Real Name:  Ashley G. Williams

Identity/Class: Extra-temporal human (Earth-2149)

Occupation: S-Mart retail clerk

Group Membership: S-Mart Corporation

Affiliations: None

Enemies:  Howard the Duck, Hulkling (Teddy Altman), Multiple Man (Jamie Madrox) (all of Earth-2149)

Known Relatives: Cheryl Williams (sister) (possibly, see comments)

Aliases None

Base of Operations: New York City, NY, and possibly either Royal Oak, MI or Dearborn, MI

First Appearance: Marvel Zombies VS Army of Darkness#2 (June, 2007)

Powers/Abilities: Ash was a retail clerk at a New York City based S-Mart. He was trained in the arts of retail, although he was mediocre at best. He was competent with both a shotgun and a chainsaw.

History: (Marvel Zombies VS Army of Darkness#3 (fb) - BTS)- Ash was a fairly normal person in a fairly abnormal world. All of his life he felt destined for greater things, but the presence of so many super heroes and villains forced him (in his opinion) to work in a more mundane position in life. He often spent his off time watching the editorials of J. Jonah Jameson on television and agreeing with everything the publisher said.

(Marvel Zombies VS Army of Darkness#3 (fb) - BTS)- Ash was witness to the first battle between the Fantastic Four and the forces of the Mole Man. He was not impressed (see comments).

(Marvel Zombies VS Army of Darkness#1-BTS)- When the zombified Sentry transformed the Avengers into flesh eating monsters, Ash felt this was his calling to greatness. Grabbing a chainsaw and shotgun from their respective aisles, Ash hit the blood soaked streets of Manhattan. Avoiding the now zombie She-Hulk and Beast, Ash easily killed the Multiple Man and the Hulkling. As he made his way into Greenwich Village, he stopped when he saw the uninfected heroine Dazzler talking with someone who looked just him.

(Marvel Zombies VS Army of Darkness#2)- This distraction would prove fatal, as the infected Howard the Duck snuck up on Ash and bit most of his head off.

(Marvel Zombies VS Army of Darkness#3)- After the zombified duck was destroyed, the Scarlet Witch rifled through Ash's pants and discovered his driver's license. Quickly explaining the concept of multiple realties to the other Ash, the trio headed towards the abode of Dr. Strange, leaving the body of that world's Ash rotting in the street.

Comments Created by John Layman, Fabiano Neves, and June Chung. Based on concepts and characters created by Bruce Campbell, Sam Rami, Robert Tapert, Robert Kirkman, Mark Millar, Greg Land, and Sean Philips

In the first Evil Dead, the character of Cheryl was Ash's sister. In the sequels she was never mentioned, but who's to say he didn't have one on this Earth?

Also, the flashback with the FF has more than a passing resemblance to the cover of Fantastic Four I#1

So the lesson here is that you should never have anything to do with Ash. It just ends up with you being dead.

Profile by David Lawrence.

Ash has no known connections to or should be confused with the following:

Marvel Zombies VS Army of Darkness#2, p27, panel2

Marvel Zombies VS Army of Darkness#2 (June, 2007) - John Layman (writer), Fabiano Neves (artist), Ralph Macchio (editor)
Marvel Zombies VS Army of Darkness#3 (July, 2007) - John Layman (writer), Fabiano Neves (artist), Ralph Macchio (editor)

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