(of Earth-101001)

Real Name: Aki (surname unrevealed)

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Earth-101001) human mutant? (see comments)

Occupation: None

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Formerly Iron Man (Tony Stark), Ramon Zero (Capt. Nagato Sakurai), Dr. Chika Tanaka

Enemies: Formerly Zodiac (Virgo, others)

Known Relatives: Unidentified parents (deceased)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Japan

First Appearance: Marvel Anime: Iron Man cartoon episode, "Girl (Daughter of the Zodiac)" (November 19, 2010)

Powers/Abilities: Aki had the psychic ability of telekinesis, or the ability to move objects with her mind.

Height: 4'6" (by approximation)
Weight: 77 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

History: (Marvel Anime: Iron Man cartoon episode - "Girl (Daughter of the Zodiac)" (fb)) - Aki and her parents were on a plane that was hijacked. Terrified, Aki uncontrollably lashed out with her telekinetic powers, causing the plane to explode.

(Marvel Anime: Iron Man cartoon episode - "Girl (Daughter of the Zodiac)" (fb) - BTS) - Aki's parents were killed instantly but Aki was the sole survivor and was taken to an orphanage ran by nuns. About a year and a half later, some people visited the orphanage and decided to adopt Aki, who left with them. After Aki was taken in by the Zodiac organization, they used her telekinetic abilities to power some of their weapons. Knowing the Zodiac's plans and having overheard that Iron Man was always causing the Zodiac trouble, Aki sought him out for help against the Zodiac.

(Marvel Anime: Iron Man cartoon episode - "Girl (Daughter of the Zodiac)") - As Tony Stark was driving down the road trying to understand women, he saw the young girl Aki in the middle of the road and swerved off the road to miss hitting her with his car. Happy to have found Stark, Aki introduced herself and smiled, explaining that she had run away from Zodiac. Stark took her to a restaurant, where he asked Aki what she thought he could help her with and when Aki merely replied "stuff," Tony began to think to himself how there had to more to Aki than she was letting on. Noticing that Tony appeared skeptical, Aki announced that she would show him that she was special. She then placed her fork and knife on the table and telekinetically levitated them, surprising Tony into getting up out of his seat before she asked if he now believed her claims about being the daughter of the Zodiac. Growing suspicious, Tony asked why Aki thought he could help and when she remarked that she sought him out after hearing how Iron Man caused the Zodiac trouble, Tony demanded to know if Aki was working with the Zodiac to find him, but his outburst caused Aki to cry and Tony immediately relented, asking the waiter for more ice cream to calm Aki.

Later that night, as Aki slept, Tony began thinking of ways to find answers about Aki and phoned Nanami Ota, who agreed to investigate Aki's past for Tony. The next morning, Tony awoke to find Aki's bed empty and he soon found her downstairs, thinking she was helping by dusting. When Tony reminded Aki that he had a maid and then asked about papers he had lying around, Aki explained that the paper were a big mess so she had shredded them. Before Tony could even react, Aki's curiosity got the better of her and she touched an Iron Man glove on display, causing it to rocket towards Tony and into the wall. Tony quickly reminded Aki that his house was not a playground but she backed into a button that activated Tony's armoring robots, which picked Tony up and dropped him a short distance away. They were then interrupted by the doorbell, which Aki ran to answer, finding Dr. Chika Tanaka. Introducing herself as Tony's daughter, Aki surprised Dr. Tanaka into dropping her documents before Tony invited Dr. Tanaka inside. When Aki noticed Stark attempting to flirt with Dr. Tanaka, however, she grew slightly jealous and began trying to make Dr. Tanaka uncomfortable by asking if she was Tony's girlfriend and commenting on how she had overheard Tony talking to another woman on the phone the night prior. After Dr. Tanaka left in a huff, Tony accused Aki of not only messing up his lab but his personal life as well, prompting Aki to proclaim Tony to be mean and lashing out with her telekinetic powers, launching Tony across the room into his bar before running off. A short time later, Nanami Ota phoned Stark after visiting the orphanage where Aki once lived and explained to Stark about Aki's parents' deaths and her adoption from the orphanage. Concerned about Aki, Tony found her out near a playground, where Aki admitted that she couldn't play with children her own age due to her lack of control over her telekinetic abilities. After learning that Aki had accidentally caused her parents' deaths due to her lack of control, Tony decided to cheer Aki up by playing with her. When day turned into dusk, Tony and Aki were visited by Capt. Nagato Sakurai, who informed Stark that he would have to take custody of Aki after learning how much of a potential threat she could be. Tony declined to turn Aki over but Sakurai hit Tony with a taser and sedated Aki. While Aki slept, Sakurai explained to the recovered Tony that the Zodiac had been using Aki to power their weapons and Aki soon recovered as well, sleepily warning that the Zodiac's Virgo was coming. As if on cue, Virgo attacked Sakurai's caravan and during the distraction, Tony freed the still-not-quite-awake Aki and carried her away, buying a bystander's car to move faster. Taking Aki to Dr. Tanaka, Tony gave Dr. Tanaka a flash drive stolen from Capt. Sakurai that contained data on Aki's involvement with the Zodiac and told her to look through data for anything that might help Aki.

