to fight a war against robotic "Mechanix." Though the dinosaurs in Warheads#12 were in no way humanoid, the similarities would suggest that the new group of dinosaurs might well be his creations too, and since Liger doesn't seem to be hostile to either Ashmael or the new dinosaurs on the second page, I'm assuming they were allies rather than enemies in the battle scene on the other page. We do see at least one foe (or rather, their head), but we're given no clue who that foe was.

   None of the characters, nor indeed the group itself, are named in the unlettered pages shown. As such I've used the series' name as a placeholder name for the group until we hopefully eventually find out what they were meant to be called, and have come up with descriptor "placeholder" names for the members for the same reason. Craig Houston has stated that he doesn't remember details any more about the story, but Carl Critchlow has mentioned he might have the script for the first issue still; hopefully he'll locate it and share some details one day.

    This profile was completed 08/20/2021, but its publication was delayed as it was intended for the Appendix 20th anniversary 's celebratory event.

Profile by Loki.

"Knuckledown" has no known connections to:



"Ankh" looked like a humanoid Ankylosaurus.





"Baseball" looked like a humanoid theropod, possibly a T-Rex or velociraptor variant, but dressed like a redneck human in a backwards baseball cap and wifebeater vest.





"Bront" looked like a humanoid sauropod, possibly a brontosaurus, with a noticeably elongated neck. He resembled another member of his team, perhaps a sibling or at least a similar species.





"Red" looked like a humanoid triceratops, with a red neck frill and forehead. He wore what appeared to be a sleeveless leather jacket.



images: (without ads)
Knuckledown#1, pages unknown (all images bar Red)
Body Count#1, p5, pan1 (Red)

Body Count#1 (October 1993) - Carl Critchlow (art)

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