1.  Akaana - created in 1930 by Robert E. Howard, they were adapted to Marvel in the 1970s by Roy Thomas; they also represent the Past, licensed characters, Jungle and Horror genres; Hidden races; and Solomon Kane characters; and Marvel Worldwide (Africa) 
  2.  Habeus Corpus - created in 1933 by Lester Dent; adapted to Marvel in the 70's by Doug Moench; also representing Licensed characters, Marvel Pets, Doc Savage characters, Marvel Worldwide (Arabian Peninsula), and Marvel Two-In-One/Thing stories
  3.  John Rand - created in 1936; also representing the Jungle genre; Ka-Zar the Great characters; and Marvel Comics stories
  4.  Ken Masters - created in 1939; also representing Jungle (technically rainforest) genre; Amazing Mystery Funnies and Marvel Comics stories; and the Human League 
  5.  Texas Kid - created in 1940 (January); also presenting the Western genre; and Daring Mystery Comics characters
  6.  Strongman - created in 1940 (May); also representing the War genre; Crash Comics Adventures and Invaders characters; and Battle Axis members; adapted to Marvel by Roy Thomas
  7.  Fred Raymond - created in 1940 (September); also representing Human Torch (Jim Hammond) characters; and possibly Hidden Races (Inhumans)
  8.  Blue Diamond - created in 1941 (April); also representing War genre; Liberty Legion, Crazy SUES member; and Invaders, Marvel Two-In-One/Thing stories
  9.  Headline Hunter - created in 1941 (August) by Stan Lee; also representing the War genre; and Captain America Comics stories
  10.  Volton - created in 1942 (March); also representing the War genre; androids; Cat-Man Comics and Invaders characters; and Battle Axis members; adapted to Marvel by Roy Thomas
  11.  Captain Dash -  created in 1942 (April); also representing alternate realities; future stories; War and Sci-Fi genres; and Comedy Comics stories 
  12.  Happy Mann - created in 1942 (April); also representing the Humor genre; and Joker Comics characters
  13.  von Richt - created in 1942 (September); also representing the War genre; Young Allies Comics characters; and Marvel Worldwide (presumably Germany)
  14.  Cherub - created in 1945; also representing sci-fi genre; Marvel Worldwide (Austrian); and Miss America characters  
  15.  Mr. Vanderbanks - created in 1947; also representing the Romance genre; and Hedy De Vine characters
  16.  Gypsy Joe - created in 1948 (Spring); also representing the Funny Animal genre; and Super-Rabbit characters
  17.  Clon - created in 1948 (July); also representing Marvel Worldwide (Isle of Doom); and Blackstone the Magician characters
  18.  Glenn Darwin - created in 1948 (August); also representing Sun Girl characters 
  19.  "Lash" Larribee - created in 1948 (August); also representing the Western genre; and Two-Gun Kid characters
  20.  Maharajah of Shishkebob - created in 1948 (October); also representing the Romance genre; Nellie the Nurse characters; and Marvel Worldwide (India)
  21.  Jim Lathrop - created in 1948 (Winter); also representing the Western genre; Black Rider characters; and All-Western Winners stories
  22.  Jesse Douglas - created in 1949; also representing the Western genre; and Blaze Carson characters

Day 2: Journey into...the Atlas era: the 1950's and pre-Fantastic Four 60's

  1. Packrat Pete - created June, 1950; representing the Western genre; and Black Rider characters
  2. Starr Ryder - created February, 1951; representing Bill Everett creations; and Marvel Boy characters
  3. Arizona Kid - created March, 1951; representing the Western genre; classic creator Russ Heath creations; and, of course, Arizona Kid characters; 
  4. Spy Fighters - created March, 1951; representing the Spy genre; and the Spy Fighters series
  5. Tartoff - created March, 1951;  representing the Horror genre; Suspense characters; Dracula foes
  6. Jimmy Rogers - created December, 1951; representing Venus characters
  7. Leon Drago - created March, 1952; representing the Horror genre; and Astonishing characters
  8. Count Vicuna - created January, 1953; representing the Horror genre; Mystic Comics characters; and Marvel Worldwide (Hu/li>
  9. Lance Brant - created March, 1953; representing Man Comics characters; and Bob Brant and the Troubleshooters characters
  10. Gyps - created June, 1953; representing the Horror genre; Stan Lee creations; Menace comic characters; and Zombie characters
  11. King David - adapted into Marvel in June, 1953; representing Bible Tales for Young Folk characters; Judeo-Christian religion characters; the Past; and Marvel Worldwide (Israel)
  12. Zadixx - created June, 1953; representing the Sci-Fi genre; extraterrestrials, alternate realities, and alien dimensions; and Journey into Mystery characters
  13. Adam Tyler - created July, 1953; representing the Sci-Fi genre; alternate realities; Future stories; and Strange Tales characters
  14. Explorers' Club - created July, 1953; representing the Horror, Jungle, and Sci-Fi genres; often covering tales of magic, lost/hices, extraterrestrials; featured throughout multiple titles; and Marvel Worldwide
  15. Jim Carter - created September, 1953; representing the Outer Space and Sci-Fi genres; John Romita creations; alternate realities; (relative) Future stories; and Spaceman comics characters
  16. Roco the Ragman - created September, 1953; representing the Horror genre; Adventures into Weird Worlds characters; stories set in the Past
  17. Ted Stark - created March, 1954; representing the Police genre; Justice comics stories; 
  18. Young Nastyman - created September, 1954; adapted into Marvel in 2010 by Alan Moore; representing alternate realities; and Marldwide (England)
  19. Chiga - created January, 1955; representing the Jungle genre; Magic characters; Lorna the Jungle Girl characters; and Marvel Worldwide (Congo)
  20. Crusader - created May, 1955; representing War genre; the Past (Crusades); Joe Maneely creations; Black Knight Comics cha; and Marvel Worldwide (Middle East)
  21. Ward Stocker - created June, 1955; representing the War genre; and Rugged Action comics characters
  22. Matt Ronson - created April, 1956; representing the Suspense genre; mythological Gods; and Uncanny Tales characters
  23. Freddy Sykes - created March, 1960; representing magic/fantasy stories; Kirby and Ditko creations; and Tales to Astonish characters
  24. Gargantus - created January, 1961; representing the Giant Monster genre; Kirby and Ditko creations; lost/hidden races; and Strange Tales characters; and Marvel Worldwide (ocean-dwelling)

  1. Gargoyle - created May, 1962; representing Hulk characters; Stan Lee creations; Jack Kirby creations; and Marvel Worldwide (Russia)
  2. Bernard O'Brien - created June, 1962; representing Spider-Man characters; Amazing Fantasy characters; police characters; Stan Lee creations; and Steve Ditko creations
  3. Odinsword/Oversword - created June, 1965; representing Thor; other dimensions (Asgard); items; the Magic genre; Roy Thomas creations; and Keith Pollard creations
  4. Winken Smythe - created 1966; representing Captain America characters; Denny O'Neill characters; and Marvel Mini-Books
  5. Marshall Droth - created September 30th, 1967; representing Fantastic Four characters; extraterrestrials (Skrulls); and the Fantastic Four (1967) cartoon
  6. Guardian of the Ebony Blade - created November, 1968; representing the Magic genre; Black Knight characters; Marvel Super-Heroes characters; the Past (Arthurian era); and Roy Thomas creations
  7. Roscoe - created March, 1971; representing Amazing Adventures characters; Inhumans characters; Roy Thomas creations; Gene Colan creations; and Bill Everett creations
  8. Ego-Prime - created April, 1972; representing Thor characters; Gerry Conway characters; John Buscema characters; Vince Colletta characters; and cosmic characters
  9. Chak - created May, 1972; representing Gullivar Jones characters; Martians; characters from licensed titles; the Past; Roy Thomas creations; Gil Kane creations; and Bill Everett creations
  10. Calvin - created February, 1973; representing humor titles; and L'il Kids characters.
  11. Belag - created April, 1973; representing extraterrestrials; The Cat characters; Bill Everett creations; and Paty Cockrum creations
  12. Vrellnexians - created June, 1973; representing Thor characters; extraterrestrials; Gerry Conway characters; John Buscema characters; Don Perlin characters; and Vince Colletta characters
  13. Ewan Duff - created December, 1973; representing the Horror genre; Tomb of Dracula characters; Marvel Worldwide (Scotland); Marv Wolfman characters; and Gene Colan characters
  14. Barachuudar - created June, 1974; representing the High Evolutionary's Countrer-Earth; Hidden Races (New Men); politicians; Gerry Conway creations; Herb Trimpe creations; Roy Thomas creations; Adam Warlock and Hulk characters
  15. Hammer - created December, 1974; representing Incredible Hulk characters; Len Wein creations; and Herb Trimpe creations
  16. Clete Brandon - created July, 1975; representing Savage Tales; military characters; and Archie Goodwin creations
  17. Aaron Fox - created September, 1975; representing the Horror genre; Legion of Monsters; and Marv Wolfman creations
  18. OK Space Station - created January, 1976; representing Captain Marvel; the Sci-Fi genre; locations; Steve Englehart creations; and Al Milgrom creations
  19. Diamondhead - created November, 1976; representing Nova characters; Marv Wolfman characters; Sal Buscema characters; and space characters
  20. Zuras - created November, 1976; representing Jack Kirby creations; and Hidden Races (Eternals)
  21. Blaze Kendall - created September, 1977; representing characters from licensed titles; Human Fly characters; and Bill Mantlo creations
  22. Suzy - created February, 1978; representing Marvel Premiere characters; Marv Wolfman characters; Bill Mantlo characters; and Al Milgrom characters
  23. Clone Ranger - created September 4th 1978; representing Howard the Duck characters; alternate reality characters; Marv Wolfman creations; Allan Kupperberg creations; newspaper strip characters; and Western character
  24. Shaitan - created February, 1979; representing Bill Mantlo creations; the Sci-Fi genre; licensed characters; Micronauts characters; and extraterrestrials (Spartak)
  25. "Scoop" Daly - created May 23rd, 1979; representing Marvel UK characters; Daily Bugle staff; reporters; the Past (1930s); Pulp adventures; Night Raven characters; Steve Parkhouse creations; and David Lloyd creations

...or...what if we didn't continue Day 1-3's pattern of moving up through the decades?

