Real Name: Omoro

Identity/Class: Human (Wakandan)

Occupation: Butler and chief of security to the Wakandan Consulate in New York

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: The Avengers, Black Panther (T'Challa), Captain America (Steve Rogers), Falcon (Sam Wilson), Hellcat (Patsy Walker), Kunta, Monica Lynne, M'Koni, Alisande Morales, Dakota North, Ogun, Okoye, Ramonda, Everett K. Ross, Taku, Kevin Trublood, White Tiger (Kevin Cole)

Enemies: Anti-Cap, Malice (Nakia)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Impersonated Black Panther

Base of Operations: Wakandan Consulate, New York, USA

First Appearance: (unidentified) Black Panther I#14 (March, 1979);
    (name revealed) Marvel Premiere I#51 (December, 1979)

Powers/Abilities: Although Omoro typically carries himself as a modest servant, it is a performance to conceal a cunning mind. Omoro is gifted in security and intelligence tactics. He has (on at least one occasion) worn the Black Panther's Vibranium-mesh costume. He has access to the Kimoyo card technology, a Wakandan communication device. Although he identified himself as being 70 years old, he is in excellent physical condition for a man of his age.

Height: 6'0"(by approximation)
Weight: 180 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black (shaved bald)

History: (Black Panther I#14 (fb) - BTS) - When T'Challa chose to open a Wakandan Consulate in New York in order to gradually de-mystify the Wakandan nation, Omoro was assigned as butler and chief of security for the new enterprise.

(Black Panther I#14) - Omoro ushered out a group of US politicians who had been meeting with T'Challa about the government's African policy. As Omoro led them out, he welcomed in the Avengers for an audience with T'Challa.

(Black Panther I#15) - Omoro greeted T'Challa's lover Monica Lynne and reporter Kevin Trublood as they arrived at the Consulate for a meeting with T'Challa.

(Marvel Premiere I#51) - Omoro was mortified when furnishings which arrived for the Consulate from Wakanda were unpacked by American movers. The Black Panther arrived and commanded the movers to leave. As the movers departed, the costumed figure Windeagle attacked the Black Panther but was quickly captured by the Panther and his staff. Omoro then revealed that Monica Lynne and Kevin Trublood were waiting for an audience with him. After T'Challa had cleaned himself up, Omoro led the guests to meet with him

(Marvel Premiere I#53) - As T'Challa went to Georgia to investigate the Ku Klux Klan, Omoro joined the Wakandan secretary at the Consulate to read a statement about T'Challa's actions to the press.

(Defenders I#85) - After an incident where Wakanda fired a nuclear missile at Atlantis, thinking Atlanteans were stealing from Wakandan laboratories, T'Challa returned to the Consulate in New York to deal with the political aftermath. Omoro greeted T'Challa, modestly stating he had maintained matters during the prince's absence. As T'Challa conferred with Omoro and Taku, their meeting was interrupted by the super hero Hellcat, whose team the Defenders had become involved in the Atlantean incident. Hellcat informed them that the Defenders' enemy Mandrill was behind the thefts the Black Panther had been investigating.

(Black Panther III#33 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, Omoro was caught by the Black Panther's enemy Malice, a rogue Dora Milaje. Malice injected Omoro with jufeiro, placing him under her control. Although Omoro seemed outwardly to be normal, he would respond to Malice's orders.

(Black Panther III#31) - As the Wakandan Consulate was surrounded by protesters upset at the Black Panther for seemingly murdering Klaw, Omoro brought T'Challa a cup of tea brewed from Wakandan tea leaves which T'Challa's mother Ramonda had supplied. Omoro opined that, like Ramonda, he believed tea was the solution to most problems. When T'Challa received a message written in Hausa and sent from Tibet, he correctly surmised that Malice was targeting his loved ones so he involved Omoro in the investigation to learn who Malice was targeting. Conferring with Taku in Wakanda, Omoro had T'Challa's cousin M'Koni placed under increased security in the USA as well as Ramonda and the Dora Milaje in Wakanda. From the investigation, T'Challa determined his former pupil Maria Henckel was the person Malice had targeted in Tibet. When T'Challa found in Maria's apartment a hairbrush belonging to the deceased Nikki Adams (who had been killed by Malice), he had Omoro don a Black Panther costume and journey to Nikki's home in Washington D.C. Omoro encountered a man who appeared to be Everett K. Ross in the apartment (actually Black Dragon in disguise) then, while conferring with T'Challa over his Kimoyo card, ventured into Nikki's basement. Using the costume's anti-metal claws, Omoro dug into the water heater and inside found the corpse of Wheeler, M'Koni's husband, who had been deposited there by Malice.

