Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Crimelord

Affiliations: Papa Shorty (master); André (agent), Robert (chauffeur); Lois Bliss (mistress)
Rafe, Mitch, other unnamed criminal henchmen (most dead);

Enemies: Phillip Bliss, Zombie (Simon Garth)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: New Orleans, Louisianna

First Appearance: Tales of the Zombie#2 (October, 1973)

Abilities: Mr. Six had a large criminal network which served his needs and enforced his orders. He himself was proficient with a gun, and had some knowledge of the occult. He was apparently into Diab Voodoo (which I'm going to guess has some connection to the devil or demons, ie. along the lines of the word "diablo"), and was involved in human sacrifices.

History: Mr. Six led an extensive criminal organization that dominated New Orleans. At some point, he became affiliated with the voodoo lord Papa Shorty, and became a devout follower of his

(ToZ#5(fb)) - At one of the ceremonies, Mr. Six took an interest in Lois Bliss. The two began an affair, and Mr. Six used his lawyers to enable Lois to divorce her husband, Phillip, and take his life savings and home, as well.

(ToZ#2) - Under the direction of Papa Shorty, Mr. Six sent two agents, Rafe and Mitch, to obtain a magic ring from the buried corpse of Joseph Travers. Their graverobbing was interrupted by the zombie of Simon Garth, who attacked them. Mitch was killed instantly, but Rafe managed to flee back to Mr. Six, who shot him dead for his failure. He then had his man Robert throw Rafe's corpse in the river, and he worried that "the Master" would be most displeased.

(ToZ#4/7) - Mr. Six brought Lois with him as he went to court to contest claims of criminal activity. Phillip Bliss confronted them and publicly denounced Mr. Six as a crimelord. Bliss even went so far as to show Mr. Six the Amulet of Damballah (which he had recently obtained) and to threaten to send a zombie after him. Mr. Six recognized the Amulet, but the police showed up to drive Bliss off before Mr. Six could do anything about it.
However, Bliss' use of the Amulet had actually summoned the zombie of Simon Garth--the fact that it worked came as a nearly complete surprise to Bliss. Finally having the power to do what he wanted, Bliss sent the Zombie into court to beat up (but not kill) the lawyers, whom he blamed for his plight. Bliss was apparently unaware that Mr. Six was in the same court, and he was left unharmed.

(ToZ#5) - Mr. Six sent agents to ambush Phillip Bliss and steal the Amulet of Damballah. They brought the Amulet to Mr. Six, but when they demanded immediate payment, he had André and a few other agents kill them all. He then brought the Amulet to Papa Shorty--he brought his chauffeur Robert with him in an effort to induct him into the voodoo cult. When Mr. Six began a ceremony in which he sacrificed a rooster, Robert panicked and ran--unfortunately into the Zombie, who had followed the call of the Amulet to Papa Shorty. Shorty had the Zombie kill Robert, much to Mr. Six's chagrin. Mr. Six apparently then left the ceremony and missed the rest of the excitement. (see Papa Shorty for the rest of that one)


(ToZ#9) - Via the sacrifice of Layla, Simon Garth was brought back to life for 24 hours. As one of his life's loose threads in need of tying, Garth confronted Mr. Six, revealed that he had been the Zombie, and then shot and killed both Mr. Six and André.

Comments: Created by Steve Gerber and Pablo Marcos

No known connections to:



One of Mr. Six's agents, he (and two other look-alikes) slaughtered the criminals whom Mr. Six had hired to obtain the Amulet of Damballah. Later, he stood guard outside of Mr. Six's office when he met with Simon Garth. Hearing shots fired, he burst in too late to save Mr. Six, and took the next bullet himself.
Either André had his costumed form (a seen here) proudly displaying his shaved head; and also appeared in plain clothes and wore a toupé; or Mr. Six had two separate guys named André.

--ToZ#5 (9



He served as Mr. Six's chauffeur, but was also good for dumping corpses in the river and whatnot. Mr. Six thought highly of Robert and brought him to a voodoo ritual in hopes of convincing him to join. Robert observed a ritual involving the beheading of a chicken and the pouring of its blood over a female cultist. Mortified, Robert fled. Fearing that Robert would go to the police, Shorty took control of the Simon Garth's zombie and had him kill Robert.
As sport, Shorty then reanimate Robert as a zombie and had him battle Garth's zombie. Garth was winning when Phillip Bliss and his allies broke in. In the ensuing chaos, Shorty was killed, and Robert presumably returned to true death without anyone to control him.

--ToZ#2 (5


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