  1. Alec Swan (Firearm) - representing the Ultraverse; also military personnel; and Marvel Worldwide (British)
  2. Anglo-Simian - representing the (Captain Britain) Corps; also animal characters; and Marvel Worldwide (British)
  3. Ape-vengers - representing Marvel Ape; also Avengers characters; and animal characters
  4. Beautiful Dreamer - representing Electric Company characters; also Spider-Man characters; Marv Wolfman creations; and Sal Buscema creations
  5. Captain America (Frank Simpson, Earth-1610) - representing the Ultimate Universe; also military personnel; Captain America characters; cyborgs; and Jason Aaron creations
  6. Centaurian race (Reality-691) - representing the future/original Guardians of the Galaxy's reality; also extraterrestrials; Science-Fiction genre; and Gene Colan creations
  7. Cockroach - representing the Spider-Man newspaper strip reality; also Spider-Man characters; Stan Lee creations; and Larry Lieber creations
  8. Eric Ravenscore - representing the Shadowline reality; also D.G. Chichester creations; and Bob McLeod creations
  9. Exodus (Earth-295) - representing the Age of Apocalypse; also mutants; X-Men characters; and Fabian Nicieza creations
  10. Gorkill - representing the Razorline reality; also creator-owned characters; and Clive Baker creations
  11. Howard the Duck (Earth-982) - representing Duckworld and MC2; also Howard the Duck characters; Ron Lim creations; Tom DeFalco creations; and Al Milgrom creations
  12. Jules "Kneecap" Venici - representing the Dragon's Claws reality (Earth-5555); also Death's Head characters; Marvel U.K. characters; Simon Furman creations; and Lee Sullivan creations
  13. Kylun - representing Ee'rath; also Excalibur characters; mutants; Marvel Worldwide (Scottish); and Alan Davis creations
  14. Master Menace - representing the Squadron Supreme reality; also Roy Thomas creations
  15. Mobius M. Mobius - representing the Time Variance Authority; also Walt Simonson creations; Fantastic Four characters; and maybe jet-skies
  16. "Not M'Gubgub" - representing the Nth Man reality; also extraterrestrials; cosmic characters; and Larry Hama creations
  17. Omni-Wave Annihilator - representing What If?; also Avengers items; and extraterrestrials (Kree)
  18. Proteus (Exiles member) - representing the House of M and the Exiles; also mutants; X-Men characters; Tom Bedard creations; and Paul Pelletier creations
  19. Radian - representing 2099A.D.; also Dr. Doom characters; and extraterrestrials
  20. Rodstvow - representing the New Universe; also Psi-Force characters; Fabian Nicieza creations; and Ron Lim creations
  21. Sabretooth (Earth-1298) - representing the Mutant X reality; also mutants; X-Men characters; and Howard Mackie creations
  22. Shattered Dimensions - representing multiversal crossovers; also events; computer games; Spider-Man characters; and Dan Slott creations
  23. Spider-Man (Earth-94) - representing the Spiderverse event; also Spider-Man characters; clones; and Dan Slott creations
  24. Wasp (Earth-2149) - representing Marvel Zombies; also Avengers characters; the Horror genre; and Mark Millar creations

  1. Aeish - alien sorceress; representing Marvel UK and Warheads characters
  2. Ajak-Karr - demon; representing the Ultraverse and Mantra characters
  3. Amulet of Aagara - magical artifact; representing Spider-Man and cyber-comics
  4. Bridge of Asbru - magical artifact; representing the Marvel Tarot and David Sexton creations
  5. Den Vakre - Norse entity; representing Deadpool characters and Asgardian dimension
  6. Edge of Intrados - magical artifact; representing Blade and Nightstalker characters
  7. Fang - demon; representing Hidden Races (the Lilin), demons, Morbius characters and Midnight Sons characters
  8. First Tarot - magical artifact; representing Doctor Strange and the Defenders
  9. Francois Chicault - vampire; representing Hidden Races (vampires) and Gambit characters
  10. Ghunthar - werewolf (there wolf); representing Hidden Races (lycanthropes), Hyperboria and Red Sonja characters
  11. Giuseppe Montesi - vampire-fighting priest; representing Dracula characters, Darkhold characters and the Holy Roman Church
  12. Gretchin - sorceress; representing the Horror genre and Lilith (Daughter of Dracula) characters
  13. Jeremiah Warrick - expert on the arcane; representing SHIELD
  14. Layla - Voodoo priestess; representing the Horror genre and Tales of the Zombie characters
  15. Living Buddha - sorcerer; representing Doctor Strange characters and Marvel Premiere characters
  16. Mercedes Wilson - magic user; representing Deadpool characters
  17. N'astirh - demon; representing New Mutant characters, Limbo/Otherplace residents and demons
  18. Satyne - Priestess of Set; representing Conan characters and Hyperborian era
  19. Sujaana min Raghbah - sorcerer; representing Alan Davis characters and Clan Destine
  20. Taurus Killgaren - extradimensional sorcerer; representing Demons, Alternate Realities, creator-owned characters and Dreadstar characters
  21. Urchin - magical species; representing K'un-Lun
  22. Ventri - alien sorcerer; representing extraterrestrials (Cotati) and Avengers characters
  23. Zothros - extradimensional sorcerer; representing the Ultraverse and demons

  1. "Knuckledown" - from prehistoric times; representing lost tales; Marvel UK, and dinosaurs
  2. Wanderers - from 1 million BC; representing Eternals characters, Deviant characters, Peter Sanderson creations, Steve Englehart creations and Mark Bagley creations
  3. Amra - from the Hyborian age (10,000 BC); representing Conan characters; Roy Thomas creations; John Buscema creations; and licensed (R.E. Howard) characters
  4. Damon the Man-God - from 5000 years ago (3,000 BC); representing extraterrestrials; Ka-Zar characters; Barry Windsor-Smith creations; Gerry Conway creations; and Bill Everett creations
  5. Sirens - from a few millennia BC; representing mythological characters; Uncanny Tales characters; and Hidden races (Sirens)
  6. Anubis of Earth-88194 - from Ancient Egypt and the Dark Ages; representing Shadowline characters; D.G. Chichester creations; Bill Sienkiewicz creations; and Doctor Zero characters
  7. Ashake - from 26th - 11th century BC / Ancient Egypt; representing New Mutants characters; and Chris Claremont creations
  8. Grylak the Greater - from 2000 years ago; representing Asgardian trolls; Tom DeFalco creations; and Sal Buscema creations
  9. Taric Redhand - from around 50 BC to 50 AD; representing Chris Claremont creations; Marada the She-Wolf characters; and Epic Illustrated characters
  10. Norseman - from the 3rd century AD; representing Bran Mak Morn characters; Marvel Worldwide (Scandinavia); licensed (R.E. Howard) characters; and Savage Sword of Conan characters
  11. Sir Reginald - from the 6th century AD; representing Arthurian/Camelot character; New Excalibur characters; and Black Knight characters
  12. Paolo Montesi - from the 12th century AD; representing Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme characters; vampire hunters; Jean-Marc Lofficier creations; and Roy Thomas creations
  13. Crusader - from 1150-1350 AD; representing Ultraverse characters; and Rune characters
  14. Al Kadhdhaab - from the 12th century AD; representing Clan Destine characters; and Alan Davis creations
  15. Doctor John Dee - sorcerer and spy; representing Night Raven characters, Marvel UK and British characters, but most of all representing Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth I
  16. "Solari" - from 1582 AD; representing SHIELD characters; heralds of Galactus; and Jonathan Hickman creations
  17. Kage - from "several centuries ago"; representing Marvel UK characters; Marvel Worldwide (Japan); and Black Axe characters
  18. Firefall (Karas) - from 200 years ago; representing Spaceknights; Rom characters; extraterrestrials (Galadorians); Bill Mantlo creations; and Sal Buscema creations
  19. Lenore DeCade --from the late 19th century; representing vampires; Tomb of Dracula characters; Archie Goodwin creations; and Gene Colan creations
  20. "Jill the Ripper" - from 1888; representing Wisdom characters; Marvel Worldwide (Britain); and Paul Cornell creations
  21. Creeper (Wonders, Street Arab) - from the early 1900s; representing Runaways characters; and Joss Whedon creations
  22. Mbonga - from the early 20th century; representing licensed (Tarzan) characters; Jungle characters; Roy Thomas creations; and John Buscema creations
  23. Gialetta Nefaria - from the 1930s; representing Alternate Realities (Marvel/ Noir); and Iron Man characters
  24. Katherine Ainsley-Jones - from the 1940s; representing Marvel Worldwide (England); Marvel UK; vampires; and Immortalis characters

  1. Thorn - circa the 1990s (that was the future at the time!); representing Marvel Spotlight characters; Star-Lord characters; and Doug Moench creations
  2. Wheelie - 2008 AD (ditto); representing licensed (Transformers) characters; and Marvel UK characters
  3. Keiko Takimoto - 2015 (ditto); representing Iron Man characters; and Marvel Worldwide (Japan)
  4. Keeper (Dr. Raker) - 2018 (ditto); representing Killraven characters; and Amazing Adventures characters
  5. Marcus Wellington - 2020 (and again); representing Iron Man 2020 characters
  6. Janice Travers - relative future, a few years from now; representing Deathlok characters; and Astonishing Tales characters
  7. Alkemist - 2026; representing Death's Heads characters; Dan Abnett creations; and Marvel UK characters
  8. Jean Grey of Earth-9997 - relative future, a couple of decades from now; representing Earth X characters
  9. Apeslayer - relative future, a few decades from now; representing Marvel UK characters
  10. Mister Nobody (MC2) - a couple of decades from now; representing MC 2 characters; and Spider-Girl characters
  11. Commander X - decades from now; representing mutants; and Rob Liefeld characters
  12. Tochsyn - around 50 years from now; representing Ultraverse; and Foxfire characters
  13. Red Skull of Earth-807128 - late 21st century; representing Old Man Logan; and Wolverine characters
  14. Vapor - late 21st century; representing Future Imperfect's Dystopia; Peter David creations; and Hulk characters
  15. Shackle - 80 years from now; representing the XSE; Bishop's future; and mutants
  16. Anti-Hulk - 2099; representing Marvel 2099
  17. cockroach men of Earth-80521 - 2360AD; representing Cable characters
  18. Dr. Caldwell - 2769 AD; representing Marvel Boy characters
  19. "Alphan" race - 31st century; representing the original Guardians of the Galaxy
  20. Earth-39372 - incalculable centuries in the future; representing Marvel UK; and Killpower characters
  21. Iron Lad (Nate Richards, Earth-18651) - 40th century; representing Exiles characters
  22. Incinerator Jones and the Jones Boys - 8162 AD; representing Dragon's Claws; and Marvel UK characters
  23. Z (Dreadstar) - one million years in the future; representing Dreadstar characters; Epic/creator-owned characters; and Jim Starlin creations
  24. Fallen One - millions of years in the future; representing Thanos characters; Cosmic Ghost Rider characters; and Donny Cates creations