(Black Panther III#32) - No longer guised as the Black Panther, Omoro brought Wakandan guards Ogun and Kunta from the Consulate. Triangulating T'Challa's location from his Kimoyo card, Omoro and the guards helped release T'Challa from Malice's confines. As Malice had been trying to drug T'Challa with jufeiro, Omoro injected T'Challa with a syringe of what he claimed was narcan to clear the drug's effects (it was actually a more potent dose of jufeiro). Omoro briefly described his encounter with "Ross" in Washington but then told T'Challa he had found a totem of the White Gorilla Clan on Wheeler's corpse, indicating Malice was also working with his enemy M'Baku, the Man-Ape. Omoro participated in an attempt to entrap Malice by disguising Okoye of the Dora Milaje as M'Koni in her hospital bed. As Omoro waited at "M'Koni's" side, a doctor who was under the control of Malice's jufeiro sprayed a knockout drug into Omoro's face. While Omoro was unconscious, Malice entered to attempt to kill "M'Koni" but when Okoye fought back, the Black Panther, pretending to be under the control of the jufeiro, attacked and injured Okoye.

(Black Panther III#33) - As Omoro recovered from the knockout drug, he was confronted by private detective Dakota North and Monica Lynne. Dakota correctly surmised that Omoro had himself been under the control of Malice's jufeiro. Dakota checked Omoro's neck for the sign of where Malice had injected him but found no mark. Monica then pulled down Omoro's pants, exposing the (ahem) private spot where Malice had injected him. After the Black Panther drove off Malice, Omoro (no longer under the spell of jufeiro) joined T'Challa and Okoye on a trip to the hospital to see that the real M'Koni was well.

(Black Panther III#38) - When the real Everett K. Ross (in Black Dragon's body) appeared at the Consulate, Omoro placed him under custody so that T'Challa could assess what was going on. T'Challa arrived at the Consulate with his new government liaison Henry Peter Gyrich but he conversed with Omoro in Wakandan so that Gyrich would not understand their dialogue.

(Black Panther III#60) - As T'Challa was considering adopting the American Kevin "Kasper" Cole into the Black Panther Cult, he invited him to the Wakandan Consulate. Omoro greeted Kevin and remarked "For pity's sake're practically white" on seeing Kevin's light skin tone. Omoro informed Kevin he would have to face Wakanda's tribal council and answer a number of questions about Wakanda's history. He provided Kevin with books to memorize for the task. When the gang leader Nigel Blacque wanted an audience at the Consulate with the Black Panther he had been battling (Kevin, impersonating T'Challa), Omoro advised Kevin of Nigel's presence so that he could don his costume for the meeting. Kevin ultimately went ahead in facing the the tribal council and succeeded in the test.

(Black Panther III#61) - Omoro was bemused when Kevin returned to the Consulate to see T'Challa again but T'Challa was not present.

(Captain America and the Falcon I#5) - Captain America and the Falcon delivered their foe the so-called "Anti-Cap" to the Wakandan Consulate for holding while they determined how to treat him. Under orders from the Black Panther, Omoro oversaw the Anti-Cap's detention, supplying guards to monitor him. Omoro noted that Wakanda did not have the same concerns as Americans for the civil rights of terrorists such as Anti-Cap and had to take strong measures to confine him because of his superhuman strength.

(Captain America & the Falcon I#6) - Omoro confronted the Falcon and J. Jonah Jameson at the Daily Bugle and delivered a new Vibranium-weave costume with a pair of artificial wings designed by the Black Panther for the Falcon's use. Omoro admonished Falcon not to destroy the wings too quickly because "the lord of Wakanda is not your private tailor." Later, Captain America returned to the Consulate to meet with Omoro about a drug which the Wakandan scientist Dr. Tambak and the Avengers' Dr. Henry Pym had synthesized to help treat Anti-Cap's drug-fueled powers. Captain America saw an image of the Scarlet Witch waiting for him which Omoro was evidently unaware of (the false Wanda was generated by the real Wanda's then-out-of-control hex powers).

(Captain America & the Falcon I#8) - After administering the drug substitute to Anti-Cap, the man suffered what seemed to be a stroke. Omoro ushered in Captain America just in time for him to see the criminal's apparent death.

(Captain America & the Falcon I#14) - After Anti-Cap had revived and gone on to slaughter the staff of the Baud Olan Embassy, Captain America and S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Alisande Morales went to the Wakandan Consulate to see Omoro. As the Falcon had last been seen with Anti-Cap, Captain America and Morales hoped Omoro could help them locate the Falcon. Omoro noted that the assault on the Baud Olan Embassy would likely provoke a response from Wakanda and other African nations. He provided Morales and Captain America with the transponder code to the Falcon's new wings so that they could locate him.

Comments: Created by Ed Hannigan, Jerry Bingham and Gene Day.

Omoro is first mentioned to be chief of security in Defenders I#85.

Omoro gave his age as 70 in Captain America and the Falcon I#6.

Profile by Prime Eternal.

Omoro should not be confused with:

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