When Tony then left to battle Virgo as Iron Man, Dr. Tanaka contacted him and explained that she had learned Aki's brain was somehow wired to the Zodiac's Virgo and that any damage done to Virgo could affect and possibly kill Aki. Hearing Dr. Tanaka mention Tony on the phone, Aki weakly got out of bed and announced her plans to help Tony, telekinetically knocking Dr. Tanaka aside when she tried to stop Aki for her own safety. Hobbling outside, Aki was fired on by Virgo but Aki managed a telekinetic shield and yelled for Virgo to stop its attack. Aki then turned and expressed gratitude that Tony was now safe but Capt. Sakurai, in his armored guise as Ramon Zero, blasted Virgo, unaware of Aki's connection to Virgo. Aki collapsed while Iron Man engaged Ramon Zero. During the distraction, Virgo used tentacles to capture Aki and place her inside its robotic form, doubling its power and attacking. Iron Man quickly entered Virgo's blast field and rescued Aki while Dr. Tanaka ordered the destruction of Virgo's residual energy.

Some time later, Tony and Dr. Tanaka visited a now recovered Aki at a playground, where Dr. Tanaka informed Tony that Aki's memories of Zodiac and of ever meeting Tony, as well as her telekinetic powers, were gone. Despite this, Tony was happy that Aki now had a chance to live a normal life before he left with Dr. Tanaka.

Comments: Created by Warren Ellis, Naoki Tozuka and Madhouse Inc. (see Appearances list for list of artists involved).

Since the Marvel Anime cartoon series was made in Japan, it aired there first before being translated and airing in America on the G4 cable network. As such, the airdates may vary depending on what region you live in. The first airing of Aki's episode anywhere was in Japan on November 19, 2010, where it aired under the episode title "Shojo." It later aired on G4 under its English title of "Girl" (or "Daughter of the Zodiac" in some English-speaking regions).

It was not revealed whether Aki was a mutant born with her powers or if she was somehow mutated to gain superhuman powers but she did have them before ever getting involved with the Zodiac, so it seems more likely towards her being a mutant.

Profile by Proto-Man.

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Marvel Anime: Iron Man cartoon episode, "Girl (Daughter of the Zodiac)" (all images in this profile)

Marvel Anime: Iron Man cartoon episode, "Girl (Daughter of the Zodiac)" (November 19, 2010) - Warren Ellis (story), Naoki Tozuka (screenplay), Kirk Thornton (script adaptation), Kenichi Kawamura (storyboard, episode director), Takahiro Umehara (character design/chief animation director), Takeshi Koike (mechanical design), Kim Min Sun, Park Yuong II, Song Jin Hee, Yang Son Yong, Lee Dong Hoon, Lee Sung Jin, Jang Jae Yeong (key animators), Satoru Yamashita, Michiko Noda, Minami Yoshida, Nobuhiro Muto, Lee Si Eun (secondary key animators), Kim Min Kyoung, Kim Young Ji, Kim Yu Jeong, Kim Jeong-Jin, Min Hong Yi, Yang Seon Yeon, Lee Hyun Jeong, Cho Hun Hui, Hwang Mi Sun, Hwang Ji Hyun, Park Mi Seon, Park Kyeong Soon, Busan Dr (in-between animators), Hiroshi Kanno (art), Y.A.P. Ishigaru Production, Haroyoki Hasagawa, Akemi Ito, Taichi Shishido, Nami Mariwa, Takeshi Nishimura, Kaori Shishiba, Akemi Azuma, Jun Kimura, Erika Hara (backgrounds), Madbox Ltd. (3DCG), Masahiko Hirano, Yuki Nagahama, Shigenori Hirozumi (3D modeling), Shuhei Yabuta, Yasutaka Tanaka, Masahiko Hirano, Tsukasa Sato, Yo Moriyama, Shuhei Anita,
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