  1. Ben Benson - Explorer's Club member; representing Men's Adventures; and Gorilla Man characters
  2. Bog-Beast - extraterrestrial animal; representing Tales to Astonish characters; and Stan Lee creations
  3. Gator - human transformed into animal; representing the TSR Marvel Super Heroes Roleplaying Game
  4. Gerald Thorne - Communist agent operating in the Congo; representing Jann of the Jungle characters
  5. Great Beast - giant jungle monster; representing Daring Mystery Comics characters; and Trojak the Tigerman characters
  6. Harrowbeast - extraterrestrial animal; representing Planet Hulk characters; and Greg Pak creations
  7. Jakuna Singh - SHIELD agent operating in the Congo; representing Shanna the She-Devil characters
  8. Jobu - Bantu tribesman; representing Jungle Tales characters; and Waku characters
  9. "Jolly Swagman" - human transformed into animal; representing Marvel UK; Marvel Worldwide (Australia); humor characters; and Bog Paper characters
  10. Leopard Girl - jungle adventurer; representing Leopard Girl characters; and Jungle Action characters
  11. Man-Eater - human transformed into animal; representing Silver Sable and the Wild Pack characters
  12. Mele - Savage Land native; representing Ka-Zar characters
  13. Mr. Steed - animal transformed into humanoid; representing Hidden Races (New Men); and Quicksilver characters
  14. Novak the bear - (semi-)wild animal; representing Dr. Doom characters
  15. Pallas the owl - pet; representing Incredible Hercules characters
  16. Pine Cone - pet; representing Squirrel-Gwen characters
  17. Pip the dog - pet; representing Domino characters
  18. Pride - animalistic possessing spirits; representing Marvel Fanfare characters; and Shanna the She-Devil characters
  19. Rocky Martin - collector of animal trophies; representing Adventures Into Terror characters
  20. Rufus the cat - pet; representing Runaways characters
  21. Seven Scars - proto-humanoid; representing Devil Dinosaur characters; and Jack Kirby creations
  22. Shanna - jungle adventurer; representing clones; Shanna the She-Devil characters; and Frank Cho creations
  23. Tigerman - jungle adventurer; representing Daring Mystery Comics characters; and Golden Age characters
  24. Valulu - African god; representing Astonishing characters; and gods
  25. Zawadi - Wakandan adventurer; representing Wakandan characters; Marvel Universe characters; Roger Stern creations; and Bret Blevins creations

  1. Arabellum - a planet; representing Force Works locations; and Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning creations
  2. Av-Rom - Kree; representing Young Avengers characters
  3. Big Angry - Sinnarian; representing Black Order characters
  4. Cardinal Raker - Universal Church of Truth; representing Guardians of the Galaxy characters; and Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning creations
  5. Chewie - Flerken; representing Ms. Marvel characters
  6. Criti Noll - Skrull; representing Secret Invasion characters; and Avengers characters
  7. Daak - extraterrestrial; representing Thanos characters
  8. Extirpia - Negative Zone insectoid; representing Annihilation characters
  9. Games - extraterrestrial blood sport; representing Marvel UK creations; and Battletide creations
  10. Gamora (Reality-25271) - extraterrestrial; representing alternate reality characters; and Captain Marvel characters
  11. Glitter - Shi'ar; representing X-Men characters
  12. Jakal - Snark; representing Power Pack characters; and Louise Simonson creations
  13. Jazinda -Skrull; representing She-Hulk characters; and Peter David creations
  14. Kam'N'Ehar - Brood; representing X-Men characters; Chris Claremont creations; and Dave Cockrum creations
  15. Korilla - Atlas era alien; representing Journey into Mystery characters; and Jack Kirby creations
  16. Krugreppeans - extraterrestrial race; representing Defenders characters; and Peter Gillis creations
  17. Llrrllllnnllyyrrll - Battleworld resident; representing Thing characters; and John Byrne creations
  18. Miek's father - Sakaarian; representing Hulk characters; and Greg Pak creations
  19. Oola Udonta -- Centaurian Inhuman; representing Fantastic Four characters; and Jonathan Hickman creations
  20. Quantum - Dakkamite; representing West Coast Avengers characters; and Steve Englehart creations
  21. Slavers of Shakati - extraterrestrial organization; representing Star Lord characters; Chris Claremont creations; and John Byrne creations
  22. Snake Eyes - extraterrestrial animal; representing Marvel Team-Up characters; and Louise Simonson creations
  23. Valesh Malafect - extraterrestrial pirate; representing Cyclops characters
  24. Wide Load Annie - human emigrant to space; representing US1 characters; Al Milgrom creations; and Jim Shooter creations
  25. Yla - extraterrestrial; representing Silver Surfer characters; and George Perez creations

  1. Bobby Lathrop - ranch kid; representing Black Rider characters; All-Western Winners characters; and Syd Shores creations
  2. Charlie Feather - Native American; representing Kid Colt, Outlaw characters; and Gene Colan creations
  3. Crazy Wolf - Native American; representing Outlaw Kid characters
  4. Dakota Kid - outlaw; representing Gunsmoke Western characters; and Joe Sinnott creations
  5. Dean "Deadman" Donnelly - sheriff; representing Gunhawks characters
  6. Doe Eyes - Native American (Pawnee); representing Arrowhead characters; and Joe Sinnott creations
  7. George Peshaur - gunslinger; representing Wyatt Earp characters
  8. Goliath (Two-Gun Kid) - cowboy; representing Two-Gun Kid characters; and Stan Lee creations
  9. Grey Wolf - Native American (Comanche); representing Apache Kid characters
  10. Happy Hicks - Texas Ranger; representing Arizona Kid characters
  11. Hugo - gunfighter and performer; representing Rawhide Kid characters; and Larry Lieber creations
  12. Idaho Smith - sheriff; representing Annie Oakley characters; and Ross Andru creations
  13. Jim Clay - Pony express courier; represting Apache Kid characters; and Joe Kubert creations
  14. John Darby - traveling snakeoil salesman; representing Red Wolf characters; and Gardner Fox creations
  15. Major Cullen - Texas Ranger; representing Arizona Kid characters
  16. Nan Macklin - Fort Houston resident; representing Arizona Kid characters
  17. Ojo, el - bandit; representing Phantom Rider chsracters; and Dan Slott creations
  18. Outcast - Native America; representing Western Gunfighters characters; and Roy Thomas creations
  19. Puma (Heart-Like-Fire) - Native American (Kisani) superhuman; representing Western Legends characters; and Fred Van Lente creations
  20. Red Warrior - Native American (Comanche); representing Red Warrior characters
  21. Remarkable Occurrences of 1881 - event; representing Marvel Western: Outlaw Files creations
  22. Santiago de Valdez - vampire in the Old West; representing Chamber of Chills characters; licensed (R.E.Howard) characters; and the supernatural
  23. Spider Webb - outlaw; representing Ringo Kid characters; and John Severin creations
  24. Steam Rider - cyborg sheriff; representing Amazing Fantasy characters; and steampunk characters

  1. Anya Makarova - human friend to mutants; representing Classic X-Men characters; Marvel Worldwide (Russia); and Chris Claremont creations
  2. Black Patch - human foe of mutants; representing Deadpool characters; and Tim Seeley creations
  3. Carver - Morlock; representing Wolverine characters; and Rob Liefeld creations
  4. Charmaine Grand - mutant; Rogue & Gambit characters
  5. Christian Frost - mutant; representing Emma Frost characters; and Grant Morrison creations
  6. Curse - mutant; representing Mauraders characters
  7. Dr. Whoosh - probable mutant; representing X-Statix characters; and Peter Milligan creations
  8. Frederick Mallin - 1950s mutant; representing Strange Tales of the Unusual characters
  9. Frenzy - X-Man; representing X-Factor characters; and Bob Layton creations
  10. Gail Collins - human parent of mutant; representing New Mutants characters
  11. Grand Inquisitor - human foe of mutants; representing Hydra characters; and Wolverine characters
  12. Harrison Taylor - anti-mutant human; representing Mystique characters
  13. Lefty - mutant; representing Madrox characters; and Peter David creations
  14. Mystiq - extradimensional mutant; representing Exiles characters; and Chris Claremont creations
  15. Pogg Ur-Pogg - extradimensional foe of mutants; representing X of Swords characters
  16. Scab - mutant; representing X-Termintors characters
  17. Scorpion Boy - X-Man; representing Nightcrawler characters; and Chris Claremont creations
  18. Soil - mutant; representing lost projects; and Rob Liefeld creations
  19. Tigerstryke - ally and foe of mutants; representing X-Force characters; Rob Liefeld creations; Fabian Nicieza creations; and Marvel Worldwide (Canada)
  20. Wendigo - foe of mutants; representing Wolverine characters; and Marvel Worldwide (Canada)
  21. Whisper (Karl Reifschneider) - mutant; representing Marvel Comics Presents characters
  22. X-Cutioner - anti-mutant human; representing Uncanny X-Men characters; and Scott Lobdell creations
  23. Zealot - mutant; representing Magneto characters; and Marvel Worldwide (Genosha)
  24. Zeeshan - mutant; representing Generation Hope characters

  1. Ahriman - Yazatas; representing Thor and Hercules: Encyclopedia Mythologica characters
  2. Aqhat - Annunaki/Mesopotamian; representing Citizen V and the V-Battalion characters
  3. Arawn - Tuatha de Danaan/Celtic gods; representing Conan the Barbarian characters
  4. Astrologer Royal of Asgard - Asgardian; representing Thor characters; Stan Lee creations; and Jack Kirby creations
  5. Bathala - Diwatas/Filipino; representing Thor characters
  6. Blessed of Litters - Alien (Druff) god; representing Incredible Hercules characters
  7. Chaac - Ahau/Mayan; representing Thor and Hercules: Encyclopedia Mythologica characters
  8. Dark God - Pictish gods; representing Brak Mak Morn characters
  9. Davi Naka - Madripoor (maybe Daevas/Hindu); representing Sword Master characters; and Greg Pak creations
  10. Elephant God - African; representing Strange Tales characters
  11. Giacomo Montesi - Judeo-Christian-Islamic monotheism; representing Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme characters
  12. Huitzilopochtli - Teteoh/Aztec; representing Incredible Hercules characters
  13. Inti - Apu/Inca; representing Incredible Hercules characters
  14. Isuus/Issus - Elder God / Hyborian era god; representing Savage Sword of Conan characters
  15. Joya - Olympian/Greek; representing Venus characters
  16. Kagutsuchi - Amatsu-Kami/Japanese; representing Thor and Hercules: Encyclopedia Mythologica characters
  17. Kuara - Tenger/Mongolian; representing Thor and Hercules: Encyclopedia Mythologica characters
  18. Marinette-Bwa-Chech - Vodu/African; representing Doctor Voodoo characters
  19. Marmoo - Australian Aborigine; representing Thor and Hercules: Encyclopedia Mythologica characters
  20. Nelvanna - Inua/Northern; representing Alpha Flight characters
  21. Sobek - Heliopolis/Egyptian; representing Black Panther characters
  22. Tomazooma - Manidoog/Native American; representing Fantastic Four characters; Stan Lee creations; and Jack Kirby creations
  23. Ukko - Finnish god; representing Thor characters
  24. Veffir Voon Iyax - Extradimensional alien god; representing Ultraverse characters; and Sludge characters
  25. Whiro - Akua/Oceanic; representing Citizen V and the V-Battalion characters
  26. Zhu Rong (Taoist god) - Xian/Chinese; representing Iron Fist characters

