Cell-12 has captured Peter and Mary JaneCELL-12

Membership: Andros, Bramer, Lasher, Nardi

Purpose: None

Occupation: Mercenaries

Affiliations: Hobgoblin (Jack Macendale)

Enemies: Peter Parker, Spider-Man (Ben Reilly)

Base of Operations: New York, NY, USA

First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man I#411 (May, 1996)

Powers/Abilities: The components of Cell-12 are cybernetically empowered; their strength, speed and abilities are all above the normal. They used the same technology that empowered Hobgoblin.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#411 - BTS) - Cell-12 was hired by Hobgoblin to keep Peter Parker at a distance from Seward Trainer and the Multivex Corporation. They were informed that Peter Parker was more powerful than what he seemed.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#411) - One evening, Cell-12 ambushed Peter and Mary Jane Watson Parker. They roughly hit Peter Parker (who was without Spider-powers at the time) and severely injured him, warning him to not continue his investigations. However they didn't hurt Mary Jane.

(Spider-Man#68) - Cell-12 set a trap for Spider-Man (at the time this was Ben Reilly) at the Multivex Corporation, and the bait was a large case with Seward Trainer's equipment. When Spider-Man arrived they attacked him, but they were not a big threat for him. Spider-Man damaged and knocked them out in a short time. They managed to flee thanks to Hobgoblin, who injured and defeated Spider-Man.

(Spectacular Spider-Man#234) - Cell-12 was guarding Trainer's lab at Multivex when they saw Peter Parker lurking around. They captured him and were going to kill him when Spider-Man stopped them. Spider-Man and Peter Parker (without powers, but with the web-spinners), fought Cell-12. They easily knocked Andros, Bramer, and Nardi out, and Lasher eliminated himself. However Hobgoblin distracted the two spider-men again, and the cyborgs managed to run away before the arrival of the Police.

(Spider-Man#69) - Very wounded, Cell-12 recovered in an abandoned factory. They asked Hobgoblin for the payment for their mission, but Hobgoblin refused, claiming he already paid for their cures. Before flying away, he hurled a pumpkin-bomb that exploded and destroyed the factory. 

Comments: Created by Tom DeFalco, Mark Bagley and Al Milgrom/Larry Mahlstedt. Killed(?) by Howard Mackie, John Romita Jr. and Al Williamson.

Andros and Nardi seemed to have been injured very much during the first match versus Spider-Man, but the day after they seemed fresh and new. After, in Hobgoblin's hide-out they seemed all very wounded. In particular Andros had lost again his tail. (I suppose that Howard Mackie told John Romita Jr. that Andros would have lost his tail and JR did the right work in Spider-Man#68. Todd De Zago and Sal Buscema didn't knew anything about this and they gave Andros his tail back in Spectacular Spider-Man#234. But JR Jr followed Mackie's instructions and continued to draw Andros without his tail also in Spider-Man#69)

Profile by Spidermay


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Andros look at Peter Parker and asks why he is so dangerous...Andros

Andros had a humanoid body until the belt, and under the belt he had a snake shape that replaced his missing legs. He has various cybernetic implants on his body and his head. He was very strong; he smashed a wall with a fist and did not harm himself, he also used the tail to strike his opponents.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#411) - Andros was not so sure about attacking Peter Parker, because he thought that he was a normal human. Although he defined himself a soldier, under Bramer's orders he repeatedly hit Peter until Peter was bloody, and he only stopped when Peter fainted and Bramer gave the order to go away.

(Spider-Man#68) - That night, they ambushed Spider-Man at the Multivex and Andros hid in the shadows. When they attacked, he concealed himself in vapor to take Spider-Man by surprise. But Spider-Man grabbed his tail and ripped it easily, putting Andros out of fight.

(Spectacular Spider-Man#234) - The day after he had again his tail (see comments) and captured Peter Parker at Multivex. Distracted by Spider-Man, he was blinded by Peter's web, and then Spider-Man smashed him against Nardi, knocking both out.