  1. AIMarines - gamma-powered soldiers; representing Hulk characters
  2. Black Claw - WWII Nazi sailor; representing Golden Age characters; USA Comics characters
  3. Blue Bullet (Johann Goldstein) - WWII scientist; representing Invaders characters; Marvel Worldwide (Poland); and Roy Thomas creations
  4. Brad Testa - U.S.Army soldier - representing AAFES characters
  5. Bud Adams - WWII soldier turned vampire; representing Hidden Races (vampires); Ravencroft characters; and Frank Tieri creations
  6. Captain Colton - SAS; representing Captain Britain and MI13 characters; Marvel Worldwide (Britain); and Paul Cornell creations
  7. Captain Koenig - US Army soldier; representing Infinity characters
  8. Crewcut Cambridge - US Navy; representing Navy Combat characters; and the Atlas era
  9. Freddy Lancer - soldier turned mercenary; representing Skull the Slayer characters; and Marv Wolfman creations
  10. Fury Force - counter terrorist unit; representing Larry Hama creations; and lost projects
  11. General Combest - US Army general; representing New Mutants characters
  12. General Kato - Japanese Army general; representing Hit-Monkey characters; and Marvel Worldwide (Japan)
  13. Kid Commandos - WWII heroes; representing Invaders characters; and Roy Thomas creations
  14. Kim Kee - South Korean guerilla fighter; representing Battle Action characters; Marvel Worldwide (South Korea); and the Atlas era
  15. Leonard Hazzard - retired U.S.Army; representing Alternate Realities (New Universe); and Marc Hazzard, Merc characters
  16. Muktong Mollie - North Korean guerilla fighter; representing Combat Kelly characters; the Atlas era; and Marvel Worldwide (North Korea)
  17. Nick Fury of Earth-21196 - cover operations soldier; representing Alternate Realities; and Timeslip characters
  18. Phil Parker - U.S. Army Intelligence; representing Sgt Fury and the Howling Commandos characters; and Stan Lee creations
  19. Red Poppy - Korean War gangster; representing Combat Casey characters; and Atlas era characters
  20. Remmick - operative of US military program; representing Red She-Hulk characters
  21. Seth Horne - SHIELD agent; representing Original Sin characters
  22. Tag Team - mercenary squad; representing One Month to Live characters
  23. Tel-Kar - Kree soldier; representing Venom characters; and extraterrestrials (Kree)
  24. Union Jack - WWI government agent; representing Invaders characters; Marvel Worldwide (Britain); and Roy Thomas creations
  25. Zalme - U.S. Army soldier; representing Dazzler characters; Assistant Editors Month characters; and mutants

  1. Amazon - from DC/Amalgam; representing company crossovers;
  2. Badj - from Epic's Alien Legion; representing creator-owned (Carl Potts) characters; extraterrestrials; science-fiction; and war characters
  3. Billy the Marlin - from the Miami Marlins; representing promotional comics
  4. Blind Faith - from the Ultraverse; representing companies bought by Marvel
  5. Blackmark - from the Blackmark novels; representing comics based on prose stories; fantasy characters; and Gil Kane creations
  6. Bran Mak Morn - from Robert E. Howard's pulp stories; representing comics based on prose stories; and Roy Thomas characters
  7. Cephala - from Epic Illustrated; representing the Epic Comics imprint
  8. Charlie Dunne - from Indiana Jones; representing comics based on movies; and John Byrne creations
  9. Cilicia - from Micronauts; representing comics based on toy lines; and Bill Mantlo creations
  10. Conquistador - from Rom; representing comics based on toy lines; and Bill Mantlo creations
  11. Darth Vader (Reality-616) - based on Star Wars; representing comics based on movies; and Chris Claremont characters
  12. Exterminator - from promotional advertising comics; representing high-tech characters
  13. Hand of Darkness - from Dreadstar; representing the Epic Comics imprint; and Jim Starlin creations
  14. Kool-Aid Man - from promotional advertising comics; representing thirst-quenching characters
  15. Marak - from 2001: A Space Odyssey; representing comics based on movies
  16. Melanie Ridgway - from NFL Superpro; representing promotional comics
  17. Mish-Mash - from Razorline; representing the Razorline imprint; and creator-owned (Clive Barker) comics
  18. Nightwind/Gigantauron - from Shogun Warriors; representing comics based on toy lines
  19. Order of the Black Sun - from Doctor Who; representing comics based on TV series; Marvel UK; Alan Moore creations; and David Lloyd creations
  20. Shadow - from Harley Davidson; representing promotional comics
  21. Techno-X - from Transformers; representing comics based on toy lines; and Simon Furman creations
  22. Thing Mega Morph - from Mega Morph minicomics; representing comics based on toy lines
  23. Time-Glider - from Hardee's giveaway comic; representing promotional comics; and X-Men items
  24. Weirdbeard - from Madballs; representing comics based on toy lines
  25. Yuriko Takiguchi - from Godzilla; representing comics based on movies; and Marvel Worldwide (Japan)

  1. Amintas - Serpent Men; representing Conan characters
  2. Aracht'yr -The People/Saurians; representing Ms. Marvel characters; Dave Cockrum creations; and Chris Claremont creations
  3. Beast-Men - hidden race; representing Western Winners characters
  4. Big Grokko - Atlantean; representing Defenders characters
  5. Brother Gustav - Shadows; representing Shadowline characters
  6. Crabmen - hidden race; representing Journey Into Unknown Worlds characters
  7. Dovinia - Changeling; representing Marvel Comics Presents characters
  8. Druids - hidden community; representing Sub-Mariner Comics characters
  9. Ferret - Warpies; representing Excalibur characters; and Alan Davis creations
  10. Jailer - Inhuman; representing Black Bolt characters
  11. Joseph Jennings - Hydro-Men; representing Sub-Mariner characters
  12. Kuroba - hidden peoples (Bogondi); representing Savage Sword of Conan characters
  13. Lobster People - hidden race; representing Sentry/Hulk characterts
  14. Macrothrax - insectoid; representing Ant-Man characters
  15. Parvez - Descendants; representing Secret Avengers characters
  16. Picts race - lost tribes; representing Bran Mak Morn characters
  17. Professor Leon - Cat People; representing Marvel Chillers characters
  18. Ravian - avian race; representing Kull the Conqueror characters
  19. Sarak - Fall People; representing Ka-Zar characters
  20. Sigmar - Eternals; representing Jack Kirby creations
  21. Spider-People - hidden race; representing Marvel Team-Up characters
  22. Vala-Kuri - Savage Land hidden race; representing Astonishing Tales characters
  23. Witness/Ness - Hellbent; representing X-Men characters
  24. Worms of the Earth - hidden race; representing Savage Sword of Conan characters; and licensed (Bran Mak Morn) characters
  25. Zakka - Deviant; representing Jack Kirby creations

  1. Agatha Timly - occultist; representing Marvel Spotlight characters; and Werewolf by Night characters
  2. Amelia Sefton - ally of Son of Satan; representing Son of Satan characters
  3. Archfiends - technodemons; representing Ghost Rider 2099 characters
  4. Bobby Gross - possessed by a ghost; representing Bizarre Adventures characters
  5. Byron Hyatt - priest; representing Marvel Spotlight characters
  6. Creighton C. Craven - owner of living house; representing Chamber of Darkness characters
  7. Dead George Pelham - zombie; representing Runaways characters
  8. Fear Avatar - living embodiment of fear; representing Angela characters
  9. Fly-Man - monstrous reanimated corpse; representing Mystic Comics characters
  10. Frank von Frankenstein - member of the Frankenstein dynasty; representing Doctor Strange characters
  11. Grumpy - monstrous mutate; representing Ghost Rider characters
  12. Jasper Petrie - Man-Thing victim; representing Astonishing Tales characters
  13. Justin Cabel - werewolf; representing Solomon Kane characters
  14. Kirsten Crowley - criminal and Ghost Rider victim; representing promotional comics characters
  15. Leena Wolfe - victim of demons; representing Midnight Sons characters
  16. Man in Black - demonic tormentor; representing Adventures into Terror characters
  17. Mark Cephalos - monstrous mutate; representing Werewolf by Night characters
  18. Neeoqtoq - eldritch horror Great Beast; representing Incredible Hercules characters
  19. Rekrab - occult expert; representing Terror Inc. characters
  20. Sweeny Conway - vampire; representing Vampire Tales characters
  21. Tara Cross (Vanessa Brooks) - vampire and Blade's mother; representing Blade characters
  22. Terrible Eye - magic user; representing Gwenpool characters
  23. Venom clone - monstrous alien; representing Venom characters
  24. Vittorio Montesi - priest opposing the forces of Chthon; representing Darkhold characters

  1. Acidroid - robot; representing Cable characters
  2. AIDA (Squadron Supreme) - alternate reality artificial intelligence; representing Squadron Supreme characters; and Mark Gruenwald creations
  3. All-Out - robot; representing Civil War characters
  4. Battlewagon - alternate reality cyborg; representing Ultraverse characters; and Prototype characters
  5. Chorus Sentries - alien robots; representing War of Kings characters
  6. Circuit Breaker (Earth-616) - hunter of robots; representing Transformers characters
  7. Dino-Byte - robot; representing Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur characters
  8. Doctor Singh - robot; representing Fantastic Four characters; and John Byrne creations
  9. Eradikator-6 - robot; representing Punisher characters
  10. Gascheck - artificial intelligence; representing Avengers AI characters
  11. Inhuman Torch - synthezoid; representing android Human Torch characters
  12. Khyber - cyborg; representing Wolverine characters
  13. Lazurex Prime - cyborg; representing Razorline characters
  14. Lord Ogre - cyborg; representing Venom characters
  15. Mainspring -  cyborg; representing Warlock characters
  16. Mechamorph - robot; representing Nightwatch characters
  17. Mys-Tech D.O.G.s - robots; representing Dark Angel characters
  18. Pyranos - mecha; representing Livewires characters
  19. Red Ronin (Namie) - cyborg; representing Loners characters
  20. Sav'rkk - extraterrestrial cyborg; representing Yondu characters
  21. Seraph - cyborg; representing Deathlok characters
  22. Torso - cyborg mutate; representing Ultraverse characters; and Strangers characters; and Night Man characters; and Steve Englehart creations
  23. Vee - robot; representing Death's Head characters
  24. Vin Vision - synthezoid; representing Vision characters
  25. X.E.R.O. - robot; representing X-51 (Machine Man) characters

  1. Adonis - god; representing Olympians; Marvel Worldwide (Greece); and Venus characters
  2. Borgeddon - fantasy monster; representing Warlock and the Infinity Watch characters; Asgardian characters; and Jim Starlin creations
  3. Caden Tar - resident of fantasy realm (Weirdworld); representing Weirdworld characters
  4. Dai Thomas - possessed by Sir Gawain; representing Blade characters; Captain Britain characters; Knights of Pendragon characters; and Chris Claremont creations
  5. Dragon of Moondark Mount - fantasy creature (dragon); representing Savage Tales characters
  6. Forest Trolls - fantasy race; representing Otherworld characters; Marvel UK; and Black Knight characters
  7. Genghis Grimtoad - fantasy world adventurer; representing Strip characters; Marvel UK; John Wagner creations; Alan Grant creations; and Ian Gibson creations
  8. Marta Cabel - sorcerer; representing Solomon Kane characters
  9. Kryllk the Cruel - fantasy monster (Asgardian Rock Troll); representing Marvel Team-Up characters
  10. Kulan Gath (the elder) - sorcerer; representing Conan characters; and Savage Avengers characters
  11. Lavadon - fantasy monster; representing Asgardian characters; and Jean Grey characters
  12. Light Elf Rifle Brigade - fantasy race (Elves); representing Asgardian characters; and War of the Realms characters
  13. Mala - resident of fantasy era (Hyborian); representing Savage Tales characters; and Conan characters
  14. Morcar - sorcerer; representing HeroQuest characters; Marvel UK; and licensed characters
  15. Murder Trolls - fantasy monsters; representing Asgardian characters; and Fearless Defenders characters
  16. Myth-Realm - fantasy realm; representing Hulk magazine creations
  17. Nebulos - extradimensional magician; representing Doctor Strange characters
  18. Negafok - god; representing the Inua
  19. Ogun - god; representing Doctor Voodoo characters
  20. Ragnahorn - magical item; representing Asgardian items; and Marvel Knights items
  21. Ranilla - resident of fantasy realm (Crystallium); representing Crystar characters
  22. Storm (Earth-8280) - sorcerer; representing X-Men characters; and Chris Claremont creations
  23. Swift-Sword - resident of fantasy realm (Weirdworld/Crystallium); representing Squadron Supreme characters
  24. Thaumas - god; representing Olympians
  25. Vandal the Barbarian - fantasy adventurer; representing Wally Wood creations; and Tower of Shadows characters

  1. #### King - representing Foolkiller characters
  2. Barber of Wolverine - representing Crazy characters
  3. Bebop - representing Marvel Adventures Super-Heroes characters
  4. Cast-Iron Duck - representing funny animal characters
  5. Choirmaster - representing Secret Empire characters; and Hydra's musical ambitions
  6. Dr. Demon - representing funny animal characters; and Ziggy Pig-Silly Seal characters
  7. "Doughy Boy" - representing Assistant Editors' Month; and Marvel Team-Up characters
  8. Heather - representing Slapstick characters
  9. Howard the Human - representing Howard the Duck characters
  10. H.U.M.P.H.R.I.E.S. - representing Franklin Richards characters
  11. Inspector Spectre - representing It's Wicked characters; and Marvel UK
  12. Inventor - representing Ms. Marvel characters; and parrot-headed clone mad scientists
  13. Laz - representing Groot characters; and inept Skrull invaders
  14. Liverer - representing SHIELD characters; and Galactus parodies
  15. Ma Yonaise - representing parody superheroes; and Marvel Worldwide (Belgium)
  16. Marie Leahy - representing Damage Control characters
  17. Nick Fury (Odhams) - representing Pow! characters; and Marvel Worldwide (Britain)
  18. Polar Penguin - representing What The--?! characters
  19. Professor Prowlpate Prank - representing Powerhouse Pepper characters
  20. Ricardo Del Wolverine - representing Alan Moore creations; and Marvel UK
  21. Robert the Robber - representing Homer the Happy Ghost characters
  22. Sister Voodoo - representing Fred Hembeck creations; and Marvel Age characters
  23. Tippi Canoe - representing Crazy Magazine characters; and Howard the Duck characters
  24. Vermin the Vile - representing Planet Terry characters; and Star Comics imprint characters
  25. Vestry - representing NextWave characters

  1. Alison Green - Ultimates; representing Civil War characters
  2. Avengers Support Crew - Avengers; representing supporting cast members
  3. Bread-Boy - West Coast Avengers; representing Avengers team applicants
  4. Called - Avengers: The Initative; representing the Fifty-State Initiative characters
  5. Earth-Force - Thor; representing Tom DeFalco creations; and Avengers Assemble characters
  6. Eden Vale - Hawkeye; representing Generations characters
  7. Enmity - She-Hulk; representing cosmic characters; and Peter David creations
  8. Golden Skull - U.S.Avengers; representing alternate reality characters
  9. Gretl Anders - Iron Man; representing supporting cast members
  10. Gunthar - Avengers; representing extraterrestrials (Rigellians); Roger Stern creations; and John Buscema creations
  11. Hotshot - Hulk; representing Peter David creations; and Todd McFarlane creations
  12. JAB-14 - Avengers Spotlight; representing Thunderbolts characters
  13. Jeryn Hogarth - Avengers' lawyer; representing Iron Fist characters; Chris Claremont creations; and John Byrne creations
  14. Leviathan (organization) - Secret Warriors; representing Jonathan Hickman creations
  15. Lisa Halloran - Avengers; representing supporting cast members; and Ultimates characters
  16. Mister Gryphon (Kang temporal divergent counterpart) - All-New, All-Different Avengers; representing Mark Waid creations
  17. M.O.G.O.D. - A+X; representing tiny psychic MODOKs
  18. Norris - Avengers; representing supporting cast members
  19. Octo-Lizard - Dark Avengers; representing alternate reality characters
  20. Officer Jay Sero - Avengers: Marvel Snapshots; representing supporting cats members
  21. Pansy - Great Lakes Avengers; representing supporting cast members
  22. Powderkeg - Captain Marvel; representing Dwayne McDuffie creations
  23. Striker - Avengers Academy; representing Christos Gage creations
  24. Treach - US Agent; representing supporting cast members
  25. Young Avengers (Valentino/Liefeld) - Young Avengers; representing lost projects; Jim Valentino creations; and Rob Liefeld creations

  1. AIDA (Earth-199999) - Agents of SHIELD TV show; representing TV adaptations
  2. Alligator Loki - Loki TV show; representing TV adaptations
  3. Black Widow (1970s TV show proposal) - Black Widow TV show; representing lost projects
  4. Buff - Generation X TV movie; representing TV adaptations
  5. Captain America (Fox Kids) -  Captain America cartoon; representing lost projects
  6. Carnage (Earth-33734) - home console video game; representing Marvel games
  7. Courageous Crew - Young Astronauts comic; representing lost projects; and comics based on TV shows
  8. Daredevil (Jay&SB) - Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back movie; representing movie cameos
  9. Dark Kleenex (ALF) - Alf comic; representing comics based on TV shows
  10. Drax-Man (GotG cartoon alternate reality) - Guardians of the Galaxy cartoon; representing TV adaptations
  11. Grant Ward - Agents of SHIELD comic; representing characters brought into the comics from other media
  12. Hiawatha Smith (Earth-8107) - Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends cartoon; representing TV adaptations
  13. Hulk Hound - Hulk Hound cartoon; representing lost projects
  14. Icara - Visionaries comic; representing comics based on TV shows
  15. Lightning the Wonder Dog - Daredevil cartoon; representing lost projects
  16. Metlar - Inhumanoids comic; representing comics based on TV shows
  17. Professor Lyman - Captain America cinema serial; representing movie adaptations
  18. R.J. Waldo - Howard the Duck cartoon; representing lost projects
  19. She-Hulk (Neilsen proposed TV version) - She-Hulk TV show; representing lost projects
  20. Snowman - Blade II movie; representing movie adaptations
  21. Stone - Elektra movie; representing movie adaptations
  22. Sub-Mariner (1950s TV series) - Sub-Mariner TV show; representing lost projects
  23. Thor (Ruby-Spears cartoon) - Thor cartoon; representing lost projects
  24. Tigra (Av United They Stand Earth-730834) - Avengers: United They Stand comic; representing comics based on TV shows based on comics
  25. Tomorrow Stone - early motion comic; representing Marvel online
  26. Wallow - Ghost Rider movie; representing movie adaptations

  1. Acid Queen - expanded from the Para Troops profile; representing the New Universe; and Mark Gruenwald creations
  2. Albert DeVoor - expanded from the Nth Command profile; representing Fantastic Four characters
  3. Arbogast von Frankenstein - expanded from von Frankensteins family profile; representing Marvel Worldwide; and the Horror genre
  4. Benjamin Jones - expanded from the Nth Man (Lightner) profile; representing Squadron Supreme characters
  5. Big One - expanded from the Pacific Overlords profile; representing Avengers West Coast characters; and Marvel Worldwide
  6. Boswell - expanded from the Para-Man; representing Ant-Man characters
  7. Chrlee - expanded from the SHIELD (alien) profile; representing Avengers Spotlight characters
  8. Circuit Breaker - UPDATE/REVAMP
  9. Creature from Kosmos - expanded from the Creatures from Kosmos species profile; representing Tales to Astonish characters
  10. Fastforward - UPDATE/REVAMP
  11. Ice Princess - expanded from the Superia's Femizons profile; representing Captain America characters
  12. Indiana Drake - expanded from the Legion of Howards profile; representing Howard the Duck
  13. Jacob Hathaway expanded from the Monster Hunters profile; representing Marvel Monsters characters
  14. Jacob Scott - expanded from the Effigy profile; representing Marvel: The Lost Generation characters
  15. Landslide - expanded from the Outcasts profile; representing Bill Mantlo creations
  16. Lyra - expanded from the Stan Lee's femizons profile; representing Savage Tales characters
  17. Marcello Montesi - expanded from the Montesi family profile; representing Doctor Strange characters
  18. Mendes - expanded from the profile; representing Wild Angels characters; and Marvel Italia
  19. Ocelot - expanded from the Warpies profile; representing Excalibur characters; and Marvel Worldwide (Scotland)
  20. Raymond Lightner/Blacksun - expanded from the Nth Man profile; representing Marvel Two-in-One characters
  21. Rock - expanded from the Hulkbusters profile; representing Hulk characters
  22. Sod - expanded from the Asylum profile; representing Guardians of the Galaxy characters
  23. Sphinxor - UPDATE
  24. Stanley Hathaway - expanded from the Monster Hunters profile; representing Men's Adventures characters
  25. Totem-Stick of the Lion God - expanded from the Lion God profile; representing Avengers items
  26. Zaffer -  expanded from the Rose of Purity profile; representing Defenders characters