(Spider-Man#69) - Some days after he was in an abandoned factory but this time he was severely injured: He was missing his tail and had to stay on a wheelchair. He was caught in the pumpkin-bomb's explosion.

--Amazing Spider-Man I#411 (Spider-Man#68, Spectacular Spider-Man#234, Spider-Man#69d

Bramer observes Andros who beats Peter ParkerBramer

Bramer was the leader of the group. He was cybernetically empowered, and his left arm had a sort of ray cannon. He could speak to the others without any apparent external communication device, and the others could trace his position.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#411) - He spied and followed Peter and Mary Jane movements, before ambushing them in the right place. He led the punishing operation, following his own will and not listening to Lasher and Andros' comments. He let Peter Parker go only after he had been badly beaten. 

(Spider-Man#68) - Despite Bramer's orders, Lasher attacked Spider-Man alone, ruining the ambush at the Multivex Corporation. Bramer could only intervene after Spider-Man had stopped his men. He tried to shoot Spider-Man, but was easily knocked out by a single punch.

(Spectacular Spider-Man#234) - The day after they captured Peter Parker again. Bramer was killing Parker, but Spider-Man webbed him and pulling him to smash on some machinery, knocking him down.

(Spider-Man#69) - Some days later, seriously wounded, he and his men asked Hobgoblin for their payment, but he claimed they had failed the mission and rewarded them with a pumpkin-bomb.

--Amazing Spider-Man I#411 (Spider-Man#68, Spectacular Spider-Man#234, Spider-Man#69d

Lasher observes Andros who beats Peter ParkerLasher

His characteristic weapon was laser tentacles coming out his right hand. His tentacles could bond a person without harm him, or could easily cut a web or a floor, and they could also produce electrical shocks. His face has a mask that covers the most part of it but sometime it covers only a half of the face.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#411) - Lasher was rather cynical; he would have immediately killed Peter and Mary Jane because he was hungry and wanted to go to eat. He held Mary Jane while Andros was massacring Peter.

(Spider-Man#68) - He was overconfident when he attacked Spider-Man alone at the Multivex ambush. He electrocuted Spider-Man, but the hero weathered the attack and easily knocked him out.

(Spectacular Spider-Man#234) - The day after, he captured Peter Parker and when Spider-Man arrived he tried again to hit him, but wasn't fast enough. He broke the supports of the floor instead, and fell down.

(Spider-Man#69) - Some days later he was in an abandoned factory, injured, probably with a broken arm, and was caught in the pumpkin-bomb's explosion.

--Amazing Spider-Man I#411 (Spider-Man#68, Spectacular Spider-Man#234, Spider-Man#69d

Nardi observes Andros who beats Peter ParkerNardi

Nardi was the strong-guy of the group. It isn't clear if "Nardi" was his battlename or his real surname. His costume seemed more like an armor than a bionic implant, but probably was just his skin, mutated by unknown means.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#411) - During the first ambush of Peter Parker he held Peter Parker still while Andros beat him.

(Spider-Man#68) - Later, during the first fight with Spider-Man he couldn't measure his strength against the Web-Spinner because Ben took a conduit of hot vapor and directed it on Nardi. He wasn't heat-proof.

(Spectacular Spider-Man#234) - The day after, he seemed okay when Cell-12 captured Peter Parker, but he was easily put out of fight by Spider-Man.

(Spider-Man#69) - Some days later he was in an abandoned factory, injured and bandaged (probably scorched) like the other teammates, and he presumably died in the pumpkin-bomb's explosion.

--Amazing Spider-Man I#411 (Spider-Man#68, Spectacular Spider-Man#234, Spider-Man#69d

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Other appearances: 
Spider-Man#68 (May, 1996)
Spectacular Spider-Man#234 (May, 1996)
Spider-Man#69 (June, 1996)

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