  1. Agent K - Ditko creation; representing Machine Man characters
  2. Caesar Cicero - Lee creation; representing Spider-Man characters
  3. David Marcus - Kirby creation; representing the War genre
  4. Dorrie Evans - Lee creation; representing Strange Tales characters; and Fantastic Four characters
  5. Doughboy - Kirby creation; representing Captain America characters
  6. Grosso - Kirby creation; representing Golden Age characters
  7. Insect Man - Lee & Kirby creation; representing the Monster genre
  8. Judy Parker - Lee & Kirby creation; representing the Romance genre
  9. Karkas - Kirby creation; representing Eternals characters
  10. Karl Kragg - Lee & Ditko creation; representing the Suspense tale genre
  11. Luna Lizards - Lee & Kirby creation; representing the Monster genre
  12. Martin, the Most Dangerous Man in the World - Ditko creation; representing the Suspense tale genre
  13. "Monster" Ambassador - Lee & Ditko creation; representing the Monster genre
  14. Moose Morgan - Lee & Kirby creation; representing the Western genre
  15. Muggsy Bogar - Lee & Ditko creation; representing the Suspense tale genre
  16. Nat Kruger - Lee & Ditko creation; representing the Western genre
  17. Professor Stromm - Lee & Ditko creation; representing Hulk characters
  18. Space Phantom - Lee & Kirby creation; representing Avengers characters
  19. Stranger's Laboratory World - Lee creation; representing X-Men locations
  20. Svenzaldo Zambooba - Lee & Kirby creation; representing X-Men characters
  21. Transistor-powered ejector - Lee & Kirby creation; representing Iron Man items
  22. Vanisher - Lee & Kirby creation; representing X-Men characters
  23. Vega - Lee creation; representing Savage Tales characters
  24. Vernon Van Dyne - Lee & Kirby creation; representing Tales to Astonish characters
  25. Vibra-Gun - Lee & Kirby creation; representing Avengers items
  26. Wax Man - Kirby creation; representing Golden Age characters; and Captain America characters

  1. Adam Remsen - Archie Goodwin & Bret Blevins; representing Nightmask characters
  2. Blackworld - Gerry Conway, John Buscema & Vince Colletta; representing Thor locations
  3. Cal Trimble - Steve Englehart, Sal Buscema & Jim Mooney; representing Captain America characters
  4. Cretacious Sam - Dave Cockrum; representing Nightcrawler characters
  5. Devastator - Len Wein & Herb Trimpe; representing Incredible Hulk characters
  6. Dr. Mike Arlen - Steve Gerber, George Tuska, John Romita & Vince Colletta; representing Sub-Mariner characters
  7. Elizabeth Cornwall - Roy & Dann Thomas; representing Spider-Woman characters
  8. Fallen Angels - Jo Duffy & Kerry Gamill; representing Fallen Angels characters
  9. Ferronaut - Doug Moench & Walt Simonson; representing Hulk magazine characters
  10. Huntara - Tom DeFalco & Paul Ryan; representing Fantastic Four characters
  11. Hyppokri - J.M. DeMatteis, Don Perlin & Joe Sinnott; representing Defenders characters
  12. Jinx - Ann Nocenti & Art Adams; representing Longshot characters
  13. Kehl - Roger Stern, John Buscema & Tom Palmer; representing Avengers characters
  14. Kodabak race - Jim Starlin & Josef Rubinstein; representing Avengers characters
  15. Laser-cannon - David Anthony Kraft; representing She-Hulk items
  16. Linda Lee Black - Bill Mantlo & George Perez; representing Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu characters
  17. Lu Sun - Steve Englehart, Paul Gulacy & Al Milgrom; representing Master of Kung-Fu characters
  18. Marie Lathrop - Syd Shores; representing Black Rider characters
  19. Midnight Man - Doug Moench & Bill Sienkiewicz; representing Moon Knight characters
  20. Mr. Casey - Chris Claremont & Al Milgrom; representing Kitty Pryde & Wolverine characters
  21. Moira MacTaggert of Earth-161 - Chris Claremont, Paul Smith & Terry Austin; representing X-Men Forever characters
  22. Myron Feldman - Jim Shooter & John Romita Jr; representing Star Brand characters
  23. Nan Foster - Gene Colan & Frank Giacoia; representing Our Love Story characters
  24. Nereel - Chris Claremont, John Byrne & Terry Austin; representing X-Men characters
  25. Philip Lerou - Val Mayerik & Bob Wiacek; representing Rampaging Hulk characters
  26. Regulator (Earth-148611) - Mark Gruenwald & Paul Ryan; representing D.P.7 characters
  27. Ronnie Schatz - Howard Chaykin; representing Marvel Snapshots characters
  28. Spyder - Louise Simonson, Bret Blevins & Terry Austin; representing New Mutants characters
  29. Vashnu - Dick Ayers; representing World of Fantasy characters
  30. Vick Grant - Jim Steranko; representing Our Love Story characters

  1. Anabelle Baldwin - Steve Skroce; representing the Razorline imprint; and Ectokid characters
  2. Armechadon - Glenn Herdling, Angel Medina; representing Marvel UK; and Blackwulf locations
  3. Auditor Nolor - Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning; representing Annihilators characters
  4. Avalon 5 - John Francis Moore, Kyle Baker; representing Doom 2099 characters; and the 2099 line
  5. Bad Timing - Steven Grant, Andrew Wildman; representing Nightstalkers characters; and the Midnight Sons line
  6. Bobby Steele - Ron Frenz; representing Thor characters
  7. Butcher Britain - Alan Davis, Mark Farmer; representing Excalibur characters
  8. Chester Scully - Mike Baron, Erik Larsen; representing Punisher characters
  9. Deadair - Fabian Nicieza, Jae Lee; representing Shatterstar characters
  10. Dex - Kieth Giffen; representing Drax characters
  11. Dog - Warren Ellis, Ian Edginton, Darick Robertson, Jerome K. Moore; representing Ultraverse characters; and Ultraforce characters
  12. Dr. Melloncamp - Scott Lobdell, Dan Slott; representing Marvel Tales characters
  13. Durgg (Badoon) - Jim Valentino; representing Guardians of the Galaxy characters
  14. Elia Arriguez - Fabian Nicieza, James Fry, Mark McKenna; representing Nomad characters
  15. Gaia - Larry Hama; representing New Mutants characters
  16. Geronimo Crowe - Rob Liefeld; representing Wolverine characters
  17. Goldfire - Fabian Nicieza, Mark Bagley, Scott Hanna; representing Thunderbolts characters
  18. Graydon Creed - Scott Lobdell, Brandon Peterson, Dan Panosian; representing
  19. Gretchen Carrenna - Carl Potts, Jim Lee; representing Punisher War Journal characters
  20. Half-Life - Peter David, Todd McFarlane; representing Hulk characters
  21. Harvest - Terry Kavanagh; representing Ultraverse characters; and All-New Exiles characters
  22. the Jinx - Chris Priest, Pat Zircher; representing Black Panther characters
  23. Kate Neville - Bob Harras, Paul Neary; representing Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD characters
  24. Keeyah - Warren Ellis, Carlos Pacheco, Cam Smith; representing Starjammers characters
  25. Longshot (M Branch's X-Force) - Terry Austin, Mike Vosberg; representing Cloak & Dagger characters
  26. Luciano Montesi - Jean-Marc Lofficier; representing Dr. Strange characters
  27. Luddites - David Michelinie, Bob McLeod; representing Iron Man characters
  28. Mainframe (Ian Wajler) - Dwayne McDuffie, Gregory Wright, Jackson Guice, Scott Williams; representing Deathlok characters
  29. Mindstorm - Len Kaminski; representing Iron Man characters
  30. Onslaught - Scott Lobdell, Mark Waid, Adam Kubert; representing X-Men characters
  31. Psyk-Out - Gerard Jones; representing Wonder Man characters
  32. Siena Blaze - Scott Lobdell, Tom Grummett; representing X-Men characters
  33. Skire - Dan Abnett, John Tomlinson, John Royle; representing Knights of Pendragon characters; and Marvel UK characters
  34. Spider-Man (pre-current Multiverse) - Nel Yomtov, Alex Saviuk; representing Spider-Man Adventures characters
  35. Stabbity Jones - Warren Ellis, Mike Deodato Jr; representing Thunderbolts characters
  36. Tantrum - Fabien Nicieza, Dave Hoover; representing Night Thrasher characters
  37. Tobi Frye - Grant Morrison, Mark Millar, Steve Yeowell, Chris Ivy; representing Skrull Kill Krew characters
  38. Why'rion - Kurt Busiek; George Ordway; representing Maximum Security characters
  39. X-Beast - Glen Dakin; representing Die-Cut characters; and Marvel UK characters

  1. Ant-Venom - representing Venomverse characters
  2. Anvil - representing Marvel Team-Up characters
  3. Awilda Ayala - representing Spectacular Spider-Man characters
  4. Choke - representing Scarlet Spider characters
  5. Dr. Hillman Barto - representing Annex characters
  6. Dr. Yesenia Rosario - representing Marvel Team-Up characters
  7. Erin Hasko - representing Web-Warriors characters
  8. Foreigner - representing Spectacular Spider-Man characters
  9. Francis Delgado - representing Cloak & Dagger characters
  10. Goblin King (Phil Urich) - representing Web of Spider-Man & Green Goblin characters
  11. Ira - representing Spectacular Spider-Man characters
  12. Jackal - representing Amazing Spider-Man characters
  13. Juggernaut (Earth-8107) - representing Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends cartoon
  14. Light-Master - representing UK Spider-Man Annual characters
  15. Marquis Radu - representing Minimum Carnage characters
  16. Mindy McPherson - representing Amazing Spider-Man characters
  17. Phil Rodriguez - representing Spider-Woman characters
  18. Quark - representing Scarlet Spider characters
  19. Rage - representing Silk characters
  20. Rich Starkey - representing Spider-Man: Christmas in Dallas characters
  21. Ricky Dichinson - representing Web of Spider-Man characters
  22. Rudolpho - representing Spider-Man & Power Pack characters
  23. Ruth Goldman - representing Superior Spider-Man characters
  24. Sonny Ocampo - representing Black Cat characters
  25. "Spider-Fist" (Earth-19156) - representing Spider-Verse & Web-Warriors characters
  26. "Spider-Man" (Earth-19338) - representing Spider-Verse characters
  27. Tempest Monroe - representing Spider-Man 2099 characters
  28. el Tenor - representing Spider-Man/Deadpool characters
  29. Toymaker - representing Spidey Super Stories characters
  30. Victor "Dutch" Hollander - representing Spider-Man: Marvels Snapshots characters
  31. Wally Layton - representing Scarlet Spider characters

  1. Adrienne Brashear - Kevin Grievoux, Mat Broome; representing Blue Marvel characters; and Ultimates characters
  2. Alan Summerset - Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti; representing Heroes for Hire characters
  3. Alice Michaels - Kelly Thompson, Paulo Siquera; representing A-Force characters
  4. Amanda Brayden - Marc Guggenheim, Javier Pulido; representing 70th Anniversary Specials characters
  5. Amos Trent - Geoffrey Thorne, Khary Randolph; representing Mosaic characters
  6. Apelanteans - Jason Aaron, Michael Del Mundo; representing Weirdworld characters
  7. Armbruster - Joe Casey; Leonardo DeManco; representing Deathlok characters
  8. "Badmouth" - Greg Pak; Aaron Lopresti; representing Incredible Hulk characters
  9. Big Zero - Paul Cornell, Mark Brooks; representing Dark Reign characters; and Young Avengers characters
  10. Bikwen - Michael Moreci, Alberto Alburquerque; representing Beta Ray Bill characters
  11. Breanne Robbins - Rick Remender, Max Fiumara; representing The Hood characters; and Dark Reign characters
  12. Carlos Rodriguez - Marc Guggenheim, Yanick Paquette; representing Young X-Men characters
  13. Cat's Eye - Mariko Tamaki, Francisco Herrera; representing Infinity Wars characters
  14. Celestial Destructor - Brian Michael Bendis, David Marquez; representing Civil War II characters
  15. Chip Edendale - Matt Owens, Juan Cabal; representing Elektra characters
  16. Cole North - Chip Zdarsky, Marco Checchetto; representing Daredevil characters
  17. Coyle - Frank Tieri, George Jeanty; representing Weapon X characters
  18. Creep - Greg Pak, Victor Ibanez; representing Storm characters
  19. Dale Spangler - Robert Kirkman, Derec Donovan; representing Jubilee characters
  20. Daisy - Leah Williams, Nina Vakueva; representing Fearless characters
  21. Davie Wilson - Paul Jenkins, Paulo Rivera; rppresenting Mythos characters; and Ghost Rider characters
  22. Dro'ge Fenu Edu - Brian Michael Bendis, Jim Cheung; representing New Avengers characters; and Secret Invasion characters
  23. Eclipse - Eve Ewing, Geoffo; representing Ironheart characters
  24. Fireclaw - Cullen Bunn, Adam Kubert; representing Monsters Unleashed characters
  25. Flint - Charles Soule, Joe Madureira; representing Inhumans characters
  26. Infernal Man - Matt Fraction, Barry Kitson; representing The Order characters
  27. Joe Fixit-15439 - Al Ewing, Paco Medina, Juan Vlasco; representing Contest of Champions characters
  28. Jones (Alejandra's dad) - Rob Williams, Lee Garbett; representing Ghost Rider characters
  29. Mrs. Chun - Zhou Liefen, Grek Pak; representing Aero characters
  30. Silver Bandit - Chip Zdarsky, Kris Anka; representing Star-Lord characters
  31. Simon Dexter - J. Michael Straczynski, Chris Weston; representing The Twelve characters
  32. Topaz - Gail Simone, Dale Baldeon; representing Domini characters

  1. Agent K (WW2) - Germany; representing Combat Kelly characters
  2. Black Gold - Aqiria; representing X-Men Legacy characters
  3. Bombardier - Cuba; representing Malibu characters; and Man of War characters
  4. Cullen Bloodstone - UK (English); representing Avengers Arena characters
  5. David Nanjiwarra - Australia; representing Scorpio connection characters
  6. Dr. Dexter (and Dr. Wright) - UK; representing Genetix characters
  7. Earth-94503 - America ruled by Secret Empire - Marvel UK; representing Motormouth Remix worlds
  8. Eliza Martinez - Japan; representing Elektra characters
  9. Gemini - Italy; representing Europa characters; Marvel UK characters; and Marvel Italia characters
  10. Great Mongoose - Philippines; representing Invincible Iron Man characters
  11. Hskelon race - Marvel UK; representing Die-Cut vs. G-Force characters
  12. Iron Scorpion - China (Shanghai); representing Black Widow characters
  13. Jon Ajax - Greece; representing Scarlet Witch characters
  14. Joro Spider - South Korea; representing Future Fight Firsts characters
  15. Koala Kommander - Australia; representing Spider-Gwen characters
  16. Kouros - Marvel UK; representing Gun Runner worlds
  17. Kuhrra Diazonest - Brazil; representing Wolverine characters; Marvel Italia characters; and Saudade characters
  18. Mistress Zola - Wakanda; representing Black Panther: World of Wakanda characters
  19. Montano, el - Africa; representing Shana the She-Devil characters
  20. Mutator - UK; representing Marvel UK characters; and Lost Projects characters
  21. Narato Ponce - Chile; representing Western Outlaws and Sheriffs characters
  22. The Netherlands - nation; representing Marvel Atlas entries
  23. N'Lix - Wakanda; representing Shuri characters
  24. N'Taka - Wakanda; representing Avengers 1959 characters
  25. Omoro - Wakanda; representing Black Panther characters
  26. Petrus - Madripoor; representing Daken characters
  27. Pinpoint - India; representing Champions characters
  28. Protector (Isaac Ikeda) - Japan; representing Agents of Atlas characters
  29. Purple Woman - Canada; representing Alpha Flight characters
  30. Ruritania - nation; representing Uncanny X-Men countries; Marvel Atlas entries; and The Prisoner of Zenda!
  31. Saint of Therapists (Sigmund Freud) - Austria; representing Howard the Duck characters
  32. Sandra Chen - China (Hong Kong); representing Master of Kung-Fu characters
  33. The Shame - UK (English); representing Motormouth characters; and Revolutionary War characters
  34. Shifter - UK; representing The Union characters
  35. Sibercat - Russia; representing X-Factor characters; and Soviet Super Soldier characters
  36. Silk Fever - Cambodia; representing New Warriors characters
  37. Spoor - UK (Scottish); representing Uncanny X-Men characters
  38. Sunfire (Earth-2109) - Japan; representing Exiles characters
  39. Vincent Cetewayo - Imaya (Africa); representing War Machine characters

  1. Arlo North - representing The Thing characters
  2. Archimago - representing UK Fantastic Four Annual characters
  3. Blackie Skarr - representing Fantastic Four characters
  4. Bones 'n Bailey Circus - representing Fantastic Four characters
  5. Celia Jackson - representing Marvel Two-in-One characters; and Black Goliath characters
  6. Dr. Molinari - representing Fantastic Four characters
  7. Elemental Obliterator - representing Franklin Richards items; and Power Pack items
  8. Hellscout - representing Fantastic Four characters
  9. Leigh the Kree - representing B-Sides characters
  10. Mick Clancy - representing Fantastic Four characters
  11. Numenor - representing1602 characters; and Fantastick Four characters
  12. Onomi Whitemane - representing Fantastic Four characters
  13. Panther Posse - representing Fantastic Four Unlimited characters
  14. Phyllis the Kronan - representing Future Foundation characters
  15. Plasma - representing Fantastic Four characters
  16. Prime Movers of Tarkus - representing Marvel Two-in-One characters
  17. Profiteer - representing Empyre: Fantastic Four characters
  18. Rachna Koul - representing Marvel 2-in-1 characters
  19. Ransak the Reject - representing Fantastic Four characters; and Eternals characters
  20. Rudyarda (African nation) - representing Fantastic Four nations; and Marvel Atlas entries
  21. Shade - representing K Fantastic Four Annual characters
  22. Snake Sputnik - representing Guardians of Infinity characters; and Thing characters
  23. Squeeze - representing Fantastic Four 2099 characters
  24. Tarianna - representing The Thing characters characters
  25. Technarx - representing Heroes Reborn: Doom characters
  26. Thingpin - representing Marvel Super-Heroes RPG characters
  27. Ulysses Cain - representing Inhuman characters; and Civil War II characters
  28. Valeria of the Fifth Dimension (Earth-6212) - representing Human Torch/Strange Tales characters
  29. Wayne Morris - representing Fantastic Four: Marvels Snapshots characters
  30. Witch - representing Fantastic Four Coloring Book characters
  31. "Would-be-Empress" Skrull - representing Fantastic Four characters

  1. Abrogate - representing Guardians of the Galaxy characters, plus alternate realites (691), the future, cosmic, and Michael Gallagher and Kevin West characters, and 1990s comics.
  2. Attukar - representing King in Black: Namor characters, plus Hidden races (Atlanteans), the past (1930s), and Kurt Busiek characters, and 2020s comics.
  3. BadGal - representing Big Hero 6 characters, plus sci-fi and Chris Claremont chararacters, and 2000s comics.
  4. Bad Ned Jackson - representing Power Man and Iron Fist characters, plus Christopher Priest/Jim Owsley and Greg LaRoque characters, and 1980s comics.
  5. Blue Max - representing Punisher 2099 characters, plus alternate reality (928), future (2099 AD), high-tech/sci-fi, and Pat Mills characters, and 1990s comics.
  6. Brother Royale - representing Gamora characters, plus the past (250 years ago), outer space (Badoon), and Nicole Perlman characters, plus 2010s comics.
  7. Captain America (Earth-21923) - representing Avengers of the Wastelands characters, plus alternate reality (21923), the future  (50s years in the future), Avengers, and Ed Brisson characters, and 2020s comics.
  8. Christian - representing Wolfpack characters, plus John Figureoa and Ron Wilson characters, and 1980s comics
  9. Cliff Macklin - representing Arizona Kid characters, plus the past (Western/19th century), and Russ Heath characters, and 1950s comics.
  10. Collapsar - representing Dark Guard characters, plus Outer Space, Dan Abnett and Carlos Pacheco characters, and 1990s comics.
  11. Dervish - representing X-Treme X-Men characters, plus Mutants, Chris Claremont characters, and 2000s comics.
  12. Dick Profit - representing Mockingbird characters, plus Chelsea Cain characters, and 2010s comics.
  13. Eli Hatcher - representing Magneto characters, plus Sci-Fi/High-tech and Cullen Bunn characters, and 2010 comics.
  14. Eugene Wildman - representing Prime vs Incredible Hulk characters, plus Gamma mutates, Sci-Fi/High-Tech, Ultraverse, Len Strazewski, Gerard Jones, and Peter David characters, and 1990s comics.
  15. Flavia - representing Typhoid characters, plus Ann Nocenti and John Van Vleet characters, and 1990s comics.
  16. Foxfire (Reynolds) - representing Hardcase characters, alternate reality (93060/Ultraverse), James Hudnall and Roger Robinson characters, and 1990s comics.
  17. Freezer Burn - representing Daughters of the Dragon characters, plus Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray characters, and 2000s comics.
  18. Ginetta Barsalini - representing Maverick characters, plus Spy, Marvel Worldwide, and Jorge Gonozalez and Jim Cheung characters, and 1990s comics.
  19. Graxxis - representing Nova characters, plus alternate reality (13421), Outer Space, and Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness characters, and 2010s comics.
  20. Grimlock - representing Iceman characters, plus Mutants, and Sina Grace and Nina Stockman characters, and 2010s comics.
  21. Gringrave - representing Shatterstar characters, plus alien dimension (Mojoverse), Tim Seely and Carlos villa characters, and 2010s comics.
  22. Harmonica - representing Solution characters, alternate reality (93060/Ultraverse), Outer Space (Godwheel/Wold), James Hudnall and Darick Robertson characters, and 1990s comics.
  23. Hester - representing Longshot characters, plus Ann Nocenti, Arthur Adams, and Whilce Portacio characters, and 1980s comics.
  24. Honey-Pot Hoopledinkle - representing Stag characters; plus Adventures of Pussycat characters, possibly Stan Lee and Larry Lieber characters, and 1960s comics.
  25. Hoyt Pittman - representing Justice characters; plus alternate reality (148611/New Universe), Archie Goodwin and Geof Isherwood characters, and 1980s comics.
  26. Hunsen - representing Namora characters, plus the past (1940s), Marvel Worldwide (Norway, Newfoundland or Greenland), and Bill Everett characters, and 1940s comics
  27. Jack Tryon - representing Night Nurse characters, plus Jean Thomas and Winslow Mortimer, and 1970s comics.
  28. Jailbait - representing Incredible Hulk characters, plus Gamma Mutates, Peter David and Todd McFarlane characters, and 1980s comics.
  29. James Whitmore - representing Gravity characters, plus Sean McKeever and Mike Norton characters, and 2000s comics.
  30. Jandek - representing Generations characters, plus alien dimensions (Negative Zone), Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) and Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers), Margaret Stohl and Brett Schoonover characters, and 2020 comics.
  31. Janie - representing Totally Awesome Hulk characters, plus Greg Pak and Alan Davis characters, and 2010s characters
  32. Janus Jardeesh - representing Civil War II: Kingpin characters, plus Hidden Races (Inhumans), Matthew Rosenberg and Ricoardo Ortiz characters, and 2010s comics.
  33. Jennifer Johnson - representing Secret War characters, plus Hidden Races (Inhumans), Brian Michael Bendis, Gabrielle Dell'otto, Mark Waid, and Greg Smallwood characters, and 2000s and 2010s comics.
  34. Jinn - representing Solitaire characters, plus alternate reality (93060/Ultraverse), Marvel Worldwide, Gerard Jones and Jeff Johnson characters, and 1990s comics.
  35. John Barnes - representing Nomad: Girl without a World characters, plus Sean McKeever and David Baldeon characters, and 2000s comics.
  36. Jonathan Bryant - representing Secret Invasion: Front Line characters, plus Brian Reed and Marco Castiello characters, and 2000s comics.
  37. Julia Chord - representing A Year of Marvels characters, plus Iron Man and Nova, Paul Allor and Diego Olortegui characters, and 2010s comics.
  38. Kalie Gocking - representing Spider-Woman characters, plus Dennis Hallum and Javier Rodriguez characters, and 2010 comics.
  39. Kelly Wallace - representing Sentinel characters, plus Sean McKeever and Joe Vriens characters, and 2000s comics.
  40. Ken Gullapalli - representing Amazing Mary Jane characters, plus Leah Williams and Carlos Gomez characters, and 2020s comics.
  41. Lamprey (Earth-712) - representing Squadron Supreme characters, plus alternate reality (712), Mark Gruenwald and Bob Hall characters, and 1980s comics.
  42. Leo Skivorski - representing Hulk and Doc Samson characters, plus Jeph Loeb and Whilce Portacio characters, and 2010s comics.
  43. Lucas - representing All-New Captain America (Sam Wilson) characters, plus Hidden Races (Inhumans), Rick Remender and Stuart Immogen, and 2010s comics.
  44. Marcul - representing Blink characters, plus alien dimension (Negative Zone), Scott Lobell and Judd Winick characters, and 2000s comics.
  45. Margo the Model - representing Marvel Mini-Books characters, plus Millie the Model characters, and 1960s comics.
  46. Mary Zero - representing Agent X characters, plus Mutants, Gail Simone and Udon characters, and 2000s comics.
  47. Master of the Hunt - representing Freex characters, plus alternate reality (93060/Ultraverse), Gerard Jones and Ben Herrera characters, and 1990s comics
  48. Matthew Zampelli - representing Angel: Revelations characters, plus Robert Aguirre-Sacasa and Adam Polina characters, and 2000s comics.
  49. Maureen Green - representing Unbeatable Squirrel Girl characters, plus Ryan North and Erick Henderson characters, and 2010s comics. 
  50. Max Menkin - representing Sleepwalker characters, plus Tom Brevoort and Mike Kanterovich characters, and 1990s comics.
  51. Merilee Phillips - representing Marvel Super-Heroes RPG characters, Kate Novak and Jeff Grubb characters, and 1980s comics.
  52. Metroliths - representing SWORD characters, plus Outer Space, Kierron Gillen and Steven Sanders characters, and 2010s comics.
  53. Micro-Manager - representing novel characters, plus alternate reality (17226), SciFi/High-Tech, Shannon and Dean Hale characters, and 2010s comics.
  54. Miriam Sharpe - representing Civil War characters, plus Mark Millar and Steve McNiven characters, and 2000s comics.
  55. Netredi race - representing Asgardians of the Galaxy characters, plus alien races, Cullen Bunn characters, and 2010s comics.
  56. Norman Webster - representing Vision and the Scarlet Witch characters, Fantastic Four characters, Steve Englehart characters, and 1980s comics.
  57. Orblog - representing Deadpool Corps characters, extraterrestrial characters, and 2010s comics.
  58. Patch - representing District X characters, and 2000s comics.
  59. Paul Townsend - representing Amazing Fantasy characters, Mark Brooks characters, and 2000s comics.
  60. Pegasusians - representing Strange Tales characters, Marvel Two-in-One characters, Avengers characters, Quasar characters, Spider-Woman characters, alien races, and 1970s comics.
  61. Pei - representing Iron Fist: The Living Weapon characters, Hidden Races (K'un-Lun), Immortal Iron Fists characters, Contagion characters, Black Cat characters, Kaare Andrews characters, and 2010s comics.
  62. Pizfiz - representing Hulk: Future Imperfect characters, alternate reality (Earth-9200) characters, Peter David characters, George Perez characters, and 1990s comics.
  63. Powerhouse - representing Strangers characters, alternate reality (Ultraverse) characters, Night Man characters, Steve Englehart characters, Rick Hoberg characters, and 1990s comics.
  64. Private Tim O'Toole- representing Battle characters, War characters, Joe Maneely characters, and 1950s comics.
  65. Punisher (1989 movie) - representing movie adaptations, alternate reality (Earth-58627) characters, Punisher characters, and 1980s movies.
  66. Radicals - representing Wrath characters, alternate reality (Ultraverse) characters, and 1990s comics.
  67. Robbie Fleckman - representing 2020 Rescue characters, Hydra characters, and 2020s comics.
  68. Roger Reynolds - representing Mystery Tales characters, horror characters, and 1950s comics.
  69. Roman - representing Defenders characters, Brian Michael Bendis characters, and 2010s comics.
  70. Sam Kurokawa - representing Sable & Fortune characters, and 2000s comics.
  71. Sam Palmer - representing NYX characters, Joe Quesada characters, Joshua Middleton characters, and 2000s comics.
  72. Scab Tongue - representing Silver Surfer characters, Jason Latour characters, and 2010s comics.
  73. Scorch - representing Solo characters, Eric Fein characters, and 1990s comics.
  74. Shay Smith - representing Unstoppable Wasp characters, LGBTQ characters, Jeremy Whitley characters, and 2010s comics.
  75. Shocky Dan - representing Winter Soldier characters, Hydra characters, Rick Remender characters, Roland Boschi characters, and 2010s comics.
  76. Skull Satellite - representing Bubble Funnies Mini-Comics items, Captain America items, and 1980s comics.
  77. Soul-Dark - representing Ravage 2099 characters, alternate reality (2099) characters, Luke Ross characters, and 1990s comics.
  78. "Spider-Pool" (Earth-96250) - representing Amazing Spider-Man characters, alternate reality (Earth-96250) characters, Spider-Verse characters, Dan Slott characters, Olivier Coipel characters, and 2010s comics.
  79. Spurrgog the Hell-Breather - representing Doctor Strange characters, monster characters, Jason Aaron characters, Chris Bachalo characters, and 2010s comics.
  80. Steel-Jaw - representing Punisher characters, and 2010s comics.
  81. Stones of Halkor - representing Avengers items, extraterrestrial items, Avengers West Coast items, John Byrne characters, and 1980s comics.
  82. Storyteller - representing Ms. Marvel characters, Brian Reed characters, and 2000s comics.
  83. Strode - representing Epic Illustrated characters, Archie Goodwin characters, and 1980s comics.
  84. Styglut - representing Uncanny X-Men characters, alternate reality (Earth-1191) characters, mutant characters, Jim Lee characters, Scott Lobdell characters, John Romita, Jr. characters, Bill Sienkiewicz characters, and 1990s comics.
  85. Super Soldier - representing Amalgam characters, Marvel Versus DC characters, Ron Marz characters, Dan Jurgens characters, and 1990s comics.
  86. Susan "Soupcan" Rice - representing Alpha: Big Time characters, and 2010s comics.
  87. Tag - representing New Mutants characters; Rob Liefeld characters; and Lost Projects characters.
  88. "Taxi" Taylor - representing Mystic Comics characters, All-Winners Squad: Band of Heroes characters, and 1940s comics.
  89. Telekinian - representing Patsy Walker, aka Hellcat characters, LGBTQ characters, Hidden Races (Inhumans) and 2010s comics.
  90. Tommy- representing Amazing Adventures characters, Larry Lieber characters, and 1960s comics.
  91. Tony Tapioca - representing Wolverine and the X-Men characters, Jason Aaron characters, Chris Bachalo characters, and 2010s comics.
  92. Tota - representing Weapon H characters, extraterrestrial (Inaku) characters, Greg Pak characters, and 2010s comics.
  93. Trent - representing All-New Wolverine characters, and 2010s comics.
  94. Vavella - representing Captain Marvel characters, extraterrestrial characters, Fabian Nicieza characters, and 1990s comics.
  95. Veffir Voon Eeyax - representing Sludge characters; Ultraverse characters; Steve Gerber creations; and Lost Projects characters
  96. Visage - representing Astonishing Tales: Iron Man characters, and 2000s comics.
  97. Visioneer - representing Irredeemable Ant-Man characters, Robert Kirkman characters, and 2000s comics.
  98. Vulcann the Bloodsmith - representing X-Men 2099 characters, alternate reality (2099) characters, mutant characters, John Francis Moore characters, Jan Duursema characters, and 1990s comics.
  99. Warhammer - representing Meteor Man characters, licensed characters, and 1990s comics.
  100. Washout - representing Weapon X characters, mutant characters, X-Force/X-Statix characters, Peter Milligan characters, Duncan Fegredo characters, and 2000s comics.
  101. William Darvin - representing Team America characters, Hydra characters, Jim Shooter characters, Mike Vosburg characters, and 1980s comics.
  102. Woodro and Dap - representing Rocket Raccoon characters, extraterrestrial characters, Skottie Young characters, and 2010s comics.
  103. X'Andria - representing America characters, Joe Quinones characters, and 2010s comics.
  104. Omega the Unknown - representing Omega the Unknown characters; Defenders characters, extraterrestrial (Protar) characters, Steve Gerber characters, and 1970s comics; and THE END OF THE EVENT!!

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